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Why do legend and lore fascinate us? Be they tales of ghosts that haunt our towns, myths of creatures that roam our forests or sightings of the unexplained in our skies, these stories have the power to both unite and enthrall people around the world. Listen with the Lights On is a deep dive into the mysterious, the occult and the unknown, and how it connects us.

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Why do legend and lore fascinate us? Be they tales of ghosts that haunt our towns, myths of creatures that roam our forests or sightings of the unexplained in our skies, these stories have the power to both unite and enthrall people around the world. Listen with the Lights On is a deep dive into the mysterious, the occult and the unknown, and how it connects us.
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The Rose Ghost

Stories of ghosts and the afterlife were a popular obsession during the Victorian Era. This was particularly true for the residents of New York’s Hudson Valley. On this episode of Listen with the Lights On, we sat down with Gardiner Town Historian A.J....
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An Orange County Christmas

Every year, during the first weekend in December, a small Hudson Valley town carries out an old tradition. We traveled to Rhinebeck, New York, to see it unfold. The annual Sinterklaas festival is a  celebration that’s based the Dutch celebration of St....
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Fearsome Creatures

Around the turn of the 20th century, the lumber industry spanned the continental United States, and lumber camps dotted the countryside. When they weren’t harvesting timber to feed the booming post-Civil War industrialization, working lumberjacks could...
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Terror Behind The Walls

With more than one hundred thousand guests each year, the 27-year-old tradition of Terror Behind The Walls is scarier than ever. It is a fundraiser for Eastern State Penitentiary, located in the Fairmount neighborhood, in the historic city of Philadelp...
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Theatre Ghosts: Proctors

Every theater has a story to tell. And not just onstage. Theater legends abound worldwide, from ghosts in the wings to phantoms of the opera. In this episode of Listen with the Lights On, we step into the historic Proctors Theater in Schenectady, New Y...
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Tales From The Tavern: Live From The Olde English Pub

A live podcast event recorded at the Olde English Pub in Albany, New York featuring the cast of the Original Albany Ghost Tour and fans discussing their stories of legend and lore.
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Theatre Ghosts: Cohoes Music Hall

Every theater has a story to tell. And not just onstage. Theater legends abound worldwide, from ghosts in the wings to phantoms of the opera. In this episode, we step into the Cohoes Music Hall. Built in 1874, it’s the fourth oldest operational Music H...
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Promises To The Dead

Hearing a good scary story can send shivers up your spine. And when it’s billed as a true story, the chills can be even more intense. We talked to novelist and writing instructor Barbara Chepaitis during a previous episode of Listen with the Lights On,...
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The Legend Of Manteo

The pair of ill-fated star-crossed lovers… is a tale as old as time. One Hudson Valley legend tells such a story… that of a English explorer in the new world and a Native American woman named Manteo. Once again… Master Storyteller Jonathan Kruk joins u...
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The Bull Of Bullhill

A bull. An animal known to most as a stalwart of toughness and resilience. As anyone who has tried to move a stubborn animal can tell you… it’s no easy task. Master Storyteller Jonathan Kruk joins us to discuss the Hudson Valley tale of a farmer, a bul...
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Albany’s Ghost Train

Starting in Washington D.C. on April 21st the funeral train carrying President Abraham Lincoln’s body for his last journey around the nation left Union Station northward bound where it cut through Philadelphia, New York, Poughkeepsie, Hudson, Albany, U...
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Bewitching Tales From New England

New England Folklore blog author Peter Muise joins us for a few witchy tales from Central and Eastern Massachusetts, and to discuss the significant role that witch lore has played in New England history.
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The Catskill Mountain Witch

Perhaps the most recognizable of monsters in legend and lore is the witch. You probably already have an image of what a witch is in your head right? But the story behind this witch in the Hudson Valley describes one closer to a trickster, almost polter...
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Ghosts Of The New York State Capitol

The seat of New York state government is marked by a series of iconic, landmark buildings that stretch from north to south Albany, atop a hill that slopes gently down to the Hudson River. From the ornate Capitol to the stately governor’s mansion, it ha...
WAMC author

The Kitchen Apparition

Along the banks of the Hudson River, roughly halfway between New York City and Albany, lies one of the country’s most famous centers of culinary learning: The Culinary Institute of America. Countless chefs have passed through its venerable Roth hall, a...
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Tales From The Tavern: Part 2

Today we bring you part 2 of Tales from the Tavern, our live event recorded at the great Olde English Pub in Albany, New York. In this episode you’ll hear us talk to live audience members about the stories from their childhood and around the region. We...
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Tales From The Tavern: Part I

This week we bring you the first of a two-part special broadcast from our first-ever “Tales from the Tavern” live event. We hosted a two-hour panel at the Olde English Pub in Albany with special guests Maeve McEneny and Paul Nooney of the Original Alba...
WAMC author

The Frear Park Demon

  It’s an urban legend you’ve probably heard before in some form. You saw it play out in a movie, or read it in a book. It’s the one about the innocent couple who goes “parking” one fine summer night. They pull up to a discreet spot at the edge of a wo...
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H.G. Wells’ New Story “The Haunted Ceiling”

Much like the protagonists of the short stories that run in The Strand Magazine, managing editor Andrew Gulli likes a good literary mystery — and he has built a reputation as a man who can solve them. Periodically we check in Gulli after he has unearth...
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Santa On The Hudson

Every year on Christmas Eve, millions of children around the world go to bed with the expectation of waking up to a house full of presents on Christmas morning. The bearer of gifts? A portly, white-bearded old man in a red suit with a cheery dispositio...
WAMC author

The Baker’s Dozen

Why is a baker’s dozen 13? There are multiple theories as to how it started. Some say it was a 13th century thing, when English King Henry the Third was annoyed by small loaves of bread. Some say the convention has more modern origins. Master Storytell...
WAMC author

Marking Folklore

There are historical markers all over the world. They are typically signs, placards or statues denoting some important bit of history that occurred in a particular place. But in some places, history and lore are heavily intertwined. New York State is t...
WAMC author

Why Are We Afraid Of Clowns?

