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The Not Alone Podcast is your source for all things mysterious & unexplained. Join us as we examine some of the most paranormal, bizarre happenings that have ever occurred on this little planet we call home and the skies above it. From Aliens to the CIA, we hope to cover topics that will interest even the most skeptical of listeners

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A discussion on all things mysterious and unexplained
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One Hundred and Eight: Alchemy II - Philosophers. Stoned.

This week we dive deep into the hidden meaning that is layered in the emerald tablet, and talk about how it has served as a guide for those in search of that most elusive of all treasures: The Philosopher's Stone. Then, Sam goes off the deep end and ye...
Not Alone author

One Hundred and Seven: Alchemy I - Hermes Tryhardgistus

This week we start what very well could be the end of us, as Sam and Jason attempt to tackle the massive topic of Alchemy. In this first episode of the series, the emphasis is on context and place setting, with Sam taking us from the creation of the wo...
Not Alone author

One Hundred Six: Betz Sphere II - Join the Navy, Young Sphere

This week we wrap up our coverage of the Betz Sphere with an examination of the many examinations that have been undertaken of the mysterious object. From the United States Naval to the National Enquirer, the orb has been the subject of scrutiny by a n...
Not Alone author

One Hundred and Five: The Betz Sphere I - Terry's Special Toy

This week Sam and Jason take a look at one of their weirdest subjects yet! Found unscorched in the remains of a land devouring inferno, the Betz Sphere has fascinated and bewildered skeptics and believers alike since it’s discovery. From autonomous mov...
Not Alone author

One Hundred and Four: The Wildman of China - Near Human Apetelligence

This week we go over the legend of the Wildman of China, or the Yeren, often thought to be a cousin to the North American Sasquatch. We chronicle it's legendary origins, admiring the monolith of Chinese Myth as we pass it by, and explore some of the ac...
Not Alone author

One Hundred and Three: The Witchy Wolves of the Omer Plains - Melting Pot of Legend

This week we highlight a story from the recent release by friend of the show, Linda S. Godfrey. The book is titled 'I Know What I Saw: Modern-Day Encounters with Monsters of New Urban Legend and Ancient Lore' and our subject this week is just one of do...
Not Alone author

One Hundred and Two: A Not Alone Retrospective

Today we look back, reminiscing as friends and partners, over the first 100 episodes of this ridiculous podcast. We field a few questions, and go on a whole lot of tangents. Thanks for 101 excellent episodes. Here's looking to 101 more.
Not Alone author

One Hundred and One: Lunar Tales II - Shoot for the Stars and Miss and Die in the Vacuum of Space

This week we conclude our two partner on Lunar Conspiracy with some of the most notable theories we've ever covered on the show. From attempting to open a channel of communication with a long dead God, to keeping the entirety of humankind under the thu...
Not Alone author

One Hundred: Lunar Tales I - Stanley Kubrick, Director of Reality w/ Brian Hastie

WE DID IT! We make it to episode number 100! Who would have guessed it? Not us. Not us. That's for darn sure. Thank you so much for everyone who has listened! This week we're kicking off our Lunar Tales episodes with a critical, some may say exhaustive...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Nine: Jason Special X - The Piri Reis Map and other Cartographical Adventures!

This week Jason, for the tenth time, takes command of the show to educate us all about the highly controversial document known as the Piri Reis map. This piece of cartography, which was produced in the 16th century, has been purported to show the coast...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Eight: The Golem - Mudman, There's No Need To Feel Down!

This week we dive back into one of Sam's favorite subjects, Jewish mysticism, by way of one of its most fascinating and unique phenomena, The Golem. The clay man, who serves as the supernatural protector of the downtrodden Jews throughout the Diaspora,...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Seven: Borley Rectory II - Harry Price and the Restless Rectory

This week we wrap up our two-parter on Borley Rectory by examining the ongoing relationship between it and the grand-daddy of all Ghost Hunters, Harry Price! We start by diving into Price's long and impressive history of debunking suspicious spirits, s...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Six: The Borley Rectory I - The Most Haunted House in England

This week we explore the history behind the most haunted house in all of England in our first episode on the historic Borley Rectory! From the 11th century building recorded on the site in the Domesday Book, to the stories of haunting that accompanied ...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Five: Olgoi-Khorkhoi - Wriggling, Writhing, and a Lot of Other Terrible Words

Today we look at one of the grosser and more unsettling phenomena we've ever turned our gaze towards, the Mongolian Death Worm! Often described as having the appearance of a long intestine overflowing with blood, whose movements are almost always chara...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Four: Jason Special IX - A Fairy Frustrating Jason Special

This week, Jason wrestles the microphone back for another of his excellent specials. The target of his scientific ire this time? Fairies. These ancient, ill-defined, intentionally vague creatures which seem to have somehow slipped into the modern world...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Three: The Gulf Breeze Abductions with Rob from Our Strange Skies III - Alien Ahab Gets His White Walters Whale

IT. IS. FINISHED. Join Sam and Jason with special guest Rob (our very good friend and mortal enemy, respectively) as we wrap up the nightmare that is, was, and will forever be Edward Walters and the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings. We begin with Ed surren...
Not Alone author

Ninety-Two: Project MKULTRA II - Six Jason Bournes vs. One Ancient Druid! Fight!

