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Voicing the cultural inkwell. From food to hair, local events to high profile festivals, no matter the topic we're giving you our take on what's really going down wherever its happening.
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Sound Off Part 2.2: Is There One Model For The Black Family? NWNW

Continuation of last night's (10/13) show. Specifically we will be talking about the commonalities and differences between single parent successes and two parent failures. We will be taking calls to get YOUR perspective on Men, Women & Children so ...
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Sound Off Part 2: Is There One Model For The Black Family? NWNW

We will take this hour to continue our discussion of No Wedding, No Womb. It's a sound off so we want to hear from YOU!
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SoundOff: Is There One Model For The Black Family? NWNW

We've all had several weeks to take in the viral campaign launched by Chritelyn Karazin No Wedding, No Womb. We will spend this hour to discuss our own reaction to the claims it makes, and the resulting backlash within the black community. We will be t...
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Sexpisode #1: Do You Own Your Sexuality?

Let's talk about sex baby! That's right, our first Sexpisode (a series) is here and we aren't holding back. We will be discussing the difference between promiscuity and sexual empowerment, the "rules" of sexing a new partner, and when to stop sexing yo...
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Her Ultimate Fantasy (Football)

Ladies, Sunday's are not for laundry any more. It is all about your team, your game, and your ultimate team that is. Doesn't sound like your ultimate fantasy? Well ask your man because it might be his. Wednesday we are talking about...
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Brown Girls are Beautiful! (Now?)

With products like the booty pop panty, lip plumping techniques and the religious rate at which women are "bronzing", there is a little rumor running around the mill that "Ethnic Beauty is IN". Join us for a thoughtful discussion around women of color ...
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Twitter - From Stalking to Match Making

Noticed someone lurking on your twitter timeline or in your followers list who shouldn't (you would prefer they weren't) be there? Have you tried to call them out on it with no response? Lenny's gonna talk about her most recent experience with a twitte...
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MTV VMA's Rundown

We are adding a special edition episode!!! Immediately after the airing of MTV's Video Music Award show (PST). Lenny and Mel will talk about who won, who didn't and who should have, as well as Kanye West's return to the MTV VMA's. The chat will be open...
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Natural Hair, Waiters Stations, and People to Know

We'll talk about how we think people perceive our natural hair vs. how some actually responded to it this past weekend, why we think we were seated near the waiters station in a fancy restaurant (is responding with the gratuity the best route?) and we'...
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