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Coverage of news, current affairs, sport , interviews and much more. Broadcast in Macedonian.
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Kosta David Petrov: “Proud” carries a message to be heard by many - Коста Петров: “Proud” носи порака што треба да биде слушната од многумина

“Proud” is a female song conveying a message that every parent should pass onto their children, says Kosta David Petrov, who co-authored the lyrics for the 2019 Macedonian Eurovision song entry. Tamara’s excellent performance of the song on the Eurovis...

International study shows: Australians are gaining weight - Австралијците стануваат се подебели, потврдува меѓународна студија

Over the last three decades, the average Australian man has gained eight kilograms in weight, while the average Aussie woman has added six kilograms, according to a new, international study. The researchers also found a higher proportion of adults in m...

Calls to end dog handler discrimination - Повик да се прекине дискриминацијата против кучето помошник

Dogs are leading the way as the animal of choice when it comes to helping people with vision, mental, or physical impairments, due to the fact that they are easily trained. But a survey has found one in two dog handlers are discriminated against, when ...

Тамара со "Proud" ќе се обиде да ја направи Македонија "Горда" на Евровизија

Тамара Тодевска е еден од водечките женски вокални гласови во Македонија. Израсната во музичка фамилија со музика се занимава од шест годишна возраст.Ова ќе биде нејзино трето учество на избор на Песна на Евровизија и со песната "Proud" ќе се обиде да ...

Stem cell research: changing stroke victims' lives - Истражување на матични клетки: го менува животот на жртвите на мозочен удар

An Australian-developed therapy could hold the key to saving the lives of patients in the crucial minutes after they've suffered a stroke - the second leading cause of death globally. The simple treatment involves the injection of placenta stem cells a...

Папата во историска посета на Македонија

Поглаварот на Римокатоличката црква е првиот шеф на Ватикан што ја посетил Македонија. Тој ја пофали земјата за нејзината мултиетничка и мултирелигиска мирна коегзистенција и рече дека тоа е мост меѓу Истокот и Западот.Од историската посета известуваа ...

A million species at risk of extinction - Еден милион видови се изложени на ризик од исчезнување

A damning assessment of the world's biodiversity has found a million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction, largely, because of human activity. The United Nations-backed report shows nature is declining at rates previously unseen in human ...

Boeing sued by families after Ethiopia crash - Тужба против Боинг од семејствата по авионската несреќа во Етиопија

The families of Canadians killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March filed a lawsuit against the aircraft manufacturers Boeing in Chicago.  - Семејствата на Канаѓаниte кои загинаa во авионската несреќа на Еthiopian Airlines во март поднесоа тужба ...

Stevo Pendarovski claims victory in Macedonian presidential elections - Стево Пендаровски извојува победа на македонските претседателски избори

The ruling parties candidate Stevo Pendarovski had won 421,487 votes,(51.86 per cent) and his rival Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, backed by the main opposition VMRO DPMNE party,361,984 votes (44.54 per cent), according The State Election Commission resu...

Dr. Mirjana Lozanovska puts migrant houses of the 1950's-1970's on the architectural map - Д-р Мирјана Лозановска ги става мигрантските куќи од 1950-тите - 1970-тите години на архитект

[[{"fid":"1768044","view_mode":"body_content","uuid":"94a7324e-a200-49bd-9358-1d15ed78096e","type":"media","attributes":{"height":"525","width":"700","alt":"Architecture","class":"media-element file-body-content"}}]]Dr. Mirjana Lozanovska is an Associa...

The dangers of screentime for children - Опасностите од времето поминато на екран за деца

The World Health Organization has for the first time advised parents that children under the age of two should not spend any time passively watching electronic screens. It's also recommended children aged two to four spend no more than an hour a day wa...

Australia's private rental market is 'failing' - Австралискиот приватен пазар за изнајмување "неуспешен"

New housing analysis has described Australia's private rental market as "failing" people earning the minimum wage and receiving income-assessed government support payments. It comes just weeks out from the federal election and as calls come from all si...

