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This podcast is dedicated to made for television movies and other forms of classic TV! Brought to you by Amanda Reyes (Made for TV Mayhem), Daniel R. Budnik (Bleeding Skull: A 1980s Trash Horror Odyssey), and Nathan Johnson (The Hysteria Continues), plus a few special guests who appear from time to time. With reviews, retrospectives and more, this podcast is your best source for classic television love!

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Unearthing great television... one program at a time
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Warner Archives Blu Ray Giveaway Contest!

The Made for TV Mayhem Show is so excited that Warner Archives has supplied us with a Blu-Rray double pack of Bad Ronald and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark to give away to one lucky listener! Like our Snowbeast contest, this involves listener participati...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 48: Celebrate Halloween with Moxey!

We mean John Llewellyn Moxey! Pretty sure I just used that joke last week, but be kind... It's been an insane month. But we're here (thanks to Dan who edited this episode) and we've been joined by the wonderful Bill Ackerman of Supporting Characters po...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 47: We’re Going Back to School with Mike McBeardo McPadden!

Make sure you've got your Pee Chee folders and your No. 2 pencils, cuz the Made for TV Mayhem Show is going back to school again! This time we're talking about the other three Rs: Rock and Roll and Rad! We're talking about Ron Howard's sweet coming of ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 46: We Love You Valerie Harper!

We're back (finally). So sorry for the delay. Especially with this episode, which is our love letter to some of Valerie Harper's best known genre TV movies. We recorded it just a couple of days before we lost one of the most vibrant women in the world....
Amanda Reyes author

Trap-Cast Episode 2 is (finally) here!

Well, I somehow got a second episode together! Thank you for your patience! On Trap Cast #2 I talk about the episodes Flashback and Deadly Exposure, and I manage to keep the love train for Dr. Riverside rolling! It's in my heart to do so. There were a ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 45 is here! Cruise into Hell With Us!

We're taking on the small screen high seas in this episode of The Made for TV Mayhem Show, and we're talking about two amazing TV movie thrillers. So, slather on your best sunscreen, grab a Mai Tai and check out our discussions over Death Cruise (1974)...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 44: We Watched the Detectives!

We went undercover, guys. It was awesome. We took a look at two great detective pilot TVMs: The House on Greenapple Road (1970), which would lead to the short lived series Dan August, and we also watched the second Harry-O pilot, Smile Jenny, You're De...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 1 of the Trap Cast is here!

After threatening to do a podcast-spinoff dedicated to Trapper John M.D., Amanda finally sat down and did it! In the debut episode, Amanda discusses Trapper's pilot, it's connection to Medical Center and the beginning of TJ's dance with reverse psychol...
Amanda Reyes author

The 2019 Rondo Awards and Our Show!

The Made for TV Mayhem Show was nominated for a Rondo!!! We weren't sure if we might be picking up a few listeners through that nomination, so we thought we'd get together and each suggest an episode we felt gave people a good idea of what we do. They ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 43: Love Letters for a Late Valentine’s

Yes, we're just a tad late, but we're only speaking of love yet again this February. We made it a twofer though. We're talking romantic comedies, and our double features two of our favorite small screen faces who are no longer here. Dan and Amanda dis...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 42! Michael Parks is The. Best.

We're kicking off 2019 with a retrospective on Michael Parks' interesting small screen career. We look at Escape from Bogen County (1977) and The China Lake Murders (1990)... and there's a bit of talk about Parks' thick, luxurious hair. Hey, it's how w...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 41! Rich Little’s A Christmas Carol

Happy Holidays! Here's our episode dedicated to Rich Little, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Wacky Wall Walkers and Truman Capote?! Yup, it's all here and we hope you enjoy our discussion on Rich Little's A Christmas Carol (as well as our talk on the weirder Christ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 40! Small Screen Vixens

OMG! It's finally here! It's the Small Screen Vixens episode we recorded eons ago but which had to put on the backburner because life... how she gets in the way. If you don't remember, this is the episode where we cover Summer Girl (1983) and The Face ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 39! Ghost Stories for Halloween!

We made it! It's the scariest time of the year, so the Made for TV Mayhem Show crew decided to talk about a couple of classic ghost story TVMs. Our latest episode dives into the otherworlds of The Woman in Black and The Haunting of Sarah Hardy (both 19...
Amanda Reyes author

The Snowbeast Contest!

... and our winner is... Ralph Roullard! Hooray! And here's the episode were we read some of our Snowbeast vs. ? entries and draw the winner. We had a blast with these. Thank you to all who entered. You are brilliant and we love you!
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 37: Back to the Beach TVMs!

