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Hip-Hop spanning all eras and represented in all its elements via discussion, mix shows, interviews and the personal recollections of Ghost (beatmaker/producer) , illy (DJ, former b-boy) and J. Millz (freelance hip-hop writer, photojournalist)

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Hip-Hop spanning all eras and represented in all its elements via discussion, mix shows, interviews and the personal recollections of Ghost (beatmaker/producer) , illy (DJ, former b-boy) and J. Millz (freelance hip-hop writer, photojournalist)
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Episode 33 - 3 To The Dome

To close out Summer 2019, Ghost and illy highlight three of this past season's best hip-hop album releases: "Bandana" by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, "The Iliad is Dead and The Odyssey is Over" by Murs, and "May The Lord Watch", which celebrates the reu... author

Episode 32 - Comin' Out Hard

It's time to switch it up, unhook it and fix it up, change it and rearrange it, complete it and pick it up. It's a book with hard covers that's packed with ideas. We rule the future years; erase the Black fears... Send in a voice message: https://an... author

Episode 31 - Classic Material

In a recent vlog from, Murs gives his definition of what it means for an album to be considered a classic, and makes the case that there have been no classic hip-hop albums in the past decade. Ghost and illy weigh in with their own opinion... author

Episode 30 - The Year Was '88...

It's Episode 30, so the KOTF crew takes it back thirty years. 1988 was not only a monumental period in hip-hop, it was a year in which a young Ghost really began to solidify himself as a listener of rap music and an even younger illy took some of his f... author

"You Gots 2 Chill" [mixed by ill rock ski]

Turn up for what?   Send in a voice message: author

Five Minutes Of Funk (6/23/18)

illy rants on Nas: "Nasir" and The Carters: "Everything Is Love" Send in a voice message: author

Episode 29 - Goin' Hollywood

After realizing that the topic warrants its own full-length episode, Ghost and illy expand on an off-mic conversation, assessing the on-screen credits of several rappers-turned-actors. Send in a voice message: author

Episode 28b - KOTF Backspin: "Ghetto D"

1997's "Ghetto D" not only cemented Master P's status as a household name and validate his years-long independent grind, it stands as a crowning achievement for his No Limit Records, a landmark in New Orleans rap history, and a vital project overall th... author

Episode 28a - KOTF Backspin: "E. 1999 Eternal"

After finding success with their "Creepin On Ah Come Up" EP in 1994, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony would continue to take the hip-hop landscape by storm and strike again in '95, with the melodic, shadowy marvel that was "E. 1999 Eternal".   Send in a voice me... author

Episode 27 - Cold Lampin (AKA "Back In Business")

That cosmic slop emanates from the basement once again, as Ghost sparks another one and illy loads up on decongestant (damn that cold!). The crew sends a tribute to the late, great Combat Jack, and talks streaming services, DJing, and other random conv... author

Episode 26 - Sundown [Pt. 2]

With the summer season officially in the rear-view, Ghost and illy highlight some more dope albums from their recent summer rotation, to conclude the conversation from the previous episode. author

Episode 25 - Sundown [Pt. 1]

From brand new releases of Summer 2017 to older material that they happened to vibe with recently, illy and J. Millz recount some of the music they most enjoyed this past summer, as autumn quickly approaches. author

Episode 24b - She Got Game [Pt. 2]

More discussion and more music centered around some of the dopest ladies to command the mic.  Even after a two-part episode, there are just as many emcees left that the crew didn't discuss in detail, or mention at all -- this is a topic that will defin... author

Episode 24a - She Got Game [Pt. 1]

It unfortunately goes without saying that female rappers just don't get their due in the grand scheme of things. As evidenced from conversations in past episodes, the crew has always enjoyed and respected hip-hop's goddesses on the mic, but there hasn'... author

Bonus Track: Interview with Santé Prince

At North Park Beer Co. in San Diego, J. Millz meets up with Santé Prince, a local SD-based rapper on the rise, to talk about his concert happening later that day at Queen Bee's, his "Destroy and Rebuild" single, his emcee origins and influences and muc... author

Episode 23 - Do You Ever Think About When Ya OUTTA HERE??

