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John #40 - God Creates, Satan Counterfeits

John 18:19-24, 28-40
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #36 - People Like Peter

This week we learn from the life of the imperfect Peter. Peter failed Jesus, but Jesus did not fail Peter. This is the hope for us people who are like Peter.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #35 - Jesus Drank the Cup of God's Wrath

In this mind stretching, heart wrenching, soul cleansing sermon we will learn about the love of God. Did you know that Jesus drank your cup filled with the wrath of God so that you can drink the cup filled with blessing of God?
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Pray Like Jesus #3 - Pray For Non-Christians

What do you do when people you know are far from God but don’t want to hear you talk to them about God? Rather than talking to them about God, you can talk to God about them. Lift your burden and learn to pray for family, friends, and coworkers who don...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Pray Like Jesus #2 - Pray For Christians

The fastest way to improve your relationship with people is to begin praying for them. Praying is a way of promoting loving and serving. Praying is a way of preventing gossiping and fighting. Improve your emotional and relational health by learning how...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Pray Like Jesus #1 - Pray For Yourself

The best way to start this year is by talking to God about your plans and listening to hear what He has to say. Deepen your relationship with God by learning how to pray for yourself by studying the longest prayer that Jesus ever prayed.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Malachi #6 - Learn to Change Your Heart

Is your heart tender toward God, family, and friends? Forever is a long time, and God invites us to change our hearts today so that we can prepare for the perfect, healthy, and loving relationships we will enjoy in eternity. As we study God’s final wor...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Malachi #5 - Learn to Give

Are you a generous person with your words, works, and wealth? The key to a healthy relationship with God is to understand that He has generously given you His only Son as the greatest gift that could possibly be given. As you grow to appreciate that Go...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Malachi #4 - Learn to Persevere

When tough times come into your relationships, are you the kind of person who is more likely to hang in there or hang it up? In every relationship, there are times when we want to give in and give up. This is especially true with family members, includ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Malachi #3 - Learn to Listen

Do you consider yourself a good listener? One key to every healthy relationship is being a good listener. Sadly, sometimes believers don’t like what God is saying, so they choose to listen to a bad teacher who tells them what they want to hear rather t...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Malachi #2 - Learn to Honor

Do you need to learn to honor God’s authority over all aspects of your life? Like every good parent, God is a Father who needs to be respected if you are to learn, grow, and mature. As you learn to honor God’s authority you then become healthy both in ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Malachi #1 - Learn to Love

Do you need to learn to be more loving? God is a Father and His heart is filled with love for you. Your relationship with God begins with His love for you. Understanding and experiencing this love allows you to become emotionally healthy and love God, ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

4 Biblical Laws #3 - The Law of Wise Counsel

Are you ready to make some major life changes in 2018 – but aren’t sure how to get started? Pastor Mark’s 4-part series, ‘4 Biblical Laws That Change Your Life’ will give you the keys to experiencing lasting transformation this year. Here is part 3, Th...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 7

Who has hurt you and caused pain that you are struggling to heal from? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Seven Reasons to Forgive”, you will learn that forgiveness is a gift will completely transform you.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 6

Are you suffering? A loved one suffering? Learn the secret to Jesus’ suffering so that your woeful days can be used by God in wonderful ways.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 5

Why are some of your relationships so life-giving and others so life-taking? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Facing Foolish and Evil People with the Spirit’s Wisdom”, you will learn how to have a healthy relationship with Jesus and other people.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 4

Are you feeling emotionally bummed out, beat down, and need to be built up? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Jesus' Secret to Emotional Health”, you will learn how to be emotionally healthy and hopeful even when life is hard.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 3

Are you sick of falling into bad habits? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Five Weapons to Defeat the Demonic”, you will learn how you can overcome the temptation to do foolish and evil things and live in freedom like Jesus.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 2

Are you ready to mature and see God change your family? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Maturity for Your Family”, you will learn how you can mature like Jesus did and have a family that fulfills their destiny.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Spirit Filled Jesus: Week 1

Are you wearing down and needing to plug in to God’s power? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Spirit-Filled Jesus”, you will learn the secret to Jesus’ life and how you can live by His power!
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #34 - Push Through the Pain

Have you faced seemingly insurmountable odds and were doomed to defeat? Jesus understands. Hours before His death on the cross, it seemed like the world was winning and God was losing. Jesus reminds us that in the end, Team Jesus wins! Until the final ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #33 - Why The World Hates Christianity

At The Trinity Church, Pastor Mark Driscoll takes us through the John's Gospel. In John Chapter 15 we look at "Why The World Hates Christianity."
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #32 - I AM the Vine, You Are the Branches

At The Trinity Church, Pastor Mark Driscoll takes us through the John's Gospel. In John Chapter 15 we look at "I AM the Vine, You Are the Branches."
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #31 - A Personal Relationship with the Holy Spirit

What do you need help with today? When Jesus needed help, He went to the Holy Spirit. Jesus also promised to send the Spirit as our Helper. Learn about how to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit as Jesus does, and get the same helpful pow...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #30 - The Son Brings You to the Father

The story of the Bible is that God is a good, loving, and providing Father. Christians are a family, which is why the Bible refers to us as “brothers” and “sisters”. The Kingdom is the Father’s culture. Heaven is the Father’s House. Sin is wandering an...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #29 - Are You Wise Like Jesus, Evil Like Judas, or Foolish Like Peter?

