Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Kurdish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Contest for KRG presidency is on - P├¬┼čbirrk├¬kan├« bo serokayet├« Her├¬m├« Kurdistan

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest list of candidates for the presidential post for the Kurdistan Regional Government. There are now five candidates who contest for the position.┬á - Le em raportey Ehmed Xef├╗r da le Hewl├¬re diwa p├¬┼čkewtinekan r├╗mall dek...

Expert: War against Iran can benefit Kurds - Pispor: Ceng be dij ├Őran boy heye le berjewend├« Kurd b├¬t

In this interview with Shukriya Kurdistani, expert on International Security, we discuss the flared tension between Iran and the Untied States. Ms Kurdistani believe the tensions need to be observed like a game of chess, and may not result in a traditi...

Coalition claiming victory wasn't what anyone expected - K├╗wal├«syon serkewtin├¬k├« ├žawerwan nekiraw be dest deh├¬nin

In what's being described as a significant turnaround from the predictions of the polls, the Liberal-National Coalition has taken victory in the Federal Election. - Serkewtin├« K├╗wal├«syon├« L├«bral-National le hellbijartinekan├« Federal da, wek p├¬├žewaneyek...

Thousands of Australians unaware they have high blood pressure - Be hezaran Australy agadar nîn pallepestoy xwênyan berz e

Thousands of Australians could have high blood pressure and not know it, even though they've been tested at their GPs.A new study has found current testing for hypertension can be inaccurate. - Tikaye be hezeran Australy pallepestoy xwênyan berz bêt û ...

Workshop opens up regions for refugees - Dezgay ├«┼č u kar lad├¬kan ekenewe bo penaber

Refugees can face a raft of challenges in their early years of settlement, especially when it comes to securing work.There's now a fresh push for refugees and migrants to live and work in regional and rural Australia in a bid to fill gaps and skill sho...

Designing homes for dementia patients - Danany nex┼čey mall bo nexo┼č├«yekany b├«r├ž├╗n e we

Dementia is the second-leading cause of death in Australia ÔÇô with predictions thereÔÇÖll be more than one-million people living with dementia by 2058.The Aged Care Royal Commission ÔÇô focusing this month on dementia ÔÇô has been looking at issues such as th...

Labor suggests SBS move - Part├« Kar p├¬┼čn├«yar dekat bo giwastinewey SBS

 Labor has announced that it will investigate opportunities to relocate S-B-S' Sydney-based headquarters from the north shore to Western Sydney if elected.A Shorten Labor government would commission a feasibility study to determine the proposed relocat...

Tributes flow for Bob Hawke - Peyamî rêz û matemînî bo Bob Hawke

Tributes are being paid to Australia's 23rd Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, who has died at his home at the age of 89.The Labor leader has been remembered as "a larrikin" who brought the nation together. - Niwandinî rêz bo 23mîn Serokî Wezîranî Australya Bo...

What is important for Kurdish community in this Federal Election? - Çî gringe bo komellgay Kurdî Australya le hellbijartinekanî federal?

We ask member of the Kurdish speaking community in Australia about their opinion and what is important to them in this federal election.┬á - ├Őme ra ├╗ bo├ž├╗n├« komellgay Kurd ziman├« Australya depirs├«n sebaret be babet ├╗ tewere gringekan bo ewan le hellbija...

Naway Nwe (new generation) members arrested - Endamên partiya Neweyî Niwê tên girtin

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports from Erbil on the latest regarding the arrest of Naway Nwe (new generation) party in Sulaimani. - Raporta Ehmed Xefûr ji Hewlêrê derbarê girtina endamê partiya Neweyî Niwê ye.

Australian charity provides aid to refugees in Kurdistan - R├¬xistineke x├¬rxwaz ji Australya al├«kariy├¬ di┼č├«ne Kurdistan├¬

"I am a very ordinary woman who has been fortunate enough to be able to participate in some extraordinary projects.┬á I am a local, living in Newcastle, married and have two adult sons." - Erica Henley ├žalakvaneke maf├¬ mirovane bi taybet bo ew kes├¬n ku ...

Author and writer Shahin Sorekli awarded Honorary Award - Niv├«skar ┼× B Sorekl├« bi xelata r├╗met├¬ xelat dibe

The Kurdish Cultural Institute of Vienna was established in 2017. It was founded by a group of young Kurdish refugees from Syria who have been in Austria as a result to the civil war in Syria.  The Institute has invited Kurdish writer, poet, journalist...

Viva: How to survive automation? - Otomatîkirina kar di siberojê de

Nearly half of Australian jobs will be replaced by machines in less than twenty years.In a world that is increasingly wired to technology, how can we future proof our skills to stay relevant? - Nêzikî nîvê karên Australyan dê ta bîst sale din makîne an...

