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Teacher Spotlight: Courtney Bell

In this episode, guest host Amber Joy chats with Courtney Bell, a high school teacher in North Minneapolis who was a candidate for the 2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year Award. In a recent article by the Star Tribune, Bell talks about her work teaching...
Office Hours author

Trevor Hoppe on Punishing Disease

In this episode, guest host Caty Taborda-Whitt sits down with Trevor Hoppe to discuss his new book, Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness, which looks at the public health response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The conversation focuses...
Office Hours author

Michael Schudson on The News Media

In this episode, guest host Wahutu talks to Professor of Journalism at Columbia University Michael Schudson about his new book The News Media: What Everyone Needs to Know. The conversation focuses on the history of news as well as how the public makes ...
Office Hours author

Lisa Wade on American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus

In this episode, guest hosts Amber Powell and Allison Nobles talk to Associate Professor of Sociology at Occidental College Lisa Wade about her book American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus. The conversation focuses on interrogating what ‘hook...
Office Hours author

Marianne Cooper on Families in Insecure Times

Stanford sociologist Marianne Cooper is a leading expert in the field of gender and family dynamics. Her latest book, Cut Adrift: Families in Insecure Times, details her efforts to understand how families representing an array of social classes perceiv...
Marianne Cooper contributor
Office Hours author

Theda Skocpol on the Koch Network

Our guest today is Theda Skocpol, the Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University, and the director of the Scholar Strategy Network, a network of professors that seeks to improve public policy and strengthen democracy b...
Office Hours author

Mimi Schippers on Polyamory and Polyqueer Sexualities

In this episode, guest host Allison Nobles talks to Tulane professor Mimi Schippers about her book Beyond Monogamy: Polyamory and the Future of Polyqueer Sexualities. The book interrogates “compulsory monogamy”, or our cultural disposition towards bein...
Office Hours author

Sergio ChĂĄvez on Border Lives and Transnationalism

With the election of Donald Trump, much has been made about the construction of barriers to entry along the US border with Mexico. But while Trump has placed particular emphasis on the image of a wall designed to limit illegal movement across this bord...
Sergio ChĂĄvez contributor
Office Hours author

Natasha Warikoo on The Diversity Bargain

In this episode, guest host Neeraj Rajasekar talks to Harvard professor Natasha Warikoo about her book The Diversity Bargain: And Other Dilemmas of Race, Admissions, and Meritocracy at Elite Universities. The book centers on conversations with white st...
Office Hours author

Stephen Ellingson on Religious Environmentalism

In his new book, To Care for Creation: the Emergence of the Religious Environmental Movement, Professor Stephen Ellingson explores new — and often localized — environmental activism among mainstream religious groups in the United States. Through interv...
Stephen Ellingson contributor
Office Hours author

Vanesa Ribas on Immigration to the New South

Prior to the 1990s, the sociology of immigration focused mainly on just a handful of major cities where most new arrivals had settled throughout the 20th century. But more recently, immigrants have been moving to new destinations in the rural South and...
Vanesa Ribas contributor
Office Hours author

Douglas Hartmann on Midnight Basketball

In this episode, I talk to University of Minnesota Professor and Editor-In-Chief of TheSocietyPages Douglas Hartmann about his book Midnight Basketball: Race, Sports, and Neoliberal Social Policy. This conversation focuses on a 1990s crime initiative, ...
Office Hours author

Joel Best on the Creepy Clown Craze

Across the country, sightings of people dressed as “creepy clowns” standing in forests, on roads, in doorways has exploded and captured part of the national imagination. A lot of people were unsure what to make of this odd development. Some call it a c...
Office Hours author

Jooyoung Lee on Blowin’ Up: Rap Dreams in South Central

In this episode, I talk to University of Toronto professor Jooyoung Lee, author of Blowin’ Up: Rap Dreams in South Central. This conversation focuses on the book as well as Professor Lee’s experiences writing the book. For some context, set in South Ce...
Jooyoung Lee contributor
Office Hours author

Aldon Morris on The Scholar Denied

Northwestern University professor Aldon Morris discusses W.E.B. Du Bois and the status of his work in the sociological canon. In this special hour-long episode, we explore the ongoing tension between social justice activism and the scientific features ...
Aldon Morris contributor
Office Hours author

Dalton Conley on the Use of Genomic Biology in Sociology

Office Hours is back for fall semester! We welcome new producer Matthew Aguilar-Champeau, whose soundscaping includes a musical refresh courtesy of The Custodian of Records. Hosts Sarah Catherine-Billups and Caty Taborda kick things off with Princeton ...
Dalton Conley contributor
Office Hours author

Doug McAdam on American Racial Politics and Social Movements

In this episode, host Jack Delehanty speaks with Stanford sociologist Doug McAdam, whose 2014 co-authored book Deeply Divided: Racial Politics and Social Movements in Postwar America traces the roots of polarization in today’s politics back to the nati...
Doug McAdam contributor
Office Hours author

