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Coverage of news, current affairs, sport , interviews and much more. Broadcast in Macedonian.
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New icons in ‘St. Petka’ in Sydney made according to old authentic Orthodox iconographic tradition - Пристигнаа нови икони во "Св Петка" во Сиднеј изработени според древните канони

The iconostasis in the Macedonian Orthodox Church ‘St. Petka’ in Sydney was  enriched  with new icons, made by the monastery sisterhood  in the  Macedonian village of Veljusa, in the same way as they were created more than ten centuries ago. They are c...

Australian Macedonian Council of NSW representing the community needs - Австралиско Македонскиот Совет за НЈВ – гласен претставник на потребите на заедницата

"The voice of the community is already being heard because majority of organisations started to cooperate and to work united . The strength is that we joined together so the NSW politicians and the federal government began to listen to our voices and t...

'Macedonian Pearls' in Woolongong open for more student enrolements - “Македонски Бисери” од Волонгонг и натаму чека повеќе ученици по македонски

Even though Macedonian language classes are free and the costs covered by the state, the number of students is small given the size of the Macedonian community in Wollongong, says Emilija Zupanovska, who teaches Macedonian language at the school ‘Maced...

Learning Macedonian in Shepparton - Учиме македонски во Шепартон

'Our main goal is to preserve our roots and our material and spiritual heritage, because it is through the language that we show who we are and what we are,' Katerina Poulos, a Macedonian language teacher at the Victorian School of Languages.The knowle...

Motivational session in Macedonian in Melbourne with D-r Snezhana Djambazova-Popordanoska - Мотивациска сесија на македонски во Мелбурн со д-р Снежана Џамбазова-Попорданоска

‘Do you want to escape from suffering for a limited period of time, or do you want to be free from it? If you want to escape temporarily, then a drink, a pill, a logical explanation, or an amusement may help with the inevitable consequences of dependen...

President Ivanov refuses to sign new laws with the name ‘Republic of North Macedonia’ - Претседателот Иванов одбива да потпише нови закони со името "Република Северна Македо

Several laws passed in the Parliament will have to be put to the vote again, after which the president will have to sign them, as the law requires -  Неколку закони усвоени во Парламентот ќе треба  да се стават на гласање повторно, по што претседателот...

Researchers hail breakthrough in universal development - напредок во развојот на универзална вакцина против грип

Australian researchers are hailing what they're calling a major breakthrough in the development of a universal flu vaccine that protects against all strains of the virus. The discovery of genes that kill all flu types could help prevent thousands of de...

Jail time proposed for bosses who underpay workers - Предложени затворски казни за шефови кои неправилно ги исплаќаат работниците

Bosses who deliberately underpay their staff could soon face jail time as part of a series of hard line reforms designed to protect Australia's most vulnerable workers. The Migrant Workers' Taskforce has handed 22 reform recommendations to the federal ...

Zaev – Mickoski meeting on coming presidential elections, reforms and Katica Janeva - Средба Заев-Мицкоски за претстојните претседателски избори, реформите и Катица Јанева

VMRO DPMNE  lider Hristijan Mickoski  demands free of fraud and fair presidential elections -  Водачот на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ, Христијан Мицкоски бара фер и ослободени од измама  претседателски избори 

Macedonians part of colourful and creative Moomba 2019 - Македонците се дел од шарената и креативна Момба 2019

"I've been following the Moomba parade since 1996 and each year the spectacle is even better. Melbourne knows how to be creative. " says Gordana Dimovska, president of the Macedonian Literary Association Koco Racin and herself a volunteer in many other...

Strumica Carnival one of the most famous events in Macedonia - Strumica Carnival one of the most famous events in Macedonia

The Strumica Carnival is one of the most notable customs and traditions of its kind in Macedonia, held every year during the so-called Trimeri Days, marking the start of the Lenten Fast, which always begins on Sunday Eve of Forgiveness and lasts until ...

Jamie Oliver's ambassador to Australia for healthy food for kids is Macedonian dad George Georgievski - Амбасадорот на Џејми Оливер во Австралија за здрава храна за деца е македонскиот

George Georgievski, the Geelong dad, who creates healthy lunch box combinations for primary school children, has captured the attention of world famous chef Jamie Oliver. Now, acknowledged as a health food ambassador of Jamie Oliver’s, promoting fresh ...