We're back (finally) and we're enjoying the warm water and sandy beaches as we discuss Zuma Beach (1978) and The Hustler of Muscle Beach (1980)! Come along, catch some rays and Hang 10.
Amanda Reyes author

Snowbeast Blu Ray Giveaway!

Here's all the details for our Snowbeast Blu Ray Giveaway Contest! Listen, participate! Thanks! Contest ends towards the end of August.
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 35: Propaganda TV Movies!

We're back (finally), and it's all about those TV movies that made you go hmmmm... we're looking at the two classic message movies Go Ask Alice (1973) and Mazes and Monsters (1982). Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy! We'll be back in July with two s...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 34: We’re Bonkers for Beller!

We're back, and so soon (Amy, soon!). On this episode we give a lot of love to one of our favorite small screen leading ladies, Kathleen Beller and discuss No Place to Hide (1991) and Deadly Messages (1985). There's romance, twists and turns, gaslighti...
Amanda Reyes author

Talking Patty Duke with Bill Jankowski

We're back with a very special episode dedicated to one of our favorite Queens of the TV Movie, Patty Duke! We're discussing the wonderful new book In the Presence of Greatness: My Sixty Year Journey as an Actress, which was written by Patty Duke and B...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 32: Supernatural Romance!

I managed to get an episode up in a timely manner! And just in time for Valentine's Day. On this episode, Dan and I discuss small screen romance... with a supernatural twist! Titles on tap are the 1971 remake of Death Takes a Holiday and the 1995 Lifet...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 31 is Here! Snowbound Terror is Waiting for You!

I can't believe I got this online. My computer hates me... But we're here with episode 31 and it's all about winter-set scares as we discuss the classic Snowbeast (1977) and the not-a-classic-but-pretty-dang-fun Ski Lift to Death (aka Snowblind, 1979)....
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 30 is here! Male Strippers Galore!

Thanks to a crazy schedule, a long term sickness, the holidays and other chicanery, our male strippers episode had to get in the back seat (ha!) for a while. But it's edited (sorta) and ready for your ears. So now what was originally supposed to be epi...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 29: A Little Game… followed by a little game

Well, it's that time of year again! And does anything say holidays like a kid with a shotgun... I thought so... We welcome back Christmas television expert Joanna Wilson to discuss the 1971 (maybe) holiday thriller A Little Game, and then we play a li...
Amanda Reyes author

Happy Thanksgiving: Special Minisode!

Happy Tofurkey day! Because I wasn't able to get our next full episode online, I thought I'd put together some old podcast TV trivia segments I created for the Movies About Girls Show. I grouped the segments by topic and decided to make the first one ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 27: Plan a Halloween TV Movie Marathon!

Just in time to celebrate the scariest day of the year, The Made for TV Mayhem Show returns, and we've turned the insane asylum over to the patients! We asked listeners to program their own Halloween TV movie marathon and we got a wonderful response ba...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 26: The ABC Afterschool Special!

We're back with a back to school themed episode dedicated to the ABC Afterschool Special! We, as we are wont to do, made it a twofer, and chose two episodes starring one of our favorite actors, Lance Guest! The episodes we discuss are Please Don't Hit ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 25 and That Old Black Magic! We talk Crowhaven Farm and Bay Coven!

We’re back and we’re witchy! Check out the latest episode where we talk evil kids, covens and Pamela Sue Martin in awesome clothes! Listen to us gab about the classic (and rightly so!) Crowhaven Farm (1970) and the not-so-classic (and rightly so!) Bay ...
Amanda Reyes author

Special Minisode: Jeff Nelson and The Spell!

We sat down with Jeff Nelson of Shout! Factory to discuss their upcoming Blu-Ray release of the classic 1977 telefilm The Spell! This is a non-spoilery behind the scenes look of what went into making the release, as well as a spirited conversation abou...
Amanda Reyes author

Are You Ready for the Summer? Episode 23 is Here!

We are finally back with our summer episode, and it only took half of the summer to record it, edit it and get it online. To be fair, we had a lot of technical issues with this, so please be patient with the sound. But Dan and I did have a blast discu...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 22: Small Screen Proto Slashers!

We're back and excited about our discussion about Five Desperate Women (1971) and She's Dressed to Kill (1979). What makes a proto-slasher? We're not sure we know, and that made the talk really fun for us. Hope you enjoy! And, We'll be diving into summ...
Amanda Reyes author

Tori Spelling To The Rescue!

Wow, I can't believe i got this mammoth episode edited and ready for listening (well, as ready as we usually are. Expect the normal volume issues and there's a few pops and clicks as well). The gang discuss Death of a Cheerleader (1994) and Co-ed Call ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 20! Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to only speak of love and the Made for TV Mayhem Show has a lot of that for you on this very special Valentine’s Day episode. We’re looking at the May/December romances of the small screen with Anatomy of a Seduction (1979) and In Love with a...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 19! Born Innocent and Women in Chains!

