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Coverage of news, current affairs, sport , interviews and much more. Broadcast in Macedonian.
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Prolonged heatwave forecast for South Australia - Продолжена прогноза за топлински бран за Јужна Австралија

As South Australia prepares to swelter through another heatwave (from Jan 11) authorities are warning people to stay alert.Temperatures are expected to hit the mid-40s in northern parts of the state across the next week, with only slight relief expecte...

2018 declared Australia's third hottest year on record - 2018 година прогласена за третата најтопла година во Австралија

Australia had its third hottest year on record in 2018.While rainfall totals were the lowest since 2005.2018 brought with it some unseasonal surprises.Bushfires came early.While snow fell well into the warmer months. - Австралија ја имаше својата трета...

Мицкоски бара предвремени избори во Македонија а Ципрас гласање за доверба во Грција

Лидерот на македонската најголема опозициска партија, Христијан Мицкоски бара  предвремени избори откако македонските пратеници ги усвоија амандманите за промена на името на земјата, според т.н. преспански договор со Грција. 

Mocking of Christ - "Brilliant, courageous film, very self-reflective" - Ругање со Христос - "Брилијантен, храбар филм, многу само-рефлективен"

Australian audiences react favourably to Jani Bojadji's most recent film, 'Mocking of Christ', which premiered at the Yan Yean Theatre in Melbourne last Friday.Director Bojadji expressed heartfelt thanks to the community and noted that the audience rea...

Stojko Stojkov: Bulgaria supports Macedonia joining the EU as a country, but not as a nation - Стојко Стојков: Бугарија сака во ЕУ да влезе Македонија, но не и македонизмот

The problem with the Macedonian-Bulgarian Historians Committee established with the Friendship Treaty, is the fact that due to the asymmetrical positions of both countries, Bulgaria will try to politicly interfere in its work, and if it doesn’t succeed...

Film director Jani Bojadzi screens 'Mocking of Christ' in Australia - Филмскиот режисер Јани Бојаџи ќе го прикаже филмот "Ругање со Христос" во Австралија

Macedonian film director Jani Bojadzi will be screening his most recent film titled, "Mocking of Christ', awarded the prize for Innovation at the 2018 Montreal Film Festival. And whilst the French Ambassador to the RM has called it a mediation on the h...

Бадникова трпеза за повеќе од 300 присутни во Св.Петка во Сиднеј

Повеќе од 300 млади и стари другаруваа за време на посната Бадникова трпеза во Македонската православна црква "Св.Петка" во Сиднеј

Father Vlado Nedeski: Let Christmas holidays inspire our togetherness - Отец Владо Недески: Божиќните празници да ни бидат поттик за сплотување

Sunday, 6th of January the Divine Liturgy starts at 8:30am and the Vigil service at 6 pm followed by blessing of the Badnikov bread , says father Vlado Nedeski , priest  at the Macedonian Orthodox Church “St Petka” in Rockdale, Sydney suburb with large...

New year brings new laws - Нова година носи нови закони

A new year means new rules and regulations.From the tampon tax to youth allowance and personal income tax, these are the new laws slated to kick in during 2019. - Нова година значи нови правила и прописи.Tампонскиот данок, младински додаток и персоналн...

Australia brings in 2019 with a bang - Австралија со спектакуларни огномети ја дочека 2019

Skylines across Australia have lit up with tonnes of fireworks as people across the nation ushered in 2019.The Sydney Harbor Bridge was again at the forefront of Australia's New Years Eve celebrations.The fireworks display, which cost $5.8 million doll...

Macedonian division in New Year's messages - Македонска поделеност и во новогодишните пораки

Traditionally, before the new year, politicians send a video message with greetings to the citizens. This year's greetings by government representatives and the opposition contain diametrically opposed messages and views. - Традиционално пред новата го...

Amazing Australia seen through the lens of a well known Macedonian Photographer - Чудесната Австралија видена низ објективот на познат македонски фотограф

“Australia with its splendid wildlife, unique plant species, animals and colors is a fascinating object for a photographer such as myself. It is something I hadn't experienced before despite the fact I have travelled to nearly all other continents”, sa...

