Welcome to the SBS Latvian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Latvian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Dutch woman caught up in Queensland bushfires tells her story - Karin zat er middenin: de bosbranden in Queensland

Karin Radburnd Wensveen is still out of breath after standing on her rooftop with a hose in her hand fending off the bush fire that was threatening to destroy her house.  - Karin Radburnd Wensveen hapt nog steeds naar adem nadat zij eerder deze week in...

Gladys Liu and other disasters in Ozzie politics - Gladys Liu en andere verwikkelingen in de Australische politiek.

Ex parlementarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven shines her light on the current troubles facing the Australian politics and alleged Chinese interference.  - Ex Tweede Kamerlid Nicolien van Vroonhoven over de vermeende Chinese infiltratie en andere zaken in d...

Danielle Devine wants to learn Dutch children's songs - Danielle Devine wil Nederlandse kinderliedjes leren

Danielle Devine is a librarian who volunteers at a Dutch playgroup which gives her a sense of homecoming.  - Danielle Devine is bibliothecaresse en wil graag Nederlands leren omdat ze ook vrijwilligster is bij een Nederlandse speelgroep. zelf heeft zij...

Michelle Green gargles the Dutch hard 'g' like a native - Michelle Green gorgelt de harde Nederlandse 'g' alsof ze geboren en getogen is in het kikkerlandje

Michelle Green is learning Dutch because she promised her Dutch boyfriend she would. Find out why her hard 'g' is just as good as any native Dutch speaker.  - Michelle Green leert Nederlands omdat zij dit aan haar Nederlandse vriend heeft belooft. Hij ...

The Rembrandt Dutch Club in Sydney might be homeless soon. - De Rembrandt Dutch Club in Sydney wordt met voortbestaan bedreigd.

The Rembrandt Dutch Club has to move out of the current building which is not an easy task and there is fear that the club won't find a new home. Board member Mia Joosten explains the situation to Paulien Roessink.  - De Rembrandt Dutch Club in Sydney ...

Why Bad Luck doesn't exist in Dutch - Goed Geluk of Slecht Geluk en waarom hebben we dat niet in het Nederlands?

Frans Hertoghs looks into the concept of Happiness today and explains why there is no such thing as Bad Luck in the Dutch language - Frans Hertoghs kijkt naar het begrip Geluk en legt uit waarom er geen Bad Luck bestaat in het Nederlands. 

Lotte wants to go to Tokyo - Lotte wil naar Tokyo

Lotte Wilms is a rising star in the world of triathlons and wants to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. A very costly enterprise so she is looking for sponsors... - Lotte Wilms is een atlete die vroeger tot de Nederlandse zwemtop behoorde maar...

Nicolien van Vroonhoven: the Tamil family, cashless cards, multiplying populations and much much more... - Nicolien van Vroonhoven over het Tamil gezin en over het vermenigvuldigen van de Australische bevolking.

Dutch Ex-Parliamentarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven looks at the Tamil family on Christmas Island situation, deliberates on the cashless card discussion and wonders why Tony Abbott thinks Australians should have more children. - De Nederlandse ex-parlemen...

Rachel taught herself The Lord's Prayer in Dutch and hasn't looked back since. - Rachel leerde het Onze Vader gebed uit haar hoofd en zingt nu liedjes van Lil' Kleine.

Rachel Heymans-Wilkinson is originally from New Zealand and is completely self taught in Dutch. It started with a promise and a prayer for her late Dutch grandmother, and now she sings along with Lil' Kleine and has discovered new family members in The...

Theo ten Brummelaar: how Dutch language radio started in Australia... - Theo ten Brummelaar stond aan de wieg van Nederlandstalige radio in Australië.

Theo ten Brummelaar stood at the cradle of SBS Dutch. Frans Warffemius spoke to the ex-broadcaster about the early days of Dutch language radio in Australia. - Theo ten Brummelaar praat met Frans Warffemius over hoe het er allemaal eraan toeging in het...

Matt Learns To Speak Dutch Because He Has To - Matt Leert Nederlands Omdat Hij Geen Andere Keus Heeft

"I have no choice!", says Matt Riddle, as he explains his reasons to learn the language. His wife, his daughters and even his cats speak Dutch at home all the time, and Matt doesn't want to miss out on the conversation. NLC19 - Zijn vrouw en zijn docht...

