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My name is Missa Dixon, a proud daughter of the deep delta south. Gaining knowledge leads to understanding. It is my belief that understanding will set you free. So I’m here to change lives one extraordinary topic at a time.
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Author: Stephanie Osborn

Missa welcomes back author Stephanie Osborn to discuss her books in the Cresperian Series. A great sci-fi classic.
Missa Dixon author

Missa Live from Dragon Con

Doing a live show from the biggest Sci-Fi Conventions east of the Mississippi, Dragon Con. Get a con hear listen to a really big convention.
Missa Dixon author

Rhyno Rant: Fat, Diet,& Exercise!!

Missa will be taking about her battle with fat, diet, and exercise. Sharing her success and failures when it comes to America's obsession with the bulge.
Missa Dixon author

Author Jackie Gamber

Award winning author and editor Jackie Gamber will be here to talk of her book Redheart, her wards, and writing tips for anyone who is in the writing game.
Missa Dixon author

Author: H. Daivd Blalock

Missa welcoms author and promoter H. David Blalock to the show. They will be discussing his book Ascendant and the major motion picture being made based on the book.
Missa Dixon author

The Power of Positive Thought

Lane is going to join me this week to discuss one of her favorite topics - Positive Thoughts & Feelings. We will share how to change your internal discussion to a higher point of conscience.
Missa Dixon author

Master Gardener: Diana Weinner

Diana will be back helping us with our house plants. I can't tell you how excited I am to have Diana back to help with me have a great indoor garden just like I do outside.
Missa Dixon author

Rhyno's Rant: State of my mind.

I'm ranting today about a varity of topics that have pissed me off over the last several months.
Missa Dixon author

Author& Film maker: Stephen Zimmer

Missa welcomes Stephen Zimmer. He will be talking about his writings and making full length films in today's entertainment industry.
Missa Dixon author

Missa's Intro

Missa gives her intro..big thing about the oil spill.
Missa Dixon author

Author: D.A. Adams

D.A. Adams will be my guest to discuss his book The Brotherhood of Dwarves.
Missa Dixon author

Rhyno's Rants: craigslist

Missa puts on her horns and rants about people and their unproductive behaviors. This time craigslist. On of the most popular sites on the planet with good reason. But people just miss use it and its power.
Missa Dixon author

Author: T.K Thorne

T.K. Thorne will be my guest. She is the author of the smash hit Noah's Wife. A young beautiful girl with Asperger Syndrome helps save mankind. A great book that mixes the Bible, archaeology, and good old fashion story telling in a wonderful package...
Missa Dixon author

Reiki: Energy Healing

Missa Dixon welcomes Dell and Reiki master to talk about the history of Reiki, what is Reiki, and it's growing popularty amoung the new agers for whole mind, body, spirit healing.
Missa Dixon author

Pruning& Dividing plants in your garden!

Master Gardener, Diana will join me on the show to discuss pruning your landscape plants and dividing your flowers for more power.
Missa Dixon author

Celebrating the Equinox& Easter!

Missa discusses the spring Equinox. What it is? The history of the Equinox? Why people have celebrated it and still do? How to honor it in your own life? What is Easter? Where did it come from? What does it symbols mean? And lastly how to thro...
Missa Dixon author

The Voodoo of Love w/ Kalila Smith

Missa welcomes Kalila Smith back to the show to talk of the Voodoo of love and her new book Tales from the French Quarter. A tell all book about the behind the scenes world of one of the most famous neighborhoods in America.
Missa Dixon author

The Science& Metaphysics of Love

Lane Jennings will be here! She and I will throw open the doors about the science and the metaphysics of love. See love from all sides.
Missa Dixon author

Author: Chilufiya Safaa

West coast romance writer Chilufiya Safaa will be here to talk about her steamy world romances: Passionate Encounters & The Art of Love.
Missa Dixon author

Author Joyce Norman

Author Joyce Norman will be here to talk about her book "Coming Together".
Missa Dixon author

Start Your Garden w/ Seeds

Diana Wiener is back to give us advice on starting our gardens from seeds. Spring gardening.
Missa Dixon author

Rhyno's Rants

It's that time once again for me to get some stuff off my chest. Politics, environmental issues, movies, education, and a whole host of other things.
Missa Dixon author

How to make Jelly!

Yes, you asked for it, How to make jelly for real? Allan Gilbreath of "Genre Cooking" will be here to talk about what do do with your fruit.
Missa Dixon author

The Good, the Bad, the New Year's resolution.