We're back and we're going behind bars! Episode 19 takes us into the sometimes seedy world of small screen women in prison flicks, as we sit down for a discussion on the notorious Born Innocent (1974) and the far more campy Women in Chains (1972). Enjo...
Amanda Reyes author

It’s the Christmas TV Movie Game Show!

Welcome to our last podcast for 2016! We got together with Christmas TV expert Joanna Wilson to play a few games of Create A Synopsis For That Generic Holiday TV Movie Title, which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but is a lot of fun to play! There'...
Amanda Reyes author

Halloween Minisode! It’s Disco-licious!

We're just in time for a spooktacular look at two beloved Halloween specials. The Halloween that Almost Wasn't (1979) has a disco-battle with 1976's The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (not really), and we duke it out ourselves with some serious Skype iss...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 15 is here! We love Patty Duke!

Our newest episode is online, it's all about the great Patty Duke. The gang takes a look at Amityville: The Evil Escapes (1989) and Look What Happened to Rosemary's Baby (1976)! Enjoy! Our next episode will be a Halloween Spooktacular, as we look back...
Amanda Reyes author

Round Table II: Our Favorite Actresses of the Telefilm!

We are back with another round table dedicated to the actresses of the TV movie! We each pick our favorites, and also dive into our listener feedback. Plus, there's another What is the Movie About game, hosted by Dan, and some fun clips. Join us!
Amanda Reyes author

TV Movie Game Show Mania Minisode…1

Yay! The Made for TV Mayhem Show is back, and there's lots of hijinks and hilarity to be had. This is a quick and fun minisode where we play made up TV movie games, which we all hope you will enjoy. The next episode will be coming along in the next mo...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 13: Our Favorite TVM Actors!

Welcome to a very special episode of the Made for TV Mayhem Show. Episode 13 is a round table dedicated to our favorite TVM actors. Who'd we pick? Who'd the listeners choose? Why am I closing out the show with Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. singing Misty? ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 12: The Night Stalker and The Norliss Tapes!

We're back, and checking out some scary dudes of the small screen. This episode covers the classic ABC Movie of the Week, The Night Stalker (1972) and its similar but different NBC companion The Norliss Tapes (1973). Creepy good times had by all. Also...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 11! We Love Dennis Weaver!

We're back and this time it's all about the Weaver, as we look back at Duel (1971) and Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (1983). Good times galore! Also, I forgot what the name of the end song was, so I'm here to now tell you it's Dennis Weaver singing Ano...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 10! Trilogy of Terror and The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver

Our newest episode is in the can and ready to ripped into by the Zuni Fetish Doll. That's right, we're discussing Trilogy of Terror, and the rare Karen Black TVM The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver. Enjoy!
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 9 is Here: Gargoyles and The World Beyond!

Welcome back to episode 9 of the Made for TV Mayhem Show. It's all about monsters, as we look back at the cult classic Gargoyles (1972), and the creepy mud monster TVM The World Beyond (1978). We also get goofy for the X-Files, read feedback and more! ...
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 8! Dark Night of the Scarecrow and Revenge!

After what seemed like a whirlwind holiday break, the gang reunited to discuss the classic Dark Night of the Scarecrow and the slightly more obscure Shelley Winters telefeature Revenge. While Nate had to drop out after Dark Night, the convo rolled on a...
Amanda Reyes author

Happy Holidays! Part Two of Our Christmas Television Retrospective is Here!

Here is part 2 of our small screen holiday retrospective. We are joined again by Christmas television expert Joanna Wilson of Christmas TV History, and this episode is dedicated to the British comedy Bernard and the Genie, as well as a spirited discuss...
Amanda Reyes author

Christmas Episode 1 is ALIVE!

Join us for part 1 of our 2 part holiday celebration. Christmas TV expert Joanna Wilson joins the gang as we discuss Home for the Holidays (1972) and A Very Brady Christmas (1988). Enjoy!
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 5 is Here! Bad Ronald and Through Naked Eyes!

Episode 5 is all about voyeurism, and what better way to usher in the topic than with the granddaddy TVM that started it all, Bad Ronald! Our double feature review also takes a look at the unfairly obscure 1983 tele-thriller Through Naked Eyes.
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 4! The Midnight Hour and Small Screen Scares!

Episode 4 is here and it's all about celebrating Halloween scares. We cover the classic 80s TVM The Midnight Hour and then discuss our favorite holiday watchings.
Amanda Reyes author

Episode 3! Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Crawlspace are here

It's episode three, but it's also the first episode where we follow what we plan to be our regular format. It's all about double features and this episode looks back on the terrifying small screen classic Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, along with the sli...
Amanda Reyes author