Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Aid agencies call for help for the children of Syria's 8-year war - R├¬zxistin├¬n mirovane daxwaza al├«kariy├¬ bo zarok├¬n ┼čer y├¬n S├╗riy├¬ dikin

Eight years from the start of the war in Syria, children continue to suffer the conflict's effects.A recent survey by World Vision found more than 60 per cent of Syrian children they spoke to fear violence, war and losing a family member, while another...

Remembering the victims of Halabja - Bîranîna qurbaniyên Helebce

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports on the services held in Erbil and Kurdistan Region, Iraq in general in memory to the victims of Halabja who lost their lives during Saddam Hussein's chemical attack on Halabja on the 16/03/1988. - Raporta Ehmed Xe...

1988 chemical attack on Halabja will not be forgotten - K├«miyabarana 1988 ya Helebce tu car├« ji b├«r na├ž├¬t

March 16 1988 was one of the darkest days for the Kurdish nation. The day the city of Halabja was attacked by Saddam HusseinÔÇÖs regime using chemical weapons.[[{"fid":"1752366","view_mode":"body_content","uuid":"67b097fa-0297-4a9e-bb03-ef13f045d643","ty...

EU Parliament votes on Turkish membership - Dengdana Parlamentoya Ewrupa ya li ser endamtiya Tirkiyê

SBS Kurdish stringer Hatice Kamer reports on the latest from Turkey and the Kurdish region, including EU parliament votes on Turkey membership, the 2019 Turkish election campaign, and preparation for Newroz 2019 in the Kurdish regions of Turkey. - Rapo...

A lost child of Halabja: Zimnako - Zimnako-mindallêkî winbûy Hellebce

Zimnako was about three months old on the bloody Friday of March 16th 1988, when the Iraqi Baathist regime dropped chemical weapons on the town of Halabja. That morning was the last time Zimnako's mother saw her baby boy. Baby Zimnako was taken by Iran...

Sydney's Kurdish Youth hold Halabja Memorial - Ciwanan/Lawanî Sydney yadî karesatî kîmyabaranî Hellebce dekenewe

Sydney Kurdish Youth Society will hold a memorial event for the 31st anniversary of Halabja's Bloody Friday, the day Saddam Husein's Baathist regime attacked the Kurdish town of Halabja with chemical weapons killing more than 5000 thousand civilians.We...

What's your survival plan if lost in the Australian bush? - Plan├« to ├ž├«ye bo rizgar b├╗n ger b├¬t win b├«t le daristan├« Australya?

In the wake of two hikers being found in Victoria's Alpine region, after having been lost for five days, experts reveal the best ways to stay safe while enjoying the Australian outdoors - Le kat├¬k da ke d├╗ ├ž├«yawan le Naw├žey Alp├«ne-├« V├«ktorya b├«nrane we...

Three new visa categories announced - Sê kategorî nwêy vîza rageyendira

The federal government has announced three new visa categories to meet various demands of Australian migrant groups.Immigration Minister David Coleman says the new visas will help fill in the gaps that migrants have long been campaigning to be filled. ...

Australia can lead the way in bringing justice for IS victims: Taban Shoresh

With the help of a team of international lawyers, The Lotus Flower, a non-for-profit organisation helping IS survivors, has submitted their compensation case to New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Among the several cases that they're dea...

Salary delay system abolished by KRG - Labirdin├« s├«stem├« pa┼čekewt├« m├╗├že le Her├¬m├« Kurdistan

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the decision to finally remove the salary delay system for public servants and teacher in the Kurdistan region. This move has been welcomed by most political and civil rights organisations. - Ehmed Xefûr le Hewlêre we rûmallî rû...

Celebrating International Women's Day in Diyarbakir - Pirozkirina Roja Jinên Cîhanê li Amed ê

In today's report from Diyarbakir our correspondent Hatice Kamer covers International Women's Day events in Diyarbakir. - Raporta Xatice Kamer ji Amed├¬ ├«roj gelek├« reng├«ne ├╗ mijar├¬n balk├¬sh t├¬de hene. Li Amed├¬ ji aliy├¬ he┼čt r├¬xistin, komele ├╗ dezgeh├¬n ...

Settlement Guide: Should you build or buy your house? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: Ma kirr├«n yan l├¬kirina xan├« ba┼čtir e?

While home ownership has been on the decrease in recent years, itÔÇÖs still considered to be an integral part of Australian life.Whether you'll buy an established house or build a new one, property experts say both options have their advantages. - Tev├« k...

