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Weekly Linux gaming news, reviews, previews and whatever else we come up with.

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Every week Venn Stone, Jordan Cwang, and Pedro Mateus talk about Linux gaming news, reviews, how-to’s and whatever the hell else we come up with. Recorded live every Saturday at 21:00 EST (0200 GMT).
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LinuxGameCast Weekly 365: Pedro Tilt Zoom

Coming up on LinuxGameCast: Ion Fury gets a day-1 Linux release! Facepunch offers Rusty refunds, Nvidia offloads PRIME, and Logitech wheel configuration made simple.
LinuxGameCast LLP author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 364: PIP Issues

Rust officially makes Linux a second-class citizen! Proton gets a version bump, Nvidia learns to GitHub, Wii U Linux emulation, and celebrating seven years of LinuxGameCast Weekly.
LinuxGameCast LLP author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 363: Shut Up, Dolphin!

Proton enables D9Vk hotness! Daggerfall Unity enters alpha, moving the Linux desktop to VR, and Valve wants to change the kernel. Then Fantasy Strike faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
LinuxGameCast LLP author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 362: Special Unicorn

A special unicorn has arrived on Linux! GamerOS brings Steam's Big Picture to Arch, Red Hat talks about gaming, and AMD 5700 XT Linux benchmarks.
LinuxGameCast LLP author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 361: Tetris Fears Me

Cortex Command goes open source! CoreCtrl simplifies gaming profiles, Linux gaming performance vs Windows 10, and Valve is working on something code-named Citadel.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 360: Pi Peasants

RetroArch is coming to Steam! Ion Maiden changes names, ACO boosts Vulkan performance, and Death Rally goes open source. Then Supraland faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 359: Off Your Milkshake

Streets of Rogue enters final beta! Valve Throws shade at AMD, Godot learns Vulkan, and Supraland makes its Linux debut. Then the The Signal From Tölva face, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 358: DicXs VicKs

Ubuntu cancels 32-bitmageddon! Black Mesa releases playable Xen, Steam nerfs a Corgi, and Proton makes broken Kickstarter dreams come true! Then Steel Rats faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 358: DicXs VicKs

Ubuntu cancels 32-bitmageddon! Black Mesa releases playable Xen, Steam nerfs a Corgi, and Proton makes broken Kickstarter dreams come true! Then Steel Rats faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 357: Happy Linus Fun Rants

Steam drops official support for Ubuntu 19.10! Counter-Strike turns 20, DOTA Underlords enters Early Access, and Linux drivers reveal mysterious Navi cards. Then Zero G Arena faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 357: Happy Linus Fun Rants

Steam drops official support for Ubuntu 19.10! Counter-Strike turns 20, DOTA Underlords enters Early Access, and Linux drivers reveal mysterious Navi cards. Then Zero G Arena faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 356: Mayonnaise Enthusiast

Steamy games from E3! Microsoft buys DoubleFine, WINE vs DXVK, and DOTA Underlords enters beta. Then The Final Station faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 355: Quake 2 RTXOMGWTFBBQ

Goggle dishes on Stadia, Quake 2 traces rays, Smach Z hardware gets finalized, and John Romero turned out the lights. Then Vambrace: Cold Soul faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 354: Alt F-Ford

Quake 2 RTX incoming! Unity Editor for Linux enters preview, D9VK gets a performance boost, and Iron Maiden is suing the makers of ‘Ion Maiden’.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 353: A Dame Good Time

GOG GALAXY 2.0 wishes Linux users peace among worlds! NVIDIA teases something Super, Proton grants DXVK wishes, and PCSX2 Finally gets netplay.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 352: The DOS Ages

Steam now caches Vulkan, Super Powered Battle Friends enters Early Access, SuperTuxKart developer departs after thirteen years, and Outer Wilds becomes Epic exclusive.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 351: Empty Quality Shoop

Easy Anti-Cheat confirms their commitment to Linux! Nightdive Studios promises BLOOD, D9vk 0.10 needs testers, and GODOT begins their journey to Vulkan.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 350: CLANG!

Epic acquires Rocket League! Valve Index sells out, CS:GO Danger Zone gets a new map, and Electronic Arts joins the Kronos Group.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 349: Frodeo

Epic challenges Valve to a price match guarantee! Ashes of the Singularity teases a Linux port, NVIDIA updates Vulkan, and we chat with Alan Pope about Snapping Lutris.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 348: Linux Comes To Linux

SteamEMU is open sourced! DXVK rolls back that 1.1, Unity Editor for Linux is now in Preview, and Super Tux Kart reaches 1.0. Then Baba Is You faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 347: Flickery Hell-Elks!

