Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Proposed Super changes could make young Australians $500k wealthier at retirement - Gorrankar├« p├¬┼čn├«yarkiraw bo m├╗├žey xane ni┼č├«n├«, xanen├«┼č├«nan $500H dewllemend tir dekat

Australians could retire with an extra half a million dollars in superannuation if the federal government adopts the recommendations of a major review. A landmark report says millions of Australians are being harmed by the current super system. And the...

Multimillion dollar boost for mental health - ├çend├« milyon dolar bo tendurust├« m├¬┼čk├« terxandekr├¬

The Federal government says the deaths of two Indigenous girls, aged just 12 and 13, this week are a reminder of the need for new models to tackle mental health in remote communities. It's announced a 47-million dollar funding boost to tackle youth men...

Made in Kurdistan, the story of Lala Candles - Durust kiraw le Kurdistan, ├ž├«rok├« Lala Candles

The young Kurdish entrepreneur, Huda Serhang, was a student of Master Degree in International Relations, when she began thinking about starting her own candle-making business. The idea started by her wanting to recycle the leftover candles from those s...

PUK crack down on PKK affiliated organisations in Sulaimaniya - YNK h├¬ri┼č dekate ser boneyek├« Tevger├« Azad├« andaman├«yan destg├«r dekat

Ahmed Ghafur from Erbil, covers the PUK crackdown on PKK affiliated organisations and arresting a group of women commemorating the assassination of the three PKK member in Paris, and more from the region.  - Peyamnêrman Ehmed Xefûr le Hewlêre we, rûmal...

Kurdish parties in Turkey unite ahead of March election - Partiyên Kurd ji bo hilbijartinê lihevhatinekê pêk tînin

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports from Diyarbakir about Erdogan's threats on Syria, a number of Kurdish parties' agreement ahead of March elections and the situation regarding freedom of press in Turkey. - Be┼č├¬ yek├¬ ji raporta Hatice Kamer ji Amed...

Shahin Sorekli: 'Australia gave me hopes and dreams more than any other country' - Shah├«n Sorekl├«: ÔÇśTi┼čt├¬ Australya da min welatek├« din neda minÔÇÖ

Writer, poet and journalist Shahin Sorekli (Chahin Baker) has been in Australia for fifty years. He left for Europe to study in 1965 and arrived in Sydney from Munich in October 1968. Shahin Sorekli graduated from Macquarie University at the end of 197...

EU agrees stranded migrants can land in Malta - YE lihev dikin ku ko├žber derbase Malta bibin

Forty-nine migrants stranded for weeks aboard two rescue ships in the Mediterranean have landed in Malta, following a deal for EU nations to take them in.They had been sailing back and forth in Maltese waters for days after European Union countries ref...

Measles outbreak sees doctors renew call for child vaccinations - Pizi┼čk derbar├¬ belavb├╗na nixwe┼čiya sorikan daxwaza vaks├«nl├¬dan├¬ bo zarokan dikin

After another measles outbreak in Australia, doctors are renewing their calls for parents to vaccinate their children.The Australian Medical Association says the highly contagious disease is preventable but can have deadly consequences. - Pi┼čt├«┬á belavb...

First homosexual-themed Kurdish novel - Yekem romani Kurdi ke bas le hawregez-xwazi dekat

Ala Hoshyar the author of the newly released Kurdish novel "A man in the Jewish Bath" speaks to SBS Kurdish about his book which he claims to be one of a kind in Kurdish literature. Mr Hoshayr also prides himself to have written the book in a simple to...

New KRG yet to be formed, 100 days post elections - Huk├╗met├« nw├¬y Her├¬m├« Kurdistan h├¬┼čta danemezrawe

Ahmed Ghafur reports from Erbil about the new KRG, that is yet to be formed. It has been almost a 100 days post the general, parties are criticised for not being able to come to an agreement. - Raportî peyamnêrman Ahmed Ghafur le Hewlêre we, sebaret be...

Scientists link low fibre intake and poor gut health to obesity epidemic - Zanayan kem-xwardinî fîbr peywest deken be petayî qellewî

More than 50 per cent of Australians are reportedly suffering from gut problems, and scientists are blaming a lack of fibre.The warning comes as new Australian research finds a link between poor gut health and obesity. - Zortir le 50 le seddî xellkî Au...

Keeping the culture alive by her collections - Çanda xwe bi danhevokên xwe zindî dihêle

Gashaw Zhalaye is a hairdresser by profession who lives in Adelaide. Her love of keeping the Kurdish culture alive began from her teenage years back in Sulaimany in Kurdistan Region, Iraq. She's a collector of rare and old items such as old clocks, vas...

