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Join Owen, Tyler, and Penny each week as they banter about history and living the past in our modern world

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Bringing history forward in time
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Episode 24- Live on Location

This week Tyler brings us some special interviews with some ICMF steel fighters.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 23

This episode was full of false starts and technical difficulties.  We are sorry for the issues and hopefully we can avoid them in the future.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 22: Welcome Back Meanderings

After a hiatus Owen and Tyler finally hammer out a casual show.  We talk 14th century armour, the great art exchange happens live on the show, and lots of other possibly related conversation. Link related to the show. http://talbotsfineaccessories.com/...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 21- Mutant Lefties

With two hosts out again tonight, Lucas steps up again and chats with me about transitioning from fighting right hand to left.  We discuss spear fighting and 14th century plaque belts as well.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 20 – Fun With Leather

Tonight both Tyler and Penny are out, so Owen has a guest host join him to talk about leatherworking.  Lucas LePine does a great job filling in and gives us some great info on leather tooling medallions.  Sorry for some of the poor audio quality and ec...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 19- Long Range Controversy

A short show this week as Tyler and Owen just fill in gap with a little controversy surrounding siege weaponry and combat archery.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 18- Les Beltaines

Its a light week this week, as Owen and Tyler just have a casual chat about the event Les Beltaines.  Listen in to learn about the amazing site where this event is held every year.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 17 – Interview with Lady Gaeira Aggadottir

This episode we interview Lady Gaeira about jewelry and specifically the etching process she uses for crafting medallions.  Below are the links to her FB and website.  The hosts also manage to somehow keep things fairly on track.  Listen all the way to...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 16 – It Was The Best of Times…..

Once again Tyler, Penny, and Owen recount what they medievaled this week, and then recount their favorite events.  Tails of getting lost in the quiet camping area, showing up without an identifying tabard, and shooting friendly knights in the back, abo...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 15 – Medieval Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm

This week Tyler and Owen ramble on longer than expected about what they did this week, and then ponder some of the mysteries of things in the middle ages, things that make us stop and wonder and question.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 14: Safety First Kids

After a week off they are back with an above average level of hilarity.  This week we get caught up on all the things we have been up to in the past two weeks.  We debrief from Middleground (yes poptarts are involved).  As well we discuss summer event ...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 12– Look at the Pretty

Tyler skips out AGAIN, so Penny and Owen muddle through without him.  We talk about how little we medievaled and that one thing that sets off a kit to make it look kickass!  Also, don’t forget to check out both the 100 day pell challenge AND the 100 da...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 11– Largess and Oddballs

We are finally back in the saddle again after missing last week due to life happening.  This week we talk about largess and unusual personas that we have encountered and how they fit into the SCA.  We also tee up some awesome listener feedback, and Tyl...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 10– Come at me Bro

This week Penny is the one with internet troubles, so Tyler and Owen go it alone and discuss something a bit controversial.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 9– Out of the frying Pan

This week its Tyler who is AWOL, so Owen and Penny hold down the fort by talking about the basics of outdoor cooking over a fire and of course we talk about what we medievaled this week.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 8: When ya dun Good

Penny is away this week, so Tyler and Owen discuss award philosophy in the SCA.  As always we are looking for feedback.  You can send it to outoftimeradio@gmail.com
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 7– Getting Started in the SCA on the Cheap

Once again the 3 stooges meet to discuss all the things they medievaled this week.  They chatted about how new people can get involved in the SCA without laying out a lot of dough.  Also, Tyler and Penny talk up a blue streak in an attempt to make Owen...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 6– Chivalry and Service

This week Tyler makes a viking hat, Penny becomes a research queen, and Owen goes on a shopping spree.  We also talk about Chivalry and Service inside the SCA and historical context.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 5- SCA combat philosophy

This week we are down a host, so Tyler and Owen go wild and talk about SCA combat philosophy and how it compares to various martial arts.
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 4—The 3“T’s” of basic garb

This week on the show we talk about basic garb….er…..rather, we get schooled by Penny about basic garb.  Its another fun fill ride through living history!
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 3- Why A&S is important to Living History

This episode Penny leads us in a discussion about arts and sciences.  We talk about a live steel group near where Tyler lives.  We also go down many other rabbit trails.  Sorry in advance for some of the audio.  Penny’s internet connection wasn’t the b...
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 2- Who Are you?

This week on Out of Time Radio we talk about personas, and what the heck that is.  We also explore why they are important and what they add to the game we play.  Oh, and make sure you listen all the way to the end for an awesome out take!!
Out of Time Radio author

Episode 1 of Out of Time radio

On our first show we talk a little about ourselves and how we got started into our hobbies, as well as discussing how best to introduce new people to the SCA and other living history groups.
Out of Time Radio author