It hasn’t been a great season for those with a fear of clowns. What with the slew of typical horrifying clown masks parading around town on Halloween, and also with a remarkable number of creepy clown sightings making headlines and circulating on socia...
WAMC author

Ghost Hunting

  According to an Associated Press Survey from 2008, 34 percent of Americans say they believe in ghosts. Other surveys, like a Gallup poll from 2005, report similar results–about one third of America thinks ghosts are real. But given the immense popula...
WAMC author

New England Vampire Panic

On this episode, we delve into the legend surrounding the 19th-century New England Vampire Panic.  
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Something Scary At The Museum

Ever wonder what lives in the cavernous storage rooms of a museum? Crates of artifacts, mixed with mummified remains and taxidermy? Or is there something even spookier? We visit the “Something Scary” exhibit at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield Massac...
WAMC author

The Shadows Of Griffintown

What lurks in the shadows in Griffintown, Montreal?    
WAMC author

The Deyo House

In the late 1600s, a group of French protestant families—Huguenots, as they were known—settled in New York’s Hudson Valley. Looking for religious freedom—they were heavily persecuted in their French Catholic homeland—they built small stone houses and f...
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The Tobogganing Ghost Of Montreal

While there are common threads in lore throughout the world, nearly every country and culture has its own distinct tales. In the United Kingdom for example, many stories revolve around mystical creatures in the rolling hills and mists that are characte...
WAMC author

Unidentified Flying Objects

Are UFOs and alien encounters the stuff of science fiction, or are we really not alone out there in the universe? On this episode of Listen with the Lights On, we visit a UFO Conference in Kingston, New York, where a few dedicated individuals are devot...
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The Cherry Tree Deer

Symbols of nature takes various forms in the myths and legends around the world. But some of them… have common themes. Today Master storyteller Jonathan Kruk joins us as we explore one of the most common ones in a tale from the Catskills in New York’s ...
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The Ghost Of Jackson’s Gardens

A moonlit garden on the grounds of Union College in Schenectady plays host to one of the oldest ghost tales in the country. Forbidden love. Blind, murderous rage. And a lost soul. We explore the tragic tale of Alice Van Der Veer in this episode of List...
WAMC author

The Hauntings Of West Hall

Visit any college or university campus in the world, and you’re likely to find at least one tale of a ghostly presence amid the hallowed halls. West Hall is the oldest building at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. And it’s also the mo...
WAMC author

The Horseman Of Leeds

In this episode, we bring you another terrifying tale from the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley. Master Storyteller Jonathan Kruk joins us again with a story of ghosts, a haunting and the horrors of indentured servitude in Colonial times.
WAMC author

Mt. Greylock, Home Of American Witchcraft And Wizardry

Mt. Greylock is the tallest natural point in Massachusetts. At 3,491 feet above sea level, it rises above the Berkshire county town of Adams, bisected by a portion of the Appalachian trail. The peak and its historic monument are constantly shrouded in ...
WAMC author

Hattie The Hitchhiker

An urban legend is a popular story passed around that’s allegedly true, but can’t quite be confirmed. It’s the kid who ate PopRocks and drank soda and his stomach exploded. It’s the unfortunate tweeners who turned the lights out at their sleepover and ...
WAMC author

The Ghostly Rower

If you’ve ever taken a trip down the shores of the Hudson River, no doubt at one point you’ve witnessed its hallmark mists rising from the waters. They have a ghostly quality about them, and not surprisingly there is an abundance of lore based on appar...
WAMC author

What Makes A Story Scary?

Is the devil in the details? On this episode of Listen With The Lights On, we explore how to capitalize on basic human fear to compose a creepy narrative, examine scary tropes, share our favorite spooky reads and try to come up with a spine-tingling ta...
WAMC author

Inside Ten Broeck Mansion: Part 2

On the last episode of Listen with the Lights On, Maeve McEneny of the Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau was giving us a tour of Albany’s Ten Broeck Mansion. We ended in the foyer in Part I, looking out the imposing front doors. Now we’re ...
WAMC author

Inside Ten Broeck Mansion: Part 1

Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany sits just north of the city’s downtown. Views from the historic home’s gardens and from its elegant windows look out over row houses, industrial buildings and US Route 787. But it wasn’t always this way. In 1789, when it wa...
WAMC author

Tales From Ten Broeck Mansion

A mansion. A portrait. A haunting? Dive into this week’s edition of Listen With The Lights On, where we talk to Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau Education Coordinator Maeve McEneny about lore in Albany, New York, and the mysterious happen...
WAMC author

Loudon Cottage And The Dress

President Abraham Lincoln’s connection to Capital Region is more than just fairy tale, in fact, he has quite a few. One of which is the story of New York Senator Ira Harris’ daughter Clara, and her husband, Union Army Officer Henry Rathbone. On the nig...
WAMC author

The Heer Of Donder-Berg

We delve into the story of the Heer of Donder-Berg, a story from Jonathan Kruk, loreteller from the Hudson Valley.
WAMC author

The Beast Of Whitehall

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or myth? Seth Breedlove and his new film, Beast of Whitehall, premiers in Whitehall, New York on April 2nd. We explore the idea of the mythical creature in the pilot episode of our soon-to-launch podcast, Listen With The Lights On.
WAMC author