Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Kurdish political parties to hold conferences - Partekanî Herêmî Kurdistan û pêkhatekan planî kongere deken

From Erbil; Ahmed Ghafur reports on the planned conferences for the Kurdish political parties, as well as the ethnic and religious minorities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  - Le Hewlêre we Ehmed Xefûr sebaret be planî kongrey parte sîyasîyekanî Herê...

Ava Homa: Writing is a form of resistance not a luxury - Ava Homa: n├╗s├«n ┼č├¬waz├¬ke le berx├╗dan

In this interview with Kurdish writer and journalist, Ava Homa, we discuss how writing has helped her throughout her life whether in Kurdistan or in exile, as well as her debut novel "Daughters of Smoke and Fire" - Le em lêdawane da le gell nûser û roj...

Emergency services leaders say bushfires made worse by climate change - Raberekanî xizmetguzarî firyakewtin delên agirî daristan be hoî gořanî klîme be hêz tir bu we

A coalition of 23 fire and emergency services leaders from every state and territory is warning the catastrophic bu┼čfires that have been burning in New South Wales and Queensland have been worsened by climate change.Emergency Leaders for Climate Action...

Community languages under threat due to lack of support - Zmanekany komellga le j├¬r metirsy dan le ber kemy pi┼čtgiry

A new report is warning the loss of languages in the second and third generations of migrant communities could threaten economies and communities.The report asks the question, "What are languages worth?" - Raportêkî nwê agadarî bizirbûnî zmanekany duwe...

Kurdish woman celebrates new life in Australia by helping other refugees - Jina ku amanca wê alîkariya penaberên din bike

When Marklin Ebo arrived in Australia she spoke basic English, but since arriving in Australia she has attended TAFE to learn English. After finishing her English courses she volunteered in various government departments to improve her English. - Markl...

The desperate situation of the town of Hasankeyf - Rew┼ča xemg├«n ya bajar├¬ Hesk├¬f├¬

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports from Diyarbakir on the latest regarding presidents Trump and Erdogan meetings. After decades of legal wrangling, Turkish authorities have begun flooding a 12,000-year-old town as part of a dam project to power the...

Spring festival celebrations for refugees - Pîrozbahiya festîvala Biharê ji bo penaberan

What started in 2015 as an intimate suburban community event has now evolved into an annual spring festival attracting thousands of Sydneysiders into the heart of the iconic Darling Harbour. - Xizmetg├╗zariya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗na Navnetew├«/Settlement Services In...

Settlement Guide: What is Schoolies Week? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: Hefteya kutakirina xwendegeh├¬ ├ži ye?

School graduation holds significant meaning to adolescents worldwide.In Australia, school leavers tend to celebrate whatÔÇÖs called ÔÇśSchooliesÔÇÖ over a week.The most popular destination Gold Coast is expecting around eighteen thousand school leavers this ...

Reasons behind migrating abroad - Sedem├¬n ko├žkirina xelk├¬ bo dervay├¬ welat ├žine

As a result of being unemployed, not getting a regular income and the instability in the region many people want to western countries. Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur has more on the situation in his report from Erbil.  - Di encama bêkariyê, ne wergirto...

Young gymnast's high hopes and dreams - Hêvî û xewnên mezin yê canbazê ciwan

Fifteen year old Alan Osman loves his gymnastics. HeÔÇÖs been doing gymnastics from the age of seven where he would do somersaults on the home trampoline. - Alan Osman panzideh saline ├╗ gelek├« ji canbaziy├¬ (gymnastic) hez dike. Ew ji temen├¬ heft sal├«n ┬ám...

PM rolls out cash for drought-hit towns - Bajar├¬n ku ziyana wu┼čkesaliy├¬ l├¬ b├╗n├« SW diravan dide wan

Drought stricken farmers will be offered millions in cheap loans as part of the Federal Government's drought package.Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a major stimulus package - after months of pressure for more support - as the country suffers o...