Macedonian Minister Nikola Dimitrov on Greek Television: The question of a Macedonian minority is Greek internal matter - Македонскиот министер Никола Димитров за грчка телевизија: Прашањето

The BBC's article on the existence of a Macedonian minority in Greece  is "an internal matter and subject of Greek debate," said Nikola Dimitrov during his interview  on the Greek television station SKAI -  Написот на Би-Би-Си за постоењето на македонс...

Bill seeks 'life-changing' audio-description on TV for vision-impaired Australians - Нацрт-закон за "аудио-опис" на телевизија за визуелно ограничени Австралијци

There are growing calls to make television more accessible to blind and vision-impaired Australians.A number advocacy groups have given their support to a Senate bill that would make it mandatory for free-to-air channels to provide audio description on...

Regional veterans struggling to find employment - Ветераните во регионалните предели се борат да најдат вработување

Transitioning from military to civilian life can often be tough for veterans, especially when it comes to finding a job. But it's even more challenging for those living in regional Australia, where unemployment levels may be high.  - Транзицијата од во...

Mostly female mayors meet climate change experts - Најчесто жените градоначалници се сретнуваат со експертитe за климатски промени

Mayors from around the world committed to taking action on climate change and air pollution have met in Paris to discuss bold, new steps. This year the Women-4-Climate Conference has been highlighting the critical role women have to play creating a hea...

Major parties commit millions for heart health checks - Големите партии ветуваат милиони за здравствени проверки на срцето

Both the federal government and Labor have committed to millions of dollars in funding for heart health checks. From April the 1st, Australians at risk of heart disease can receive a Medicare-funded check-up. Health experts estimate it could prevent te...

UN Council begins deliberations on erosions of human rights - Советот на ОН започнува разгледување на ерозиите на човековите права

The United Nations Human Rights Council has begun its main four-week session in Switzerland. Among the senior diplomats and politicians addressing the session on its opening day was Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne. - Советот за човекови права ...

BBC article titled ‘Greece’s invisible minority – the Macedonian Slavs’ angers Greece - Написот на Би-Би-Си под наслов "Невидливото малцинство на Грција - македонските Слове

‘The Macedonian language hasn’t officially been banned in Greece for decades, but the fear still lingers. A middle-aged man I met in a village near the reeds of Lake Prespa, where the agreement  between Greece and the North Macedonian republic was firs...

‘Vancho Nikoleski’from Queanbeyan to award the best literary works - “Ванчо Николески” од Квинбијан ги доделува годишните награди за најдобри литературни дела

Macedonian Australian authors to receive the awards for best poems and stories for 2018 are Emil Poporadanoski, Risto Risteski, Velika Gacis, Dijana Pupaleska-Micaleska, Velika Blazevska, Gordana Dimovska, Grozdan Jovanovski, Risto Risteski and Snezana...

Westpac facing class action amid fallout from banking royal commission - Вестпак се соочи со групна тужба по извештајот на банкарската кралска комисија

Westpac has become the first of the big four banks to face a class action following the banking royal commission's final report.The plaintiffs claim Westpac loaned money irresponsibly, leading to substantial losses for customers - Вестпак стана првата ...

Happy International Mother Language Day from the high school graduate with the best results in Macedonian in NSW - Среќен Меѓународниот ден на мајчиниот јазик од матурантката со најдобри р

"Do not forget your mother tongue! We are very lucky  that here, in Australia, we have the opportunity to learn and nurture our mother tongue. Let’s use this opportunity to visit Macedonian schools and to learn the Macedonian language. That way, we wil...

Court orders detention of Janakieski and Ristovski, Veljanoski has parliamentary immunity

The judge in the pre-trial procedure ordered the detention of former VMRO-DPMNE Ministers Spiro Ristovski and Mile Janakieski. They were arrested in relation to an incident in parliament on April 27, 2017. The former Parliamentary Speaker Trajko Veljan...

Филип Петровски тврди дека над 80 организации и целата македонска дијаспора го поддржуваат

The abolishment of the Prespa Agreement, the return of the constitutional name, the annulment of bilingualism, the return of the Ilinden and ASNOM principles as the foundation of the Macedonian nation, and parliamentary elections, are the four key dete...

Миле Тодоровски: Ми се исполни детскиот сон да играм во најдобрите македонски клубови - Миле Тодоровски: Ми се исполни детскиот сон да иг

Од ФК. Мукос од с. Дреновци , Прилепско, па преку 11 Октомври, Балкан Стокомерц, Победа, Пелистер и Вардар, Миле Тодоровски игра во сите можни лиги во првенствата на поранешна Југославија. Кариерата потоа ја продолжува во Сиднеј Македонија и ги продолж...

