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A podcast that has got the objective of entertaining teenagers (and other people), and at the same time expose them to other ways of "seeing" life, while inviting them to expose their opinions and their prespective in life, society and culture in a relaxed and friendly way. Email me: mikebrookston@gmail.com Follow me on tweeter @MBrookston

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A podcast that has got the objective of entertaining teenagers (and other people), and at the same time expose them to other ways of "seeing" life, while inviting them to expose their opinions and their prespective in life, society and culture in a relaxed and friendly way. Email me: mikebrookston@gmail.com Follow me on tweeter @MBrookston
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18# Teen Rambling-Episode 18 (Why dogs?)

In this episode I explain my relationship with my dogs and the most important topic why should you choose dogs over all the other animals you can have as pets. This topic consists of four main subtopics. - Why am I talking about dogs? - Why are dogs ...
Mike Brookston author

17# Teen Rambling-Episode 17 (What you shouldn't do in a club)

In this Episode I explain what you should never do in a club... with women... you know what I'm talking about. That's what happened when I was to drunk to follow my own believes and rushed decisions that should be carefully thought about. Hope you enj...
Mike Brookston author

16# Teen Rambling-Episode 16 (Ukraine and WWIII)

In this episode of Teen Rambling I talk about what is going on in Ukraine and why I think it could lead to a new World War, I believe that if this WWIII happened it would be the communist countries against the Capitalist countries. You can contact me...
Mike Brookston author

15# Teen Rambling-Episode 15 (Cannabis)

In this episode I'm going to talk about a Taboo (at least in Portugal) and it is Cannabis! I share my experiences, my opinions and what I think are the great advantages of it's use and the disadvantages. In the end it all comes down to using it respons...
Mike Brookston author

14# Teen Rambling-Episode 14 (Signed Up for The Gym)

In this episode I talk about my decision of signing up for the gym and the reasons why. I talk also about the reason why looks matter when trying to find a girl for a person like me. My Email: mikebrookston@gmail.com Twitter: @MBrookston Podomatic pag...
Mike Brookston author

13# Teen Rambling with Rosie-Episode 13 (Social Networks)

In this week episode I have Rosie co-hosting with me and it was a great experience hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. The theme is Social Networks we talk about the most used ones and expose our perspectives about each of them according to our cu...
Mike Brookston author

12# Teen Rambling-Episode 12 (Regrets)

In this Episode I talk about a subject that for me is confusing and contradictory and that is regrets. I'm seek so my voice sounds weird (at least to my ears) but hopefully it will be better next week. I also tease some future episodes so give it a lis...
Mike Brookston author

11# Teen Rambling-Episode 11 (Are there any single women left on this planet?)

When your a teenager one off your main concerns is to find somebody how you really like and build a relationship (or just have sex and leave), but many claim that there are no single women left on this world. This Episode shows you this is a lie and th...
Mike Brookston author

10# Teen Rambling-Episode 10 (The (My) Future)

I think that this episode should be Teen Ranting instead of Rambling, there is a lot of ranting about what does the future has reserved for me (this episode is very "me" centric, so sorry). I talk to about the difficult phase (emotionally) I'm going th...
Mike Brookston author

9# Teen Rambling-Episode 9 (Relationships)

In this episode, inspired by the movie A Mothers Nightmare with Jessica Lowndes (one of the most beautiful actress nowadays) acting as the main character, I talk about relationships. I talk about two relationships that I had and those two are complete ...
Mike Brookston author

8# Teen Rambling-Episode 8 (Traveling)

First of all I hope that all of you have had an wonderful Christmas! Todays Episode is about one of the things that I most love in this big world (besides podcasting) and that is Traveling! Specially about my trip to Tunisia were I understood how wonde...
Mike Brookston author

7# Teen Rambling-Episode 7 (Christmas Special)

A special episode for all my amazing listeners I really tried hard for things to go smoothly in this episode but I was very tired, so sorry if it isn't as good as you deserve. This episode is about that party I already talked about in episode number 2 ...
Mike Brookston author

6# Teen Rambling-Episode 6 (Clubbing)

In this week Episode I talk about my experiences regarding clubbing and give great advices to have the most fun you can without getting out of control. Some of the Topics are The club you choose to go, with who you choose to go, what you choose to do, ...
Mike Brookston author

5# Teen Rambling-Episode 5 (How to fight anxiety)

In this episode I talk about a problem many people have regardless of their age and it is anxiety. I tell my story and the simple but effective way I found to face the problem. Hope you enjoy it! My email: mikebrookston@gmail.com Follow me @MBrookston ...
Mike Brookston author

4# Teen Rambling-Episode 4 (Tuesday Night Special)

This Episode is shorter than I wanted to but it is full of energy! I'm very thankful for all you my listeners you are conquering a special place in my heart and to thank you I decided to give you something, nothing material nor fancy, see the episode f...
Mike Brookston author

3# Teen Rambling-Episode 3 (Trip to the Canary Islands)

Sunday podcast about a trip to the Canary Islands when I finished the 9th grade, it's a tradition here in Portugal, I'm going to do another trip to the same place in the spring brake (it's a tradition to go there again when we finish High school) and I...
Mike Brookston author

2# Teen Rambling-Episode 2 (Alcohol)

My second podcast, i think it turned out way better than the first one, not only regarding the technical aspect of the thing but also the way I exposed the content. This one is about a subject that I think is very important to be talked about and it is...
Mike Brookston author

1# Teen Ranting-Episode 1

This is my first podcast ever, still have lots of improvements with the sound quality and lack of experience. The podcast is about my point of view in the generation of teenagers nowadays and the wrong idea that every one has of us, the causes of that ...
Mike Brookston author