Jane Ward on Sex Between Straight White Men

New host Allison Nobles interviews Jane Ward, a professor of gender and sexuality studies at the University of California Riverside. Dr Ward’s most recent book, Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, explores the relationship between whiteness, mascu...
Jane Ward contributor
Office Hours author

Lois Lee on Recognizing the Non-religious

While religious rhetoric pervades everyday American culture and politics, the population of Americans who identify with no organized religion has actually quadrupled in just the last 25 years. Worldwide, the non-religious now make up the third largest ...
Lois Lee contributor
Office Hours author

Best of 2015: David Pellow on Nonhuman Members of the Community

This week, David Naguib Pellow drops in for a chat about his latest book, Total Liberation: The Power and Promise of Animal Rights and the Radical Earth Movement. In it, Dr Pellow explores how environmental and animal rights movements raise important q...
Office Hours author

Andrew Perrin on American Political Publics

Heading into a new presidential election cycle, we reconnect with 2008 guest Dr Andrew Perrin to talk about changes in the American political public. In his new book, American Democracy: From Tocqueville to Town Halls to Twitter, Perrin brings a unique...
Andrew Perrin contributor
Office Hours author

Sanyu Mojola on Love, Money, and HIV

In this episode, University of Colorado sociologist Sanyu Mojola discusses her work on HIV rates among young African women. She discusses social mechanisms – specifically the entanglement of love and money – that lead to higher rates of HIV death among...
Sanyu Mojola contributor
Office Hours author

Sharmila Rudrappa on Global Surrogacy

In this episode, we step into the global market for surrogate mothers with University of Texas sociologist Sharmila Rudrappa. She explains why India has become an increasingly popular destination for American couples searching for affordable pregnancy ...
Sharmila Rudrappa contributor
Office Hours author

Joanna Kempner on the Gender Politics of Migraine

Because they suffer from an invisible affliction, people with migraines are sometimes suspected of “making up” their disease in order to avoid performing unwanted duties. Even within psychology, women were once suspected of self-inducing their own migr...
Office Hours author

Peter Hall on Sociological Memoir

In this episode, Colorado State professor emeritus Peter M. Hall drops in to talk about his forthcoming memoir, “Growing up Red, White, and Jewish: the Personal and the Political”. We discuss the potential of memoir as a sociological method, and we con...
Peter Hall contributor
Office Hours author

Allison Pugh on The Tumbleweed Society

It’s no secret that shifting economic winds have driven American workers to take on more work and more job changes today than in previous generations. But what does this shift mean in a culture where so many invest so much of their identities in their ...
Office Hours author

Ellen Berrey on the Enigma of Diversity

Diversity is one of those concepts that is all but taken for granted as a good and desirable quality in American social life. However, as professor Ellen Berrey explains, the actual institutions and practices designed to promote diversity can sometimes...
Ellen Berrey contributor
Office Hours author

Erik Schneiderhan on The Size of Others’ Burdens

The University of Toronto’s Erik Schneiderhan drops by to chat about his brand new book, The Size of Others’ Burdens: Barack Obama, Jane Addams, and the Politics of Helping Others. In it, Dr. Schneideran delves into the seemingly parallel biographies o...
Office Hours author

Lisa Cacho on Social Death and the Racialized Construction of Criminals

In this week’s episode, guest host Stephen Suh interviews Dr Lisa Cacho, who is an associate professor of Latina/Latino studies and Asian American studies at the University of Illinois. Together, they discuss Dr Cacho’s recent book Social Death: Racial...
Office Hours author

Greta Krippner on the Politics of Financial Crisis

University of Michigan professor Greta Krippner offers a sociological perspective on changes that have made the American economy dangerously dependent on credit and speculation in recent decades. Her book, Capitalizing on Crisis, describes the governme...
Office Hours author

Michaela DeSoucey on Food and Cultural Authenticity

Professor Michaela DeSoucey drops in to chat about consumer culture and the many political projects that shape our tastes for cuisine ranging from foie gras to craft beer. She discusses some of the challenges facing ethnographers who study taste, and w...
Office Hours author

Susan Terrio on Children in US Immigration Custody

Professor Susan Terrio of Georgetown University discusses her new book, Whose Child Am I? Unaccompanied, Undocumented Children in U.S. Immigration Custody. In it, Dr Terrio considers the fraught relationship between the American government and the thou...
Office Hours author

Joyce Bell on Social Work and the Black Power Movement

In this episode, professor Joyce Bell explains the legacy of activists in community organizations that emerged as a result of the Black Power movement in the 1960s and 70s. Her work demonstrates both the resources and tensions that radical social movem...
Office Hours author

