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Weekly interviews with Europe’s top startup founders. Learn how they got from idea to funding and growth. You will get insights and actionable advice that you can use for your business idea or startup project.

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Learn from the top European start-up founders, entrepreneurs and start up experts. Every week I invite another guest who is literally on fire, sharing fresh knowledge, insights and actionable advice from their own personal successes and failures. Simply listen and learn the lean, mean tips & tricks that will help you turn your idea into a business, get funding and grow it in Europe.
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093: Go big or go home?

In this episode I want to address a question that I hear often: does every startup need to raise money? Why is everybody talking about fundraising? It is important to understand if and when you even should raise money. If you need money. Want money. Wh...

#092: Enter the pitch stage like a pro

Add this strategy on top of the one I shared with you last week. And you will boost your pitch success before you even start to talk on stage. More pitch, startup and fundraising tips on:

#091: Technical cofounders and developers, keys to success w/ Ben Ruschin of WeAreDevelopers

Ben Ruschin is Cofounder and Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers, a platform for developers to find great projects and job opportunities. You may also know the largest developer conference in Europe with over 10.000 participants, under the same name. ...

#090: Ingrid Haug ( on design and user experience strategies, trends and methods

Ingrid Haug is one of the most knowledgeable people on design and user experience in the Nordics. She hosts the annual Design Matters conference (, where the head designers of EA Sports, medium, mindspace, N26 and amazon share their in...

#089: Ton van t' Noordende - trends in deep tech, success factors of startup ecosystems, Angel Island, 01 Ventures

Ton van t' Noordende is one of The Netherlands' most active startup players. He is well known for organizing Angel Island (, and running 01Ventures where he focusses on Deep Tech investments. Ton has visited 70 startup cities worldwi...

#088: Fearlessness, Comfort Zone, and the CEE startup ecosystem - with Valentina Kasperova of FutureNow Conference

How do you "get outside our comfort zone" as founder? Should we even go there, or are we sabotaging our own energy that way? And what about those founders who seem totally fearless? Valentina shares her own experience and her insights into the Slovak a...

#087: How to establish your expert status at the start of your pitch

Open your pitch the right way in order to give yourself the credibility and expert status that will help you deliver your message and get people excited. More knowledge and strategies on

#086: The Power of "Why Now" in your Pitch

Add this little "super-charger" to your pitch to make investors take action much faster.

#085: Pitch Q&A Secrets

Most founders forget to practice the Q&A as much as they practice their pitch. When you go on stage, you will pitch for 2-3 minutes - but then you will have to answer questions (Q&A) for 3-5 minutes. Guess which part is easier to screw up? Corr...

084 Why Angels are scared of VCs - and how this can threaten your business

A topic that is rarely discussed, but that can really hurt us as founders. When Angels, who invested in our startup, are afraid of VCs. At yesterday's Investors Day, there were a few presentations and panel discussions, where this point became apparent...

#083: Oversharing information with investors?

How much information should you share with investors? What should you do when an investor asks you to send them all kinds of detailed data, contracts and confidential information? In this episode I cover four aspects that you should consider before you...

#082: The first kiss ... aka: How to start an interaction online; and how to screw it up

Strategies for when you reach out to mentors, advisors, investors, etc. before a conference, trying to get them to agree to a meeting at the conference. I'll share some of the contact request I have received for this week's Pioneers conference; I will ...

#081: Are you a ghost on LinkedIn?

I see it too often: founders and their startups that are NOT represented well on LinkedIn. In this episode I share a few of my observations about how founders fail to present their startup on LinkedIn; how they present themselves; and why "too much act...

#080: Product or Numbers first? How to "wow" investors

There is a huge difference in pitching to a VC who is a former banker or consultant; compared to pitching to an investor who is a former founder or techie. And founders should prepare accordingly! The product demo plays a completely different role in t...

#079 Your Investor Target List: How to create it, and why you should not start fundraising without it

I call it the "Target List" - and it will be one of the most powerful tools you have to strategically build a successful fundraising campaign! You should work on this before you start fundraising! But it is also sometimes the best and only way out, whe...

