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Stories and secrets from National Trust’s beautiful and historic gardens. Each episode, Alan Power, Head Gardener at Stourhead, visits a different property to explore the gardens, discover the wildlife, and meet the people who love and look after these special places. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey:

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Stories and secrets from National Trust’s beautiful and historic gardens. Each episode, Alan Power, Head Gardener at Stourhead, visits a different property to explore the gardens, discover the wildlife, and meet the people who love and look after these special places. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey:
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A Lesson in Sensory Walking

Time spent in the great outdoors can be an immersive experience. But how often do we stop and take the time to really absorb the sounds, touch and feel of nature?   Walker Julian Jackson senses things differently to most people. In this episode, he sho...
National Trust author

Halloween Special: The Secrets in The Walls

In Tudor times disease and death were never far away, as were other more mysterious terrors that many claimed were lurking in the dark.   In this Halloween special, curator James Grasby visits 500-year old Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire, to find out h...
National Trust author

Adventures in Motherhood

National Trust places are great to spend time at with those we know and love, but they can also be places where new friendships are born. In this mini episode we follow Joanna and Rachel, two mothers that met at a charity-run buggy walking group at Sto...
National Trust author

The Secret World of Treetops

Taking time away from his expeditions to the Amazon, professional tree climber James Aldred leads presenter Jo Dyson on a treetop adventure in the slightly less exotic garden at Tyntesfield in Somerset. Jo realises that tree climbing is not just for ki...
National Trust author

SPECIAL: People’s Landscapes, episode one

In this special episode we bring you part one of our People’s Landscapes podcast series.    It’s Northey Island, 991 AD. Viking raiders clash in bloody battle with the Anglo-Saxon army defending their land. Dr Eleanor Barraclough, lecturer in medieval ...
National Trust author

The Heritage Question

As thousands of places across the UK open their doors for Heritage Open Days, we head to Blackpool to explore what heritage means to us as individuals and as a nation. In this episode, National Trust curator James Grasby goes behind the scenes to witne...
National Trust author

Series 4 is almost here

This time we’re delving deeper than ever before into the stories of extraordinary places and the people connected to them. We’ll gaze at stars from the hills, explore secret treetop worlds and uncover unexpected histories at some of our most unusual bu...
National Trust author

Memories from Ned’s Mountain

In this mini episode, we’re back at Divis and the Black Mountain to meet Ned Clarke who has walked on the mountain for thirty years. Hear what it’s like to live side-by-side with these giants and discover how the mountain has been an escape in times of...
National Trust author

Battling the elements on Divis Mountain

In the penultimate episode of this series, we take a bracing walk with ranger Kate Martin as she battles against howling winds and biting rain to the summit on Divis Mountain, 1,500 feet above Belfast. As we cross this wild landscape we’ll discover bla...
National Trust author

The Juicy Details of Apple Grafting

This week we’re at the annual apple grafting weekend at Cotehele. We’ll uncover the mysteries of apple grafting and learn how you can grow your very own Crimson Queen, Pendragon and even a Pig’s Nose. All will be revealed in this mini episode.
National Trust author

Caring for the country’s rarest plants

This week we’re at the Trust’s most secretive location: the Plant Conservation Centre. Join us as we go beyond the locked gates of this well-guarded site to find out how we protect our rarest and most historically-significant species of plant. Along t...
National Trust author

A Mystery Guest at the Beatles’ Childhood Homes

In this mini podcast, we’ll meet the man who welcomes visitors from around the world to John Lennon’s childhood home, and hear about his encounter with one very famous daytripper.
National Trust author

Backstage at the Beatles’ Childhood Homes

Join us in Liverpool as we step inside the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. We’ll take you on a trip down Penny Lane to visit the houses where John and Paul grew up, fell in love with rock and roll, and wrote some of the Beatles’ fir...
National Trust author

Mysterious Military History in the Surrey Hills

We’re delving into the military history of Box Hill in Surrey in this mini podcast, with a behind-the-scenes tour of an old fort that was used to protect London from invasion in the late nineteenth century.
National Trust author