Major Kurdish parties name candidates for KRG leadership - Parte mezinekan kand├«dekan dest n├«┼čan deken bo postekan├« huk├╗met├« Kurdistan

Ahmed Ghafur reports from Erbil in the Kurdistan region about the latest development and agreements on presidential and ministerial roles. - Raport├« Ehmed Xaf├╗r sebaret be diwa p├¬┼čkewtinekan sebaret be r├¬kewtin├« parte kan├« Her├¬m├« Kurdistan sebaret be p...

Financial, cultural pressure main cause of domestic violence

Mayada Kordy Khalil spoke with women's activist Sirwa Wahab Maref regarding Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. Ms Maref emphasised that the main cause for domestic violence is financial stress and sometimes the cultural differences when com...

Flu season has already begun - Werzî hellamet destî pê kird

This year's flu season is already looking to be potentially severe with three times as many cases reported already than there were at the same time last year. - Werz├« hellamet├« em sall her le ├¬stawe zor qurs d├«yare, ke jimarey ew kesaney t├╗┼č├« b├╗ne heta...

Settlement Guide: Having a say in Australia is part of the democratic process - R├¬nimay├« Nishtec├¬b├╗n: derbirr├«n├« ra be┼č├¬ke le prosey demokrasy le Australya

All Australians have the right to participate as active citizens in shaping the society we live in.However, due to past traumatic experiences some new migrants maybe fearful of speaking up in public and do not know how our democratic processes work. - ...

No obstacles left for forming the new KRG cabinet - H├«├ž r├¬gir├¬k nemawe le p├¬┼č p├¬kh├¬nan├« huk├╗met├« nw├¬y Her├¬m├« Kurdistan

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest developments regarding the agreements between the major Kurdish party. There are now no issues left among Kurdistan's political party to agree on the new Kurdistan Government's cabinet. - Ehmed Xefûr le Hewlêre we rûm...

A young Kurd's pursuit of 'Homeland' - Gerranî lawêkî Kurd bediway 'Wilat'

Roza Germian speaks to the author of Finding Kurdistan: a Kurdish Iranian American's Journey Home, Hawreh Haddadi. Mr Haddadi wrote this book after his first journey to East Kurdistan (Iran), which became an unforeseen experience. Hawreh, has been livi...

War zones exepted, children are getting stronger - B├¬cige le naw├žey ceng, mindallan le c├«han ziyatir dej├«n

Despite some stark exceptions, Children and adolescents worldwide are more likely to reach their 20th birthday than ever before. The finding has been published in the Global Burden of Disease report, which analysed the mortality and morbidity of childr...

Refugee dressmaker wants to expand her dressmaking knowledge - Penabera ku dixweze meraqa xwe ya dirûnê berfireh bike

Parishan Ali is a Yazidi refugee who arrived in Toowoomba with her family in 2017. Parishan like many Yazidis has been through tough times. Destpite the tough times that she's been through when she and her family were living in a refugee camp in Kurdis...

First Kurdish mayor of south London district - Kurdek li Br├«tanya dibe ┼čaredar├¬ (Lambeth) nav├žeyeke gir├«ng

Lambeth council elected Ibrahim Dogu┼č the first Mayor of Kurdish heritage on Wednesday the 1st of May.┬áMr Dogu┼čÔÇÖs family originated from the Kurdish region in southern-eastern Turkey. His father claimed asylum in the UK in 1991 and was granted refugee ...

US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey visits Turkey - N├╗ner├¬ DYA y├¬ taybet bo Sur├«y├¬ di├že Tirkiy├¬

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports from Diyarbakir on U.S. special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey's visit to Turkey discussing the issues of a planned safe zone, a Manbij road map, an Idlib memorandum, a political solution and the rebuilding of Syria...

Vision impaired teen's wish comes true

Listen to Dlan Dary's full interview with SBS Kurdish. 

Attendants benefitted from the conference: Dr. E. Onen - Kes├¬n di konfirens├¬ de be┼čdar b├╗n gelek s├╗d girtin: Dr. Onen

The first Kurdish newspaper was published in April 22, 1898 in Cairo, Egypt by Mikdad Midhat Badirkhan. To celebrate the 121st anniversary of Kurdistan newspaper a conference was held in Diyarbakir where many intellectuals attended to discuss the Kurdi...

Problems within Kurdish politcal party and its leader - Pirsgirêkên di nav Tevgera Newey Niwê de

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur from Erbil reports on the latest regarding some problems amongst businessman-turned-politician leader Shaswar Abdulwahid of Naway Nwe movement and his own members. - Raporta Ehmed Xefûr ji Hewlêr behsa pirsgirêkên di nav ...