Commemorating past and present service men and women on Remembrance Day - Meras├«ma Roja B├«ran├«na serbaz├¬n jin ├╗ peyay├¬n di ┼čer de be┼čdar b├╗n├«

Remembrance Day is the 101st anniversary of the armistice which ended the First World War.The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is now a moment to commemorate service men and women - both those who lost their lives, and who survived.  - Roja ...

Rasoul & Asrin: Singing, music important part of Kurdish identity - Rasoul & Asrin: goran├« ├╗ muz├«k be┼č├¬k├« gring├« nasname ye netewey├« ye

In this interview with Kurdish singers from Sydney, Australia Rasoul Chafournejad and Asrin Rajabi, we ask them about their upcoming concert in Sydney with Iranian music group Note Nava (16/11/19). We also ask them about their achievement so far and pl...

Erdogan: US, Russian unable to rid Syria of terrorists hence Turkey is taking the responsibility - Erdogan: DY, Rûsîya nikaribûn Sûrîye ji terorîstan paqij bikin

Hatice Kamer from Amed, reports on Erdogan's latest statements regarding the war in Syria, and his visit to the White House next week...more news from the region are in this audio report.  - Rapoerta Hatice Kamer ji Amedê li ser daxuyaniyên dawî yên Er...

What to expect from Trump-Erdogan meeting? - ├ç├« ├žawerwan dekr├¬t le kob├╗newey Trump ├╗ Erdogan?

Yerevan Saeed is a political analyst with focus on Middle Eastern and Kurdish affairs, who is also a PhD candidate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. In this interview we discuss the US President's latest decisions regarding the withdrawal of troops ...

Kurdish officials warn, potential change in Iraq's constitution could be costly for Kurds - Kurd metirs├« heye le eger├« gorrankar├« bo dest├╗r├« ├Őraq

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the continuing protest in Iraq, and the growing fear for Kurds if Iraqi constitution changes, that it may mean "back to square one" for Kurdish rights in Iraq. - Le em raportey Ehmed Xef├╗r le Hewl├¬r we: berdewamb├╗n├« xop├«┼čandanek...

Australian-Kurds, around the world rally against Turkish military incursion in NE Syria - Kurds le Australya ├╗ seran ser├« c├«han r├¬p├¬wan deken bo narezayet├« beramber be h├¬ri┼č├« Turkiya le Bak├╗r├« S├╗r├«ya

Kurds in Sydney and around the world rally this week to support Kurds in North Eastern Syria and against the Turkish military incursion. We speak with Ismet Tastan member of the Federation of Democratic Kurdish Society-Australia, one of the organisers ...

Better job matching could boost Australian economy by $6 billion annually - Karnekirdin├« ko├žberan le biwar├« xoyan z├«yan bex┼če bo ab├╗r├« Australya be r├¬jey $6 milyar sallane

New research has found that addressing the mismatch between the skills of migrants and the jobs they currently work in, could boost the Australian economy by six billion dollars a year.The economic modelling by Curtin University found only 60 per cent ...

Reason behind Shahin Sorekli stepdown from politics - Xwe dûrxistina ji siyaseta kurdî biryareke dijwar bû: Shahin Soreklî

Author and journalist Shahin Sorekli (Chahin Baker) retires from Kurdish politics. SBS Kurdish speaks to him about the reasons behind his decision. - Nivîskar, rojnameger û pisporê siyasî mamoste Shahin Sorekli ji ber zihniyeta Kurdan dest ji siyaseta ...

Does Al-Baghdadi's death mean the end of IS - Gelo bi mirina Al-Bexdad├« DA├Ä┼× ji hol├¬ ra dibe

In this report from Diyarbakir our correspondent Hatice Kamer talks about the frayed relations between NATO allies Turkey and the U.S. were on full display on Wednesday as Turkey condemned two resolutions passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, on...

Settlement Guide: Sexual harassment and your rights in the workplace - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: Zordestiya cins├« ├╗ maf├¬n we li c├«h├¬ kar

According to the latest survey from the Australian Human Rights Commission, one in three workers say they've been sexually harassed at work over the last five years.┬áBut sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful and shouldnÔÇÖt be tolerated.If it ha...