Escaping the city at Box Hill

In this episode we’re at Box Hill, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just a short train ride from Central London. You’ll hear what makes this corner of Surrey so special for the cyclists, walkers and children that flock here every year, and discov...
National Trust author

Bodnant Garden’s Four-legged Friends

In this mini episode we’re back in North Wales exploring the sights, sounds and scents of Bodnant Garden with a group of dog-walkers and their four-legged pals.
National Trust author

A Winter Garden in Wales

This week we’re in the foothills of Snowdonia National Park for a crisp winter stroll through the world-famous Bodnant Garden. Join us to explore dramatic waterfalls, romantic dells and towering trees, and hear from the gardeners who care for this exo...
National Trust author

SPECIAL: Women and Power, Episode One

As there are five Thursday’s in this month, this week we’re giving you a bonus episode. To fill the gap until our next regular episode on the first Thursday of next month, we thought you might like to hear the first episode of a mini series we launched...
National Trust author

Lawrence of Arabia’s Famous Friends

In this mini episode we’ll hear about the famous friends of T.E. Lawrence. From artists and writers like Thomas Hardy to fellow soldiers from the army, Lawrence welcomed an array of visitors to his rustic retreat. Learn how he entertained them, and ga...
National Trust author

A Tour of Lawrence of Arabia’s Woodland Retreat

In this episode we’re at Clouds Hill, the rustic retreat of T.E. Lawrence. Nestled among pine trees in the Dorset countryside, this dilapidated cottage is where Lawrence of Arabia fled his new-found fame, following his adventures in the desert during ...
National Trust author

The konik ponies of Wicken Fen

In this mini episode we follow the wild ponies that roam Wicken Fen. Introduced to the fen 100 years ago, these hardy animals graze the land, enabling plants and wildlife to thrive. Later we investigate the smaller creatures that call this ancient land...
National Trust author

A Walk Through Ancient Wetlands

We’re at Wicken Fen in East Anglia for a walk through the National Trust’s oldest nature reserve. We’ll set off on foot, exploring the multi-use trails that allow easy access to this other-worldly landscape, before venturing down the narrow waterways ...
National Trust author

Memories of Glendurgan

In this mini episode we meet one of Glendurgan’s longest-serving volunteers. Sylvia describes her memories of this special place - from navigating the mind-boggling maze as a child, to sharing her love of the garden with visitors today.
National Trust author

A Tropical Garden at Glendurgan

In this episode we’re at Glendurgan Garden to discover its unusual microclimate, centuries-old history and fiendish maze.   Join us on a journey through this tropical Cornish paradise – where lush rolling valleys meet the sea, and exotic plants grow a...
National Trust author

SPECIAL: Music from the White Cliffs

In this special episode, we join composer Michael Price as he records his new classical album in some of the Trusts most unlikely places. Michael Price is best known for the scores he creates for film and popular television shows like Sherlock Holmes....
National Trust author

Secrets of a Design Icon: Exploring the home of William Morris

In this mini episode, we’ll discover the secret creations hidden behind a wardrobe in William Morris’s former home.
National Trust author

Patterns and Politics: William Morris at Red House

We’re at Red House in South East London, once home to one of Britain’s most celebrated designers of the 20th Century, William Morris. Famous for his iconic floral wallpaper designs, Morris’s prints and patterns are still in fashion today. But his story...
National Trust author

Counting the Farne Island puffins

We’re hopping on a boat to the remote Farne Islands off the Northumbria coast this week to take part in a special count of one of the nation’s favourite seabirds: the puffin. We’ll hear how a hardy team of rangers conduct the five-yearly survey and fin...
National Trust author

Walking with wildlife in Northumbria

We’re off to the Northumberland coast this week for a bracing and beautiful walk along Long Nanny beach. Join ranger Kate Martin as she strolls over sand dunes and past a freshwater stream, exploring the wildlife that calls this spectacular shoreline h...
National Trust author

Sheringham's Military Past

In this mini episode of the National Trust Podcast, we take a look at Sheringham Park’s military past.
National Trust author

Repton’s vision at Sheringham

This week we’re at Sheringham in Norfolk to discover 1,000 acres of glorious parkland, woods and clifftops. Learn about the designer who sculpted the landscape, Humphry Repton, and meet the staff and volunteers who keep his vision alive today. We’ll ta...
National Trust author

