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Royal Commission into Australia's Aged Care sector gets underway - अस्ट्रेलियाको वृद्ध स्याहार क्षेत्रमा शाही आयोगको अनुसन्धान सुरु

Victims and their families are being encouraged to speak out as the Royal Commission into Australia’s aged care sector begins.The year-long investigation into Australia’s aged care industry begins in Adelaide, but hearings will be held all around the c...

Few Australians want to see more migrants arriving in their country - अधिकांश अस्ट्रेलियालीहरू उनीहरूको देशमा थप आप्रवासीहरू चाहँदैनन्

As the federal government and opposition grapple with their migration policies, researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) have uncovered a dramatic decline in support for population growth.The ANU survey has revealed just three out of eve...

NepaLeaks2019: Nepali politician and NRN among alleged illegal foreign investors - नेपालिक्स २०१९: गैरकानूनी वैदेशिक लगानी र कर छलीको राजनीतिज्ञ र

Renowned industrialists, a politician and a member of the Non Residential Nepalese association are among the 55 Nepalis whose names have been published by Nepal's Centre for Investigative Journalism, allegedly involved in breaking foreign investment la...

Retracing history and culture through painting - आफ्नो समाजको आवाज र इतिहास कोर्ने प्रयासमा हरि ओम मेहता कोइरी

Despite his family telling him that drawing and painting alone would not suffice to earn a living, Hari Om Mehta Koiri became one. And, after finishing a three years course on fine art, he's now held an art exhibition for the first time showcasing his ...

Nepali student Bigul Pandit still missing - बिगुल पण्डित: अझै फेला परेनन्

It's been one week since the University student Bigul Pandit, 21 went missing from  Murray River at Albury, New South Wales, but no signs of him are found even after active search operations.Pandit went to Noreuil Park with his friends for barbecue get...

Thousands of earthquake victims still living in tents and PM Oli defends his government: Last 7 days in Nepal - लाखौँ भूकम्प पीडित अझै पाल मुनि र प्रम ओलीले गरे सरका

More than four hundred thousand people are still living in tents, more than three years after the 2015 earthquake says reconstruction authority and Prime Minister Oli defends his government's work but declines to answer question from the opposition.Som...

Sex offenders to be named on public register - यौन दुराचारीहरूको परिचय सहितको सार्वजनिक सुची बनाइने

The federal government says it'll create a publicly-accessible child sex offender register, including the names, photographs and post codes of offenders. But the proposal has been criticised by some experts, who warn a registry only provides the percep...

Martyrs Memorial A Division League Football criticised for not being competitive - शहिद स्मारक ए डिभिजन लिग फुटबल कम प्रतिष्पर्धात्मक र म्याच फि

Martyrs Memorial A Division League Football was held by ANFA after five years and it ended on Tuesday. Manang Marshyangdi Club became the league champion. The League was criticised for its non competitive matches supposedly because there was no relegat...

Diversity the winner at Golden Globes - विविधता यो वर्षको गोल्डेन ग्लोब्स अवार्ड विजेता

This year's Golden Globe Awards ceremony is being praised for producing a diverse slate of winners.From best performance by an actor in a drama movie to the best animated movie of the year, diversity shun bright in Hollywood. - यस वर्षको गोल्डेन ग्लोब्स अवार्डमा ...

Chaudhary sworn in as MP and a separate police act for province 2: Last 7 days in Nepal - थुनामा रहेकाले लिए सांसदको शपथ र प्रदेश २ को आफ्नै प्रहरी ऐन :

Resham Chaudhary, the main accused of Tikapur incident, has been sworn in as Member of Parliament and province 2 enacts a separate police law.These are some of the headlines from Nepal in the last 7 days. - हाल थुनामा रहेकाले रेशम चौधरीले नेपालको सांसदको रुपमा पद तथ गोपनीय...

There is still a lot to be done: Paras Khadka - अझै धेरै गर्नु छ: पारस खड्का

Paras Khadka, the captain of Nepali national cricket team, has a rather very unconventional connection to Australia. He first wanted to enter the great southern land on a student visa in 2009 but was refused. But it was a boon in disguise as well found...

