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Corruption allegation against Kulman and children among 9 murdered: Last 7 days in Nepal - कुलमान माथि भ्रष्टाचारको आरोप र दुई परिवारका ९ जनाको हत्या:

Kulman Ghising from Nepal Electricity Authority accused of corruption during a parliamentary committee hearing, Ghising denied the claim and nine people including children murdered in Panchthar.News headlines from Nepal. - नेपाल विद्युत प्राधिकारणका कार्यकारी निर्देशक ...

"Live life like a Bulbul": Satya Mohan Joshi's secret to anxiety free life - "जुरेली झैं भोलिको चिन्ता नगरौं": सत्यमोहन जोशीको सन्तोषजनक जीवनको

Nepal's "man of the century" Satya Mohan Joshi has a suggestion for anyone wanting to lead an anxiety free life. Live life like a Bulbul, a songbird, says the renowned cultural icon. He spoke to SBS Nepali. - शताब्दि पुरुष पनि भनेर चिनिने नेपाली संस्कृतिविद सत्यमोहन जोशीले स...

Another acid attack and 16 Nepali women rescued from African countries: Last 7 days in Nepal - फेरी अर्को एसिड आक्रमण र १६ नेपाली महिलाको अफ्रिकाबाट उद्

A man has attacked his wife with acid, which police allege was a result of a domestic dispute and 16 Nepali women have been rescued from Kenya and Malawi.News headlines from the past 7 days in Nepal. - राजधानीमै बुधबार एकजना श्रीमानले आफ्नै श्रीमतीलाई एसिड छ्यापेपछि प्रहरी द्वा...

Nepal is remeasuring Mt. Everest's height 'to end speculation' - सगरमाथाको उचाइ किन मापन गर्दै नेपाल?

Officials in Nepal are remeasuring the height of the world's tallest mountain. Mount Everest's current official height is 8,848 meters above sea level but there are speculations its height may have changed after the 2015 earthquake in the country. Gove...

How Nepali volunteers are supporting the Federal elections in Australia - अस्ट्रेलियन चुनाव "धान्ने" नेपाली स्वयंसेवकहरु

The 2019 Federal election has not only seen the candidature of two Nepal born Australians, but there is also a wave of Nepali origin volunteers who have lend their hands to various political parties. - अबको केही दिनमै हुन गइरहेको सङ्घीय निर्वाचनमा उम्मेदवारहरूले नेपाली मतदाता...

Authorities warn of "severe" flu season, compared to last year - यस वर्षको अस्ट्रेलियाली फ्लु सिजन गए वर्षको भन्दा घातक हुनसक्ने चेता

In an average year, three to four thousand people will die from flu-related complications in Australia but authorities say this year's flu season has already seen some signs that could see the number increase. - अस्ट्रेलियामा चिसो बढ्दै जाँदा गए वर्षको तुलनामा यस पटक गम्...

Tax Talk with ATO: Removing tax deductibility - एटीओसँग ट्याक्स टक: कर कटौती हटाउने बारे

In this May 2019 edition of the Tax Talk with the ATO, we'll chat about "Removing tax deductibility" with Shyam Dahal from the Australian Taxation Office. In this episode, we'll talk about:the new rules for claiming deductions for payments to your work...

PM Oli visits Vietnam and 23 Nepali women rescued from India: Last 7 days in Nepal - प्रम ओलीको भिएतनाम भ्रमण र भारत बाट २३ नेपाली महिलाको उद्धार: गए

Nepal's Prime Minister in Vietnam and 23 Nepali women rescued from the north-eastern Indian state of Mizoram, allegedly en route to the middle east.News headlines from the last 7 days in Nepal. - नेपालका प्रधानमन्त्री केपी शर्मा ओली भियतनाम र कम्बोडियाको एकसाता लामो भ्रमणमा र अ...

Federal Election Special: Interaction in Parramatta with leaders and voters

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, SBS Nepali was at Parramatta in Western Sydney where we had opportunity to chat with various federal election candidates and some voters of Nepali origin.Federal Minister of Immigration David Coleman who is fighting to ke...