Former Yazidi IS captive plea to the World and Australia - Ke├ža ku daxwaza al├«kariy├¬ ji Australya ├╗ c├«han ├¬ bo ├Őzidiyan dike

Nihad Berekat has been in Toowoomba for nine months. She arrived with her two brothers and one sister. Nihad like thousands of Yazidi women was a captive of ISIS and used as a sex slave. She was 15 when ISIS captured her.Nihad was captive for the perio...

Helping the children of Kurdistan - Alîkariya rêxistina xêrxwaziyê bo zarokên Kurdistan ê

Her passion from a young age has always been to help the needy children of Kurdistan. Nena Murad began her charity work in 2016 after participating in Pageant of the world. - N├«na Murad di sala 2016 an de ┼čaciwaniya Kurdistan├¬ li dervay├¬ welat qazanc k...

Wagga Wagga's Yezidi Community protest against ISIS crimes - Komellgayi ├Őz├«d├« le Wagga Wagga xop├«┼čandan deken dij be tawanekan├« Dai┼č

Yezidi community in Wagga Wagga organised a protest to condemn ISIS crimes against them in Syria and Iraq, and have asked Australia and the international community to do more to help the victims of ISIS.This comes as 50 decapitated bodies where found n...

Disagreement lingers on KRG presidency - Nakokî sebaret be yasayî serokayetî Herêmî Kurdistan berdewame

Kurdish parties are yet to agree on appointing a president for the Kurdistan region, and to do that the parliament needs to reform the laws for presidency. The disagreement is whether the president should be elected by the people or the parliament, and...

Advocates call for terrorist's orphans to be returned home - Layengîrekan dawa eken hatîwî tîrorekan bigeřênewe mall

Human rights advocates are calling on the government to bring the orphaned children of AustraliaÔÇÖs most notorious terrorist believed to be trapped in IS territory in Syria home to safety.Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledges Khaled SharroufÔÇÖs chil...

Final two refugees transferred from Nauru to the US, but with a price to pay - Dway├«n du penaber le Nauru we we nardran bo Willate Yekgirtokan (US), bellam xerc├« t├¬ ├ž├¬

It is believed that the final two refugee families being held on Nauru are scheduled to be transferred to the United States on February 27.But once they land in the United States, they'll have a little-known, but big, financial hurdle to jump in their ...

VIVA: Superfoods and you - VIVA: Xwardinî tendrustî (Superfoods) û to

You may have heard of superfoods like kale or turmeric lattes that are meant to boost your health.Nutritionists suggest that when it comes to healthy ageing we need to have a balanced diet.So, does eating superfoods keep us more active than other foods...

George Pell, highest ranked Catholic to be convicted of sex crimes - George Pell, ballatrîn kesayetî ayinî Katolîkî ye tawanbard bikrêt be dest drêjî cinsî

Cardinal George Pell is behind bars after being found guilty of child sex offences against two choirboys.The highest-ranked Catholic to be convicted of abuse has been remanded in custody while he awaits sentencing, and an appeal, against the verdict. -...

What's so special about Australia's Mardi Gras? - Taybetmend├« fest├«val├« Mardi Gras y Sydney ├ž├« ye?

The annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras ((grah)) parade is the centrepiece of the entire Mardi Gras festival.And this weekend's ((Saturday 2 March 2019)) parade is expected to be watched by hundreds of thousands of people, all around Australia.But...

Sydney has an official Kurdish soccer team - Tîpî fûtbollî Kurdî le Sydney be fermî tomar dekrêt

Ari Sorani a memeber of Sydney Kurdish Youth Society speaks to us about the newly registered soccer/football team.Although they had been active for over a year, the team only formally registered as of this year and now they train and play with other te...

KRG politics-one step forward two steps back - Huk├╗met├« nw├¬y Her├¬m├« Kurdistan- hengaw├¬k bo p├¬┼č ├╗ d├╗ hegaw bo pa┼č

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest on the disagreements between the two major Kurdish parties in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. KDP and PUK are yet to agree on finalising the cabinet for the new government. - Ehmed Xefûr diwa hewallî hewlldanî damezrand...

Free Yezidi Foundation warns US withdawal from Syria creates security vaccumm

Pari Ibrahim Founder and Director of Free Yezidi Foundation urges the international community and the coalition forces to continue their support to Syrian Democratic Forces to help protect minorities in the region. Miss Ibrahim highlights the ISIS may ...

From failures one can truly grow - Le ┼čikest├«ye we mirov berast├« ge┼čedekat

Rawa Jelizada is a Kurdish artist and painter from the Kurdish capital, Erbil/Hewlêr. She has developed a very unique style in her painting yet still with the distinctive traditional Kurdish designs and theme.Ms Jelizada tells us it was the failure in ...