'Neil Prakash cannot go to Fiji' - प्रकाशको नागरिकता बारे दुई देश बीच विवाद

Fiji has thrown further doubt on the Australian government's decision of scrapping Neil Prakash's citizenship after reports emerged that Fiji is not willing to accept him as its citizen.  - अस्ट्रेलियाली सरकारले निल प्रकाशको नागरिकता खारेजी गरेको घोषणा गरे पछि फिजीले पनि उनलाई फिर्ता...

Climbing Everest not only a tribute to my husband but also about inspiring other women: Nima Doma Sherpa - श्रीमानको सम्झना र एकल महिलाहरूका लागि उदाहरण बन्नका ला

Nima Doma Sherpa is preparing to climb Mt Everest after her husband died in an avalanche in 2014. Sherpa is teaming up with Fudirki Sherpa - spouse of another mountaineer - an icefall doctor who died in 2013 when he was preparing ropes for other climbe...

24 Nepali football teams to fight for glory on January 20 - एकै दिनमा २४ नेपाली फुटबल टोलीहरूको घम्साघम्सी

24 Nepali football clubs in Australia are going to fight for the "Expert Education Cup 2019" tournament on 20 January. The tournament organiser, Tamang Recreational Club (TRC) says the 2019 edition of the competition marking the 10th anniversary of the...

Nepal: 2018's headline making stories - नेपाल: २०१८ का प्रमुख घटनाहरूलाई फर्केर हेर्दा

Approaching the new year 2019 is all set to bring freshness into the air. But few incidents from Nepal made headlines many a time in Nepali media over the year, and that possibly will affect the days to come.  - वर्ष २०१८ समाप्तिको सँघारमा रहँदा यो वर्ष भर नेपालमा भए...

Nepal to hold investment conference and Dharahara re-building soon: Last 7 days in Nepal - लगानी सम्मेलन गर्न सरकार फेरि तयार र धरहराको पुनर्निर्माण शु

Nepal government is preparing to organise another conference on investment after the previous meeting failed to meet its commitments, and Dharahara reconstruction gets underway.These are some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the past 7 days ...

'Cracking noises' in a newly-built apartments - सिड्नी: एक नव निर्मित भवन भत्कने खतरामा

Safety fears at a newly-built high-rise apartment tower in Sydney's west have prompted a builders' group to air their concerns that regulation and compliance are not strong enough in Australia's building industry.  - सिड्नीमा रहेको एक नयाँ निर्मित भवनका बासिन्दाहरूले अचा...

Champion bodybuilder Maheshwar Maharjan wins first gold medal for Nepal - स्वर्ण पदक: थाइल्यान्डको चाङमाइमा रचे महेश्वर महर्जनले इतिहास

Nepali champion bodybuilder Maheshwar Maharjan has won a gold medal in the 10th World Bodybuilding and Physique Championship held earlier this month in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Maharjan won the medal in the male 75 kg category.  It is the first-ever gold ...

Sydney based Nepali singers on musical trends of 2018 - सन् २०१८ मा नेपाली सांगीतिक क्षेत्रमा के-कस्ता नयाँ कुराहरु आए त?

We recently spoke with a few Sydney based Nepali singers on the trends that dominated Nepali music in 2018. Here's an excerpt of our chat with them:Ishwor Pokharel: People have started realising that they need to study music - a lot of Nepalis nowadays...

“Your degree doesn’t define your knowledge”: An accountant became software developer - "तपाइँको ज्ञानलाई डिग्रीले परिभाषित गर्दैन": लेखा क्षेत्रका

Amit Ranjitkar had degree in accounting and was working on the same field until he developed software named Agentcis.How he developed the interest in technologies while he was already working as an accountant on his own field? - लेखा  विषयमा स्नातकोत्तर गरेर अका...

