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BTR "Today's Pick" on September 8th 2010, March 10th 2011, July 11th 2011, July 30th 2012 and March 27th 2013. Home of Destination Truth Fan Radio& Ke$ha Fan Radio. YouTube personalities featured, interviews with people in the entertainment industry, and profiles on fanatics are all included in these programs. Tweet me at @keshafanradio or @dtonsyfyfans!<3 Amanda
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Kesha Fan Radio - Season 4 Episode 7

Just a quick diddy about where I've been and what has been going on with Kesha. It's a 15 minute show today. Longer one next week, and it'll be on a Saturday!
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio - Season 4 Episode 6

KFR is back to talk about #FreedomforKesha and the steam building behind this movement this past week. We are about two weeks out from some updates coming from the legal system on this struggle and we wait to see if the right thing happens.
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio - Season 4 Episode 5

Today's Kesha Fan Radio 15 minute episode is the topic of "Love Wins" - gay marriage is legal in all of America's states, finally. Kesha is a huge gay rights advocate and has stated before, famously, that she will not get married until gays are allowed...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio - Season 4 Episode 4

After yet another hiatus due to host's health problems, Kesha Fan Radio is back! This show will be dedicated to the latest updates on what Kesha has been up to in 2015 and the host will read tweets to Kesha on the air so hopefully, Kesha will listen an...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 4 Episode 3

Happy birthday, Kesha Rose Sebert! This episode of Kesha Fan Radio is dedicated to wishing Kesha aka Ke$ha a happy birthday and talking about recent things she has been up to. Hosted by Amanda at @keshafanradio Show will be 15 minutes long, this episod...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 4 Episode 2

This episode of Kesha fan radio will focus on spoofs of Kesha aka Ke$ha. This is all in good fun and the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, or spoofs, or social commentary.  Check out KFR on Twitter at @keshafanradio and
Mandogg House Radio author

DT Fan Radio - Josh Gates& Expedition Unknown

In the long awaited return of Josh Gates to DT Fan Radio, the explorer, author and reality TV star talks about his new show on Travel Channel "Expedition Unknown"! He will answer submitted fan questions and chat about this new adventure in his life. Ch...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio - Top Moments of 2014

On the Season 4 premiere of Kesha Fan Radio, host Amanda discusses the Top 10 moments of 2014 for Kesha and her fan base on New Years Eve of December 2014. It was a difficult year for the pop singer and her fan community helped to ease the impact of th...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio - Season 3 Finale

In this Season Finale episode, the show will discuss the leak of Kesha's demo "Lover" in the midst of her lawsuit with Dr. Luke, plus creative struggles of artists, similar to what Kesha is going through. Guest caller will be Tim Cox of RadioArtpop and...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 3 Episode 10

This episode is dedicated to the memory of @keshatattoogun who passed away recently in our fan community. Call or tweet with your memories and your positive thoughts on why, as a fan community, we need to stig together and be there for eachother. Other...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 3 Episode 9

Kesha made headlines this week, but unfortunately, it is because she came forward with the truth about the horrors she has suffered at the hands of her producer Dr Luke via a lawsuit she has filed against him. The charges include sexual assault, verbal...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 3 Episode 8

On this episode of Kesha Fan Radio, serial killer culture is discussed. Kesha is not the first artist to use the name of a highly publicized serial killer in her music, but nonetheless, it still sparked controversy with her non-single track "Cannibal"....
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 3 Episode 7

This week's show touches on the subject of the supernatural, spiritually &amp; how Kesha ties in with all the themes. @allikatsuxx and @keshafanradio want to hear your thoughts on it, via Twitter!
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 3 Episode 6

Free topic :) KFR is back! Let's get back in the swing of things, Animals!  Tweet your thoughts to @keshafanradio or call during the show!
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 3 Episode 5

On the mid-season finale of Kesha Fan Radio, the topics of Kesha's new music and her Elle UK article are brushed over. Be sure to keep watching Kesha as an expert/mentor on ABC's "Rising Star" on Sundays and follow @KeshaFanRadio on Twitter!
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 3 Episode 4

This episode is focused on how fans feel having to defend their fandom to Kesha, open discussion about Kesha being on August's Teen Vogue cover, as well as last week's premiere episode of ABC's "Rising Star", which Kesha is an expert on (the new musica...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season Three Episode Three

Today, the three Kesha fan podcasts converge to do a show together. The host Amanda (@keshafanradio/@thebabyspoon) + Paul (@thekeshashow) + Luke (@kesharadio) will all chat about how fan communities function better working as a unit and other fun stuff...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 3 Episode 2

