Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Study investigates possible genetic cause for stuttering - Lêkolîn raber dike pêkane sedemên kekeciyê cinatîk be

One in a 100 Australian adults is affected by stuttering, but the cause of the speech disorder  is unknown. A global study's investigating whether genes are responsible. And Australians with a history of stuttering are being asked to take part. - Di Lê...

Summer brings more tourists to Kurdistan Region - Hav├«n ge┼čtiyaran z├¬detir t├«ne Her├¬ma Kurdistan├¬

During the months of summer more tourists visit Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Tourists come from all over Iraq to the Kurdish region. Tourists from the neighbouring countries such as Iran and Turkey visit as well. More from our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur in ...

Former refugee now Harvard law degree graduate - Penabera ber├¬ nuha der├ž├╗ya zan├«ngeha Harvard e

She is a former refugee, a lawyer, 2017 Young New Zealander of the Year, human rights activist, gender equality and refugee rights activist. She was born in a United Nations (UN) refugee camp in Pakistan in 1991 away from her homeland, in what is now k...

Is turkey's aim to change the demography in northern Syria? - Gelo mebesta Tirkiy├¬ ji avakirina her├¬meke ewle li bakur├« S├╗riy├¬ ├žiye?

TurkeyÔÇÖs track record in Syria suggests the planning for a safe zone in the Kurdish majority north-eastern Syria is to reshape the regionÔÇÖs demographic makeup by resettling Arab Syrian refugees hosted by Turkey for the past several years and remove Kur...

Kurdish opera singer performs in several languages - Sopranoya Kurd Pervîn Çakar bi gelek zimanan stranên opera di bêje

Pervin Chakar is one of the few Kurdish opera singers, and she tries to take Kurdish folk songs and legendary tales on to international stages and opera halls.Hatice Kamer speaks to Pervin Chakar in this short interview about her work. - Kurte hevpeyvî...

Towards a healthier Australia - Berew Australyayekî tendurust tir

Health Minister Greg Hunt has unveiled Australia's National Health plan which he hopes will make the nation's health system the best in the world.In particular, the plan lays out how the government intends to address Australia's rising mental health an...

Never too late to start dacing ballet - H├«├ž kat direng n├«ye bo f├¬rb├╗n├« semay├« bal├¬

Leila Morad, teaches ballet to all ages, and her classes are learner-focused. She is mostly inspired by her Kurdish background and incorporates some of Kurdish cultural elements in her work. - Leila Morad, dans f├¬r├«y hem├╗ tem├¬n├¬k dekat, wanekan├« ├žirr├« ...

New KRG-Baghdad agreement on budget share to take place - R├¬kewtin├« nw├¬ le n├¬wan Her├¬m├« Kurdistan ├╗ Bexda ├žawerwan dekr├¬t sebart be budce

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest development on expected new budget agreements between the new governments in Erbil and Baghdad. The new federal budget draft is expected in October by the central government in Baghdad. - Ahmed Xef├╗r sebaret be p├¬┼čkew...

Will Turkey carryout plans to invade northern Syria? - Aye Turkîya planî xoy bedî dehênêt bo dagîr kirdinî bakûrî Sûrîya?

"A new military offensive by Turkey in northern Syria can have negative consequences," says journalist Mutlu Civiroglu, who was in the Kurdish regions of Syria a few weeks ago.┬á ┬á - "H├¬ri┼ček├« serbaz├« le layen Turk├«ya we bo ser bak├╗r├« S├╗r├«ya andcam├« ner...

R├¬nimay├« Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n: dayk ├╗ bawk detwanin ├ž├« biken ger minallekan├«yan tu┼č├« ┼čerfirostin bin

Niz├«key yek le ├žiwar mindall├« Austral├« r├╗ber├╗y ┼čerfiro┼čtin debinewe le xw├¬ndgakan.Wek day ├╗ bawk, sexte bo ewey bizan├« ger mindalleket qurban├« em hells├╗kewteye yan xoyan ┼čerfiro┼čkerin.Bellam daykan ├╗ bawkan, detwanin ├ž├« biken bo pi┼čtg├«r├« le mindallekan...

Ocalan ready for a solution on the Kurdish issue - Ocalan: Em d├¬ pirsgir├¬ka Kurd ├žareser bikin

In a new statement by jailed Kurdish leader in Turkey,  Abdullah Ocalan says that Kurds do not need a separate state within the framework of finding a place for themselves that was consistent with historical Turkish-Kurdish relations.Hatice Kamer repor...

