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Coverage of news, current affairs, sport , interviews and much more. Broadcast in Macedonian.
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Katica Janeva in custody - Триесет дена притвор за Катица Јанева

Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva will be in custody for 30 days at the prison in Shutka, as a third suspect in the "Racket" affair.A pre-trial judge handed down the measure after nearly four hours of questioning.The Prosecutor's Office says Jane...

Vatican 'acknowledges court's decision' to dismiss George Pell's appeal - Ватикан „ја признава одлуката на судот“ за одбивање на жалбата на Џорџ Пел

In the wake of George Pell's appeal being dismissed, the community has responded to the Court's decision.The news brought relief to some child abuse survivors; the Church remained neutral, while Pell supporters reiterated his innocence. - По отфрлањето...

Families urged to report foreign incomes to Tax Office - Семејствата се поттикнуваат да ги пријавуваат странските приходи во Австралиската Даночна Канцеларија

New international data sharing agreements are allowing the Australian Taxation Office, ATO, to track money across borders and identify individuals not meeting their obligations.The ATO is asking taxpayers receiving foreign incomes to make sure they rep...

Fake news about 'Racket' floods Balkan media - Лажни вести за "Рекет" ги преплавуваат балканските медиуми

"Boki 13 lived luxuriously, and is now in prison seeking help and receiving injections for sedation. Desperate Jovanovski threatened: Take me to the madhouse or I'll sing on Zaev!" This is the title of an article on the Serbian portal Kurir published y...

Katica Janeva summoned over the Racket affair - Катица Јанева повикана на распит за “Рекет”

Macedonia’s outgoing Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, was summoned yesterday to face the State Prosecutor for Organized Crime and Corruption on 20th August over the Racket affair. This case will be a test for the Macedonian judiciary, according to Fin...

The circle tightens around those involved in the ‘racket’ scandal - Kругот на инволивраните во скандалот ‘рекет’ се стеснува

In his first statement following the summer break on the scandal that has rocked the government, Prime Minister Zaev said: "Anyone involved in the ‘racket’ case and violating the law will be held responsible." He declared that there will be no politica...

Young people putting off driving, using more public transport - Младите избегнуваат да возат, повеќе користат јавен превоз

A new study has found young people in Australia are putting off getting a driving licence and using public transport more often.An international study led by Monash University compared the travel behaviour of young adults at different life stages and i...

Macedonia shaken by "racket" affair - Македонија ја тресе аферата „Рекет“

Macedonia has been rocked by the "racket" affair, and almost all institutions are on vacation. Katica Janeva does not deny that her voice is heard in the recordings but says she had negotiated through a mediator with Mr Kamchev in the case, in order to...

Во Престон Лајонс во прв план успехот, за името "подоцна", Алтона Меџик ќе го додаде Вардар - Во Престон Лајонс во прв план успехот, за името

Фудбалската Федерација на Австралија неодамна донесе одлука клубовите ширум Австралија да можат повторно да ги носат своите етнички имиња и симболи како во минатото.Во Престон Лајонс или поранешна Престон Македонија засега размислуваат за успешно заврш...

Tackling homelessness in Australia

Chronic homelessness can see people in and out of accommodation with little stability.A new project in Melbourne is aiming to break the cycle, by using otherwise vacant government land to build tiny homes.

The powerful memory of Macedonia's Ilinden lives on - Живее силната меморија на македонскиот Илинден

116 years ago the first Macedonian republic erupted in the balkans in direct defiance of the Ottoman empire.Despite tragically lasting only ten days due to the enormity of the Turkish forces, Macedonians continue to honor its fallen heroes and brillian...

Who's to blame for failure to achieve road safety targets? - Кој е виновен за неисполнување на целите за безбедност во сообраќајот?

New data shows projected declines in the road death toll are not being met.And, that's sparking plenty of strong feeling as to who is responsible, and why. - Нови податоци покажуваат дека предвидените цели за намалување на бројот на сообраќајни жртви н...