Aged Care Commission interim report highlights neglect, calls for immediate change - Raporta lênerîna temen mezinan û nerazîbûna Komisyonê derdikeve

The Royal Commission into Aged Care has released its interim report, titled 'Neglect'.It reveals cases of neglect and failure to meet the needs of older Australians. - Komisyona Kiral├« ÔÇťRoyal CommissionÔÇŁ raporta xwe ya dem├« derbar├« L├¬ner├«na Temenmezina...

Australia's notorious serial killer Ivan Milat dead - Kujerê Australya yê bi navûdeng Ivan Milat mir

One of Australia's worst serial killers has died in prison.74-year-old Ivan Milat was serving seven life sentences after being convicted of the murder of seven backpackers in the 1990s.Earlier this year he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. - Yek ji k...

Iraqi police and protesters clash - Pev├ž├╗n naver├« pol├«s├¬n ├Äraq├« ├╗ xwep├¬┼čanderan de ├ž├¬ dibin

Renewed anti-government demonstrations in Iraq have gripped the capital, Baghdad, and swept through several other cities in the country's south, leaving at least many people dead and injured. Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports on the latest from Er...

Expulsion and migration of Kurds from their land - Valakirin ├╗ ko├žkirina Kurdan ji c├«h├¬n wan

We spoke to journalist Simav Hesen from North Press in north-east Syria about the latest situation in the region.┬á - Em derbar├¬ rew┼ča her├« daw├« de ji Qami┼člo bi rojnamevan Simav Hesen ji Acansa North Press ku bingeha xwe li Kobaniy├¬ ye axiv├«n.├Őr├«┼ča Tir...

The story behind a Kurdish child's video plea is one of displacement and fear - ┼×er ├╗ bandora xwe li ser zarokan

She's the Kurdish child who captured the world's attention with a plea for help to end the Turkish incursion in northern Syria. The mother of six-year-old Eva Khoja has revealed to SBS Kurdish the family's difficult journey in the years prior to the cu...

Erdogan calls for US to handover of SDF General Kobani - Erdogan dawa le Emrîka dekat ke Jeneral Kobanî radestî Turkiya bikat

Hatice Kamer reports on the latest form Diyarbakir, including latest threats from the Turkish president, continuing protest in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, and more... - Raporta Hatice Kamer li ser p├¬┼čketin├¬n ┼čer├¬ bak├╗r├¬ Suriye, daxuyaniya Erdogan ├╗ ...

US lifts sanctions on Turkey after ceasefire made permanent - WY abl├╗qe ab├╗r├«yekan helldegr├¬t le ser Turk├«ya pa┼č r├¬kkewtin sebaret be agirbest├« hem├«┼čey├«

Turkey making a ceasefire in northern Syria permanent has prompted United States President Donald Trump to lift recent sanctions.Earlier this month, Mr Trump halted negotiations on a 100 billion dollar trade deal with Turkey, raised steel tariffs back ...

Help available for Kurds in Australia psychologically affected by war in homeland - Yarmet├« heye bo rewend├« Kurd├« ke rew┼č├« der├╗n├«yan nalebare be hoy├« ceng

In this interview with Hassan Saleh, a counselor at STARTTS, we ask him about the psychological affects that conflict and war in different parts of Kurdistan can have on the Kurdish diaspora, particularly those who have recently been settled in Austral...

Thousands Kurdish-Syrian refugees arrive in Kurdistan Region - Be hezaran penaberî Kurdî Rojava degen be Herêmî Kurdistan

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest development in the region, as the conflict continues in Northern Syria, with temporary cease-fire being violated, thousands flee to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.Also in this report the mysterious case of the death of ...

