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Our Strange World Podcast is a weekly discussion of bizarre historical events as well as the true stories that inspired your favorite films.

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Our Strange World Podcast is a weekly discussion of bizarre historical events as well as the true stories that inspired your favorite films.
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The Pot Show

Marijuana! The Devil's Weed! On this episode, we take on the history, strange rumors, and urban legends surrounding this controversial topic.

Dangerous Toys in the Attic

In this first show of 2018, Bekah and Dave delve into creepy stories behind toys. Sinister origin stories, urban legends, shocking recalls, and other toy-themed insanity abounds!  
David Ian McKendry and Rebekah McKendry author

Infinity Lives

Join co-hosts David Ian and Rebekah McKendry as the journey through the weird world of video games. They look at the lore and realities behind notorious cartridges and also explore the supposed urban legends behind supposedly cursed and haunted games l...

The Strange World of Professional Wrestling

This week on OUR STRANGE WORLD, Bekah and Dave explore weird tales of wrestling, some of the strangest promotions and characters ever created, and the urban legends behind sports entertainment. 

Elmer McCurdy: Hollywood's Most Famous Corpse

This episode is all about Wild West outlaw Elmer McCurdy, a Hollywood star more famous in death than he was in life.

The Devil's Hand: Weird Tales From The Casino

This week on OUR STRANGE WORLD, Bekah and Dave examine casinos, the secrets behind them, and weird tales of gambling. 

Lost In Wonderland

Gangs, mobsters, drug addicts, and the porn star. On this solo episode of OUR STRANGE WORLD, David Ian McKendry discusses one of Hollywood's most publicized murder trials- The Wonderland Murders. 

Sexual Perversity in Los Angeles

On this week's episode of Our Strange World, we look at weird tales of sexual debauchery in Hollywood including sex cults, pulp stories, and organic restaurants. 

Behind the Wizard of Oz

Release the flying monkeys! This week, Bekah and Dave  examine all things WIZARD OF OZ from facts to rumors about the film, even journeying into the "Darkside of Oz". 

The Mysteries of the Henge

This week on OUR STRANGE WORLD, Bekah and David explore unexplained man-made structures and "henges" from around the globe, looking at the history and lore behind these mysterious locations.

Gone Without A Trace

On this week's OUR STRANGE WORLD podcast, David and Bekah explore the history and legends behind weird unexplained disappearances like the Roanoke Colony, the Mary Celeste ship, and the city of El Dorado.

What Lies Beneath

This week, Bekah and David look at the history and folklore of underground civilizations including the Lizard Men of Los Angeles, John Quincy Adam's Presidential expedition to the center of the earth, and the story of the Sawney Bean cave dwellers whic...

Blood Sucking Freaks

On this first episode of the OUR STRANGE WORLD Podcast, Dave and Bekah discuss notoriously blooded-crazed historical figures, examining the reality vs the lore of folks like Vlad Drac the Impaler and Countess Bathory. They also explore the amusing hist...