Prerana files writ to regain property and bus accident kills 23: Last 7 days in Nepal - पूर्व राजाकी छोरीद्वारा मुद्दा दायर र बस दुर्घटनामा २३को

Daughter of Nepal's former king Gyanendra has filed a writ to regain the royal property that was transferred to a public trust.  Bus accident in western Nepal kills 23 people and Lalitpur Patriot becomes the new champion of Everest Premier League.These...

Commissioner's report finds significant failures in disability services - अशक्तहरूको सेवा प्रदायकहरूबाट गम्भीर लापरवाही भएको एक प्रतिवेदनको

Disability-service providers have been referred to police for criminal investigation over the deaths of people receiving disability care.Cases have been outlined in a report by the Victorian Disability Services Commissioner, who is calling for a nation...

They don't trust female DJs in Nepal: DJ Quinn aka Shallu Maharjan - नेपालमा महिला डीजेहरूलाई पत्याउँदैनन् : डीजे क्वीन उर्फ शालु महर्जन

Shallu Maharjan is one of the few female DJ artists from Nepal. In a candid chat with SBS Nepali Maharjan who is popularly known as DJ Quinn told many prefer to bring female DJ from overseas rather than trust the homegrown talents. Listen to our full c...

Nirvana Bista from Nepal is world's fastest guitarist - १ हजार ६ सय बिट प्रति मिनेट को टेम्पोमा गिटार बजाएर विश्वको सबैभन्दा तीव्र

In 2015, Nirvana Bista became the world's fastest guitarist by performing the rendition of "Flight of the Bumblebee" at a tempo of 1600 beats per minute while studying at a school in India. Currently, Bista is in Australia and is doing an undergraduate...

Why is water safety important? - पानीमा सुरक्षित हुन किन जरुरी छ?

As summer soars, more cases of drowning are back in the news. Only this week, two members of the Indian community lost their lives after getting caught in a rip, and a third member is still missing. Water safety should be a high priority to all, but es...

Couch-surfers are the hidden homeless - बेघर हुनेहरुको बढ्दो संख्या

The number of Australians seeking homelessness services is rising, with new figures revealing almost 35,000 more people asked for shelter last year when compared with four years ago. - क्रिसमसको चाड नजिकै आई रहेको बेला, एक अस्ट्रेलियाली संस्थाले यहाँ बढ्दै गएको आवास-विहिनहरुको अवस्था...

Winners of tennis, golf and badminton tournaments are awarded by Nepalese Recreational Club - नेप्लिज रिक्रिएशनल क्लबद्वारा आयोजित गल्फ, ब्याडमिन्टन र टे

 A Sydney based Nepalese Recreational Club (NRC) has awarded the winners and runner ups of different sports tournaments organised by the club in 2018.Club’s initiation to promote healthy lifestyle and harmony with recognition of sporting and cultural t...

‘No security threats’ claims Nepal govt. and Rana to become new CJ: Last 7 days in Nepal - नेपालमा सुरक्षा खतरा नरहेको दावी र नयाँ प्रधानन्यायधिस नि

Nepal government has presented a National Security Commission report that claims that there is no regional and national level threat to the country. The presentation was done to the President Vidhya Bhandari. And Colendra SJB Rana set to become new Che...

We want citizenship in our real names: Pinky Gurung - हाम्रो वास्तविक नाम अनुसार नागरिकता लिन पाउनु पर्छ: पिङ्की गुरुङ

In recent times, reports of hardship for obtaining citizenship in Nepal for the sexual minority groups have surfaced.Our Nepal reporter sat with Pinky Gurung, the president of the Blue Diamond Society - an LGBTI rights organisation in Nepal and asked w...

COAG produces unusual harmony for the moment - कोआग बैठक: आप्रवासी संख्या निर्धारण विषयमा राज्य र संघिय सरकारको एकै स्वर

The latest meeting of state and federal governments has focused on the levels of migration to Australia.While the federal government sets migration levels, the needs and wants of state and territory governments on the issue have come to the fore.Meetin...

One country, many stories: Melbourne’s Nepal Festival to showcase food, music, art and culture - जाने होइन त मेलबर्नको नेपाल महोत्सवमा ?