Iraqi and Turkish presidents meet in Turkey - Hevdîtina serokomarên Îraqî û Tirkî li Tirkiyê

Hatice KamerÔÇÖs report from Diyarbak─▒r is about Iraqi President Barham SalihÔÇÖs visit to Turkey, TurkeyÔÇÖs preparation for operation in east of Euphrates and the annual report from Free Journalists Association in Diyarbakir. - Raporta Xatice Kamer ji Diya...

Detention centre closure follows openings - Pi┼čt├« girtina girt├«geh├¬n penaxwazan navendine din vedibin

The Morrison government says immigration detention centres in Sydney and Melbourne can be closed thanks to the reduced number of boat arrivals under its policies.But refugee groups say the federal government's decision is meaningless as new detention c...

Australia prepares for biggest-ever New Year's Eve party - Australya xwe amadey├« p├«rozkirina ┼×eva Ser├« Sal├¬ dike

Preparations are well under way across the country as Australia gets ready to celebrate New Year's Eve.Organisers in Sydney are guaranteeing the firework display over the harbour will be the best yet. - Amadebûna bo pîrozkirina sala nuh li seran serî A...

Patience on the road is important during the festive season - Dema li ser rê sebir divêt

While holiday time is a time when people like to relax, visit family and friends and spend time together whether being outdoors, going on trips, going to the park or to the beach. It's a time to enjoy youself but there are certain things to keep in min...

Energy prices forecast to fall - P├¬┼čb├«n├« dekr├¬t ke nirx├« wize dabi┼čk├¬t

Australia's energy prices are expected to fall over the next two years.It follows the release of a report which champions renewable energy as the major driver in making household electricity more affordable. - Çawerwan dekrêt ke nîrxî wize le Australya...

Mothers of Roboski massacre still in pain while losing hope for justice - ├Ő┼č├« Daykan├« Robosk├« sar├¬j nekirawe

Our reporter in Diyarbakir reports on the the rememberance of Roboskî, where more than 30 young Kurds were killed by Turkish airstrike, suspected for being PKK fighters. Their families yet to receive justice to date. Near half of those perished in the ...

Kurdistan RegionÔÇÖs three main parties meet to for a new government - Dan├╗stenin├¬n her s├¬ partiy├¬n sereke bo p├¬kan├«na hukmeteke n├╗ li HK

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports form Erbil on the latest regarding a meeting between the three main Kurdish parties, KDP, PUK and Gorran to form a new government in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.  - Raporta Ehmed Xefûr ji Hewlêrê li ser civîna her sê p...

US military withdrawal from northern Syria - Pa┼čveki┼č├«na le┼čker├« ya DYA ji bakur├¬ S├╗riy├¬

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports on the latest from Turkey about Donald Trump's announcement to withdraw US military from northern Syria and Turkey's stance towards this move. - Mijara sereke di raporta Xatice Kamer ji Diyarbekir de îroj li ser b...

Winners and losers of US military withdrawal from Syria - Derketina hêza serbazî ya DYA ji Sûriyê li berjewendiya kê be!

After President Donald TrumpÔÇÖs surprise announcement on Wednesday that he intends to withdraw American troops from Syria there has been a lot of speculations about what will happen after the withdrawal. Who will benefit from the US withdrawal? Will YPG...

PM makes unannounced visit to Australian troops in Iraq - Serok├« Wez├«ran serdan├¬k├« ├žawerwan nekraw dekat bo ├Őraq

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been visiting Australian troops at the Taji base in Iraq, and the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abd Al-Mahdi.  Mr Morrison visited the 800 Australian defence personnel who are serving at two operating bases in the Middle ...

There is ÔÇÄno 'ÔÇÄhonour' ÔÇÄÔÇĆin killing helpless girls, womenÔÇÄ: Chiman Zebari - Ku┼čtin├« ki├žan ├╗ jinan be b├¬bezey├« peywend├« be nam├╗se we n├«ye

Kurdish author and women's rights activist Chiman Zebari is theDirector of Middle Eastern Women's Coalition, based in the US. In this interview with Ms Zebari we discuss their organisations objectives and recent campaigns for defending Middle Eastern W...

Nadia Murad to build hospital in Sinjar - Nadiya Murad Nexo┼čxane durust dekat le ┼×engal

Ahemd Ghafur reports from Erbil on Nobel Peace Prize laureate's visit to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, where she met with Iraqi President Barham Salih, and Kurdistan's Premier Nachirvan Barzani among other officials. Nadia Murad has promised to build ...

Firmesk: Every song I sing is part of my life - Firmêsk: her-yek le goranîyekanim tîkeyek le jîyanî xome

Kurdish singer Firmesk talks to SBS Kurdish about her newly released album Arezuy Firrîn (Wish to Fly). We ask her about her unique style and how she selects the lyrics as well as the melodies for her songs. Firmêsk is originally from East Kurdistan's ...