Izabela Barakovska selected as a WA delegate for the UN Youth's Young Diplomats Tour of Europe in 2019

‘In future, I wish to go into field in which I can make a difference, such as politics, international relations, diplomacy, or a role in social justice organization in which I can work on problems such as food security, inequity in opportunities for ed...

Call for Macedonians in Australia to take part in land consolidation in the Bitola region - Повик до Македонците од Австралија да се вклучат во консолидација на земјиштето во бит

Macedonian geodetic company, Geo Balkan, from Bitola calls on the landowners or their descendants who have properties in the villages of Logovardi and Optichari, Municipality of Bitola, to contact them immediately for the purpose of fulfilling their le...

"Scupini Romani": A historical reconstruction of Macedonian Cultural Heritage from the Roman period - "Scupini Romani": Историска реконструкција на македонското, културно наследство од врем

The celebration of the New Year is just one of the many traditions and customs that date back to the Roman Period, which have been preserved until modern times through Christianity, says Vasilka Dimitrovska, archaeologist and director of the non-for-pr...

Macedonian and Greek PMs to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras are to be nominated for the prestige prize by one of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winners, Tunisian economist Uided Bushamaui today in Skopje, for signing the Prespa Agreement“I see the Prespa agreement, in w...

The winners of the third annual SBS National Languages Competition announced - Познати победниците на Националниот натпревар по јазици на СБС

Five young Australian language students have been selected as the winners of the third annual SBS National Languages Competition. The winners were selected from around 4,000 entries representing 80 languages. - Од 4000 апликации со кои беа претставени ...

Joshua Sherman : Macedonian community must unite if it wants to be heard - Joshua Sherman : Macedonian community must unite if it wants to be heard

The president of the new Australian-Macedonian Council of NSW, Joshua Sherman addressing the leaders and representatives of more than 30 community associations in NSW, urged them to come together as one united front to ensure the continued success of t...

How Macedonian "Martinki" become part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - Како и македонските "Мартинки" станаа светско културно наследство на УНЕСКО?

The little bracelets called "Martinki" that are made out of red and white thread and comprise part of the Macedonian cultural tradition associated with the 1st of March (the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere) were in 2017 listed by UNESCO ...

Mickoski calls for resignations of ministers Nikola Dimitrov and Oliver Spasovski

Hristijan Mickoski addressing protesters in Kichevo: 'The struggle against the name change continues'

Macedonian Literature Night held in Melbourne - Во Мелбурн одржана македонска книжевна вечер

A Literature Night named "My favorite story" was organised by the Macedonian Literature Club "Koco Racin" at Yarra Plenty Mill Park Library last week. The idea behind the event was to help the preservation of the Macedonian language in Australia. The p...

Stefanovski comes back home - Стефановски "се враќа" дома

Macedonia is saying goodbye to its most prominent playwright Goran Stefanovski. He authored over 30 plays, including Hi-Fi, Let Vo Mesto, Tetovirani Dushi, Divo Meso, Crna Dupka and Cernodrinski Se Vraka Doma. Stefanovski’s plays were widely performed ...

Massive move to consolidate individual plots of farmland in Macedonian villages - Масивен потег да се консолидираат поединечни парцели на обработливо земјиште во македонски

You may think having farmland is super cool, however, for decades, Macedonian villagers have been inheriting scattered blocks of land and putting up with expensive production costs. One landowner may own up to 20 individual parcels of land in various l...

Australian scientist uncovers new part of brain - Австралиски научник откри нов дел од мозокот

In a world-first, an Australian neuroscientist has discovered a new region of the brain which may help people play piano and exercise more precise finger movements.The new discovery has set the research community on a new goal of finding out other uniq...

A night for all ages to share favourite literature - Ноќ за сите возрасти да ја споделат омилената литература

The Macedonian Literary Association "Koco Racin" is holding a special night at the Mill Park library, where bookworms can come and share excerpts from their favourite novels or recite poems. President Gordana Dimovska says there'll be an appreciative a...