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples - Rojî Nêwdewlletî bo Xellkanî Resenî Cîhan

A celebration of languages spoken by Indigenous communities is the focus of this yearÔÇÖs International Day of the WorldÔÇÖs Indigenous Peoples, held on Friday, August 9th.In Australia, the majority of Indigenous languages are in danger of being lost forev...

Are your kids cyber-safe? - Aye mindallekanit parêzrawin le ser înternêt?

In this interview with cyber-safety expert from ySafe, Yasmin London, we talk about the dangers that children, in particular, can encounter when online and/or on social media. - Le em l├¬dwane da le gell┬á pispor├« asayi┼č├« sayber le r├¬kxirawey┬áySafe, Yasm...

Kurdistan Regional Parliament passes Resolution on Yazidi Genocide - Parlamena Kurdistan├¬ biryara jenos├«da ├Őz├«diyan derbas dike

Kurdistan Regional Parliament members passed by 87 votes a resolution to designate 3rd August, the day of the Sinjar/Shengal Massacre, as the Yazidi Genocide Remembrance day and calling on the Government of Iraq to make reparations to the survivors and...

Round 13 of Syria peace talk ends in Nur-Sultan - 13m├«n civ├«na derbar├¬ S├╗riy├¬ li Nur-Sultan bi r├¬ve di├že

The 13th round of Syria peace talks in KazakhstanÔÇÖs capital Nur-Sultan, formerly known as Astana concluded on August 2 with a decision to step up joint efforts to prevent civilian casualties in Idlib.On the second day of the meeting, the parties held b...

Australia's Yazidi community commemorates Sinjar genocide - Civaka ├Őz├«d├« li Australya fermana ┼×ingal├¬ bi b├«r t├«ne

AustraliaÔÇÖs Yazidis commemorate five years since Islamic State (IS) genocide in Sinjar. ┬áThe Yazidi community in Toowoomba, Wagga Wagga, Armidale and Coffs Harbour came together on Saturday to remember five years' since members of their family and frie...

Five years on, the pain continues for Yazidis with thousands still missing - P├¬nc sal derbas b├╗n ├╗ ├¬┼ča ├Őz├«diyan berdewam e

August 3rd is a sorrowful day for Yazidis, especially for the survivors. IS militants swept through the region of Sinjar causing widespread destruction, including abductions, murder and rape. The atrocities perpetrated by IS are now acknowledged by the...

Five years since IS attack on Yazidis, thousands remain missing - P├¬nc sall pa┼č h├¬ri┼č├« Dai┼č bo ser ├Őzid├«yekan, be hezzar ta esta b├¬ ser├╗┼čw├¬nin

According to the latest report by Free Yezidi Foundation, almost 3,000 Yezidis remain unaccounted for, 80 mass graves have been unearthed, over 300,000 Yezidis are internally displaces, while a hundred thousand have migrated.This audio segment also con...

Labor calls for ban on right-wing speaker - Parti Kar dawa dekat ke rênedrêt be witar bêjanî ballî-rast

Labor is calling for the Prime Minister to order a review of the visa granted to a right-wing figure due to speak at a conservative conference in Sydney.Former prime minister Tony Abbott and Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage are also expected to atte...

Mental health issues; how to recognise it and seek help - Nexo┼č├« der├╗n├«; ├žon├«yet├« destn├«┼čan kirdin ├╗ yarmet├« ├žakb├╗ne we

Research shows that mental health concerns in Australia is particularly high  for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD). In this interview with Kurdish Counsellor and Psychotherapist Saed Dareh, we ask about the importance of recogni...

Australians are urged to donate life - Xellk├« Australya han dedr├¬n bo ewey jiyan bibex┼čin

While many young people in Australia are aware they can donate their organs and tissue, not enough are actually signing up to be a donor. In just a few minutes, anyone can register as an organ donor, and in the process, help the 1,400 Australians curre...

Can new governments in Baghdad, Erbil resolve long standing issues? - Aye huk├╗mete nw├¬kan├« Bexda ├╗ Hewl├¬r detwanin k├¬┼čekan├« n├¬waniyan ├žareser biken?

In the past few weeks several meetings have taken place between the representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Iraqi government.These talks are in the hope of resolving long standing issues between both sides including, the im...

New research says man-made emissions are overwhelmingly the main cause of global warming - L├¬koll├«newey nw├¬ n├«┼čandedat ke mirov berpirse le germb├╗n├« piley zew├«

A series of reports, conducted by teams of scientists from across the globe, have found man-made emissions are causing global warming, discrediting claims it is a natural phenomenon. - Zincîreyek le raport le layen tîpêkî zanayanewe ancam dirawe le ser...