Settlement Guide: How to stay safe outdoors this summer - R├¬nimay├« Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n: ├çon asayi┼č deb├¬t le haw├«n├« Australya da

Many of us will take advantage of weekends and school holidays to spend time outdoors, at the beach, in parks and out bush during summer.While it's a great way to explore the country, there are a few precautions to take to stay safe. - Zorbeman kat le ...

Yazidi community in Australia celebrates special occasion - Civaka ├Őz├«d├« li Australya p├«rozbahiya Cejina Rojiya Ez├« dike

The Yazidi community in Australia is celebrating the end of a three day fast. The Three Day Fast in December is one all Yazidis are expected to observe. Fasting occurs from dawn until sunset, and the nights are given to feasting, merry making and some ...

Turkey to launch new military operation in northern Syria - Operesyona Tirkiy├¬ li rojhilat├¬ ├žem├¬ Fer├¬t ├žend roj├¬n din dest p├¬ dike

Hatice Kamer's report from Diyarbakir is about Turkey will launch a new military operation in northern Syria within days, targeting Kurdish militia fighters who are supported by U.S. troops east of the Euphrates river, President Tayyip Erdogan said. Tu...

Dr Ayad Kakei: ÔÇśAustralia has many opotunitiesÔÇÖ - Dr Ayad Kakay├«: ÔÇśderfet├¬n ba┼č li Australya heneÔÇÖ

Dr Ayad Kakei and his wife Nadira arrived in Australia in 2013. Dr Kakei together with his wife who is a pathologist by profession settled in Toowoomba, QLD. Dr Ayad completed his PhD in petroleum projects here.Up on their arrival initially Ms Kakei st...

Dissecting the factors keeping new migrants out of regional Australia - ├çima ko├žber├¬n nuh t├¬n Australya naxwazin li bajarok ├╗ gundan ni┼čtec├¬ bibin

Figures from the Department of Home Affairs show only one in eight new migrants to Australia is settling outside Sydney and Melbourne.And with increasing skill shortages in remote and regional areas, a new study out of Queensland has tried to determine...

At least one dead in Kurdistan floods - Be layenî keme yek kes gîyanî le dest da le lafawekanî Kurdistan

Floods in the Kurdistan Region have caused at least one fatality, landslides, and caused bridges to collapse as well as road closures.Ahmed Ghafur reports from Erbil regarding the latest figures.  - Baranî zor le 10 rojî rabirdû da le Herêmî Kurdistan ...

'Short & Sweet' health, life-style advice from Dr Avan Jaff - 'Be Kurdî be Kurtî' amojgarî tenduristî le layen Dr Avan Caff-e we

The lack of availability of health and medical resources online encourage a young Kurdish doctor to start short videos about health and life style advice. Dr Avan Jaff, who lives in the US, not long ago started posting videos on YouTube, and now throug...

Making of Wîkîferheng- online Kurdish dictionary - Durust kirdinî Wîkîferheng- Ferhengêkî Kurdî 'online'

Jeremy Fowler is a language consultant, living in Duhok, in the Kurdistan Region for the past eight year. In this interview we discusses one of the Kurdish language projects he is involved in, which is an online and mobile Kurdish dictionary (part of W...

70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is it all fixed? - 70 sall pa┼č rageyandin├« Beyannamey Gerd├╗n├« bo Mafekan├« Mirov

Around the world events are being held to mark 70 years (Dec 10th 1948) since the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).The document, drafted after the Second World War, set out for the first time the basic rights and fundame...

Turkish court rejects Demirta┼č's release - Dadgeha Tirkiy├¬ serbestkirina Demirta┼č red dike

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports on the latest from Diyarbakir on Selahatt├«n Demirta┼čÔÇÖs case. Turkish court has rejected the appeal for Demirta┼č to be released despite European rights court verdict.┬á - Raporta Hatice Kamer ji Diyarbekir li ser si...

Refugee calls on global support to end Afrin invasion - Penaberek banga pi┼čtgiriya c├«han├« bo Efr├«n├¬ dike

Jankey Joweesh arrived in Australia in June 2017 from Kurdistan Region, Iraq. He fled Afrin, Syria to Kurdistan Region in 2013 due to the war like hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens.We spoke to Mr Joweesh about his settlement in Toowoomba, QLD an...

Would a new lobbying committee in Australia help the Kurdish cause? - Gelo p├¬kan├«na lobiyeke kurd├« li Australya ├¬ ta ├ži radey├¬ bo pirsa kurd├« al├«kar?be

We spoke to Kurdish Lobby AustraliaÔÇÖs president Eziz Bawermend on the aims and objectives by founding the Lobby. Also, during the conversation points such as the LobbyÔÇÖs achievements so far were risen, plus other points. - Lobiya Kurd├« li Australya di ...