Victor Rios on Policing Black and Latino Boys

Guest host Sarah Shannon interviews Victor Rios, professor of sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. In his recent ethnography, Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys, Dr. Rios searches for ways that police and a cul...
Office Hours author

Hahrie Han on Organizing Political Activists

In this episode, Wellesley College professor Hahrie Han discusses some of the findings from her book, How Organizations Develop Activists: Civic Associations and Leadership in the 21st Century. In it, Dr Han explores how modern political organizations ...
Office Hours author

Tim Pippert on Diversity in College Recruitment Brochures

In this episode, we talk to Tim Pippert, Associate Professor of Sociology at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. In his recent co-authored paper, “We’ve Got Minorities, Yes We Do: Visual Representations of Racial and Ethnic Diversity In College Recruitmen...
Office Hours author

Leta Hong Fincher on Gender Inequality in China

In this episode, award winning journalist Leta Hong Fincher drops by to discuss her new book, Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China. The Society Pages’ Anne Kaduk asks her to explain the reasons behind increasing marginalization ...
Office Hours author

Emily Bazelon on Translating the Social Sciences

In this episode we speak to Emily Bazelon. Emily is former senior editor at Slate, a New York Times Magazine staff writer, and the Truman Capote Fellow for Creative Writing and Law at Yale Law School. We asked Emily to join us today as she is one of th...
Office Hours author

Michael Burawoy on Global Social Movements

Famed sociologist Michael Burawoy visits to share his thoughts on the common character of social movements happening throughout the world today. Michael is the former president of both the American and International Sociological Associations, and he is...
Office Hours author

Ken Kolb on Moral Wages

In today’s episode, Furman University professor Ken Kolb joins us to discuss his new book Moral Wages: The Emotional Dilemmas of Victim Advocacy and Counseling. Ken explains a rich case study, in which he finds workers motivated by emotional rewards ra...
Office Hours author

Belinda Wheaton on The Cultural Politics of Lifestyle Sports

Today we are joined by Belinda Wheaton. Belinda is a Principle Research Fellow in Sport and Leisure Cultures at the University of Brighton, UK. Belinda has published extensively on informal sports including articles, multiple edited volumes, and the re...
Belinda Wheaton contributor
Office Hours author

Chad Lavin on Eating Anxiety

In this episode, political scientist Chad Lavin discusses his new book, Eating Anxiety: The Perils of Food Politics. Chad’s work explores how our experiences with food shape popular ideas about identity, authenticity, and responsibility. He speaks with...
Office Hours author

Tristan Bridges on Hybrid Masculinities and Sexual Aesthetics

Today we are joined by Tristan Bridges. Tristan is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The College at Brockport, State University of New York. Tristan researches and blogs on issues related to gender, sexuality, inequality, and space at Inequality b...
Tristan Bridges contributor
Office Hours author

John Skrentny on Racial Realism and Civil Rights

In this episode, we talk with John D. Skrentny, Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS) at UC-San Diego. His work focuses on public policy, law and inequality. Today we discuss his recent book Aft...
John Skrentny contributor
Office Hours author

Peter McGraw and Joel Warner on Humor

In this episode, guest host Richie LeDonne speaks with Peter McGraw, a marketing and psychology professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, and journalist Joel Warner on their new book, The Humor Code. We talk about their travels around the world ...
Peter McGraw and Joel Warner contributor
Office Hours author

Osagie Obasogie on Race and (Color)Blindness

In this episode we talk with Osagie Obasogie, Professor of Law at University of California – Hastings. We talk about his book Blinded by Sight: Seeing Race Through the Eyes of the Blind. In this book he asks: how do blind people understand race? By eng...
Osagie Obasogie contributor
Office Hours author

Lane Kenworthy on Inequality and Social Policy

This week we talk with Lane Kenworthy, Professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Arizona. Lane studies causes and consequences of poverty, inequality, economic growth, and social policy in the United States and other affluent co...
Lane Kenworthy contributor
Office Hours author

Discussing the Civic Imagination

Three sociologists, an anthropologist and a political scientist walk into a bar…and the result is a new book on the state, and emerging new forms, of civic participation in contemporary America.  While we seem to be living an age marked by political ap...
Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Elizabeth A. Bennett, Alissa Cordner, Peter Taylor Klein, Stephanie Savell contributor
Office Hours author

Matt Wray on the‘Suicide Belt’

This week we are joined by Matt Wray, a professor at Temple University, where he teaches sociology of race, culture, and health. Matt has researched suicide rates in Las Vegas, the city with the highest metropolitan suicide rate in the U.S. He is curre...
Matt Wray contributor
Office Hours author

Samira Kawash on Candy

This week we are joined by Samira Kawash to discuss her book Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure. Samira is a professor emerita at Rutgers University. During our conversation we discuss the important but ignored place candy has occupied in the Ameri...
Samira Kawash contributor
Office Hours author