Always wanted to find out what Nepal is like or never heard of Nepal? If you live in Melbourne, here’s your chance to learn more about the country through a free event in Federation Square on Saturday 15 December. - आउँदो शनिवार मेलबर्नको मुटुमा रहेको फेडेरेशन स्क्वेरमा ...

Sabdamala: Nepali language school celebrates five years of success - शब्दमाला भाषा विद्यालयको ५औँ वार्षिकोत्सव

Sabdamala - a Nepali language school in Sydney has successfully celebrated its 5th anniversary with a gala dinner event at Hurstville in Sydney. - न्यु साउथ वेल्सको हर्स्टभिलमा आयोजित शब्दमाला भाषा विद्यालयको ५ औँ वार्षिकोत्सव साँझमा नेपाली भाषा सिकाएर आफ्नो मातृभाषासँग जोड्न प्रयासरत अभिभावकहरूले आफ्ना बा...

PM Oli's veiled threats against 'intellectuals' and corruption allegation against former minister: Last 7 days in Nepal - प्रमको 'थलो पार्ने' जवाफको चेतावनी र पूर्व मन्त्

Prime Minister KP Sharma oli takes a swipe at Nepal's intellectual community saying they might collapse if he answers some of their questions and 21 people including a former minister taken to court by the anti corruption body.These are some of the new...

Violence against disabled women is greater than their able-bodied peers - अपाङ्गता भएका महिलाहरू माथि बढी हिंसा: अधिकारकर्मी मिना पौडेल

A 16-day long campaign is running in Nepal on violence against women. Activist Mina Poudyal has continuously engaged with various programmes that are aimed to help women who have survived the violence. We recently spoke with her on the topic of violenc...

'South Asians don't just drive taxi, uber or deliver pizza': backlash over Leyonhjelm's "brown men" remark - "दक्षिण एसियालीहरू उबर, ट्याक्सी चालक अथवा पिज्जा डेलि

Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm has triggered angry responses after thanking what he called "young brown men" for their contribution to Australia's workforce.The Greens and multicultural groups say young migrants do not need his thanks, label...

Australian property prices: will the downward trend continue in 2019? - अस्ट्रेलियामा घर भाउ: २०१९ मा पनि घट्दै जाला?

Will the property prices in cities like Sydney and Melbourne continue to fall in 2019? Will there be a reduction in the number of properties available for sale next year?Finance adviser Bishwas Bhattarai had this to say. - सिड्नी र मेलबर्न लगायतका अस्ट्रेलियाली सहर...

Social security scheme launched and SAF games in Biratnagar: Last 7 days in Nepal - सामाजिक सुरक्षा योजना सुरु र साफ महिला च्याम्पियनसिप विराटनगर

5th Women's SAF games scheduled to be held in Biratnagar and Oli led government launches national social security scheme amid criticism of the fanfare.These are some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the last 7 days. - ५ औँ साफ महिला च्याम्पियनसिप विराट...

How are Nepali Senior Citizens enjoying their time in Australia? - अस्ट्रेलियामा घाम ताप्दै सुन्तला, स्याउ खाएर रमाउँदै नेपाली अभिभावकह

To see lots of visiting seniors from Nepal in their traditional "Dhaka Topi" at various community events in Sydney has somewhat become the new norm - just like the famous Ratna Park in central Kathmandu. Last Saturday, the Tumbalong Park in Darling Har...

What do you know about Sakela, Udhauli and Ubhauli? - अस्ट्रेलियाको सिड्नीमा साकेला नृत्यको मजा

Santosh Thulung Rai is the chairman of an ethnic Nepali community organisation promoting festivals and other cultural practices based truly in nature. In a short conversation with SBS Nepali, he explained his community's bond with mother nature and how...

Nepali stupa in Sydney - सिड्नीको मुटुमा नेपाली स्तूप

Nepali photographer Sudhira Shah teamed up with fellow Nepalis and Australians to erect a Nepali style stupa, right bang in the middle of Sydney.The art installation named "Nepal House" had a lot of attraction in its vault showcasing Nepali culture, fo...