ATO warns of sophisticated scammers - Da├«reya Bac├¬ ho┼čdariyan derbar├¬ f├¬lbazan dide

The Australian Tax Office wants people to be on alert for scammers using sophisticated methods to extract money from their victims.The ATO says fraudsters engaging in phone scams are using software to produce a seemingly legitimate phone number to disg...

Kurdish-Dutch singer and activist Dashni Morad on a mission to empower women

She is young, intelligent and loves her work. Kurdish-Dutch music artist and humanitarian activist Dashni Morad reveals the truth about her career by sending a powerful message to the music industry and to those who mistreat women.

Tevgera Azadi (freedom movement) offices shut down in Kurdistan Region, Iraq - Nivîsgehên Tevgera Azadi li Herêma Kurdistanê tên girtin

Kurdistan Region Security Forces (Asayish) began a two day campaign aimed at closing down the offices of Freedom Movement of Kurdistan Society, known as Tavgara Azadi.Although Tavgara Azadi is officially recognised by Baghdad, it is not a registered pa...

Sad reasons behind Kobani's fame - Sedem├¬n xemg├«n li pa┼č navdariya Koban├« y├¬ hene

Jan Dost is a Kurdish author and novelist from Kobani, Syria. He has been residing in Germany since 2000. He has recently published a book called 'Kobani', in which he narrates stories of life in Kobani before, during and after IS invasion in 2014.Mr D...

Kurdish asylum seeker staranded in airport - Penxwazek├« Kurd li firokxaney├¬ aÔÇÖs├¬ b├╗ye

Mustafa Mamay was arrested in 2008 when he was an undergraduate student at university in the city of Adana, Turkey. He was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison for attending a press conference which was organised by a Kurdish party. He was charg...

Drowning in swimming pool, second most common death for todlers - xinkandin le melewanga, dûwemîn hokarî serkî mirdinî mindallanî sawa ye

In Australia, the second most common cause of accidental death in children under five is swimming pool drownings. In fact, children under five account for 36% of all drowning deaths in Australia.Australia has one of the highest pool-ownership rates per...

Emergency responders struggling with mental health issues - Bersîvdarên lezgîniyê rastî pirsgirêkên derûnî dibin

A world first study of the mental health of emergency workers has found they are at greater risk of psychological distress and trauma.The study of more than 21-thousand people was carried out by Beyond Blue. It is now calling for a national approach to...

Settlement Guide: What is holiday care and how to find free activities for children? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: L├¬ner├«na pi┼č├╗y├¬ ├žiye ├╗ ├žawa li ├žalakiy├¬n bela┼č bo zarokan biger├«?

School holidays are a challenge for many parents.However, there are plenty of free activities near you if you know where to look.As for those who cannot afford to take time off work, holiday care programs ranging from traditional vacation care, tennis,...

Remembering Tahir Elci-three years on - Salvegera ku┼čtina Serok├¬ Baroya Amed├¬, Tah├«r El├ž├«

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer, reports on the memorial for the Tahir El├ži, in Diyarbakir. Mr El├ži was a Kurdish lawyer and the chairman of Diyarbak─▒r Bar Association. He was assassinated in the Sur district of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey on 28 N...

Will M. Barzan's visit to Baghdad mend relations between Erbil and Baghdad? - Gelo serdana M. Barzan├« bo Bexday├¬ d├¬ p├¬windiy├¬n di navber├« Hewl├¬r ├╗ Bexday├¬ ba┼č bike?

Former President of IraqÔÇÖs semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani has paid a surprise visit┬áto Baghdad. This marks his first visit to the capital since last yearÔÇÖs failed referendum in the Kurdish region and following clashes over disputed ter...

Is establishing a facebook page a solution for the Kurdish language? - Ma dan├«na malperreke facebook ├žareseriyeke ji bo ziman├¬ Kurd├«?

We spoke to Evin Tetwan one of the administrators of a facebook page that encourages people to learn Kurdish. The users of the page are not permitted to use any other language besides Kurdish when they post items on the page. Ms Tetwan says the aim of ...

Will violence against women ever end? - Gelo ma dê tundûtûjiya li hember jinê rojekê raweste?

We spoke to artist and womenÔÇÖs rights activist Dashni Morad about the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25.Ms Morad is a passionate activist about womenÔÇÖs rights and against those who treat women differently. She...

Government plans new laws to strip convicted terrorists

The Federal Government has unveiled new anti-terrorism laws that would make it easier to strip convicted terrorists of their citizenship.Currently a minister can act if the jail sentence is six years or more. But, the Prime Minister says greater powers...