Nepal's MPs campaign for more money which many say they shouldn't get - नेपाल: हाल पाउने ४ करोड रुपैयाँलाई १० करोड पुर्याउनु पर्ने सांसदहरु

Parliamentarians in Nepal, from across the political spectrum, are demanding more money from the federal government, which they say is for development purposes. However critics say the MPs shouldn't be getting any. - नेपालमा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र विकासका लागि सांसदहरुलाई प्रदा...

Former Gurkha soldiers want pension disparity to end - "ब्रिटिस समकक्षी सरह गोर्खाहरूको पेन्सन कायम हुनुपर्‍यो"

The former Gorkha soldiers, who are demanding to make Gorkha pensions equal to that of their British counterparts, demonstrated last week in Kathmandu.SBS Nepali spoke to the Coordinator L.B Ghising, of the British Gorkha Satyagraha Joint Struggle Comm...

How is the election gearing up in Queensland? - क्विन्सल्याण्डमा चुनावी माहौल कतिको तातेको छ त?

What are the Nepali voters thinking in Queensland - the all-important battleground of Australian federal elections? We contacted Dr Bharat Raj Poudel, a Brisbane based journalist, columnist and academic to find out.  - क्वीन्सल्याण्डमा त्यहाँका नेपाली अस्ट्रेलियानहरु माझ चा...

Interest Rates: Will it drop? - के रिजर्भ बैङ्कले आफ्नो ब्याजदर घटाउला त?

In this episode of our monthly chat with our finance advisor Bishwas Bhattarai, we try to find if the interest rate will come down and whether the banks are ready to pass on that change.Other issues we have discussed are:Is it becoming difficult to get...

Australian election 2019 : Many voters say they're too disillusioned to care - अस्ट्रेलिया निर्वाचन २०१९: मतदाता बितृष्णा बढ्दो

When Australians head to the polls on May 18, more people will cast a vote than ever before. But while enrollment numbers are at record highs - the trust voters have in politicians has hit a 50 year low. - आगामी सङ्घीय निर्वाचनको लागि मतदाता सङ्ख्या धेरै रहेता पनि, राजनीतिज्ञ...

New changes for VET sector Nepali students in Australia - अस्ट्रेलियामा व्यावसायिक शिक्षा अन्तर्गत अध्यन गर्न आउने नेपाली विद्

Nepalis willing to applying for an Australian Student visa to study in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector will be required to provide the evidence of their English language skills and financial capacity as per the new directive from the...

More money needed for earthquake reconstruction and Nepal Airlines to sell its plane: Last 7 days in Nepal - पुनर्निमाणका लागि अझै ४ खर्ब चाहिने र निगमले बोइङ बिक्

Nepal's reconstruction authority says they will need more money for reconstruction of houses that collapsed after earthquake four years ago and Nepal Airlines says it has written to the government about their plan to sell off its Boeing planes.Some of ...

Coal debate becomes key in marginal seats - सीमान्तकृत सिटहरूको लागी प्रमुख मुद्दा बनेको अडानी कोइला खानी

Coal has become a divisive and decisive issue in the federal election campaign, again being highlighted as environmentalist Bob Brown’s anti-Adani convoy makes its way north through Queensland.Support for the mine has put key marginal must-win seats in...

"Very important to remember": Gurkhas march in Anzac Day parade 2019 - "सम्झना धेरै महत्वपूर्ण": एन्जाक दिवसमा पुर्व गोर्खा सैनिक र परिवार

Former Gurkha soldiers or their family members have taken part in the Anzac Day commemorations. - भूपू गोर्खा सैनिक र उनका परिवारका सदस्यहरुले सिड्नी र मेलबर्नमा आयोजना भएका एन्जाक दिवस परेडमा सहभागिता जनाएका छन्।

Buddha Krishna Shrestha pierced his tongue 7 times because "no one else was available" - "कोहि नआएकोले" ७ पटक जिब्रो छेडेका बुद्धकृष्ण श्रेष्ठ

Buddha Krishna Shrestha has pierced his tongue 7 times for a festival held in the city of Bhaktapur in Nepal. However, the 48-years-old Ambulance driver didn't want to get the piercing done this time. But he had to change his mind because no one else w...

'we need ground station to receive data from Nepal's first ever satellite': Hari Ram Shrestha - 'नेपालको पहिलो भु-उपग्रहले पठाउने जानकारीहरू प्राप्त गर्

Nepal has successfully sent its first ever "nano satellite" to the International Space station on Wednesday 17 April 2019.As the next step scientists involved in the project are now focusing on constructing ground station in Nepal to receive data from ...