Stefan Jansen cycles for mental health awareness: TourXOz - Stefan Jansen fietst voor TourXOz en tegen depressie.

Stefan Jansen organises the TourXOz to raise awareness of mental illness in Australia. Frans Warffemius spoke with Stefan about the cycling, the cause and the effort it takes to ride through the Red Heart of Australia. - Stefan Jansen organiseert de To...

Frans Hertoghs: Hellish Towns Not Really Evil - Frans Hertoghs: plaatsnamen met 'hel' niet duivels.

If your town had the word 'Hell" in it, is it evil? Frans Hertoghs explains - Frans Hertoghs duikt vandaag in plaatsnamen die naar de hel verwijzen, maar doen ze dat ook?

Marleen Veldhuis looks back on her Olympic swimming career from the suburbs of Sydney - Marleen Veldhuis kijkt terug op haar Olympische zwemcarrière vanuit de suburbs van Sydney

Marleen Veldhuis went to the Olympics a few times, quite successfully: 11 years ago she won GOLD with the relay team in Beijing. She looks back on her career from the suburbs of Sydney with Paulien Roessink.  - Zwemster Marleen Veldhuis nam meerdere ma...

Dutch Choir Zing sings down memory lane - Het Nederlandse koortje Zing zoekt de herinneringen op met liedjes.

The Dutch Choir Zing is performing classic Dutch songs for the older Dutchies in the community and jogs memories from way back. Choir member Karien Dekker talks about upcoming events and breaks out into a song about Amsterdam during the interview! - He...

Uneventful week in Ozzie politics but still scandals galore. - Beetje komkommertijd in Australische politieke landschap maar nog steeds genoeg schandalen.

Nicolien van Vroonhoven says that even though it was a slow week in the Ozzie political landscape, the scandals keep on coming. - Nicolien van Vroonhoven blikt terug op een slome week met betrekking tot het Australische politiekek landschap maar nog st...

Rotterdam is ready for it: Eurovision 2020 - Rotterdam is er klaar voor!

The city of Rotterdam is getting ready to host the biggest party in 2020: the Eurovision Songcontest! Our SBS Dutch correspondent Tim Dekkers knows all the details. - Rotterdam mag het Europse feestje van het jaar organiseren: het Eurovisie Song Festiv...

SBS National Language Competition explained - SBS National Language Competition nader uitgelegd

These two young girls have compelling reasons to learn a language. - Deze twee Nederlandse meisjes hebben goede redenen om een vreemde taal te leren. Jij ook?

Gerry Smolders is the New Neerlandia President - Gerry Smolders is de nieuwe Voorzitter van Neerlandia

Geert Smolders has been elected as the New President at the AGM of de Nederlandse Club Neerlandia in Frenchs Forrest last weekend. Frans Warffemius spoke with him about the future of the club and honed in on the rejuvenation of the members. - Geert Smo...

Swimming advice from an Olympian! - Zwemadvies van een Olympiër!

Even in the Netherlands people drown in the open water. The major Dutch swimming bodies agree that children should be taught how to swim in the sea or in rivers. Marleen Veldhuis, swimming Olympian and now a resident in Sydney, talks to Paulien Roessin...

A good mood could be a beanie! - Een goeie muts misstaat niet!

Frans Hertoghs looks at moods and at beanies. - Frans Hertoghs kijkt naar humeur en hoofddeksels. 

Dutch Dogwisperer: "Don't lock your dogs outside, they are part of the family" - Nederlandse hondenfluisteraar vind het maar raar dat veel honden in Australië het woonhuis niet inmogen.

Sanne Vermeulen is a newly certified dog trainer in the outer Melbourne suburbs who is appalled at the Ozzie habit to keep their dogs outside the house. The amputation of her own dog's toe was the start of her canine journey. Her business: The Complete...

Jan Ruff O'Herne is dead but her legacy lives on. - Jan Ruff O'Herne is overleden maar haar stem galmt na.