Australia is in a recycling crisis. Here's how you can reduce your footprint - Австралија е во криза со рециклирање. Еве како можете да го намалите загадувањето

Kerbside recycling from dozens of Victorian councils is set to go straight to landfill, after a major recycling company announced it would stop accepting materials.It's the latest development in an escalating recycling crisis causing trouble around Aus...

Keeping children safe online - Keeping children safe online

With young people being more tech-savvy than ever, it's important for the adults around them to do the right things to keep them safe.SBS looks at what you can do to ensure that your children have a positive experience online.While technology has many ...

Financial and social inequality are still rife in Australian life - Финансиската и социјалната нееднаквост сè уште се зголемува во австралискиот живот

New research shows financial and social inequality are still rife in many parts of Australian life.Analyses of the annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey between 2001 and 2017 shows poverty has risen -- and it's hitting women ...

Paycut helps Joyce empathise with unemployed - Намаленатa плата на Џојс му помогна да сочувствува со невработените

Nationals M-P Barnaby Joyce says he's struggling to make ends meet on his 211-thousand dollar parliamentary salary.It's inspired him to break government ranks to call for a rise in welfare payments for job seekers.But despite the show of empathy, the f...

Global crackdown on child exploitation online - Глобална акција против детска експлоатација преку Интернет

Political leaders and security experts are meeting in London to discuss a global crackdown on child exploitation online.Australia, the United States, Britain, Canada and New Zealand are all part of the Five Eyes intelligence network.Home Affairs Minist...

Fourth generation Australian Macedonian leads by example in changing the world for the better - Медисон Ристевски го менува светот со дела

That actions speak louder than words is definitely true in Madison Ristevski’s case, a 16-year-old student from Wollongong and fourth generation Australian Macedonian.As part of her studies, she needed to complete a community project that aims to make ...

US Federal government to resume death penalty - Федералната влада на САД ќе ја применува смртната казна

 The United States federal government is to resume executing death-row inmates for the first time in 16 years.The move is drawing concern from human rights groups, who've described the move as "barbaric" and "political". -  Федералната влада на Соедине...

Johannes Hahn: Public Prosecutions Law- key to EU integration - Хан: Законот за јавното обвинителство клучен за ЕУ- интеграциите

The Office of Public Prosecutions Law has become a new condition for a date for Macedonia's negotiations for accession to the EU according to a statement by EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who yesterday visited Macedonia. After meeting with ...

Heatwave set to break records across Europe - Топлотниот бран ќе ги надмине досегашните рекордни температури низ цела Европа

A record breaking heatwave is raising temperatures across Europe - and bringing headaches for officials - and heatstroke for unprepared locals. - Рекорднитe топлотни бранови ги зголемуваат температурите низ цела Европа - носeјќи главоболки за службениц...

Indigenous communities in WA say they are under threat through neglect - Домородните заедници во Западна Австралија велат дека се под закана поради занемарување

Indigenous communities in Western Australia say their houses are being neglected, poorly repaired and in some cases, bulldozed.  Occupants believe it's a ploy to force them away from their homes - but the state government argues their communities aren'...

World leaders react to Boris Johnson's elevation - Светските лидери реагираат на изборот на Борис Џонсон

World leaders have congratulated Boris Johnson on his successful bid to become the next British Prime Minister, but the European Union has warned there are challenging times ahead. Mr Johnson not only inherits the final act of the Brexit saga, but must...

Конференција сo фокус на стратегии за превенција на самоубиства

Поранешнaтa премиеркa Џулија Гилард вели дека сега е време да се справи со стапката на самоубиства во Австралија. Г-ѓа Гилард зборуваше на самитот за превенција од самоубиства, каде што експертите се согласија дека чекорите се преземени во вистинска на...

Katica Janeva denies any wrongdoing - Катица Јанева негираше злоупотреба и вмешаност во "Рекет"

After a week of no-show, Macedonia’s outgoing Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva denied any wrong doing on her part, at yesterday’s press conference.Janeva claimed that her name had been misused by the unofficial owner of 1TV, Bojan Jovanovski-Bok...