Migrants women struggle to find jobs and access health services - Жените-мигранти тешко наоѓаат работа во Австралија

The Harmony Alliance has released a report highlighting the difficulties that female migrants and refugees are experiencing in Australia. Of the women surveyed, many struggle to find employment and have difficulty accessing essential health services. -...

A landslide victory for Labor in the Victorian state election - Убедлива победа на Лабуристите во Викторија

Daniel Andrews has secured Labor's dominance in Victoria for another four years with a landslide win that leaves the Liberal opposition shattered and the Greens on the sidelines. As counting continues, Labor is on track to win as many as 61 seats in th...

Government plans new laws to strip convicted terrorists of citizenship - Владата планира да воведе нови закони за одземање на државјанството на осудените терористи

The Federal Government has unveiled new anti-terrorism laws that would make it easier to strip convicted terrorists of their citizenship. Currently a minister can act if the jail sentence is six years or more. The Prime Minister says greater powers are...

Young Macedonian teaches future Australian "Intrapreneurs" - Македонката што ги подучува идните интрапретприемачи во Австралија

"This is the right country for me", says Ivona Ravlic (28), who moved from Macedonia to Australia last year in order to further her studies as a PhD student at the Business School of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. After a year spent h...

Macedonian Village Games as a great opportunity for reunion, fun and active ageing - "Игрите од моето детство" - потсетување како играа без комјутери децата некогаш

Socialising, having fun and relaxing in the tradition of the older days and away from technological devises of modern times, is the main idea behind the upcoming event Macedonian Village Games, that will take place on the 2nd December, at the Macedonia...

Study shows poorer Australians exposed to pollution - Посиромашните Австралијци изложени на загадување

The extent to which poorer Australians are exposed to pollution has been revealed in a first-of-its kind report.The study mapped the most polluted postcodes and found the vast majority are home to people on low and middle incomes, with wealthier areas ...

The ethnic pay gap: Britain proposes to address it - Велика Британија предлага да се справи со јазот во платите на етничките работници

In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May recently proposed making companies publish their pay disparity between ethnic and Anglo workers.It came after a series of audit reports found a significant pay gap between workers of different ethnic backgrounds.D...

Problem eating behaviour now hitting young and often - Проблематичното однесување кон исхраната се почесто ги погодува младите

A new study shows high numbers of teenagers have negative thoughts about weight gain and are taking rather dramatic action to control it.Analysts say they are concerned problematic eating behaviours at a young age are increasingly leading to eating dis...

Child sex abuse survivors welcome the national apology - Преживеаните од сексуална злоупотреба на деца го поздравуваат националното извинување

Thousands of survivors of child sexual abuse have sat in to listen to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten apologise for the pain inflicted on them as children.While the words can’t take away what happened, for some it has p...

Three arrested in Melbourne over alleged terrorist plot - Тројца уапсени во Мелбурн поради наводен терористички заговор

Victorian police say three men arrested over an alleged I-S-inspired terrorist plot in Melbourne aimed to kill as many people as possible and had tried to source a semiautomatic rifle.The arrests come after a joint investigation between Victoria Police...

Federal government announces measures aimed at improving women's financial security - Федералната влада објавува мерки насочени кон подобрување на финансиската сигурност на ж

More flexible paid-parental leave and increased financial options for victims of domestic violence are among wide-ranging benefits announced by the federal government specifically for women.The plan aims to improve women's economic security, but the op...

Policies laid out as Victorian election approaches - Политиките поставени за Викториските избори

Candidates in Victoria's state election are ramping up their campaigns ahead of Saturday's poll November 24.With just days to convince voters about who should lead the state for the next four years, candidates from the major parties are also spruiking ...

Former chief of counter-intelligence Sasho Mijalkov arrested - Уапсен поранешниот шеф на контра-разузнавачката служба Сашо Мијалков

A 30-day detention was assigned to the former chief of Macedonian counter-intelligence at the request of the Special Public Prosecutor.According to the Criminal Court, detention was ordered based on the risk of escape as well as in connection to the "T...