This week we wrap up our series on MKUltra by taking a closer look at some of the less confirmable aspects of it, as well as examining why it ended up being shuttered. However, as we navigate stories of witches and psychics, warlocks and warlords, kill...
Not Alone author

Introducing: Extraterrestrial

This is a special occurrence for listeners of Not Alone, a special sneak preview at Parcast Network's new podcast 'Extraterrestrial'. Check it out! It's shaping up to be a great show and we think you'll really enjoy it. You can listen to the full episo...
Not Alone author

Ninety-One: Project MKULTRA I - Your Mom Knows You're On Acid Right Now

This week we begin our deep dive into one of the most shocking and controversial things the United States government has ever been PROVEN to do. Project MKULTRA has become a by-word for conspiracy, cover-up, and fun times LSD testing that only sometime...
Not Alone author

Ninety: The Case of the Cursed Bread - Jason Finally Gets to Talk About Carbs

This week Jason finally gets to talk to us all about the dangers of eating bread as Sam walks us through 10 days in 1951 when a small village in Southern France lost its collective mind. Join us as we explore tales of people shifting into monsters, gro...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Nine: Tales of Bleak Mid-Winter - Santa, Saints, and Spectres

This week we round out 2018 on the podcast with an in-depth examination of the not so Christian origins of Christmas by Jason and an attempt to revive the lost art of telling Ghost Stories round Christmas Time by Sam. We've so loved having this year wi...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Eight: Aliens and the Cold War V - The Extra-Terrestrial Gospel III

This is it. After all we've gone through, after all we've done, it arrives here. The incredible story of Orfeo Angelucci, the most surprising of all accounts, a truly unique tale which takes us not only far into space and the future of mankind, but als...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Seven: Aliens and the Cold War IV - The Extra-Terrestrial Gospel II

This week we continue our look into the ET Contactees with an episode all about one of the most influential members of its exclusive group, a man without whom the public perception of UFOs and those who study them may be drastically different. George V...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Six: Aliens and the Cold War III - The Extra-Terrestrial Gospel I

Hello! Welcome to Part 3a of our series on the effects that ufology had on the Cold War, and that the Cold War had on ufology. This week we look at some of the first ufologists, members of an exclusive group known as Contactees, mere mortal men who wer...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Five: Aliens and the Cold War II - The Angels of Our Better Nature

This week we explore two sightings during the Cold War era, foreshadowing things to come either good or bad, and one man's lifelong quest to uncover the truth behind how humanity has survived this long, and what, exactly, our guardian angels have in mi...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Four: Aliens and the Cold War I - Of Nations and Nukes

This week we present the first in our three part series about Extra-Terrestrial interference during the Cold War. Each week will be focused on a different aspect of the Cold War, the first being the arms race. We explore stories from both sides of the ...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Three: The Legend of the Flying Dutchman - Sponsored by Pirates of the Caribbean

This week we reference the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise a record number of times, and in order to do so we turn an eye towards the second best nautically themed legend of all time (the first of course being Captain Jack Sparrow and his rowdy gang...
Not Alone author

Eighty-Two: Listener Special II - Y'all Got Problems

In this episode we explore the many different problems that you, our lovely listener friends, have gone through in your life. And man, some of them are intense. Some of them are funny. Most of them aren't. We want to thank each and every person who wro...
Not Alone author

Eighty-One: The Dybbuk Box II - Ghosties and Posties

Join us as we reach PEAK derailment discussing the final fate of the Dybbuk box and how it involves on of our favorite musicians, a talented young whippersnapper named Post Malone and a guy who puts WAAAAAAAAAY too much gel in his hair. We also cover t...
Not Alone author

Eighty: The Dybbuk Box I - Colorblindness is No Excuse to Miss Red Flags

This week we explore the folklore of the Dybbuk, a unique entity in Hebrew Mysticism, a disembodied human soul too wicked to be allowed to enter the afterlife, but unable to find refuge in this mortal plane. They seek a home in the bodies of unwitting ...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Nine: Jason Special VIII - Corrupted Files

This week, Sam becomes the very thing he swore to destroy as he irrationally and angrily denies the Mandela Effect. Also, we learn what Deja Vu ACTUALLY is and have a brief discussion on Parallel Universes and why they probably can't be used to explain...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Eight: The Gulf Breeze Abductions with Rob from Our Strange Skies II - CHECK OUT ALL THESE DOGS ZEEHAS. THEY’RE GOOD BOYS ZEEHAS. GOOD BOYS.

This week we finish up our two parter of the first part  on the gulf breeze UFO sightings with our good friend Rob from Our Strange Skies. Join us as we watch Ed Walters descend further into madness, as he continues to dodge the worst abduction attempt...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Seven: The Gulf Breeze Abductions with Rob from Our Strange Skies I - They Call Me Zeehas

This week we dive into one of the most insane and also most compelling accounts of alien contact to grace the modern age. Beyond a simple light in the sky, or even a full blown extra-terrestrial kidnapping, Ed and Frances Walters experienced, over the ...
Not Alone author

Episode Seventy-Six: The Jinn II - Arabian Nights, Arabian Fights

This week we conclude our series on the Jinn of legend by examining stories of their interactions with humans throughout the ages. Starting in classical Arabia, winding our way through the war on terror, and finally ending our journey at an oasis, a ha...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Five: The Jinn I - For My First Wish...