Прашањата за државјанство приоритетни на состанокот на Нов Зеланд-Австралија

Прашањето за начинот на кој Австралија ги третира имигрантите од Нов Зеланд беше подигнато на состанокот меѓу премиерката на Нов Зеланд Јасинда Адерн и премиерот Скот Морисон во Мелбурн. Таа вели дека политиките се неправедни.

Canadian authorities investigate Australian man's death - Канадските власти ја испитуваат смртта на австралиски човек

An Australian police commander says the entire force is "devastated" by the death of a regional police chief's son in Canada.The bodies of Lucas Fowler and his American girlfriend Chynna Deese were found by authorities in British Columbia, close to the...

Rallies around Australia call for an end to offshore detention - Митинзите околу Австралија бараат прекин на офшор притворот

Rallies to free Manus Island and Nauru asylum seekers have been held around Australia.Protesters called for an end to six -years of offshore detention. - Во саботата, демонстрации за ослободување на барателите на азил од Островот Манус и Науру се одржа...

Makedonika - the largest free online library in the Balkans - "Македоника" - најголемата бесплатна електронска библиотека на Балканот

With an offer of 1000+ free electronic books in Macedonian and above 50,000 subscribers, is the largest free online library in the Balkans. Established in 2013 in Macedonia, this platform allows everyone around the world to have free acce...

Canberra: The week in review 19 July - Преглед на политичката недела во Австралија 19 јули

Earlier this month the Federal Government passed its tax cuts for millions of Australian workers, promised in the first sitting week since May election.Federal politicians have spent the last two weeks back in the electorates as parliament rose, but it...

Which Australian celebrities savor Macedonian food?! - Кои јавни австралиски личности уживаат со македонската храна?!

“Australian Labour politician Bill Shorten, American actor Ronn Moss, well-known Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jacky O, and world famous chef Jamie Oliver are just some of the celebrities that have been guests at our restaurant Mleko Bar in Sydney”- ...

Private health system in need of repair - Приватниот здравствен систем има потреба од измени

A new report has warned the private health system needs urgent repair as younger Australians continue to drop out at an alarming rate.It's sparked calls from consumers and the industry alike for the Federal Government to do more to make cover more affo...

Scientists uncover genetics behind eating disorder - Научниците откриваат генетика зад растројството во исхраната

Australian scientists have helped unlock the genetics behind the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.The scientists are part of an international team that has identified a number of genes associated with the disorder.The results published in the Nature Ge...

Miki Velickovski: My family accepted something that nobody was able to change - Мики Величковски: Моето семејство го прифати она што не можеше никој да го промени

Miki Velickovski is one of the few brave people from Macedonian community in Australia who are ready to openly and publicly discuss their homosexuality. Along with his partner Dan Smith, he decided to trade his urban life for one on a farm, defying man...

Macedonia’s Special Public Prosecution team distances themselves from Katica Janeva - Тимот на Специјалното јавно обвинителство се огради од Катица Јанева

The resignation two day ago of Macedonia’s Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva that took place simultaneously with the arrest of Bojan Jovanovski (known as "Boki 13") and Zoran Mileski (known as "Kicheec") remains the main focus of media attention...

Advocates push to raise unemployment benefits - Застапниците за социјална помош вршат притисок за зголемување на надоместокот за невработеност Newstart

Unemployed Australians and social welfare advocates are making a renewed push to raise the rate of Newstart.It comes following the government's pledge to cut deeming rates for pensioners [[July 15]]. - Невработените Австралијци и застапниците за соција...

Federal government rejects to fix dangerous cladding - Федералната влада одбива да го поправи опасното обложување

The Victorian government has announced a $600 million package to fix dangerous cladding on hundreds of buildings around the state.Premier Daniel Andrews says the issue isn't isolated to Victoria, and is hoping the Commonwealth will meet half of the cos...

Shanghai residents are being driven crazy by new trash-sorting rules - Жителите на Шангхај се збунети од новите правила за сортирање на ѓубрето

China’s decision to stop importing foreign waste last year disrupted the way countries all over the world deal with their rubbish.Now the Chinese government is turning its attention to its own mountains of waste, starting in the city of Shanghai.A new ...