#078: A 2-step follow-up strategy to build investor relationships and turn a NO into a YES

Whenever you meet or get in contact with an investor: ALWAYS FOLLOW UP! No matter if the investor loves your idea or didn't care at all. By using this 2-step follow-up strategy, you can make sure to stay on the radar of the investor, start building a r...

#077: Why setting a clear start-day of your fundraise is essential

Set a specific date, when you consciously start fundraising. The date when you switch from "Preparation" to "Execution". The date when you start pushing out to get meetings with all the investors on your "Target List". Before this date (let's call it "...

#076: Flat traction? Find the story within the story!

This episode was inspired by a pitch I commented in my live analysis of the Austrian version of Shark Tank, called 2 Minuten 2 Millionen. A startup called Frozen Power had flat revenue growth. But they had a hidden "story within the story" that they di...

#075: Don’t hide Easter Eggs in your Pitch Deck!

How you can make sure to get your key points, messages and claims across to investors with your pitch deck. Especially, if you send that pitch deck out per email. This episode was inspired by a coaching client of mine. They prepared for raising €10m an...

#073: Is your city the right place for your startup?

A meeting with Fabian Roschig, founder of Mallorca Startups, inspired me to this episode. Fabian explained to me, what a strong travel-tech ecosystem Mallorca is and why. In this episode I share my personal experience about how important it is, to be ...

#073: How to conquer the US market - with Peter Kadas


#072: Why getting an early term sheet can be bad

In this episode I answer a listener's question (click here to send me your question) about Term Sheets. I highlight 5 key points you need to be aware of, so that you don't sign a Term Sheet too early and reduce your chance of getting a great funding de...

#071: Why investors love to wait - and how you can get them to invest

In this episode I talk about: 1) one fact you need to know about how investors work and think that explain why they love to wait (and not invest in your startip), and 2) one powerful "sales psychology" that you need to know and understand, so you can m...

#070: Don't become a fundraising Cold Deal

2 strategies to avoid looking like a startup that is failing to get a funding done. I talk about: 1) how to time your fundraising to avoid this, and 2) how to pitch in a smart way so that you don’t give the impression of being desperate to raise money,...

#069: 3 Tactics To Boost Your Credibility

Without a high level of credibility, you will have a very hard time getting a funding deal. Especially in the first presentation, you need to establish your credibility in the eyes of the investor FAST. In this episode, I'll share 3 concrete tactics th...

#068 ICOs - Hype or Funding Alaternative? Jamie Burke, Outlier Ventures

Preview into the 1st Global Crypto Online Summit. Where you will find 25 more interviews with top ICO and Crypto experts. My guest today is Jamie Burke. He explains ICOs, how they work, and if they are compatible with Venture Capital. He is the founder...

#067 How to build a sales team from scratch

Mathias Linnemann, CEO of sent in a very good questions - and I share my experience an advice about it. If YOU have a question you want me to talk about, email me at His question is: How can startups most effeciently ...

Why having revenue can kill your fundraise


Cryptario Crypto Online Summit - and other good stuff for 2018

Happy 2018! I'm talking about a few new projects for startup founders that I'm working on. A new podcast. And the 1st Global Crypto Online Summit: Where I interview experts who explain how ICOs work, if they are a good alternative...

ICO - Initial Coin Offering as a funding alternative for startups?

I'm prepareing a special interview series with ICO experts - you can get access here:   HYPE, FRAUD OR LEGITIMATE FUNDING SOURCE? WikiPedia: "Initial coin offering (ICO) is an unregulated and contr...

#064: Hendrik Brandis - Earlybird Ventures


#063: Peter Fricke - Deutsche Börse Venture Network


#062: Christopher Steinau - Northzone VC


#061: Christian Saller - Holtzbrinck Ventures


#060 - Tobias Schulz - High-Tech Gründerfonds


#059: Are entrepreneurs the BETTER investors?

Jozsef Nyiri, successful FinTec entrepreneur (50m revenue, exit in 2014) from Budapest, brings his industry know how and network into his investments. He shares what he LOVES most about investing and working with founders. And how he finds his investme...