This week we explore the lore and legend associated with one of the most unique magical beings of all time, the Jinn, or Genie as many of us know it as. We will explore it's origin in pre-islamic arabia, its codification as truth in the Quran, and it's...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Four: The Dark Watchers - The Mountains of Madness

This week we cover an obscure bit of Californian Folklore, the Dark Watchers. Listen as Sam asks Jason if he's familiar with all sorts of Californian things, and the two of them bond over the atrocities of John Steinbeck, while trying to get to the bot...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Three: Project Pegasus II - The Leap Home (To Mars)

This week in the thrilling conclusion to our series on Project Pegasus, wrapping up our second 'Conspiracy Jason Just Doesn't Get', we examine the good lawyer/future president's claim that he and Barack Obama have more in common than the presidency. Th...
Not Alone author

Seventy-Two: Project Pegasus I - Does Andy Have Your Vote?

This week we reprise the wickedly popular format, Conspiracies Jason Just Doesn't Get! This time, we take too close of a look at Project Pegasus, the top secret time travel project built upon the work of Nikola Tesla and Father Ernetti, developed by DA...
Not Alone author

Seventy-One: The Chronovisor - Father Time

This week we focus on one of the most enduring, albeit it improbable, of all modern myths, that of Father Ernetti and the Chronovisor! Join us as we dive into the rich tapestry of mystery which surrounds the supposed invention of a device that can be u...
Not Alone author

Seventy: The Ariel School Incident - Hot for Teacher (So Long as that Teacher is also an Alien)

This week we cover one of the most convincing, corroborated accounts of an Extra-Terrestrial Encounter that the world has to offer. 62 witnesses, all claiming to see the same thing at the same time, verified to be telling the truth, as best they could,...
Not Alone author

Sixty-Nine: The Witches and Wonders in the Mexican Skies - Bruja!

This week we explore the insane world of UFHs, Unidentified Flying Humanoids, and literal real life witches in the skies over Mexico. One of the most well documented paranormal phenomena, dozens of videos and photo evidence have been documented to show...
Not Alone author

Sixty-Eight: The Ghosts of Scotland II - Auld Reikie

This week we finish up our series on Scotland and its many beautiful and terrifying elements of the macabre. We focus on Witchcraft in Scotland, the infamous body-snatchers William Burke and William Hare, and the most treacherous poltergeist to haunt t...
Not Alone author

Sixty-Seven: The Ghosts of Scotland I - The White Lady of St. Andrews

This week we cover the first of two big ghost stories Sam "researched" on his vacation to Scotland, this first being the White Lady of St. Andrews and her Chamber of Corpses. Join us as we marvel as the mundane things the British do, and discover the s...
Not Alone author

Sixty-Six: Tales of the Skinwalker - Coyote Ugly

This week we return to a topic touched on in earlier episodes, one that gives Sam the absolute spooks and Jason a bad case of sleep paralysis. The folklore surrounding the Skinwalker, the evil entity of First Nations belief, is as chilling as it is res...
Not Alone author

Sixty-Five: Jason Special VII - Spiritualism: I AM HOUDINI AND YOU ARE A FRAUD

Jason is back this week with one of his best specials yet. This week he digs into the phenomena of Spiritualism, specifically its historic roots and how we came to form our negative culture perception of it, as well as it's toolkit, Seances and Ouija B...
Not Alone author

Sixty-Four: The Toynbee Tiles II - YOU MUST MAKE + GLUE TILES!

This week we conclude our series on the Toynbee Tiles focusing on a search for the Toynbee Tiler. As we explore characters with names like Railroad Joe, and the Birdman, men with no voice boxes, and entire associations advocating for Jupiterian Resurre...
Not Alone author


We have failed you. There will not be an episode of Not Alone this week, and we're sorry. In response, here is an apology and like 30 other great podcasts you can use to fill your time this week and every other week as well. You can find links to ever...
Not Alone author


This week we examine one of the most perplexing and enduring mysteries of the modern day. The convoluted story of the Toynbee Tiles mix fantasy, science-fiction, religion, organized crime, and the promise of eternal life to create one big pie of crazy....
Not Alone author

Sixty-Two: The Goblin of Zaragoza - Stovetop Roleplaying Game

This week, Sam blindsides Jason with a story almost too good to be true. It's got heavy police involvement and documentation. It's got the makings of a great hoax, but has never officially been solved. It's got a displaced family, a ruined home, and, m...
Not Alone author

Sixty-One: The Goatmen - Burn! That! Bridge!

This week we explore three of the most well known and terrifying legends of half-man half-goat monsters plaguing these United States. From the woods of Maryland, to the Bridges of Kentucky, we examine the urban legends and supernatural hauntings that h...
Not Alone author