Kurdish media should be at a professional stage: Dr. E. Onen - Divê mediya Kurdî têkeve qonaxeke profesyonel: Dr. E. Onen

Kurdistan newspaper was the first Kurdish newspaper. It was first published in April 22, 1898 in Cairo, Egypt by Mikdad Midhat Badirkhan.The 121st of Kurdistan newspaper was remembered by a conference in Diyarbakir where many experts and intellectuals ...

Six marginal seats up for grabs in WA - ┼×e┼č kurs├«ÔÇÖ├« peraw├¬z amadeye bo hellbijardin le RojawaÔÇÖ├« Australya (WA)

The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader will hold the first debate of the election campaign in Perth next week, where as many as six marginal seats are up for grabs.Those contests could decide not only the election, but the futures, of emerging politi...

Viva: Want to age better? Grow your own tea - Viva: Etew├¬ ba┼čtir temen bikey? ├ça├«'├« xot bi┼Öw├¬ne

Tea is an essential part of everyday life for many Aussies.More than half of the over fifties drink nearly 11 cups a week on average.If you love your cuppa and like to garden, have you ever contemplated the idea of growing your own tea? - ├ça├« be┼č├¬k├« se...

Viva: What are the essential technology seniors should learn? - Viva: Kam t├¬knoloc├« xelk├« temena├ž├╗wan gringe f├¬r bin?

Three in five older Australians, see themselves as being more tech-savvy than the past. However, with endless devices and applications within the touch of a few buttons, what are the essential skills one should learn to embed modern technology into our...

The dangers of screen time for children - Metirsiyên li ser zarokên bi hacetên elîktironî dileyzin

The World Health Organization has for the first time advised parents that children under the age of two should not spend any time passively watching electronic screens.It's also recommended children aged two to four spend no more than an hour a day wat...

UN faces 'Nuremberg moment' over sexual violence - Neteweyên Yekbûyî tê rexne kirin

The UN has been given a stern reminder of its responsibilities to the victims of sexual violence and slavery - but ended up adopting a weakened resolution.  - Neteweyên Yekbûyî ji bo berpirsiyartiya xwe derbarê qurbaniyên ku tundûtûjiya zayendî û xulam...

Flu vaccine, how important is it? - Vaks├«nkirin li dij influenza, ├žiqas gir├«ng e?

With the approach of winter it is recommended to be vaccinated against influenza. The vaccine for Adults over 65 years old and children from six months to five years old is free of charge. SBS Kurdish spoke to general practitioner Dr Ali Ziabari from M...

Former Turkish PM Davutoglu criticises AKP - Davutoglu AKP bi tûndî rexne dike

Our correspondent Hatice Kamer reports on ANZAC Day in Gallipoli, Turkey, celebrating the 99th anniversary of founding the Turkish Parliament and former Turkish PM Davutoglu criticises AKP (Justice and Development Party). - Raporta Xatice Kamer ji Diya...

Will Turkey's local elections be repeated? - Gelo ê helbijartinên herêmî li Tirkiyê dûbare bibin?

Hatice Kamer's report from Diyarbakir covers the disputes regarding the local elections results which took place on Sunday 31 March 2019 throughout the 81 provinces in Turkey. - Raporta Hat├«ce Kamer ji Amed li ser dest├╗rnamey├¬n ku bo ┼čaredar├¬n HDP ├╗ CH...

Issues with forming a government in Kurdistan Region continues - Pirsgirêkên derbarê pêkanîna hukmeteke nuh li Herêma Kurdistanê berdewamin

Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports from Erbil regarding the continues issues about forming a new government in Kurdistan Region six months after parliamentary elections. - Raporta Ehmed Xefûr ji Hewlêrê li ser pirsgirên derbarê pêkanîna hukmeteke n...

Vision impaired musician's extraordinary talent - Korbûna wî nebû asteng ji bo bibe muzîkvanekî behremend

Talented young musician Dlan Dary is an 18 year old Kurdish refugees from Syria. At the age of three months his parents found out that he's blind. Due to the civil war in Syria young Dlan and his family fled Syria to Kurdistan Region in August 2013 and...

Election 2019: Day 8 campaign wrap - Hellbijardinî 2019: kempeînî rojî 8

Labor is facing criticism from both the Coalition and the Greens over its climate change policies.The Coalition argues Labor's approach will be too costly while the Greens say it would slow down a transition to renewables. - Kuwalisyon ├╗ Sewzekan rixne...