#058: Growth Hacking tips by Italy's top growth hacker Raffaele Gaito

Italy's top growth hacker, Raffaele Gaito, shares growth hacking tips. He started several digital businesses, and blogs about it, too. How to "growth hack" in different stages of your startup. The pivotal moment of product-market-fit. And strategies li...

#057: Misconceptions about angel investors, and strategies to find great angels

Angel Of The Year Marco Bicocchi Pichi and president of Italia Startup about the biggest mis-conceptions of founders towards angel investors. And strategies to find great investors, even if you don't know any investors right now. Some other quotes from...

#056: How Simone found top mentors for his startup - even befo...

"We monopolized all startup events for about 1 year in Rome", explains Simone Casciaro, Founder/CEO of QOOWEAR. That way they created visibility for their startup, and managed to find powerful mentors. He explains his strategy of finding 'vertical peop...

#055: What "Smart Money" really looks like

The two most common ways, "Smart Money" angel investors can REALLY help startups. Luciano Buratti, Business Angel himself, and Open Innovation Lead at BacktoWork24 - a unique Italian organization that helps startups with matching them to "Smart Money A...

#054: An exit & a fail as a founder, and investments on 3 continents - Augusto Coppola, Italy

I met Augusto at Campus party, where we both gave presentations to a huge crowd of eager Italian and international techies and startuppers. Okay, Augusto actually gave three (!) talks, because he is such a well-respected and successful entrepreneur and...

#053: How to pick the right Accelerator or Incubator. Cedric Maloux, CEO StartupYard, Prague

Cedric Maloux is CEO of Startup Yard, one of the most established Accelerators in Europe. His goal is to make Startup Yard the Y-Combinator for the CEE region. He shares insights into how he builds and manages his Accelerator, and shares tips about wha...

#052: Scaling a startup in Europe

Thomas Herlin is an experienced entrepreneur, business man and acceleration advisor, working for EIT Digital Accelerator, a EU program that supports the European startup ecosystem. He had a talk at the PODIM Conference, where I met him to talk more abo...

#051: How you get business done in August, Florian Kandler, yours truly

My "summer tip" on how you get business results in the slow month of August. PLUS: share your inputs on podcast to win 1 hour of 1:1 coaching with me. Let me know: what do you want more of, what are topics or questions I shall ask more, any guest recom...

#050: Startups and Corporates - can this work? Tapio Siik, Angel and Business Mentor, Finland

Tapio Siik, who is involved in various startup initiatives AND is an active Business Angel himself, talks about how Startups and Corporates can work together

#049: Growing 400% per year and beating Rocket Internet. Mariano Kostelec, Cofounder Uniplaces, London

How Mariano Kostelec, cofounder of Uniplaces grows his business at 400% per year. And how he actually reduced speed, to be more successful.

#048: A VC's tips for B2B SaaS startups. Marcin Szelag, Partner at Innovation Nest VC, Warsaw

What an information-packed episode! Marcin from Innovation Nest drops knowledge bombs throughout the whole conversations. Just some of the things we talk about: stages of a startup and suitable funding rounds the importance of relationship building in...

#047: Value-add investors, and B2B sales. Hampus Jakobsson, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Sweden

Originally a computer science engineer, started his first company at age 20, which he built from 6 founders to 180 people. And sold it to Blackberry in 2010 for $150 million in cash! He since started other companies and is an Angel Investor in over 60...

#046: Invitation to my Fundraising Masterclass. And a special bonus for my podcast listeners.

This is a special episode, where I want to I want to invite you to join my Fundraising Masterclass. And I share a SPECIAL BONUS in this podcast, that gives you preferred, discounted access to this platform. I just opened registration to the batch of Su...

#045: Kickstarter campaign launch strategies. Heather Corcoran, Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, UK

Crowdfunding is NOT for everyone! The requirements, launch tips, and how to build a community BEFORE the launch. Heather Corcoran is the Outreach Lead for Kickstarter in Europe - she works with creators, as well as incubators and accelerators, to find ...