Relationships are the most pleasant and painful part of life. How are your relationships? Are evil people betraying and harming you? Are foolish people disappointing and failing you? In this sermon, learn how your relationship with Jesus can help you n...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #28 - Jesus the Great I AM

When people meet one another, their relationship begins with the exchange of names. In the days of Moses, God showed up and introduced Himself as “I AM”. Roughly 1400 years later, Jesus Christ walked the earth and kept declaring Him to be I AM. These s...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #27 - Your Woeful and Wonderful Life

Life does not have woeful seasons and wonderful seasons, but instead woeful and wonderful things in every season. Just days before the Cross, the Lord Jesus sets for us an example to embrace both the woeful and wonderful moments of life. Why? Because, ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #26 - Choosing The Painful Will of God

If you had a few days to live, what would you say and what would you do? In the final week before His death, Jesus Christ came into a holiday crowd to reveal Himself as a peaceable King and teach us that the most important thing in life is to learn how...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #25 - Jesus Still Washes Feet

This Sunday, Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches the sermon entitled "Jesus Still Washes Feet" at James River Church in Ozark, Missouri.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

4 Biblical Laws #2 - The Law of Planning

Are you ready to make some major life changes in 2018 – but aren’t sure how to get started? Pastor Mark’s 4-part series, ‘4 Biblical Laws That Change Your Life’ will give you the keys to experiencing lasting transformation this year. Here is part 2, Th...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #24 - Haters, Lovers, Users and Jesus

With death near, Jesus discovers who hates Him (religious leaders), who loves Him (Mary), and who has been using Him (Judas). How about you? Which category are you in? If you love Jesus, we also learn this week how your testimony will be tested as it w...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #23 - I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Are you (or someone you love) suffering, or even dying? What is the proper way to face suffering and death? How should we process suffering and death with others? Why does God not show up and stop the pain? These are common human questions that all get...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #22 - Did Jesus Say He Was God?

Other than Christianity, no other major world religion has a founder who claimed to be God. In our study of John, the public conflict between Jesus and His critics and enemies had been escalating for a long. In John 10:22-42 Jesus seals His death sente...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #21 - Jesus is Our Good Shepherd

Did you know that you are a sheep? Did you know that sheep are not smart or tough and really need a shepherd? Did you know that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep? In one of the most beloved sections of the entire Bible, yo...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #20 - Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

Are you suffering? Is there someone you care for who is suffering? Suffering causes us to ask God, “why?”. Why is their sickness and suffering in our world? Why does it hit some people and not others? In John 9, Jesus heals a man blind from birth. But,...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

4 Biblical Laws #1 - The Law of Seasons

Are you ready to make some major life changes in 2018 – but aren’t sure how to get started? Pastor Mark’s 4-part series, ‘4 Biblical Laws That Change Your Life’ will give you the keys to experiencing lasting transformation this year. Here is part 1, Th...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #19 - The Truth Will Set You Free

Freedom! Perhaps no word evokes more positive emotion in the typical person than the word “freedom”. But, are we truly free? Free from what? Free to what? In a tense and terse public debate with moral and spiritual people, Jesus offended them by saying...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #18 - I Am the Light of the World

In the Old Testament, God’s people were delivered from slavery in Egypt to freedom by God’s power. To guide them through their wilderness wanderings toward their homeland, God sent a pillar of fire to guide them at night. To follow the light was litera...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Jesus' Spirit Filled Family - Mothers Day 2018

Not only is Jesus the most significant person in world history, His family is also the most significant family in world history. Although they had no money, power, or fame they did have the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ aunt, uncle, cousin, parents, and siblings w...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #17 - The Woman Caught in Adultery

The story of the woman caught in adultery is one of the best most and hotly debated sections in all of Scripture. For starters, it is possibly that the story was not originally even part of the Bible. In this weeks sermon, Pastor Mark has his work cut ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #16 - The Jesus You Want May Not Be the Jesus You Need

The people in Jesus’ day, and our day, and every day think we know what we need. Jesus meets some of those desires, but not all. Why? Because we Jesus we want is usually not the Jesus we need. The real Jesus gives you what you really need – a relations...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #15 - Jesus Comes with Controversy

No one is more popular or more polarizing than Jesus Christ. His family disbelieved Him, the crowds disowned Him, the religious leaders said He had a demon, and a few remained devoted to Him. How about you? What do you think about Jesus? What do your f...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #14 - Eat my Body? Drink my Blood? Huh?

Eat my flesh? Drink my blood? What sounds like an apocalyptic zombie horror film is actually one of the most confusing and controversial teachings of Jesus Chris. Learn why Jesus sometimes offends us as part of His loving ministry.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #13 - Jesus Walks on Water

Life is filled with storms – financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, relational etc. In a storm, you become exhausted and overwhelmed. In just such a storm, Jesus walked on water to bring His peace and presence to His people. In response, Peter took...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

Jesus Is Alive - Easter 2018

Easter 2018 message by Pastor Mark Driscoll preached live at The Trinity Church on Sunday April 1, 2018.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #12 - Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

What happens when a little boy hands his lunch box to Jesus? He multiplies it to feed a multitude. Learn more about our King Jesus and His Kingdom today in one of most beloved Bible stories of all time.
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #11 - 5 Witnesses to Jesus

A man had been an invalid for thirty-eight years until Jesus healed him. Upset that Jesus healed on the Sabbath and commanded the man to carry his mat, the religious leaders began what became a few years of persecution that culminated at the cross. In ...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #10 - Do You Want To Be Healed?

Have you ever felt wrecked, broken, and stuck? One man who had been crippled for thirty-eight years felt the same way. Jesus healed him, and then tells us that one day He will heal all who believe in Him! You too need the hope, help, and healing that o...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author

John #9 - Sick People Need Jesus

With a little boy on his deathbed, his daddy hears that Jesus is traveling nearby and jumps on a horse riding as fast as he can, hoping for a miracle. Frantic, the father begs Jesus to heal his son. Jesus promises that the boy will be healed, and in fa...
Mark Driscoll Ministries author