Australian visa policy non discriminatory says immigration minister David Coleman - अध्यागमन नीतिको चेपुवामा अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय विद्यार्थीहरू

Australia's immigration minister David Coleman says the government has a non-discriminatory visa policy for migrants. However an international students council says students are concerned over the federal government's recent plan about reducing migrant...

Labor's landslide victory: 'blame game' begins within the Victorian Liberals - भिक्टोरिया निर्वाचन २०१८: अत्यधिक बहुमतका साथ् लेबरको जीत, लिबरल

Premier Daniel Andrews has secured Labor's dominance in Victoria for another four years with a landslide win that leaves the Liberal opposition shattered and the Greens on the sidelines.The ALP reaped a swing of 5.3 per cent and is predicted to win 61 ...

National ID card distribution and Biplab led party celebrates 5th anniversary: Last 7 days in Nepal - राष्ट्रिय परिचय पत्र वितरण र विप्लव नेतृत्व पार्टीले म

The Nepal government kicked off its national identity card distribution by giving the first ID card to an 101-year-old Bhagwati Devi Bhandari and Netra Bikram Chand "Biplab" led Nepal Communist Party celebrates its 5th anniversary by accusing politicia...

China's Belt and Road Initiative: 21st century's "Silk Road"? - चिनिया बेल्ट एण्ड रोड योजना: नेपाललाई फसाउला कि फस्टाउला?

China's Belt and Road project has often been referred to as the 21st century's "Silk Road". The project aims to connect Asia, Africa and Europe via highways on land and dedicated sea fares through various water waterways, seas and oceans.Many around th...

Victorian Election: How will Nepali Australians vote? - भिक्टोरियाली चुनाव: नेपालीको भोट कसलाई?

As Victoria goes to the poll this weekend with more than two million voters, we ask two Australians of Nepali backgrounds - Arjun Pandey and Mahesh Bhandari whom they are supporting and why?Pandey has just recently taken membership of the Liberal Partl...

12 years on: Nepal conflict victims still awaiting justice - नेपाल द्वन्द पीडित: १२ वर्ष बितिसक्दा अझै न्यायको पर्खाइमा

12 years ago, on 21st November 2006, Nepal government and the Nepal communist party Maoist signed a comprehensive peace agreement officially ending the decade long war that killed thousands of Nepalis. But victims of the conflict and their families are...

Rags to 'recycling' riches: Nepal's entrepreneurial success story - खालीसिसि: फोहोरबाट मोहर बनाउने आयुसीको नेपाली सफलता

In 2017, Aayushi KC had just got married when she told her family and friends about her plan to start a recycling business in Kathmandu. She was told to start a family instead of getting involved in 'picking up dirty items'. A year later, the 27-year-o...

Tax Talk with ATO: Changes to GST on property transactions. - एटीओसँग ट्याक्स टक: घर किनबेच गर्दा जीएसटी कसरी तिर्ने?

In this November 2018 edition of Tax Talk, we speak to Shyam Dahal from the Australian Taxation Office about the latest changes to GST on property transactions. - नवेम्बर २०१८ को यस ट्याक्स टकमा हामि घर किनबेच गर्दा जीएसटी कसरी तिर्नुपर्छ भन्ने नियममा हालसालै भएको परिवर्तनबारे अस्ट्रेलिया...

Nepali women's football team progresses and second provincial minister sacked: Last 7 days in Nepal - नेपाल ओलम्पिक महिला फुटबल छनोटको दोस्रो चरणमा र प्रदेश ७

A second minister from Nepal's provincial government has been sacked and Nepali women's national football team enter the second round of Olympic qualifying games.These are some of the news from the last seven days in Nepal. - नेपालमा प्रदेश सरकारका दोस्रो मन्त्री प...

One year and 5,420 same-sex marriages later - अस्ट्रेलियालीले समर्थन गरेको एक वर्षमा ५, ४२० समलिङ्गी विवाह

One year ago, the announcement that Australians had voted in favor of same-sex marriage brought the first of what is now more than 5,000 same-sex weddings across the country.Just over 7.8 million Australians voted in the voluntary survey, with 61.6 per...