This episode of Kesha Fan Radio is dedicated not only to fans who have Kesha themed tattoos, but also discussion about Kesha's body art. Tweet your thoughts or tattoo stories/photos to @keshafanradio This is a celebration of Kesha tweeting Amanda, the ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 3 Episode 1

Kesha Fan Radio, the 1st fan podcast for Kesha Rose/Ke$ha fans, returns with Episode 1 of Season 3! The season premiere TOPIC will focus on the announcement of Kesha on "Rising Star" as an expert/judge and pretty much free topic. NEXT EPISODE: Kesha fa...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 2 Episode 10

Season finale of Kesha Fan Radio, Season 2. Podcast devoted to Kesha Rose, aka Ke$ha fans. This episode will be a free topic and dedicated to the memory of Stephanie Picher. Host @keshafanradio on Twitter.
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 2 Episode 9

This week's episode of Kesha Fan Radio concentrates on feminism and how the concept plays a role in Kesha's music plus her message. Hosted by @thebabyspoon and planned cohost is @allikatsuxx but if you call in to the show and you are picked up on, you ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 2 Episode 8

Today, Kesha's sense of humor will be discussed. She has taken part in many parodies of herself and is a master of self depricating humor. Tweet your favorite funny Kesha moments to @keshafanradio and they will be read on air, or call in to discuss! Ho...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 2 Episode 7

This episode of Kesha Fan Radio focuses on Kesha's demos and unreleased material. Call in or tweet @keshafanradio with what your favorites are and why! PS: everyone loves "Machine Gun Love", so let's get a little creative, Animals ;)
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 2 Episode 6

The theme of this show is "rainbows", since Kesha is apparently one now. Dropping the dollar sign from her name and focusing on her music, as well as her health and happiness, this show will be focused on what you look forward to next for Kesha, and ma...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 2, Episode 5

On this episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio, fans discuss the pop star changing her Twitter name from "keshasuxx" to "kesharose" and some chatter that was going on between people in her inner circle on Twitter at the time, vocally hinting that they are excited ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 2, Episode 4

This episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio focuses on eating disorders and how to treat them. Hosted by Amanda @thebabyspoon and cohosted by Wynter @KSGlitterCannon, who have both have experience with eating disorders and will discuss with fans how, like Ke$ha ha...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 2 Episode 3

On this episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio, the topic is $elf E$teem. With Ke$ha and her mother focusing on bettering themselves in rehab, I notice the trend continues of fans putting themselves down on Twitter while their idol is addressing this very problem ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Season 2, Episode 2

On this episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio, the topic of being an adult-aged (20 and older is the primary thought, aka non-teenaged fans, but technically, those over 18 would count) in the Animals fan community. Do we feel left out, do we connect to her music ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio: Season 2, Episode 1

Ke$ha Fan Radio is back! Hosted by Amanda @thebabyspoon, this episode is focused on fans wishing Ke$ha to get better as she continues to recover in rehab from an eating disorder. Tweet your thoughts to @keshafanradio before and during the show. NOTE: ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Deflem Front Row: A Chat with Gaga Professor

The name Mathieu Deflem may not ring a bell for a majority of people, but if one were to mention "Gaga Professor", "Professor Gaga", or the Lady Gaga class at the University of South Carolina, the focus of this show will be clear. Mathieu sits down wit...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio - Merry Ke$hmas!

This holiday themed season finale of Ke$ha Fan Radio will be a karaoke special and free topic discussion show! Call in with or tweet your thoughts, but especially call in to do Ke$ha karaoke :) tweet @keshafanradio and call in at the show's number or u...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Nine

This episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio is focused on Ke$ha's wild family and her amazing friends/crew. Tweet about &amp; call in with your messages to or your favorite moments, whether from her reality show "My Crazy Beautiful Life", her YouTube videos or fro...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Special Episode

This short show was to serve as a highlight special for Ke$ha Fan Radio, but due to being limited on how many sound clips I can upload, the highlights of past episodes will be brushed over briefly by the host. The show will feature two great fan soundb...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Eight

On this episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio, fans will tweet or call in reading their fan letters to Ke$ha. this episode will serve as a Christmas/holiday present for Ke$ha, like a verbal fan book, so be sure to tweet host Amanda at @keshafanradio your thoughts...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Seven

This episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio focuses on gay rights with stories like the "Bridegroom" doc, Matt Shepard, WBC and more. Ke$ha is infamously pro-gay and anti-WBC, so let's discuss the topic. PS: this show is a SAFE ZONE. I will not read anti-gay tweet...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Six

This episode of Ke$ha Fan Radio will be focused on discussion topic Kesha's fashion. Fans can call in or tweet (to @keshafanradio) their favorite Ke$ha outfits. Hosted by Amanda @thebabyspoo
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Five

On Episode Five, host Amanda (@thebabyspoon) and special guest Tim (@TimxoC) of RadioARTPOP discuss fan-on-fan bullying. Whether from other fan communities, or within your own, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga fans experience this negativity and they discuss how it...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Four

Podcast by and for Ke$ha fans, episode four. Hosted by Amanda (@thebabyspoon) and superfan Gilo (@gilosuxx) is expected to call in tonight! This is really a free topic night, as it is hoped that fans just call in and tweet what they love about Ke$ha, s...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Three

AnimalRADIO, a program for Ke$ha fans, presents episode three. We discuss "My Crazy Beautiful Life" Season Two Episode One which aired on MTV last week, promote the upcoming episode, talk about the "Timber" video coming soon, and open it up to fan call...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode Two

AnimalRADIO, a program for Ke$ha fans, presents episode two. We promote "My Crazy Beautiful Life" Season Two Episode One airing on MTV tonight, our topic is "favorite MCBL season one moments", we talk about censorship against Ke$ha, and we open it up t...
Mandogg House Radio author

Kesha Fan Radio Episode One

AnimalRADIO, a program for Ke$ha fans, premieres Episode One where we will discuss what Ke$ha means to us, discuss "My Crazy Beautiful Life" Season Two airing next week on MTV, the Ke$ha review of the week, and we open it up to fan callers/tweets. With...
Mandogg House Radio author

Hey, Flula!

Flula Borg, a viral YouTube sensation, musician, author, and VIP media correspondent, returns to talk about what he's up to and to take some fan calls.
Mandogg House Radio author

DT Fan Radio - The Prodigal Gates Returns

Josh Gates returns to DT Fan Radio to talk about Syfy's "Stranded", the status of "Destination Truth", and to answer some fan Q's. Moderated by host and fan ambassador Amanda.
Mandogg House Radio author

Destination Truth fan state of the union

Destination Truth fan ambassador Amanda speaks with fans or reads tweets on why Destination Truth is important to viewers and needs to be brought back on the air to Syfy in the middle of a very long hiatus. the cast/crew IS NOT expected to call in or c...
Mandogg House Radio author

FanDashCultureDOTOrg Podcast Nuttymadam

Nuttymadam of YouTube, aka Emma, is on this podcast to talk about her recent fandom activity with Twilight including her Breaking Dawn Part 2 Los Angeles adventures (subsequently, also about her first trip to the USA), what she has in s...
Mandogg House Radio author

FanDASHCultureDOTOrg PodCast Episode I

Amanda, runner of and "Destination Truth" fan ambassador, does the obligatory intro Podcast. Hope it's not too boring. It was recorded over a month prior while waiting for the iTunes Podcast "store" to go live. Wherein she explains her ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Fanatic Radio - Randy: The Leader of Arnold's Army

There is no doubt that everyone in this day and age, give or take a few million very small "Veggie Tales" obsessed children and monks who don't go near TV sets, knows who Arnold Schwarzenegger is. An iconic figure in the worlds of acting, politics and ...
Mandogg House Radio author

What's Up KatyCat? Katy Perry SuperFan Jack

Jack Moore from the UK is on Fanatic Radio to talk about his fanaticism of pop star Katy Perry and how it lead to him being in a sleeper hit mini-documentary on YouTube titled "Katy &amp; I", which has been featured on Time Magazine's website. He will ...
Mandogg House Radio author

Josh Gates: Return to Destination Truth Fan Radio

Josh Gates of Destination Truth on Syfy will be on the show to talk about Season 5, already in progress, plus his book "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter" and other topics.  (note - at the start of the show, I stated Josh was a comedian on the Syfy show "Fac...
Mandogg House Radio author

Chasing UFOs: The Erin Ryder Saga Continues

When it comes to adventure, producer and TV personality Erin Ryder is definitely no stranger to it. Best known for her work on Syfy Channel's "Destination Truth" (back July 10th)  alongside Josh Gates, Ryder is now part of the main, three-person team o...
Mandogg House Radio author