Connecting Kurdish Professionals around the world - Drustkirdinî peîwendî le beîn profêsonalî Kurdî le cîhan

Dr. Zaid Brifkani is a doctor in Nephrology in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America. He created called Kurdish Professionals, a group established to connect Kurdish Professionals in USA and around the world.In this interview with Brwa M...

Settlement Guide: How to vote in Australia? - R├¬beriya Ni┼čtec├¬b├╗n├¬: ├çawa li Australya deng bid├«?

Australians go to the polls to vote in the federal election on Saturday, 18 May 2019.Voting is compulsory for all eligible citizens over 18.Voters must be enrolled with the Australian Electoral Commission. Once registered, they must vote to avoid penal...

Australia's Yazidi community celebrates the Yazidi New Year - Civaka ├Őz├«d├« li Australya cejina ├çar┼čema Sor p├«roz dike

The Yazidi community celebrates the Yazidi New year in style. Members of the Yazidi community in Wagga Wagga, Armidale, Coffs Harbour, Toowoomba and Sydney celebrated the special occasion with live music, food, dancing and breaking colourful eggs. - Ro...

Remembering Anfal genocide - Bîranîna qurbaniyên Enfal

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were executed during a systematic attempt to exterminate the Kurdish population in Iraq in the Anfal operations in the late 1980s by the then Baath regime. Our correspondent Ahmed Ghafur reports from Erb...

Trauma clinic in Duhok University to help Yazidi IS victims - Enst├«tuya der├╗n├« li Duhok├¬ al├«kariya mexd├╗r├¬n ├Őz├«d├« dike

Professor Jan Ilhan Kizilhan is a German Kurdish psychologist who has helped to restore the shattered lives of countless Yezidi women and girls who have suffered at the hands of IS. Prof. Dr. Jan Ilhan Kizilhan is a psychologist who specialises in psyc...

Parkinson's Disease causes and symptoms - Nixwe┼čiya Parkison sedem ├╗ n├«┼čan├¬n w├¬

ParkinsonÔÇÖs disease is not a disease that only affects the elderly. Young-onset ParkinsonÔÇÖs disease accounts for the one in five diagnosed while under the age of 50 and the 10% diagnosed before the age of 40. - Nexwe┼čiya Parkinson nexwe┼čiyeke ku la┼č├¬ m...

Kurdish woman murded by ex-husband in Norway - Jin├¬k├« Kurd be dest├« hawser├« p├¬┼č├╗y dekujr├¬t le Norw├¬j

Soheyla Gogani, a mother of an 8 year old daughter was stabbed to death by her ex-husband on April 1st. In this interview we speak with Kurdish women's rights activist Toba Aliassi, about this tragic case and the demonstration she helped organise in No...

Melbourne's Kurdish Feyli community hold Newroz celebrations - Komelley Kurdî Feylî le Melbourne ahengî 13 bederî Newroz sazdeken

We speak with Khalid Bagher from Open Kurdish Feyli Community in Melbourne about their organisatin's activities and their annual events. They will be holding a community event for the 13th day of Newroz in Melbourn this Sunday 14th of April at ABD Stad...

New obstacles for Pro-Kurdish HDP Mayors in Turkey - K├¬┼čeya n├╗ ya jibo ┼čaredariy├¬n HDP

Hatice Kamer reports on the ruling by Turkey's High Election Board that several mayors-elect from the main pro-Kurdish party, HDP,  cannot take up their posts because they were previously dismissed from their jobs under by the government as part of the...

Election 2019: The PM names the day - Hellbijatinekanî 2019: Serokî Wezîranî rojî dîyarî kird

This year's federal election finally has a date: May the 18th.Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement early on Thursday, after weeks of speculation. - Roj├« hellbijartinekan├« federal├« em sall d├«yar├« kira pa┼č ├žend hefte le guman. Scott Morris...

Kurdish parties reach preliminary agreement to form new KRG - PDK ├╗ YNK gey┼čtin be r├¬kewtin├« seretay├« bo p├¬kh├¬nan├« huk├╗met├« nw├¬

Ahmed Ghafur reports on the latest development regarding agreement between the two major Kurdish parties, KDP and the PUK to form the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). - Ehmed Xef├╗r le Hewl├¬re we r├╗mall├« p├¬┼čkewtinekan dekat sebaret be r├¬kewtin├« ...

Time to bring Khaled Sharouf's children home - Kat├« h├¬nanewey mindallekan├« Xalid ┼×er├╗f bih├¬nr├¬newe bo willatiyan

An independent group supporting children left behind at Syrian camps because of their Islamic State fighter parents is pushing for their lives to return to normal. Save the Children is urging authorities to speed up the paperwork processing for one Aus...