Peter Dutton seeks new powers to police Australia's borders - Peter Dutton dexwaz├¬t h├¬z├« xoy zortir bikat bo serperi┼čt├« sin├╗rekan

Peter Dutton says New Zealand's offer to resettle asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru remains on the table.The Senate will now decide if the Home Affairs Minister will be granted the power to exclude foreign fighters, after Labor backed the laws...

Learning the language is very important - Fêrbûna zimanî gelekî girîng e

Siblings Yazidi refugees Soryas and Rivas Khero arrived in Australia in late 2016. When they arrived here they did not speak any English and found it difficult to communicated in their day to day life.After attending English classes and improving their...

Settlement Guide: Keeping children safe online - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: Parastina ewlehiya zarokan li ser ├«ntirn├¬t├¬

With young people being more tech-savvy than ever, it's important for the adults around them to do the right things to keep them safe.Find out what you can do to ensure that your children have a positive experience online. - Di serdema îroj de kesên ci...

Conference focuses on suicide prevention strategies - Konfirensa li ser stratijiyên xwekujtinê

The former Prime Minister Julia Gillard says now is the time to tackle Australia's suicide rate.Ms Gillard was speaking at a national suicide prevention summit, where experts agree steps have been taken in the right direction, but more needs to done.  ...

Iraqi delegation visits Erbil to discuss Erbil-Baghdad relationship - ┼×andeke Iraq├« serdana Hewl├¬r├¬ bo p├¬windiya di navber├« Hewl├¬r-Bexday├¬ dike

A delegation from the Iraqi government is expected to meet with senior Kurdish officials to address outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, such as the federal budget, oil, and the disputed territories. More in Ahmad Ghafur's report from Erbil. -...

Kurdish authoroties arrest restaurant shooting suspect - Bergumanê teqîn li xwaringeheke Hewlêrê kirî tê girtin

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced yesterday (Saturday) that a lead suspect of the Erbil shooting which took place on 17/07/2019 that resulted in the death of a Turkish diplomat and two locals has been arrested. More from our corresponde...

Australia's role in the Apollo 11 moon landing - Rola Australya di Apollo 11 ya daketina ser hîvê

It's been 50 years ((July 21)) since men first walked on the moon.The landing was broadcast around the world, but were it not for a number of Australians, and Australian technology, Neil Armstrong's first steps and words might not have been seen or hea...

Toolkit helps regional towns attract migrants - P├¬diviya gundan bi ni┼čtec├¬kirana ko├žber├¬n sinetkar heye

A new toolkit has been developed to help attract more migrant workers to regional areas.The kit produced by the Regional Australia Institute [[RAI]] aims to help regional towns fill skills shortages and make it easier for migrants to settle into region...

Spoken Kurdish is at risk in Diyarbakir - Rew┼ča axftina ziman├¬ kurd├« li Amed├¬ di tehl├╗key├¬ de ye

Hatice Kamer's report from Diyarbakir is about the shooting of a Turkish diplomat in Erbil, Turkey purchasing Russian S-400 air defense system and the publishing of a book regarding the Kurdish language.[[{"fid":"1795070","view_mode":"body_content","uu...

Prime Minister and Opposition Leader speak at 'Bush" regional summit - Serok Wezîr û Rêberê Opozisyonê li civîna herêmî diaxafin

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has told the Prime Minister Scott Morrison to┬á ÔÇťstop playing politicsÔÇŁ with drought funding, saying Labor will back the governmentÔÇÖs package, so long as it doesnÔÇÖt come at the cost of other infrastructure projects.It ...

Dr Ziabari: 'exercise, exercise, exercise' - Dr Z├¬bar├«: 'werz├«┼č, werz├«┼č, werz├«┼č'

National Diabetes Week 2019 is from 14 July and runs until 20 July. Diabetes is a serious condition that inhibits your ability to produce the insulin that your body needs to convert glucose into energy. This means you end up with unhealthy levels of gl...

Superintendent Peter Lennon retires after 40 years of service - Pi┼čt├« xizmeta 40 sal├« Fermandar Peter Lennon di├že xaneni┼č├«n├¬

Commander Detective Superintendent Peter Lennon has been in the police force and serving the community for the past 40 years. Unfortunately for the community in general the time has come for Commander Peter Lennon to retire after so many years of servi...

Kurdistan Region finally forms cabinet after nine months - Kabîneya nu di HHK de tê avakirin

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghfur reports from Erbil on Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) new cabinet. KRG's Prime Minister Masrour Barzani presented his new Cabinet July 10, vowing to institute reforms and reinvigorate the semi-autonomous government i...