Australian-Kurdish youth ask Australian government to help establish no-fly zone in NE Syria - Ciwanan├«-Kurd dawa le desellatdaran├« Australya deken bo damezrandin├« naw├žey b├¬-firr├«n le Bak├╗r├« S├╗r├«ya

In this interview we speak with Mayda Ziabari  an Australian-Kurd, who is a former refugee and currently residing in Melbourne. She recently published an opinion piece in The Age newspaper as a response to Turkish Presidents Opinion that was published ...

Settlement Guide: How to prevent drowning? - R├¬nimay├« Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n: ├çon xo depar├¬z├«t le xinkandin

With another scorching summer approaching, authorities are pleading with swimmers to use caution as the number of people drowning has jumped by ten per cent since last year. - Le katêk da ke werzî germî hawîn nizîdebête we, desellatdaran dawa deken le ...

Turkey's invasion of northern Syria affects members of Australian Kurds - ├Őr├«┼ča Tirkiy├¬ li bakur├¬ S├╗riy├¬ bandor├¬ li endam├¬n Kurd├¬n Australya dike

We spoke to a few Kurds from Syria regarding Turkey's invasion on their hometowns of Ras el-Ain, Qamishli and Kobani. Nourhan Hassan says her siblings have fled their hometown of Ras el-Ain due to Turkey's bombings. Most of the town's residents have fl...

Would the 5-day Turkish ceasefire in northern Syria benefit the Kurds - Gelo d├¬ berjewendiya agirbesta Tirk├«y├¬ li bakur├¬ S├╗r├«y├¬ ji bo kurdan ├ži be

President Donald TrumpÔÇÖs decision on October 6th to withdraw American troops from northern Syria caused many tensions and problems in the region, resulting with Turkey invading the Kurdish areas where tens of thousands of people have fled their homes i...

Syrian regime enters Kobani - Hatina hêza rêcîma Sûriyê bo Kobaniyê

Journalist Ridwan Bezar from K24TV has been covering war zone situations in northern Syria since 2014. We speak to him about the latest situation regarding the SyrianÔÇÖs regime entering Kobani, Turkey's attacks on the Kurdish regions and people's reacti...

U.S Turkey agree on 5-day cease-fire in northern Syria - DYA û Tirkiyê agirbesteke 5-rojan li bakurê Sûrîyê pêk tînin

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports from Diyarbakir on the latest regarding the five day cease-fire in northern Syria. The ceasefire grants the Kurdish-led forces five days to withdraw from the so-called "safe-zone" Ankara wants to establish inside ...

Australian Kurds support their fellow Kurds against Turkish invasion - Kurd├¬n Australya li dij├« dagirkeriya Tirkiy├¬ pi┼čt didin Kurd├¬n Rojava

Members of the Australian Kurdish community and Kurdish organisations rallied in Australia's major cities calling for an end to Turkish military action in northern Syria. - Duhu ┼×eme ├╗ ├«roj Yek┼čem 13/10/2019 endam├¬n ji civaka Kurd ├╗ r├¬xistin├¬n Kurd├« li...

Kurds protest in Erbil against Turkish invasion of northeast Syria - Kurd li Hewl├¬r├¬ li dij├« ├¬ri┼č├¬n Tirkiy├¬ y├¬n ser bakur├« S├╗riy├¬ protesto dikin

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports from Erbil on the latest regarding hundreds of Kurds gathering in front of the UN complex in Erbil on Saturday 12/10/19 in opposition to TurkeyÔÇÖs military incursion into northeastern Syria and the failure of the i...

Thousands flee Turkish offensive in Kurdish held areas - Hezaran rayan kirduwe le naw├žey le dest Kurd dway h├¬ri┼čy Turkey

Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in northern Syria, as Turkish forces escalated their cross-border offensive on Kurdish-held areas.US President  Donald Trump has suggested Washington could mediate between Turkey and Kurdish groups to e...

Queensland to host multicultural forum next year - Queensland mîwandary meyany kořî piřkeltur dekat le saly dahatu

The Queensland government has announced a ministerial forum on multicultural affairs.The plan was unveiled at the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia's conference in Tasmania this week. - Deselaty herêmy Queensland meyany kořy wezîrî...