First Indegenous fire crew making its mark - Прва домородна противпожарна екипа на Нов Јужен Велс

Sydney's inner-city suburb of Redfern has been the site of many historic moments for Indigenous Australians, and now it's celebrating another.The local fire station has just formed the state's first all-Indigenous crew, and they're already making their...

Government to cut pensioners' deeming rates - $800 долари повеќе годишно под изменитe на тестот за приход за пензионери

Around one million Australians could receive up to $800 more per year under changes to the federal government's income test for pensioners. But advocates say the much-needed move doesn't go far enough.The federal government has announced it will cut de...

Forming intergenerational bonds through playgroups - Одржување на меѓугенерациските врски преку групите за играње

Once upon a time, grandparents used to play an active role in the lives of their grandchildren.Nowadays, with families increasingly living apart, spending time together is a challenge.However, some are finding ways to form new intergenerational bonds f...

Federal government commits to reducing stillbirths - Федералната влада се залага за намалување на мртвородени деца

The federal government has committed to tackling Australia's heartbreaking stillbirth rate. It's  investing 52 million dollars in research and education, as well as bereavement services for families who have lost babies.In the last two decades there ha...

Aboriginal students put their teaching skills to the test - Абориџинските студенти ги ставаат на тест своите вештини за предавање

Schools across the country are highlighting Aboriginal history as part of NAIDOC week celebrations.At one New South Wales school, Aboriginal students put their teaching skills to the test -  passing on their knowledge of Indigenous culture to their pee...

The Galicnik Wedding - a splendid presentation of Macedonian tradition and folklore in its 46th year - "Галичка свадба"-раскошна презентација на македонската традиција и фолклор по 46

In the “homeland of the proud Miyatsi”- the village of Galicnik, the tradition and folklore of Macedonians have been preserved with care and passion. Each year, on St. Peter’s day, they have been proudly presented to the world through the popular cultu...

Would you eat meat grown in a laboratory? - Дали ќе јадете месо одгледувано во лабораторија?

In a country as addicted to barbecues as Australia, the prospects for meat grown from cells in a laboratory don't see strong.But lab-grown beef, poultry, pork and fish may be part of an answer to climate change and animal welfare.  says Uma Valeti,  CE...

Ken Wyatt promises an Indigenous recognition referendum within three years - Кен Вајат ветува референдум за Домородно признание во рок од три години

Australians could vote on a proposal to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution within the next three years.In his first major address since becoming the first Aboriginal Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt has pledged to bring ...

The digitalised “Busava azbuka”- another valuable resource to learn Macedonian in Australia - Дигитализирана "Бушавата азбука"- уште еден драгоцен начин да се учи македонски во А

The book “Busava Azbuka” that in the early 80’s spurred the hugely popular eponymous TV program and helped numerous generations of children in Macedonia learn to read and write using the Cyrillic alphabet, recently saw its digitalized version.  Thanks ...

Treaty deal with Aboriginal people under negotiation in Victoria - Се преговара договор со Абориџинските луѓе на Викторија

The state of Victoria is a navigating a Treaty deal with its Aboriginal people for the first time in Australia.The process aims to acknowledge Aboriginal rights and improve the community's future by recognising past wrongdoing.Victoria is the first sta...

Promising results from Aboriginal maternity program - Ветувачки резултати од програмата за мајки и деца- Абориџини

Indigenous babies are twice as likely to die during early childhood compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts. One hospital has dramatically boosted the number of Aboriginal maternal health workers in a bid to close the gap. Staff say it’s showing ...

Aboriginal artist story-tellers' two-way experience in Europe - Европа како двонасочно искуство за уметниците-Абориџинки

Five Aboriginal women from a remote Northern Territory community will fly to France in October to show off their artwork. The Babbarra Women's Centre in Arnhem Land is sending some of its artists to Paris for an exhibition and series of workshops. - Пе...