Children tell their stories of refugee-seeking to MPs at Parliament House - Mindalekan ├ž├«rok├« penaber├« xoyanyan ag├¬rayewe bo Endam├« Parlemanekan le Parleman

Refugee children in a theatre group have told their stories of resettlement in Australia in a special performance at Parliament House in Canberra. - Mindale penaberekan le gr├╗p├« ┼čano bas├« ├ž├«rok├« ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├« xoyan le Australya kird be nimayi┼č├« ta├«bet├« l...

Councils demand action on climate change to help better bushfire management - Encumenekan dawakarî kar deken le ser gořanî klîma bo yarmetîderî berêukirdinî agirî daristan

More than 60 councils are demanding action on climate change to help protect against bushfires.With many communities devastated by fires at unusual times or in rare locations, councillors fear what could happen if they don't act. - Z├«yaÔÇÖtir le 60 encum...

Kurdish speakers still face discrimination in Turkey - Roja Ziman├¬ Dayik├¬ ├╗ rew┼ča ziman├¬ Kurd├« li Tirkiye

The modern history of the use of Kurdish language in Turkey is a dark one. On this International Mother Language Day (21/02/2019) Kurdish language speakers still face discrimination in Turkey. Hatice Kamer reports about the rallies carried out in the K...

Australians urged to give up the bottle - Xellkî Australya han dedrên bo kemkirdinewey bekarhênanî Plastîk

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the mantra for modern living. However, twenty thousand plastic bottles are purchased every second across the globe and Australians will discard 356 million plastic bottles from bathrooms each year . Australians continue to ...

How does the youth justice system work in Australia?

No parent wants to receive a call from the police saying their child has been arrested.┬áBut if it happens, itÔÇÖs important to know your child's rights, including requesting the help of a lawyer.

KDP, PUK yet to agree on Kirkuk Governer - PDK, YNK nakokin sebaret be postî Parêzgarî Kerkûk

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest political issues between the two major Kurdish parties in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, that are yet to agree on appointing a governor for Kirkuk province, and more... - Raportî peyamnêrman Ahmed Xefur le Hewlêre we s...

Leyla Guven has now been on hunger strike for 102 days - Leyla Guven 102 roj in di greva bir├ž├«mayin├¬ de ye

Hatice Kamer covers the Sochi Summit where Iran, Turkey and Russia met. Also in the report, Kurdish MP Leyla Guven's health worsening as her hunger strike passes 102 days. Finally, Turkish High Court rules Kurdish Political parties cannot have "Kurdist...

Recovery from violence and trauma, a discussion with Dr. Kawa Bewrani - Çakbûnewe le tundûtîjî û troma, axaftinêk legell Dr. Kawa Bewrani

Trauma and Recovery was written by Dr. Judith Herman in 1992, and it was translated to Persian by Dr. Kawa Bewrani in 2016. Trauma and Recovery takes into account political, communal, domestic and terror trauma; its impact in todayÔÇÖs climate is discuss...

Lack of exercise increases cancer risk - Nebun├« rah├¬nan metirs├« ┼č├¬rpence z├«yad dekat.

According to a Cancer Council survey, most people believe a lack of time is the reason behind their lack of exercise.Recent research has found that more than 200,000 cancer cases could be avoided in the next quarter century, but only if Australian adul...

How will the medical transfere bill help refugees on Manus and Nauru? - Yasay├« Giwastinewey├« Pizi┼čk├« ├ži kar├«ger├«yek├« deb├¬t bo penaxwazan

The government was defeated in parliament, when the opposition and crossbenchers voted in favour of medical transfer bill for the refugees in Australia's offshore processing centres.In this interview with Kurdish lawyer Hiwa Zandi we discuss this bill,...

US troops to withdraw from Syria 'within weeks' - Ki┼čanewey le┼čkir├« Emrik├« le S├╗r├«ya le "├žend heftey" dahat├╗ da ancam dedr├¬t

The United States has announced it could withdraw troops from Syria in a matter of weeks because its military forces are on the brink of completely wiping out I-S's so-called caliphate.The group's territory in Iraq and Syria has been diminished to a ti...

PAK battles animal cruelty in Kurdistan - PAK rûberûy dijwarî zor debinewe bo parastinî jiyanî ajellan le Kurdistan

Protecting Animals in Kurdistan (AKA Parastinî Ajellanî Kurdistan or PAK) is one of those charity organisations that are fighting for animal rights in the Kurdistan Region (Iraq), which is run by a small number of dedicated volunteers, who strive to ra...

Germany orders Facebook to review data collection practices - Allmaniya dawa le Facebook dekat bo ├žaksaz├« le kokirdinewey data

Germany has ordered Facebook to renew its data collection practices after a one-year investigation which found the company exploited its market dominance to gather information about users without their consent.The investigation was launched after the C...