Melbourne teen Daniel Lazarevski attracts attention with his 150 kg tuna catch - Даниел Лазаревски од Мелбурн привлече огромно медиумско внимание со својот улов на туна од

The young fisherman tells Vase Kocev from SBS Macedonian he started  to go fishing as a 4 year old with  his Dad Nick. Nick Lazarevski : ‘We weren’t expecting that size of tuna…we knew there was a big tuna in the area, but  fish of 150 kg even for an a...

Sunken freighter found at last - Потонатиот товарен брод SS Iron Crown пронајден по 77 години

The wreckage of an Australian freight ship, sunk by a Japanese torpedo during the second World War, has been found off the coast of Victoria. The SS Iron Crown sank in June 1942.Only five of the 43 crew on board, survived. - Остатоците од еден Австрали...

Holy Thursday, red eggs before sunrise, lent – Preparations for Orthodox Easter - Велики Четврток, црвени јајца пред изгрејсонце, пост - подготовки за православниот Велиг

Reverend Vlado Nedeski, priest at the MOC 'St.Petka' in Rockdale, talks to SBS Macedonian about  Orthodox Easter , why it is celebrated on different date than the Catholic One , the Easter church liturgies and the symbolism of the red egg   -  Отец  Вл...

Saving ANZAC Ryan:Meet the Australian war hero who also fought for Turkey - АНЗАК Рајан: Запознајте го австралискиот воен херој кој исто така се бореше за Турција

A doctor who was an ANZAC veteran from Gallipoli, who declared Ned Kelly dead, and who was also a Turkish war hero, is a remarkable figure of Australian – and Turkish – history.Now Turkey is restoring the Melbourne grave of Dr Charles Ryan in tribute. ...

Hung parliaments and democracy sausages: how your vote works - Парламенти без мнозинство и демократски колбаси: како функционира вашиот глас

Australians are heading to the polls on May 18 to decide who's going to run the country.With the 2019 campaign officially underway, we take a look at how your vote works. - Австралијците ќе гласаат на изборите на 18-ти Мај за да одлучат кој ќе ја води ...

Vaccinating children the key to reducing the harms from flu - Вакцинирањето на децата е клуч за намалување на штетите од грип

Despite a high rate of flu cases already this year, new research shows the majority of Australians aren’t planning to get a flu shot and only 10 per cent think children should get the jab. Experts say the results are worrying, with children and the eld...

Australia's new parent visa 'absolutely unfair' say migrant communities - Новата родителска виза во Австралија "апсолутно неправедна" велат заедниците на емигранти

Applications are open ((Wed 17/4)) for the long-awaited new temporary parent visa, designed to provide an alternative to the existing permanent visa options for parents of migrants. Migrant communities have campaigned for years for long-term visas to a...

Pendarovski and Siljanovska-Davkova neck and neck in Macedonia’s presidential race - Пендаровски и Силјановска-Давкова со тесна разлика на претседателските избори со досега

In a lowest presidential election turnout to date, the ruling Social Democratic Union of Macedonia's candidate Stevo Pendarovski was on 44,7 percent of the vote with his rival Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova of the opposition’s VMRO-DPMNE on 44,3 percent. ...

Profile of the Australian Greens - Профил на Партијата на Aвстралиските Зелени

 The Australian Greens formally began on the 30th of August 1992, when representatives from independent Green state-based parties met in Sydney to form a new federal party. The growth and success of what has come to be the third main party in Australia...

Profile of the Nationals Party - Профил на Партијата Нашионалс

The Nationals take pride in representing the interests of people in regional and rural Australia and have done so for almost 100 years. Formed in 1920, the party's gone through a series of name changes and for many years called itself the National Part...

Profile of the Australian Labor Party - Профил на Австралиската Работничка Партија

The Australian Labor Party is Australia's oldest party in one of the world's oldest continuous democracies. One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation. The trade union movement con...

Profile of the Liberal Party - Профил на Либералната Партија

There's no other figure that looms larger over the Liberal Party of Australia than Sir Robert Menzies. In fact few Australians have gained such fame, or held such influence, over the nation than the former Liberal prime minister. He created the party, ...