Women from diverse cultural backgrounds face cyber attacks alone - Жените од различно културно потекло сами се соочуваат со сајбер нападите

Women from diverse cultural backgrounds are facing multiple barriers when seeking help over technological abuse, like stalking, hacking and online threats.An Australian-first study from the eSafety office has found issues like visa uncertainty, shame a...

Abuse survivors gloomy about Vatican summit - Преживеаните мрачно гледаат на самитот во Ватикан

On Thursday ((Feb 21)), senior figures in the Catholic Church from around the world will gather at The Vatican for a four-day summit on clerical sex abuse against children.But Australian survivors and advocates for victims say their expectations are lo...

Metropolitan Futsal Club winner of the 2019 Boots for Balkans Cup - Метрополитен футсал клуб победник на Boots for Balkans Cup 2019

Ten teams participated in the second futsal tournament organized by Boots for Balkans.In the final Metropoliten Futsal Club defeated FC- Ohrid.At the stadium of Lalor Sloga Utd, former famous football names played soccer.The Boots for Balkans announced...

VMRO-DPMNE elects Gordana Siljanovska Davkova as candidate for president of Macedonia - ВМРО-ДПМНЕ ја избра Гордана Силјановска Давкова за кандидат за претседател на Македонија

VMRO-DPMNE delegates at the party’s convention in Struga elected Gordana Siljanovska Davkova as their presidential candidate. With 408 out of 519 votes, Siljanovska Davkova received enormous support as a candidate for President of the Republic of Maced...

Macedonian designer Slavce Tanevski created the new Mercedes CLA - Македонскиот дизајнер Славче Таневски го создаде новиот Мерцедес CLA

Slavche Tanevski designed the third car for the world giant Mercedes. After the GLC Coupe and Concept EQA, last month in Las Vegas, the world saw the new Mercedes - CLA. - Славче Таневски го дизајнира третиот автомобил за светскиот гигант „Мерцедес“. П...

Two days of national mourning in Macedonia – 14 dead in tragic bus crush - Дводневна жалост во Македонија – 14 загинаа во автобуска несреќа

Bus with 50 passengers overturned on the Skopje-Tetovo highway killing 14 and injuring over 30 people, some in critical condition. - Во трагична несреќа во која автобус се преврте на автопатот Скопје-Тетово животот го изгубија 14 лица, повеќе од 30 се ...

The Republic of Macedonia has been officially renamed “Republic of North Macedonia". - Република Македонија официјално преименувана во "Република Северна Македонија"

The official change of the country’s name was first implemented on Macedonian government website, which will be followed by the replacement of signage at the various border crossings due to take place today.The flag of  NATO was raised in front of the ...

Sixty years FC Sheparton Macedonia - sixty years of history - Шеесет годни ФК Шепартон Македонија - шеесет години историја

FC Sheparton celebrated its 60th anniversary with a football tournament featuring Alton Magic Vardar, Preston Macedonia and Lalor Sloga.Besides football, it was an opportunity to see each other again with some of the former players and evoke memories o...

Can Australia do natural disaster planning better? - Може ли Австралија подобро да планира природни катастрофи?

With an annual cycle of bushfires, cyclones and floods coupled with a prosperous and stable economy, Australia features among the world's top 10 for economic damage caused by natural disasters.And as large parts of the country battle fires and floods, ...

60 years Shepparton Soccer Club - 60 години фудбалски клуб Шепартон Македонија

On the occasion of the great jubilee FC Shepherton is organizing a tournament with the teams of Altona Magic Vardar, Preston Macedonia and Lallor Sloga.The tournament will also be used to support Shepparton SC Macedonia.A conversation with Ico Davkovsk...

Macedonia signs NATO Accession Protocol - Македонија го потпиша пристапниот протокол со НАТО

NATO’s 29 members signed an accession Protocol with Macedonia on Wednesday allowing the country, under its changed name, to become the 30th member of the military alliance."Today is a historic day. This Protocol will bring more security and prosperity ...

Government cancels debts of people deceived by unscrupulous private colleges - Владата ги откажува долговите на луѓето измамени од бескрупулозните приватни колеџи

The federal government is cancelling  the debts of people deceived by unscrupulous private education colleges.Most received no qualifications but were still expected to pay back loans which many didn't even know they had. - Федералната влада ги откажув...