Jan Ruff O'Herne wrote a book, received a knighthood from The Netherlands as well as the Order of Australia because she spoke up against sex slavery 50 years after it happened to her in a Japanese camp in Indonesia. - Jan Ruff O'Herne schreef een boek,...

Henry van Zanden 1642 Abel Tasman Deel II - Henry van Zanden 1642 Abel Tasman Deel II

'Dead' soldier's decendant found. - Nazaat van vermeend dood bemanningslid Abel Tasman gevonden.

Henry van Zanden 1642 Abel Tasman Deel I - Henry van Zanden 1642 Abel Tasman Deel I

News from the year 1642: Abel Tasman himself did go onshore. - Nieuws uit 1642: Abel Tasman is wel degelijk aan land gegaan.

Bore Hoekstra Clog Wogs - Bore Hoekstra Clog Wogs

Large Dutch community in Warrnambool - Waarom Nederlanders kiezen voor Warrnambool

Dutch speech therapists investigate Dutch/Ozzie bilingual kids - Nederlandse logopedisten in Australië voor onderzoek naar tweetaligheid bij kinderen van emigranten.

How difficult is it to raise your kids in two languages? Speech therapists Margot Visser-Bochane and Aafke van der Schaaf are currently in Australia and together with Hans Boogaardt from the University of Sydney they are running a research project into...

Claire van der Boom Palm Beach the Movie

Claire van der Boom speelt Holly in de film Palm Beach. Regie Rachel Ward. Producer Bryan Brown.

Karma Rowe Dutch Australian Genealogy Group

Karma Rowe is 1 van de co-ordinatoren van de Dutch Australian Genealogy Group in Sydney.

Michael Spikmans

Nederlandse boeken lenen in de openbare bibliotheek.

Henry van Zanden kijkt zijn ogen uit.

Historicus Henry van Zanden bezoekt Nederland en komt ogen tekort.

Twitter and Public Servants, Recycling Drama's and Transgenders in cricket: Nicolien van Vroonhoven's Week Down Under - Twitterende Ambtenaren, Recycling Drama's en Transgenders in Cricket: Nicolien van Vroonhoven's Week Down Under

Ex parlementarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven talks about the recycling crisis in Australia, the twittering public servants, faulty comparisons with WW2 and a break for transgender women in cricket. - Ex parlementariër Nicolien van Vroonhoven heeft het ove...

Courts and Turntables: the Contrasting Careers of Maarten Vlot - Van de Rechtbank naar de Draaitafel: de Contrasterende Carrières van Maarten Vlot

Thoroughness and theatrics: Maarten Vlot uses his skill set as a barrister and solicitor, but he is also making funky waves as an upcoming DJ. Maarten's Liquid Sunshine Sound System, watch this space... - De benodigde voorbereiding en de theatrale aard...

Homeless in Australia: not on the political agenda - Dakloos in Australië: geen politieke prioriteit

Economist Ellen Witte sees no improvement in the housing crisis in Australia with the amount of homeless people now reaching alarming numbers...(artist: Adam J Shires) - Econome Ellen Witte van SGS Economics and Planning ziet totaal geen verbetering in...

Tom van Laer: pilgrims find spirituality but do not necessarily have a good trip - Tom van Laer: pelgrims vinden de spiritualiteit maar hebben niet een vanzelfsprekende goeie reis.

Tom van Laer is Associate Professor of Narratology at the University of Sydney Business School and has researched the experiences of pilgrims and their trip satisfaction.  - Tom van Laer is Associate Professor in Narratologie (verhaal theorie) aan de U...

All You Need is love: Elly van Eersel and her twin sister - All You Need is Love: Elly van Eersel en haar tweelingzus

The Dutch TV show All You Need is Love often reunites family members from Australia. Elly van Eersel tells the story of her trip to see her twin sister and gives us a behind the scenes look into this ever popular show. - De Nederlandse TV show All You ...

The Invisible Migrants: Karel de Keyzer - De Onzichtbare Migranten: Karel de Keyzer

The Invisible Migrant Karel de Keyser tells his tale of his families migration to Sydney where he arrived as a 14 year old boy. - De Onzichtbare Migrant Karel de Keyser vertelt hoe hij als 14 jarig jochie in Sydney belandde met zijn familie. 