Kobani, now and then - Kobanî, nuha û berê

Kobani, the town that was invaded by ISIS and 90% of it destroyed in 2014 has risen again. The people of Kobani and its surroundings never gave up on their place of birth. - Koban├« ├╗ xelk├¬ Kobaniy├¬ di gelek dem├¬n dijwar re derbas b├╗n. Ji helwe ┼čandina ...

Are Australian women dying of embarrassment? - Ma jin├¬n Australya ji ber ┼čermezariy├¬ dimrine?

Half of Australia's women are not up-to-date with their cervical cancer screenings.But why?The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation asked women what were their reasons for not getting the life-saving test - and the answers were surprising.  - Nîvê jin...

First Indigenous fire crew making its mark - Serkeftina yekem taximê xelkê resen

Sydney's inner-city suburb of Redfern has been the site of many historic moments for Indigenous Australians, and now it's celebrating another.The local fire station has just formed the state's first all-Indigenous crew, and they're already making their...

After difficult times comes happiness - Pi┼čt├« astengiyan dilxwe┼č├« hene

As a result of the Syrian civil war many citizens have fled and became refugees in other countries. The war in Syria has a big impact on people. Mr. Khorshid Sarokhan and his family are one of those who have fled their city of Qamishli in Syria and wer...

Some Kurdish dialects are in danger - Hin ji Zarvên Kurdî di metirsiyê de ne

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports about a meeting held by intellectuals in Diyarbakir regarding Kurdish dialects. Also in the report  there is mention of violence against women in Diyarbakir. - Raporta Hatice Kamer ji Diyarbekir behs li ser civîna...

Still smoking? You're three times more likely to die from heart attack or stroke - H├«n cigar├¬ dik├¬┼č├«? S├¬ qat├« b├¬tir metirsiya mirin├¬ ji ├¬r├«┼ča dil yan m├¬j├« bo te heye

At least 17 Australians die each day from cardiovascular disease directly linked to smoking.That's the findings of new research from the Australian National University.It says smokers triple their risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke. - Di lêkolîn...

Where people go wrong on indigenous history - Dema ├žewt├« di d├«roka xelk├¬ resen de ├ž├¬ dibe

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. There are a number of misconceptions about the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isl...

Settlement Guide: What are the requirements when moving interstate? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: ├çi daxwaz├« ji bo barkirina mal div├¬n?

Each year almost four hundred thousand Australians relocate for work, education, lifestyle, family or better community support.As laws, regulations and service providers may differ from around the country; a checklist can make your interstate move easi...

Iraqi government responsible for protecting Kurdistan Region border - Hukmeta Îraqê berpirsa parastina sînorî Kurdistanê ye

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports from Erbil regarding the protection of Kurdistan Region's border and that the central government (Iraqi government) should be responsible for it. - Di raporta Ehmed Xefûr ji Hewlêrê behs li ser ku divê hukmata Îra...

Settlement Guide: How to apply for a First Home Owner Grant? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: ├çawa al├«kariya kir├«na Xaniy├¬ Yekem daxwaz bik├«?

Escalated property prices across Australia make it more difficult for first home buyers to enter the market.But with government assistance the dream of owning a home can become a reality.The First Home Owner Grant offers a chance to get a foot in the d...

Aboriginal students put their teaching skills to the test - Xwendekarên Abûricinî mamostebûna xwe dixin ezmûnê

Schools across the country are highlighting Aboriginal history as part of NAIDOC week celebrations.At one New South Wales school, Aboriginal students put their teaching skills to the test -  passing on their knowledge of Indigenous culture to their pee...

Turkish FM accuses Washington Post of "terrorist Propaganda" - ├çavu┼čogl├╗: Washington Post propagandoya teror├«stan belav dike

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accused the Washington Post newspaper of spreading "terrorist propaganda" for publishing an opinion piece by Cemil Bayik a PKK leader.Hatice Kamer reports on the Turkish reaction as well regarding the Washi...

Treaty deal with aboriginal people under negotiation in Victoria - Rêkewtinname bo xellkanî Aborcînî le tawûtwê kirdin da ye le Vîktorîya

The state of Victoria is a navigating a Treaty deal with its Aboriginal people for the first time in Australia.The process aims to acknowledge Aboriginal rights and improve the community's future by recognising past wrongdoing. - Her├¬m├« V├«ktor├«ya dari┼č...

Looking to buy or rent a property? Where do you start? - Le mall degerêyt bo kirrîn yan kirê? Le kwê we destpêdekeyt?

The Reserve Bank of Australia recently dropped the interest rate to a record law by 1%. But what does this mean for the property market? Will this help home-buyers? We ask Omid Jolan these questions and more advice on purchasing and renting a property....