Nepali origin Bhuwan Khadka contesting federal election as a Greens party candidate - अस्ट्रेलियाली सङ्घीय चुनावका लागि भुवन खड्काको उम्मेदवारी

Nepal born Bhuwan Khadka is set to support the Greens party's senate ticket at the upcoming federal election for Western Australia. - अस्ट्रेलियाली सङ्घीय संसद्को माथिल्लो सदन वा सिनेटको सीटका लागि नेपालमा जन्मिएका भुवन खड्का ग्रीन्स पार्टी उमेद्वार घोषित भएका छन्। 

ATO Tax Talk: What is Superannuation? - एटीओसँग ट्याक्स टक: सुपरएन्नुएसन

In this April edition of the tax talk, we'll find more about superannuation. Joining us today to answer queries on Super is Shyam Dahal from the ATO. Some of the questions in this episode:what is superannuation?can I choose the account my super goes in...

UN questions over transitional justice and U19 team loses Cricket world cup bid: Last 7 days in Nepal - संक्रमणकालीन न्याय बारे राष्ट्रसंघको चासो र १९ वर्ष मूनी

UN's rights body asks questions about transitional justice system over the decade long conflict in the country and U19 national cricket team unsuccessful in securing a spot for 2020 world cup.Some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the last 7 ...

'Every morning we wake up to entertain people': Suhana Thapa - 'हरेक बिहान मानिसलाई मनोरञ्जन दिन उठ्ने गर्छौँ' : सुहाना थापाको चलचित्र

Suhana Thapa is new face in Nepali film industry. Daughter of renowned actress/director Jharana Thapa and Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa, Suhana has debuted in her home production movie 'Ye mero hajur 3'.  - नेपाली सिने क्षेत्रमा सुहाना थापा नयाँ अनुहार हो। उनले आफ्नी आमा झरना थापा...

Vaccinating children the key to reducing the harms from flu - बालबालिकालाई खोप फ्लुको जोखिमबाट बच्ने प्रमुख उपाय

Despite a high rate of flu cases already this year, new research shows the majority of Australians aren’t planning to get a flu shot and only 10 per cent think children should get the jab.Experts say the results are worrying, with children and the elde...

PUBG online game banned and loss against UAE in U19 World cup qualifiers: Last 7 days in Nepal - अनलाइन गेम पब्जी माथि प्रतिबन्ध र विश्वकप छनौटमा यूएईसंग ने

An online game called Player's unknown battleground, also known as PUBG has been banned by officials in Nepal after orders from a district court in Kathmandu and Nepal's U19 team has lost to the UAE by one run at the Asian round of the World Cup qualif...

Dhan Tamang: Latte art champion's colorful coffee story - धन तामाङ: लाट्टे आर्ट चाम्पियनको रंगीन कथा

Nepal born Dhan Tamang is six times Latte Art champion in the UK and his book on Coffee Art has been translated in six languages sold in many parts of the world. - नेपालमा जन्मिएका धन तामाङले युकेमा छ पटक लाट्टे आर्ट प्रतियोगिता जितिसकेका छन् र उनले लेखेको "कफी आर्ट" नामक पुस्तक छ भिन्न भा...

Australian parliament, federal election and forming government - अस्ट्रेलियाको संसदीय प्रणाली, आगामी निर्वाचन र सरकार निर्माण

The 2019 Australian federal election is just around the corner when we will elect members of the 46th Parliament of Australia.In this year's federal election, Australians will elect 151 M-Ps to the House of Representatives.So how do elections determine...

You must live in Regional Australia to know it better - अस्ट्रेलिया बुझ्न रिजनल जानैपर्छ: नेपाली विद्यार्थीको भनाई

Migrants living in regional NSW say there's already a lot to gain from venturing outside the nation’s capitals - but any extra government support would be a bonus."I think to discover the real Australia you have to go regional and Armidale is one of th...

"Seen the unseeable": First ever image of black hole and its importance - "कहिले नदेखिने कुरा देखियो": ब्लाक होलको पहिलो फोटो र यसको महत्व

Astronomers have unveiled the first ever photo of a black hole and Perth Astrophysicist Dr Rajan Chhetri spoke to SBS about why this is important. - खगोलशास्त्रीहरुको एक अन्तराष्ट्रिय समूहले इतिहासमै पहिलो पटक अन्तरिक्षमा ताराहरुलाई पनि सिङ्गै निल्न सक्ने ब्लाक होल को फोटो खिच्न सफल भएका छन्। यसको...