Meet Bibi, the little animated character that teaches kids how to speak Macedonian - Запознајте ја Биби- анимираниот карактер што ги учи децата да зборуваат литературен макед

 How can kids spend time in front of technological devices and achieve something that is both entertaining and useful in the long run? A new Macedonian project called "The world of Bibi" seems to have some answers. Comprised of video stories and pictur...

Happy 40th Anniversary Macedonian School Council NSW - Четири децении неуморна работа на чуварите на јазикот

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Macedonian School Council of NSW. SBS chats with one of its founding members Tode Kabrovski, who remembers how the bare beginnings helped forge an organisation which yielded 2 generations of students, fluent ...

Volunter of the Year Cele Presilski - Altona Magic FC - Целе Пресилски - волонтер на годината

The 2018 Victorian Football Awards were presented recently to Football Victoria's Community in Business luncheon held at Hyatt Place.Cele Presilski has been associated Altona Magic and its previous names such as Kingsville since the club's inception in...

New ombudsman calling out for financial complaints - Новиот омбудсмен повикува на пријавување на финансиски жалби

Consumers and small businesses worried about financial products now have a new voice on their side.A Chief Ombudsman for the new Australian Financial Complaints Authority has begun work. -  Потрошувачите и малите бизниси загрижени за финансиските произ...

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban confirms Hungary received asylum application by Nikola Gruevski - Виктор Орбан потврди дека Унгарија го примила барањето за азил од Никола Груевски

He also stated that the Hungarian and Macedonian governments partner in interstate relations and therefore Hungary will in no way intervene in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.Mr. Orban’s office added that in accordance with the law, there w...

Arrest warrant issued for missing former PM Nikola Gruevski - Распишана потерница по Никола Груевски

Macedonian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Nikola Gruevski, the former prime minister, who had a deadline by yesterday, to commence his two-year jail sentence. Police say he was not available both at his home and party headquarters.VMRO D...

Parliamentary committees adopt last two draft amendments to amend the Constitution - Собраниските комисии ги усвоија последните два предлог-амандмани за промена на Уставот

The plenary session is scheduled for December 1st. "Macedonia Blokira" resumed sending protest letters to lawmakers who voted for constitutional change.Brane Stefanovski reporting from Macedonia - Пленарната седница за нив е закажана за 1 декември„Маке...

Zaklina Mihajlova: We should study Macedonian for our own good - Жаклина Михаjлова: Учете македонски за ваше добро

The Macedonian School Council for New South Wales is celebrating its 40th anniversary, since it was founded back in the 70's. The first official Macedonian language classes were established in Australia in 1976, hosting as many as 450 students who were...

What amazing possibilities learning Macedonian opens for you? - Кои врати ти ги отвора изучувањето на македонскиот јазик?

"Studying Macedonian helped me in preserving my cultural identity. It has opened for me a window to an entirely new world, to a tradition rich in cultural customs and colours" - says 13-year-old Stefan Buzevski from Melbourne. He is one of the many stu...

Peaceful protest in support of Gruevski - Мирен протест за поддршка на Груевски

Supporters, party members of  VMRO-DPMNE and its supporters have demanded justice for the former leader of the party.Milco Jovanoski reporting from Macedonia. - Симпатизери, членови на партијата ВМРО-ДПМНЕ и негови поддржувачи побараа правда за поранеш...

VMRO-DPMNE will only debate and will not submit amendments at this stage

Party Coordinator Nikola Micevski says -VMRO-DPMNE will actively debate on constitutional amendments but will not submit proposals for amendments to the constitutional changes. He anticipates a heated parliamentary debate. Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaf...

Government relaxing visa rules for foreign farm workers - Владата ги олабавува визните правила за странските земјоделски работници

The Federal Government says it will relax visa rules for foreign farm workers in a bid to permanently end worker shortages on farms.The National Farmers' Federation has welcomed the changes, but the Australian Workers' Union has expressed concern it wi...