The Invisible Migrants: Elly and Piet van Eersel - De Onzichtbare Migranten: Elly en Piet van Eersel

In the SBS Dutch series: The Invisible Migrants, the story of Elly and Piet van Eersel. The couple had to get married first before being issued a visa, and enjoyed enormous support from the Dutch community upon arrival in 1982.  - In de SBS Dutch serie...

The (Dutch) Pantry Doctor: how to get healthy without even leaving your house. - De (Nederlandse) Pantry Doctor: pottekijkers of voorraadkastadviseurs?

Maud and Jay van Houten want to have a look inside your pantry. They won't come to your house but use Skype and video calls instead to get an idea of what needs to change in your staples assortment to help you lead a healthier life. Or are they just a ...

Young, Belgian and Succesful in Australia - Jong, Belgisch en Succesvol in Australië

Belgian beer brewed Down Under: Annelies Nijskens and Jimmy van Eetvelde make Belgian beer in their garage and are doing so well that they are nominated for The Beeries Award 2019. - Belgische bierbrouwers Down Under: Annelies Nijskens en Jimmy van Eet...

Tjes: how to make words even longer - Tjes: hoe maak je een lang woord nog langer door het te verkleinen...

Frans Hertoghs makes long words even longer by adding a tje. - Frans Hertoghs laat zien hoe je lange woorden nog langer maakt door ze te verkleinen en schattig te maken. 

Rutger Hauer revisited - Zeldzaam interview met Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer hardly ever gave interviews but former executive producer of SBS Dutch, Yvon Davis, managed to talk to him in this interview from 2003 when he was filming in Australia and played a zombie.   - Rutger Hauer gaf bijna geen interviews maar to...

Tour de France SBS reporter Christophe Mallet in the picture - Tour de France SBS verslaggever Christophe Mallet onder de loep.

Are you a fan of the way SBS reports on the Tour de France? Meet Christophe Mallet, who makes it all happen while he chases the cyclists all over France. He says that it is impossible to predict a winner this year. - Ook een fan van de Tour De France e...

5G, just an upgrade or something more sinister? - 5G, Vooruitgang of Vloek?

Is 5G going to be just another smart addition to our communication systems or do we have seek shelter from the rays in the Outback?Paul Budde, telecom specialist in Sydney, says all the checks and balances are in place, but according to Antonieke Versc...

Dutch Aged Care Facility found lacking: Royal Commission into Aged Care - MiCare in gebreke bij zorg: Royal Commission into Aged Care

MiCare, formerly know as DutchCare, has dropped the ball in their duties of care. "From walking and Talking to dead in three months", Bertha Aalberts certainly didn't get the care she was promised and now the Royal Commission into Aged Care is looking ...

Dutch Bee Farmers in Tasmania ordered to pay tax in spite of God - Belastingrekening voor Nederlandse bijenboer in Tasmanië ondanks God

A Dutch bee farming family in Tasmania has been ordered to pay over 2 million dollars of tax in spite of their theological arguments. - Een Nederlandse familie in Tasmanië moet meer dan 2 miljoen dollar aan de belasting betalen ondanks hun religieuze b...

Dutch Senior Lecturer Wins Awards for New Font: Sans Forgetica - Sans Forgetica, het nieuwe lettertype waardoor je niks meer vergeet.

According to Janneke Blijlevens, Senior Lecturer in Experimental Methods at RMIT, the name of her award winning new font says it all: Sans Forgetica. Cramming made easy. - Janneke Blijlevens, Senior Lecturer bij RMIT, heeft twee prijzen gewonnen voor e...

Naidoc Week, what is it? - Waar gaat Naidoc Week over?

Naidoc Week, what is it all about? - Naidoc Week, waar gaat het allemaal over?

Naidoc Week, what did we get wrong? - Naidoc Week, wat weten we allemaal niet?

Naidoc Week, what did we get wrong about the Aboriginal culture and history in this country? - Naidoc Week, wat weten we allemaal niet met betrekking tot de Aboriginal cultuur en geschiedenis...

Backpackers and the Taxman: what gives?

Marlene Lancett-Smit is a tax accountant and know all the issues around backpackers and their taxes by heart. A guide on how to get some money back from the ATO...