Nepali women in Australia uninformed about breast cancer and mammogram - नेपालीहरूमा स्तन क्यान्सरबारे अत्यन्त कम जानकारी: डा सिर्जना शर्मा

The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by age 85 is 1 in 8 which makes it the most common cancer in women in Australia.Last year nearly 18 thousand women and 140 men were diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia.Women aged between 50 and 74 ar...

Review of budget 2019 and things to consider when buying a house - सङ्घीय बजेट समिक्षा र अपार्टमेन्ट किन्दा ध्यान दिनुपर्ने कुराहरु

In this episode of our monthly chat with our finanace advisor Bishwas Bhattarai, we look back on the 2019 Budget.We also discuss:what types of property should you avoid buyingthings to study in Section 32 when buying an apartmentwhy is it getting harde...

Relief efforts for rainstorm victims and Police among accused over exam question leaks: Last 7 days in Nepal - हावाहुरी पीडितका घर बनाउने जिम्मा सेनालाई र प्रश्नपत्

Nepal's army tasked with building homes for rainstorm victims in southern Nepal as relief efforts continue and members of Nepal's Police accused of leaking SEE exam papers in Province 2.These are some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the las...

Pushpa Basnet: 'Mamu' for Nepali children in prison. - पुष्पा बस्नेत: जेलमा रहेका नेपाली बालबालिकाहरुको "मामु"

Pushpa Basnet has been rescuing Nepali children forced to stay within the four walls of Nepal's prison system because of their incarcerated mothers.  - पुष्पा बस्नेतले २१ वर्षको उमेर देखिनै नेपालका जेलमा आफ्ना अभिभावकहरुसँग बस्न बाध्य भएका बालबालिकाहरुलाई संरक्षण गर्दै आएकी छन्।

Major reforms shake up private health insurance - निजी स्वास्थ्य बिमाबारे बुझ्न सजिलो बनाउने नयाँ योजना

Major reforms to private health insurance have been introduced, including a new classification system, which divides insurance into four distinct tiers.Premiums will increase by an average of 3.25% this year, which is above the rate of inflation, and m...

Sunam Gautam: Another Nepali player knocking Big Bash League's door - सुनम गौतम: बीग ब्याशमा चुनिनै पर्ने दोस्रो नेपाली?

Sunam Gautam has entered the history books as the first Nepali origin player to be ever featured on an Australian "Team of the Season". Gautam also missed narrowly an opportunity to be crowned the coveted Jack Ryder Medal to a fellow club cricket playe...

Budget 2019: What do working class voters want? - बजेट २०१९: दैनिक श्रम गर्ने मतदाताहरू के चाहन्छन्?

The 2019 federal budget will be announced later tonight.It's been brought forward a month to make way for a May election, and will focus on policies the government hopes will win votes.To get a sense of what working-class voters will be looking for in ...

PM declares Nepal a "virgin land" for investment and 41 rhinos dead in 9 months: Last 7 days in Nepal - लगानीका लागि नेपाल "भर्जिन ल्याण्ड" भन्छन प्रम ओली र ९ म

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has declared Nepal as a 'virgin land" for international investments and officials say 41 one-horned rhinos have dies in the past nine months.These are some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the last 7 days. - आर्थिक...

Report claims One Nation sought money from US gun lobby - वन नेशन र बन्दुक विवाद: अमेरिकाबाट रकम लिन खोजेको आरोप

Two prominent members of the One Nation party have drawn widespread condemnation after being caught on video by an undercover journalist talking about possible donations to the party from US gun lobbyists.  - केही दिन अगाडी सार्वजनिक भएको एक भिडियोमा वन नेशन पार्टीका दुई...

Overall cancer incidence declining, new report reveals - कुल क्यान्सर रोगीहरूको संख्यामा कमि आएको नयाँ प्रतिवेदन

 Australia has one of the highest cancer rates in the world and new research estimates 145,000 Australians will be newly diagnosed with the disease this year.Survival rates are improving across the most common forms but advocates warn there isn't enoug...