Ferocious fire destroys Yazidi refugee's home - Agir xaniy├¬ penaberek├« ├Őz├«d├« di┼čewit├«ne

On Wednesday 9/10/2019 a ferocious fire destroyed two East Toowoomba homes one of them belonging to a Yazidi refugee family who arrived in Australia in June 2017.┬á - Roja ├çar┼čem├¬ 9/10/2019 agir bi xaniy├¬ Xeyr├« Xelef dikeve ├╗ hem├« t┼čt├¬ di nav mal├¬ de di...

Turkey's military operation in north-east Syria - Tirkiy├¬ ├¬r├«┼če bakur-rojhilat├« S├╗riy├¬ dike

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports from Diyarbakir on the latest situation regarding Turkey's attacks on north-east Syria and the Kurdish regions. - Raporta Hatice Kamer ji Diyarbekir îroj li ser operasyona Tirkiyê ya bi ser Bakurî Suriyê û deverên...

Why Turkey's invasion of northern Syria may result in a 'quagmire'

Middle East expert Dr William Gourlay speaks to SBS Kurdish about the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, a conflict he says is 'complex' and one that could last longer than expected.

Turkey has launched a military operation in north-east Syria - Tirkiy├¬ li bakur-rojhilat├« S├╗riy├¬ operesyoneke le┼čker├« destp├¬dike

Turkey has launched a military operation in north-east Syria to push Kurdish forces away from its border.US President Donald Trump has called the assault "a bad idea" and threatened to devastate Turkey's economy if they wipe out the Kurdish population....

Bringing Kurdish culture into the comedy scene - Bas keltury Kurdî le galltebazy

Korang Kurde is a Kurdish comedian living in London, known as Kae Kurd. In this interview with Brwa Mohamed, Kae talks about his recent show Kurd your Enthusiasm, his unique outlook on comedy as first-generation Kurd, and his plans for the future.Kurd ...

Five refugees killed in recent attack - P├¬nc penaber kujrawe le h├¬ri┼č├¬k├« nw├¬

Five refugees have been killed in a recent attack as our foreign correspondent Ahmed Ghafur reports on the response from officials. - P├¬nc penaber kujrawe le h├¬ri┼č├¬k├« nw├¬. Peyamn├¬rman Ahmed Gafur raport dekat ser wellamy fermanberekan.

UK Government announces plans to adopt Australian style points-based immigration - Deselat├« UK planyan rageyand bo sistem├« ko├žkirdin be po├«nt e we weku Australya

Britain's Home Secretary, Priti Patel, says Britain will be adopting an Australian-style points-based system of immigration.Speaking to Conservative Party supporters, Ms Patel says the model would allow Britain to better control its borders. - Wezîrî N...

Dedicated population centre to monitor Australia's migration patterns - Senter├« dani┼čtuwan ta├«bet bo ├žawd├¬r├« culanewey ko├žkirdin le Australya

The federal government has launched a new centre to monitor Australia's migration patterns.The Centre for Population will track where new migrants decide to settle and will advise the government on how to reduce the strain on major cities. - Deselatî F...

More Australians than ever are seeking help over mental health - Z├«yatir Australy bedway yarmety ege┼Öin ser tendrusty m├¬┼čk

More Australians than ever before are seeking treatment for a mental health condition.While we've come a long way - advocacy groups warn we've still got a long way to go to break down the stigma - particularly in some of our culturally diverse communit...

Meet Shatoo Mohamad, the Kurdish ace with big tennis dreams - Gelo ev werz├«┼čvana ten├«s rast├« ├ži astengiyan dibe?

When Kurdish tennis player Shatoo Mohamad was seven years old her parents wanted her to pick up a sport. It was when she first picked up a tennis racket that┬áshe knew which path she wanted to take.┬á┬á - ┼×at├╗┬áMihemed (Shatoo Mohamad) ke├žeke Kurd e ji day...