Thinking outside the box Nostell Priory

n 2018, Nostell will hear the 300-year-old Harrison clock chime for the last time. This mini episode celebrates the ticks, tocks, and bongs of a clock made by a man who changed the world. The clock is the product of ‘out-the-box’ thinking, and suitably...
National Trust author

Chippendale at Nostell Priory

In the first episode of the new series, we’ll explore how the rich owners of Nostell used furniture, architecture and interior design to elevate their status. At the centre of the story is a local man named Thomas Chippendale, known today as "The Shake...
National Trust author

Season 3 is almost here...

Season Three of the National Trust Podcast is almost here… We’ll be exploring some of the Trust’s most spectacular locations, from wild walks to flourishing gardens - not to mention the world class collections. We’ll be releasing a new episode on the...
National Trust author

Greenway's Literary Legacy

In this Episode, James Grasby meets Greenway's writer in residence, Roselle Angwin, and Community Involvement Officer, Carly Mays, to learn how the former holiday home of crime-writing extraordinaire, Agatha Christie, continues to inspire writers today...

Greenway's military past

In this episode James Grasby explores the intriguing military past of Agatha Christie's home in Greenway, Devon. A stronghold throughout history, the house and grounds feature many relics – most notably from the Second World War when the site was requi...

Authors of the National Trust: Agatha Christie at Greenway

Agatha Christie called Greenway in Devon 'the loveliest place in the world' and treasured it as a holiday home for her and her family. In this episode James Grasby explores house and gardens that inspired some of Poirot and Miss Marple’s most famous ta...

A Place To Create

In this mini episode, we’ll be heading to Allan Bank – the former home of William Wordsworth – to see how the place continues to inspire and nurture today’s creative minds.

Culinary Time Travel

In this mini episode, James goes back in time - via the kitchen - to sample the foods that a young Wordsworth might have enjoyed. 

Authors of the National Trust: Wordsworth’s Homes

This week, join James on a journey into the homeland of Romantic poetry, in the Lake District. We’ll explore the places that inspired of one of the nation’s best loved poets, William Wordsworth. 

The Magic of Shaw's Writing

In this mini episode, Producer Michael Friend explores his deep personal connection to George Bernard Shaw's writings, at Shaw's Corner in Hertfordshire.

Shaw on Stage

In this mini episode we meet Evelyn Ellis – a key member of the Shaw Society – a group celebrating the work of George Bernard Shaw with performances at the playwright's country home in Hertfordshire.

Authors of the National Trust: Shaw's Corner

This week we visit the Hertfordshire home of Bernard Shaw, one of the most photographed and quoted men in the world.

A Walk Back in Time

In the last of our episodes from Formby we join Kate on her home turf as she reveals some of the secrets hidden in Formby’s shape shifting dunes.

Formby's Red Squirrels

In this mini episode, we accompany Formby’s squirrel feeders on their morning rounds, as we learn of the challenges they face maintaining the area’s red squirrel population.

Walks of the National Trust: Formby

For this episode of the National Trust Podcast, we head north west as we explore the walks that criss-cross the pine forests, dunes and golden sands of Formby Point, Liverpool. Whether you’re seeking secluded beaches, rare sightings of endangered speci...

The Tale of Two Dragons

You’ll be familiar with the red dragon that proudly adorns the Welsh national flag. But how did it get there and what’s its significance? All will be revealed…

Wales' Seaside Butterflies

Meet Sabine Nouvert, a National Trust Ranger in Beddgelert who’s been working on a rather unusual project: conserving seaside butterflies in inland Wales!

Walks of the National Trust: Beddgelert

Episode 5 of the National Trust Podcast heads to picturesque Snowdonia in North Wales. Join Kate in the village of Beddgelert, located at the base of Mount Snowdon and a gateway to some of the UK’s most exciting walks. Find out how the Trust is making ...

The Mermaid Pool

Kinder Scout's magical mermaid pool is steeped in legend. The pool, an icy body of water nestled within the folds of Kinder Scout’s rugged terrain, has been associated with beautiful mermaids and Celtic water rituals for millennia.