Sabitra Bhandari: Taking Nepali women's football to new heights - सावित्रा भण्डारी: नेपाली महिला फुटबललाई उचाईमा पुराउदै

Since making her debut with Nepali women's football team in 2014, Sabitra Bhandari has played 27 matches and scored 26 goals. She has now set her sights in getting her team through to the third round of the Olympic games qualifiers.Bhandari spoke to SB...

NAA's free counselling service is for all Nepalis: Madhu Pudasaini - मानसिक तनावमा रहेका नेपालीहरूका लागी निःशुल्क परामर्श व्यवस्था

Nepalese Australian Association has been organising free counselling service for all Nepalis on issues arising from mental stress.The program mainly deals with the financial, domestic and other mental health issues suffered by Nepalis living in Austral...

"Uncle, another idiot trapped": Rajeev Bhusal's 'honest' film - “मामाजी, एउटा चु*!$या फस्यो नि”: राजीव भुसालको ‘ईमान्दार’ फिल्म

Last year Sydney filmmaker Rajeev Bhusal tried to be a "superhero" by cooking noodles in a microwave, without waking up his flatmates. Bhusal is now back with a short film about how educational consultancies in Australia are tricking some Nepali studen...

Nepalis "happier" than before and Government approves budget to buy trains: Last 7 days in Nepal - बढ्यो नेपालीको खुशीको स्तर र रेल किन्न बजेट स्विकृत: गत ७

Nepal climbs up one spot in an annual global happiness index and government approves budget to buy two trains from India.Some of the news that made headlines in Nepal in the last 7 days. - गए वर्ष १०१ औं स्थानमा रहेको नेपाल यस वर्ष १०० औं स्थानमा उक्लिदै नेपालमा खुशीको स्तर ब...

Women's cricket league in Nepal will reassure our families: Karuna Bhandari - खेलेर पनि करियर बनाउने दिन आउन लाग्यो: करुणा भण्डारी

Karuna Bhandari has been playing an essential role in the Nepali national women's cricket team for almost a decade. Bhandari was thrust into the limelight right from her international debut when she took a hat-trick.  She has recently been chosen to be...

NSW Election 2019: Liberal supporter Nagendra Adhikari speaking to SBS Nepali - न्यु साउथ वेल्स चुनाव २०१९: लिबरल समर्थक नगेन्द्र अधिकारी एसबीएस

Liberal party supporter is an active member of the party's campaign team in this year's New South Wales state election scheduled for March 23.He spoke to SBS Nepali about why voters should pick the Liberal party. - लिबरल पार्टी समर्थक रहेका नगेन्द्र अधिकारी आगामी मार्च...

NSW election 2019: Labor supporter Goba Katuwal speaking to SBS Nepali - न्यु साउथ वेल्स चुनाव २०१९: लेबर समर्थक गोबा कटुवाल एसबीएस नेपाली

Western Sydney resident Goba Katual is a founding member of Labor Friends of Nepal. Mr Katuwal is currently involved in promoting a Labor party candidate for the New South Wales election on March 23.He spoke to SBS Nepali about why voters should choose...

Tax Talk: When can I legally take out my super? - एटीओसँग ट्याक्स टक: मेरो सुपर कानूनी रूपमा मैले कहिले झिक्न सक्छु?

In this March edition of the tax talk, we'll find out about superannuation, specifically about withdrawing super.Some of the questions in this episode:When can I withdraw my superannuation? What should I do if someone offers to help me take out my supe...

"No one can copy me", warns Prachanda and Women's teams' football success: Last 7 days in Nepal - "सजिलो छैन प्रचण्ड बन्न, नयाँ बाटो खोज्नुस्", प्रचण्डको चे

Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda says he's been told that Biplav led Maoists are planning his assassination and has also accused Biplav of copying him.  Nepali women's football team continue their success.These are some of the main news tha...

A cleaner to general manager: Success story of a Nepali woman - क्लिनर देखि महाप्रबन्धक सम्म: अस्ट्रेलियामा एक नेपाली महिलाको सफलता

Sirjana KC who started her journey in Australia as a cleaner, is now leading a renowned aged care facility as a general manager.General Manager at Bupa Aged Care Bankstown, Sirjana KC believes passion, dedication and work ethic are major factors in all...