'Staggering' climate report reveals unprecedented emissions, more people affected - "Изненадувачки" извештај за климата открива невидени емисии, повеќе луѓе погодени

Climate Change Experts are calling for decisive action on climate change following a new report from The World Meteorological Organisation which has been described as 'staggering'. It reveals greenhouse gas emissions have risen to unprecedented levels,...

Victoria joins national push for script monitoring system - Викторија се приклучи на националниот притисок за систем за следење на скрипти

A new real-time prescription monitoring system has been rolled-out in Victoria after a successful trial period in the state's western region. Victoria has become the third state to develop its own prescription monitoring system after Tasmania and the A...

Sponsored Parent Visas for up to 10 years from 17 April - Спонзорирани родителски визи до 10 години од 17 април

Migrant families  wanting to sponsor their parents to come to Australia for up to 10 years will be able to  lodge an application to become a sponsor from 17 April 2019Zack Ristov, registered migration agent from talk...

Will Greek PM’s historic visit to Macedonia pave the way for friendship? - Ќе поплочи ли пат на пријателство историската посета на премиерот Ципрас на Македонија?

We must run to compensate for the lost time of 30 years in mutual relations, is the message sent by the Macedonian and the Greek PM , Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras yesterday in Skopje, saying that the Prespa Agreement is in full force and fulfillment. ...

Will candidates for President of Macedonia open a ‘new page in election history’? - Ќе отворат ли кандидатите за претседател на Македонија "нова страница во изборната истор

Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, Blerim Reka and Stevo Pendarovski signed Code for fair and democratic elections on Sunday, a day before the official start of the campaign for the 6th presidential elections  promising a race that may open a new page in ele...

Pledges and pitches by politicians ahead of budget 2019

Reducing power bills for almost four million low income Australians has emerged as one of Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's key pitches to voters ahead of Tuesday's Budget. Election promises have also been made by Labor, pledging to reduce plastic wa...

What election-winning budget would look like for Banks voters - Како би изгледал идеалниот буџет за гласачите на Бенкс

This year the major parties are working to deliver an election-winning budget.We asked the people in one of the country's most marginal seats what an election-winning budget would look like through their eyes. SBS News spoke to voters in the seat of Ba...

Spies needed - Има потреба од шпиони

The veil of secrecy has been drawn back on the activities of Australia's top cyber spies. The head of Australia's foreign intelligence and cyber security agency - the Australian Signals Directorate - has lifted the lid on some top-secret operations as ...

Federal government to trial new services for reporting elder abuse - Федералната влада да тестира нови услуги за известување за злоупотреба на постари лица

Older Australians who experience abuse or their families will now be able to contact a free national hotline providing referrals and information on how people can best protect themselves. The federal government says the funding will be used for 12 tria...

Објавенa е нова спасувачка терапија за рак

Австралија ќе заземе централна улога во обезбедувањето нова терапија за рак, која ќе го реинжинира имунолошкиот систем на пациентот. Мултимилионскиот финансиски залог за третман кој е поздравен како чудесен лек доаѓа во време кога двете големи партии г...

Izabela Barakovska from Perth reflects on the UN Young Diplomats Tour of Europe - Рефлексија на Изабела Бараковска од Перт за турнејата на млади дипломати на ОН

 The student who was one of the 16 young leaders from around Australia on a four week tour of Europe to explore the complex realities of diplomacy in the 21st Century,  where they met and engaged  with key players in international diplomacy – from UN r...

The Hon David Coleman ‘Meets and Greets’ the members of Australian-Macedonian Council - Министерот за имиграција, државјанство и мултикултурни прашања Дејвид Колман се срет

 The Government’s  $ 71 million package aimed at bringing Australians together includes $ 10 million for the Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program to help Australian children learn more about their cultural background‘Local Community  Langua...

Happy World Theatre Day - Среќен Светски ден на театарот

The Australian Macedonian Theatre of Sydney for more than a decade through its plays sends strong messages to the audience, from the stigma of mental illness to the need of breaking the cultural barriers and mutual understanding and respect in multicul...

How much do you really know about managing your money?

Do you know the exact value of your super? The Financial Capability website - managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission - says only 35 per cent of us do. Do you understand the concept of diversification? Only 40 per cent do. How m...