KDP, PUK reach an agreement on new KRG - PDK, YNK rêkkewtin reser pêkhênanî hukûmetî nwê

The two major political parties in the Kurdistan Region, have finally come to an agreement regarding the new Kurdistan Regional Government, post the last September elections. Our corespondent Ahmed Ghafur reports on the details from Erbil.  - Herdû par...

Settlement Guide: How to get involved in your children's school? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: ├çawa di xwendegeha zarok├¬n xwe de t├¬kildar b├«

When parents are involved in their children's school and education, it has positive effects on their grades, their attendance and their well-being in general.But parents new to Australia might not always know where to start. - Dema dêûbav di perwerdeki...

Yazidi community mourns the death of leader - ┼×├«na civaka ├Őz├«d├« derbar├¬ ko├ža daw├«n ya M├«r Tehs├«n Beg

Mir (prince) Tahsin Said was the hereditary leader of the Yazidi people. He was also the head of the Yazidi Supreme Spiritual Council. He represented the Yazidis in all matters in respect of states and tribes. - Bi ko├žkirina M├«r Tehs├«n Beg valahiyeke m...

Turkey violates human rights in Kurdish regions - Tirkiyê û binpêkirina mafê mirovan li deverên Kurdan

Hatice Kamer's report from Diyarbakir covers the situation between Turkey and Syria, human rights violation against Kurds in Turkey and a conference regarding protecting the Kurdish language in Turkey.[[{"fid":"1740170","view_mode":"body_content","uuid...

Australia's political leaders defend piolets who could have killed civilians in Iraqi airstrike - Serokan├« siyas├« Australya pi┼čt├«wan├« deken le firrokewan ke eger├« ku┼čtin├« xellk├« s├«v├«l├«yan heye

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) insists no errors were made in a coalition air mission over the Iraqi city of Mosul involving Australian super hornets that may be to blame for multiple civilian casualties on the ground.The air strikes occurred at th...

Behrouz Boochani: I can't celebrate winning top literary award while still in Manus - Behrouz Boochani: natwanim dillxo┼č bim be em xellate ke h├¬┼čta destbeser├«n le Manus

Kurdish Journalist and author Behrouz Boochani speaks to us about winning top literary award for his book No Friend but the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison, which also won the category for best non-fiction book prize. (SBS Kurdish will soon publis...

Hengaw reports shocking Kurdish human rights violations in Iran - R├¬kxirawey Hengaw amar├« sers├╗rh├¬ner├« serp├¬├ž kirdin├« mafekan├« mirov le Rojhellat a┼čkira dekat

Arsalan Yarahmadi from Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights, speaks to us about their work as an NGO in covering human right abuses in East Kurdistan (Iran) under the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr Yarahmadi tells us about the latest figures regarding th...

Regional areas need more skilled migrants: SA premier - Dever├¬n gudan hewce bi ko├žber├¬n b├¬htir hene

South AustraliaÔÇÖs Premier has made a plea to the Prime Minister, calling for AustraliaÔÇÖs migration policy to allow for more skilled migrants across regional Australia. - Serok├¬ w├«layeta Ba┼č├╗r├« Australya ji Serok Wez├«r daxwaza ku siyaseta ko├žberiya Aust...

Should I pay for my grandchildren school fees? - Gelo ma ez mesrefê neviyên li xwendegehê bidim?

With rising educational costs, more and more grandparents are helping out with school fees.The cost of sending a child born in 2018 through the private schooling system ends up close to half a million from prep through to Year 12. And it could be even ...

Refugee's extraordinary university offers after 18 months in Australia - Penabera ku sal û nîveke li Australya ye li zanîngehê tê pejirandin

Twenty One year old Warda Hussein arrived in Australia with her family in June 2017 and settled in Coffs Harbour. Her past studies were not recognised in Australia so she began all over again by doing her HSC at TAFE. - Di dawiya 2014├¬ de, pi┼čt├« DAI┼×'├¬...

It's never too late to achieve your goals - Tu carî dereng nîne bo amanca xwe cî bi cî bikî

Ramal Hashim arrived with his mother and grandmother from Erbil in 2003 as a fifteen year old. From an early age he had the passion to be a barber.To achieve that passion he studied for it and a few years later he bought his own business. When initiall...

Residents of Shaledize show their anger towards Turkey - Ni┼čtec├¬y├¬n ┼×├¬ladiz├¬ helw├¬sta xwe derbar├¬ ├¬r├«┼ča Tirkiy├¬ derdibirin

Residents of Sheladize a town in Derelok district of Kurdistan Region marched to a Turkish base in protest of TurkeyÔÇÖs bombardment in the area. Protesters occupied the Turkish base and set fire to the installations. As a result one person has lost his ...