Linux Game Jam 2019 kicks off! NVIDIA dominates Steam, DOOM gets Vulkanized, and D9VK learns to Skyrim. Then Pathway faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 346: More Dicktater

The Borderlands HD update is coming to Linux! DXVK hits 1.0.2, SuperTuxKart has a new release candidate, and the problems with Epic Store exclusives. Then Crashbots faces the CHAIRAQSITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 345: Easy Bake Vulkan

Humble gets a new CEO, Valve teaser their new VR headset, DiRT® 4™ comes to Linux, and how Proton helped improve Wine 4.2. Then Undertale faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 344: Way Twacing

Google announces Project Stadia! Steam gets a facelift, The Culling calls it quits, and Vulkan powered PS4 emulators. Then The Savior's Gang faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 343: Dwarves Are Waiting

NVIDIA launches the 1660! Dwarves come to Steam, DXVK 1.0.1 is out, and the ugly truth about Linux gaming. Then Overgrowth faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 342: SCALEMAGEDDON

Humble Indie Bundle 20 is live! Valve loses 3 donkeys, Rust fails at Vulkan, and we find out what happened during the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 341: Kitty Cat Rodeo

DXVK Hits 1.0! Wine 4.3 includes the FAudio rewrite, SpeedRunners gets boostacokes, and a glimpse of Steam's new design?
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 340: SpaceBoard Keybards

Linux gaming is on life support‽ Valve eyes Dota Auto Chess, The Talos Principle gets a Serious update, and music synced lighting for Steelseries gerbils.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 339: Funemployed

Steam adds a mysterious new partner API! Hollow Knight: Silksong is confirmed for Linux, GameCube Adapter Support for SDL2, and open source Metroid Prime with URDE.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 338: LGC HindenBlimp

ZaReason releases a Linux gaming PC! Steam gives out some awards, Rust receives a surprise update, and retro FPS DUSK answers the prayers of 17 people.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 337: Special Kind Of Dumb

NVIDIA brings FreeSync to Linux! Steam’s getting dedicated servers for non-Valve games, Sunless Skies exits Early Access, and Lutris v0.5.0 adds support for GOG.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 336: Sexualizing Pedro

NVIDIA 2060 review incoming! DXVK 0.96 reduces CPU overhead, We Happy Few heads to Linux, and AMD vows to have Radeon VII drivers ready at launch.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 335: Skeletor Dance Party

Steam enables the Proton support for native games, NVIDIA presses the 2060 button, hardware-accelerated raytracing comes to Quake 2, and Unity rolls back their latest TOS.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 334: Smash That Fright Button

NVIDIA drops the F-bomb, Unity reminds us of the danger of proprietary software, Valve issues a tsunami of VAC bans, and the developer behind Smith and Winston explains how to Linux.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 333: Seduce The VCR

The Steam Integration project awakens! Linux support is not on the roadmap for the Epic Store, dispelling the fragmentation myth, and Linux beats VR in the 2018 Hardware & Software survey.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 332: Walking On Lutris

Steam reveals the biggest sellers of 2018! Dead Cells adds babby mode, Quake 2 gets support for Vulkan, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night drops support for Linux.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 331: CS A Go-Go

Steam drops a noisy Proton update, Discord Store confirms Linux support, highlights for Game Off 2018, and OpenSC2K returns from the dead.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 330: Tentacle With a Handgun

Steam Winter Sale dates leak! New games come to GOG Connect, Unvanquished gets a nifty launcher, and why the Epic store is not so epic for Linux gamers.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 329: Condescending Cookie

The Steam Link is dead! NVIDIA teases the TITAN of terror, Counter Strike gets a Danger Royale, and Epic hires the guy behind Steam Spy.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 328: KDE Is Spelled XFCE

Intel confirms Linux support for their upcoming discrete GPU, Artifact is released to mixed reviews, Basemark GPU 1.1 goes poof and a remake of the Odyssey game engine in JavaScript.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 237: LinuxGameCats

Steam kills Link, Shadow of the Tomb Raider heads to Linux, NVIDIA 2060 details leak and Humble has another JUMBO Bundle.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 326: Emu Soldiers

Steam adds new games to Proton, Croteam splits Fusion, NVIDIA attempts to Wayland and SuperTuxKart gets online multiplayer. Then South Park: The Stick of Truth faces, the CHAIRQASITION!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 325: The Year Of Our Noodle

UNREAL Engine defaults to Vulkan, Phoenix Point cancels their Linux port, NVIDIA fixes a bug and Steam gets hacked.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 324: Pixelated Tit Shots

System76 has a woody, Artifact gets a release date, Shroud of the Avatar goes free to play and NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti cards spontaneously nope.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 323: Sexy Batman

Proton gets players banned, Humble drops two Linux filled Bundles, AMD kills 32-bit drivers and we discuss the OBS Box.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 322: Coming up NES

Flibit tackles Proton, VR gets smooth, seizuretastic farming and Star Trek on my Linux?
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 321: Green Peaness

We review Google's Project Stream! Proton receives a Witching update, Godot Wild Jam #2 is looking for submission and Unreal Engine learns how to crash. All this plus your hate mail!
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 320: Sexy Hamburger People

Steam adds new games to Proton, CS:GO plays with ladders, Decent returns from the dead and Google announces Project Stream.
Venn Stone author


Valve counts controllers, PlayOnLinux returns from the dead, BATTLETECH 1.2.1 adds support for Linux and Jackbox Party Pack 5 gets a release date.
Venn Stone author

LinuxGameCast Weekly 318: 外人 Japan

Proton powered Gamehub, Ballistic Bloodlust, zombie SMACH Z and Open Jam 2018 on this week's LinuxGameCast Weekly.
Venn Stone author