Syriza MP Nikos Filis: ‘Macedonia is not one and Greek’ - Грчки пратеник на Сириза: "Македонија не е една и грчка"

 'There are several Macedonias. The other Macedonia is defined with the Bucharest  treaty which bears our, Greek signature. When we hear the chant “Macedonia is one and it is Greek” it is seen as irredentism, as disrespect  for the international treati...

NSW leaders maintain anti-pill testing stance - Лидерите на Нов Јужен Велс стојат на ставот против тестирање на пилули

Following multiple drug related hospitalizations at festivals in NSW and Victoria this weekend, state leaders are still maintaining their stance on pill  testing. The New South Wales Government says young people may think testing gives them 'a green li...

How viewing Earth from space can better predict droughts and fires - Гледањето на Земјата од вселената за да се предвидат сушите и пожарите

Drought and bushfire risk could soon be predicted months in advance, thanks to emerging research using satellite technologies. Scientists have been measuring groundwater and soil moisture using data from satellites orbiting the Earth. - Ризикот од суша...

Do international uni students need stronger English language skills? - Дали меѓународните студенти на универзитет имаат потреба од посилни вештини за англиски јазик?

International students looking to study at Australian universities may face higher English language entry requirements after a push from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.He's urging the federal government to lift entry standards for people trying to ob...

Preston Macedonia hosts the Macedonian Football Cup for Victoria 2019 - Престон Македонија домаќин на македонскиот фудбалски куп за Викторија 2019

The Macedonian Football Cup for Victoria will be held on 2nd and 3rd February and the host and organiser is FC Preston Lions Macedonia.All clubs from the Macedonian community in Victoria announced their participation.The club's president Zlate Gruevski...

Alexis Tsipras: ‘We did not allow the Macedonian language because the Macedonian language is not ours to give away’ - Алексис Ципрас „Не сме дозволиле македонски јазик, бидејќи македонски

‘Neither the Macedonian nationality is ours to give. And the very use of the word "allow" indicates the illusion of greatness that stems from your nationalism. People living in Northern Greece are Greeks’, Tsipras said in the Parliament  addressing the...

Australians mark Australia Day - Австралијците го одбележуваат Денот на Австралија

Australians have marked the country's national day in many different ways.For some, it was a day of joy.For others, it's been a day of controversy and reflection.  - Австралијците го одбележаа националниот ден на земјата на многу различни начини. За не...

Denmark holds its first 'handshake' citizenship ceremony - Данска ја одржа својата прва церемонија за државјанство со "ракување"

Denmark now requires anyone who takes Danish citizenship to shake hands at the naturalisation ceremony.A law passed on December 20th which rights advocates claim is aimed at people who refuse on religious grounds to touch members of the opposite sex. -...

More protests in Greece as The Parliament delays vote on ‘North Macedonia’ - Нови протести во Грција откако парламентот го одложи гласање за "Северна Македонија"

 Thousands of people  rallied in main cities in Greece while legislators debated the Prespa agreement that renames its neighbour into a Republic of North Macedonia,  ending  more than two decades dispute between the two countries.Greek Efemerida publis...

Kids hooked on MADMIA's mismatched socks

Креативните и шарени дизајни на г-ѓа Филиповска, кои таа ги краси со уши, крилја, реси и многу повеќе, се продаваат во повеќе од 120 продавници низ Австралија, како и во Велика Британија, САД, Сингапур и Шведска.Деловната тајна на Тања Филиповска е ком...

Calls to reform police complaints system in Victoria - Повик за реформи во системот за жалби на полицијата во Викторија

A damning report into allegations of police brutality in Victoria has sparked calls to reform how police misconduct is investigated in the state.The joint ABC and Age report unveiled claims of police misconduct in recent years, prompting one alleged vi...

Greek parliament to vote on Prespa Agreement this Thursday - Грчкиот парламент ќе гласа за Преспанскиот Договор овој четврток

The international community expects the ratification of the Prespa Agreement by the Greek parliament. The UN's special mediator in the long-standing negotiations between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, hopes that Greece, like Macedonia, will fulf...

New data reveals nearly one fifth of male drownings in Australia involved alcohol - Нови податоци откриваат дека скоро една петтина од машките давеници во Австралија биле под

Drowning prevention groups are calling on Australian men not to mix alcohol with water activities during the Australia Day long weekend as new data reveals almost 2,800 adult men drowned over the last 15 years.Eighteen percent of those  deaths involved...