Changing lives one extraordinary topic at a time comes into sharp focus. What are my New Years resolution and how do I plan on keeping them.
Missa Dixon author

Recycle Your Chirstmas Trash

Learn what to do with your Christmas trash. From tree to tinsel.
Missa Dixon author

Give the Gift of Home Grown

Blake Slemmer, from PickYourOwn.org will be back to discuss jam and jelly making for the holidays.
Missa Dixon author

Happy Hanukkah

Windsong will be back with me to give us the low down on Hanukkah. How to celebrate? When to celebrate? What to celebrate with? And most important what to eat?
Missa Dixon author

At the Auction

Our green CPA, Lori, will be back to discuss auction and yard sale shopping. Just in time for the holidays, another way to save the planet and your wallet.
Missa Dixon author

Psychic Minds

Akashic records. Missa & Lane explore the topics dealing with all aspects of the metaphysical world we live in. All joking aside this is the real deal with some real answers.
Missa Dixon author

Missa Dixon is Talking Turkey: How to Cook Your Best Bird

This show is dedicated to my favorite fall meal, Thanksgiving. I will be discussing how I do my world famous oven roasted turkey in a sustainable way. As a bonus I will give a few ideas on what to do with the left overs.
Missa Dixon author

Writer: M. B. Weston

Award-winning author M. B. Weston is one of the fantasy genre’s new, emerging voices. The Elysian Chronicles, her flagship fantasy series about guardian angel warfare and treason, has been referred to as, “…filling a big part of the void that will be l...
Missa Dixon author

Sara Harvey: Dress the part!

Professor, Fashionista and author of The Convent of the Pure Sara Harvey will be here to discuss her book and how to dress for all of your special events.
Missa Dixon author

Diana Weiner talks about Putting your Garden to Bed

Diana Wiener is back to talk about winterizing your garden. With helpful tips and lots of ideas for keeping production up during the winter.
Missa Dixon author

Missa Dixon hosts the Vampire Throw-Down: Sexy vs. Un-dead!

Allan Gilbreath will be taking the new world, hot sexy vampires team. Do vampires sparkle? H. David Blalock will be defending the old world, totally evil, un-dead vamps of old. Can anyone say Béla Lugosi?
Missa Dixon author

Kalila Katherina Smith

Kalila Katherina Smith is going to be here to talk about Voodoo and Hoodoo. She is well versed in this culture. Kalila Smith is the founder of the New Orleans Paranormal & Occult Society. She is the author of "New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo & Vam...
Missa Dixon author

Haunted Houses: 13th Gate

Dwayne Sunburn is coming today to talk about the haunted house industry. Dwayne runs 13th Gate voted the best haunted house in American located in in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. No joke it has been voted the best in America for two years in a row.
Missa Dixon author

Canning& Freezing with

Blake Slemmer from PickYourOwn.org will be here to discuss food preservation, local farms, equipment, and picking your own (fruits and veggies that is.) Please join us for a great hour of doing it yourself.
Missa Dixon author

Mark Fitzgerald: World class editor

World class editor Mark Fitzgerald will be here to talk about his books Time Intertwined and Tales of Fantasy. How to get into an anthology? And why get into an anthology? Also, I'm getting the very first interview for his newest ventures WTF Mysteri...
Missa Dixon author

How to go to Con!! Being one with your peeps.

The Green CPA Lori comes on and we talk about going to Cons. What to pack, how to act, what to do, and who to do it too.
Missa Dixon author

Food Preservation& Kictchen Stuff II

Freezing, Drying, Canning, Jams, Jellies, Vinegars, Cheese, Butter, Root sellers and a whole host of other ways to keep your food. Also we did pots and pans but now let's do all those other Kitchen gadgets.
Missa Dixon author

Stephanie Osborn the Author of Burnout

Stephanie Osborn will be here live to discuss her book Burnout, her new projects, and her work with NASA.
Missa Dixon author

Imagicopter Tour

H. David Blalock will be here to discuss the Imagicopter Tour. A posse of authors in the mid-south area that have banded together to promote themselves and each others work.
Missa Dixon author

Allan Gilbeath

Allan Gilbeath will be on to talk about how to publish your work in under ten years. The pit falls of publishing, what to look out for, and the harsh reality of the publishing world. KerlakPublishing.com
Missa Dixon author

Urban Homesteading: Pots& Pans& Kitchen Stuff

What's the big deal with cook ware. What are the different types? How are they used? And how do you care for yours?
Missa Dixon author

Clean up Naturally, II

Making your own super effective home cleaners from cheap, natural, easy to to get products. Save money and be Green!!
Missa Dixon author

Interworkings of Babel Con

Going to go behind the scenes at a real Sci-Fi Conventions Babel Con 2009.
Missa Dixon author

Babel Con: A Minute w/ The Queen

Babel Con's Ren Queen will be here to discuss being Queen of Babel con!!
Missa Dixon author

Kalila: Dark Queen of the French Quarter

Kalila Smith will be here to tell her funnies stories of giving the best tours of the French Quarter. Also, her work with putting on Babel Con, one of my favorite cons. Lastly, we will discuss how she's going to help New Orleans part on Halloween at C...
Missa Dixon author

Watering Your Gardent w/out Breaking the Bank

Diana Weiner will be here talking about how to water you plants effectively without spending a lot.
Missa Dixon author

Anti-Father's Day Show: Why 40 year old women or Single?

My Mother’s day show brought the house down. So back by popular outcry (good & bad) the Campaign of “Truth” roles on. Why are most 40 year old women single? Why are most 40 year old men pathetic? I will attempt to answer these questions and so ...
Missa Dixon author