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Liberty Church of Cosby, Tennessee
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Was Jim Carrey Right? (Audio: 5:49 min.)

Was Jim Carrey right or just weird when he said, "None of us matter, that is the good news."

#35 Liberty Church Arts Fellowship

Part of our community presence is the Liberty Church Arts Fellowship.   The LCAF creates community events for Cosby, Tennessee and the surrounding area by scheduling concerts, stage plays, and a film festival of short films produced by Liberty Church a...

#34 Leonardo Da Vinci Said…

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” Liberty Church Audio in under 200 Words (1:34 min.)  

#33 Do the Dead Live Again (1:34 min.)

Liberty Church Audio in about 200 Words (1:34 min.)   What did the early Christians preach?  What motivated them to speak to a hostile empire?  Why would people like the Apostle Paul willingly take beatings and whippings, be ship-wrecked, stoned, and l...

#32 Messed Up: Personally? Socially? Globally?

Audio in under 200 Words (1:14 min.) Messed Up: Personally? Socially? Globally? The audio below is from a series of articles for our newspaper, beginning in 2006, that were around 200 words or less.  

#31 Does Christianity Matter in the 21st Century?

“It is impossible to use the electric light and the wireless and to avail ourselves of modern medical and surgical discoveries, and at the same time to believe in the New Testament world of spirits and miracles.”⁠   _ Rudolph Bultmann That was said in ...

#30 Thanksgiving and Conflict in 2016

Families across the land are gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Will our dinners be peaceful in 2016?   (Audio, 5:34 min.)

Unlikeable Bible People (4:54 min.)

We’ve been making our way through Genesis on Sunday mornings.  A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me she was reading ahead.  When she came to the story of Jacob and Esau, and how messed up Isaac’s family was, she said, “I don’t even like these people...

#28 Update on Liberty Church (What is a Church Anyway?)

“I want to give a general update about our church life the last several weeks.  Most of you know that we sold our old property and moved out earlier this spring.  It all happened so fast after waiting such a long time.  May 22 was our last Sunday on Li...

Extra Shot #7: A C.S. Lewis Brunch

Audio Podcast (2:59 min.) You’re invited to our C.S. Lewis Brunch, Saturday, April 25, at 10:00 a.m. at Liberty Church. Who is C.S. Lewis? If you’re a Chronicles of Narnia fan, then you know who Lewis is, even if you may not be familiar with his name. ...

#27 – Good Friday and the Sorrows of Life

On this Good Friday, we need to take a moment to look at the sadness, sorrow and difficulties of life. It isn’t going to be easy, because Good Friday is about the cross, loss, and the tomb–the hard realities of life. Last week, I read about a 10-year-o...

#26 – The Fear of Man is a Trap.

Fearing other people is a snare. What’s funny is that it’s trap we step into—even though we know its there. It catches you, it binds you, and the more you pull against it, the tighter the noose cuts.  It immobilizes you, pulls you back, and holds you, ...

#25 – Is Christianity the Death of Happiness?

I’ve recently been helping my five year old daughter memorize Psalm 23.  The other night, we started again at the top of the poem: I said, “The Lord is my shepherd.” She said, “I shall not want.” I said, “He makes me lie down…” She said, “… in green pa...