New icons in ‘St. Petka’ in Sydney made according to old authentic Orthodox iconographic tradition - Пристигнаа нови икони во "Св Петка" во Сиднеј изработени според древните канони

The iconostasis in the Macedonian Orthodox Church ‘St. Petka’ in Sydney was  enriched  with new icons, made by the monastery sisterhood  in the  Macedonian village of Veljusa, in the same way as they were created more than ten centuries ago. They are c...

Pick of the crop artisans gather for Wine & Cheese Fest at Seaworks - Уште еден импресивен фестивал на вино и сирење во организација на Сотир Стојчевски

Round seven, (or was it eight...) hick! of the annual Wine & Cheese Festival held at Williamstown on March 9, was another chance for local producers in Victoria to show their subtle points of difference. You would have been excused for any slurring...

Australian Macedonian Council of NSW representing the community needs - Австралиско Македонскиот Совет за НЈВ – гласен претставник на потребите на заедницата

"The voice of the community is already being heard because majority of organisations started to cooperate and to work united . The strength is that we joined together so the NSW politicians and the federal government began to listen to our voices and t...

'Macedonian Pearls' in Woolongong open for more student enrolements - “Македонски Бисери” од Волонгонг и натаму чека повеќе ученици по македонски

Even though Macedonian language classes are free and the costs covered by the state, the number of students is small given the size of the Macedonian community in Wollongong, says Emilija Zupanovska, who teaches Macedonian language at the school ‘Maced...

Learning Macedonian in Shepparton - Учиме македонски во Шепартон

'Our main goal is to preserve our roots and our material and spiritual heritage, because it is through the language that we show who we are and what we are,' Katerina Poulos, a Macedonian language teacher at the Victorian School of Languages.The knowle...

Motivational session in Macedonian in Melbourne with D-r Snezhana Djambazova-Popordanoska - Мотивациска сесија на македонски во Мелбурн со д-р Снежана Џамбазова-Попорданоска

‘Do you want to escape from suffering for a limited period of time, or do you want to be free from it? If you want to escape temporarily, then a drink, a pill, a logical explanation, or an amusement may help with the inevitable consequences of dependen...

President Ivanov refuses to sign new laws with the name ‘Republic of North Macedonia’ - Претседателот Иванов одбива да потпише нови закони со името "Република Северна Македо

Several laws passed in the Parliament will have to be put to the vote again, after which the president will have to sign them, as the law requires -  Неколку закони усвоени во Парламентот ќе треба  да се стават на гласање повторно, по што претседателот...

Researchers hail breakthrough in universal development - напредок во развојот на универзална вакцина против грип

Australian researchers are hailing what they're calling a major breakthrough in the development of a universal flu vaccine that protects against all strains of the virus. The discovery of genes that kill all flu types could help prevent thousands of de...

Jail time proposed for bosses who underpay workers - Предложени затворски казни за шефови кои неправилно ги исплаќаат работниците

Bosses who deliberately underpay their staff could soon face jail time as part of a series of hard line reforms designed to protect Australia's most vulnerable workers. The Migrant Workers' Taskforce has handed 22 reform recommendations to the federal ...

Zaev – Mickoski meeting on coming presidential elections, reforms and Katica Janeva - Средба Заев-Мицкоски за претстојните претседателски избори, реформите и Катица Јанева

VMRO DPMNE  lider Hristijan Mickoski  demands free of fraud and fair presidential elections -  Водачот на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ, Христијан Мицкоски бара фер и ослободени од измама  претседателски избори 

Macedonians part of colourful and creative Moomba 2019 - Македонците се дел од шарената и креативна Момба 2019

"I've been following the Moomba parade since 1996 and each year the spectacle is even better. Melbourne knows how to be creative. " says Gordana Dimovska, president of the Macedonian Literary Association Koco Racin and herself a volunteer in many other...

Strumica Carnival one of the most famous events in Macedonia - Strumica Carnival one of the most famous events in Macedonia

The Strumica Carnival is one of the most notable customs and traditions of its kind in Macedonia, held every year during the so-called Trimeri Days, marking the start of the Lenten Fast, which always begins on Sunday Eve of Forgiveness and lasts until ...