Just how old is too old, in hip-hop? Is it even fair to expect an artist to hang it up at a certain point and if so, when is that? Into what other ventures should he or she then move on? Ghost, illy and the returning J. Millz try to answer these questi... author

KOTF Phone Tap [illy& J. Millz; 4/30/17]: Millzy, Where U Been?

...been a while since you've heard from J. Millz, but the "Jarobi" of the crew is finally making his way back into the KOTF fold, both on the show and writing for author

Episode 22 - Bring That Beat Back II

What's in a beat? In a Stones Throw-heavy edition (unplanned and purely coincidental) the crew runs through another list of bangers and their original sample sources from a variety of producers and musicians, to discuss just what it is that they love a... author

Episode 21b - Blunted in the Bomb Shelter [Pt. 2]

Continuing from where they left off in Part 1, Ghost and illy provide more flavor in ya ears from their list of personal bests in 2016 hip-hop.[Recorded 1/21/17] author

Episode 21a - Blunted in the Bomb Shelter [Pt. 1]

The crew returns to the basement headquarters one hazy morning, with a discussion of their top favorite album releases from the final year in the era before The Donald took over...[Recorded 1/21/17] author

Episode 20b - KOTF Backspin: "N.O.R.E."

[Part 2 of 2]With Capone serving a jail sentence shortly after the release of"The War Report", Noreaga was forced to shoulder the burden of following up the duo's classic debut on his own.  Not only did he turn in an outstanding performance with 1998's... author

Episode 20a - KOTF Backspin: "It Was Written"

[Part 1 of 2]The public's expectations were through the stratosphere pending Nas' follow-up to"Illmatic"but 1996's"It Was Written" was initially polarizing, seeing mixed reviews - many of which claiming that Nas had sold out and that his sound was wate... author

Episode 19 - Return!

...Once Again, Back It's The Incredible... author

DCP& KOTF: ''Beats, Rhymes and Phife - A Musical Memorial''

[Deathcakes/Keepers of the Funk Simulcast]The hosts of both shows pay tribute to the late Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor by way of his music, and their own personal memories of the Tribe catalog and concert-going experiences. author

Episode 18b - How Many Emcees Must Get Dissed [Pt. 2]

Part 2 of the diss-cussion! author

Interlude: Interview with SK

Ten days before the Street Status STL Massacre event, SK stops by to talk about his upcoming battle with Byron Blake, some insight into the competitive rap scene as a whole, explains why he is the most ducked battle emcee in St. Louis, and more STL Mas... author

Episode 18a - How Many Emcees Must Get Dissed [Pt. 1]

The diss-cussion went on for so long that it needed to get split in half! What were the most interesting and entertaining elements of various diss tracks and emcee beefs throughout history? The crew weighs in with their favorites.[Recorded 2/4/16] author

KOTF Special Edition: ''Bodega/Funk (That's What It Is)'' feat. Ryan Warnberg& Anthony Barker of Bodega Box Office

Jay (Deathcakes, I Mini The Fool) drops by and sits in at KOTF studios as illy and Ghost welcome hosts Ryan and Anthony of rap film podcast, Bodega Box Office, in the first of two inter-show crossover 'casts! Listen/Subscribe to Bodega Box Office (face... author

Episode 17 - T.O.N.Y. (Top Of a New Year) [2016]

The crew's favorite musical highlights and points of interest of 2015 are discussed in the KOTF 2016 premiere! [Recorded 1/13/16] Send in a voice message: author

Episode 17 - T.O.N.Y. (Top Of a New Year) [2016]

The crew's favorite musical highlights and points of interest of 2015 are discussed in the KOTF 2016 premiere![Recorded 1/13/16] author

Episode 16b - KOTF Backspin: ''Blah Blah Blah''

[Part 2 of 3]Blahzay Blahzay - the duo of MC Outloud and PF Cuttin - may have been short-lived and have only one LP to their credit, but twenty years later, their music still sounds undeniably fresh! author

Episode 16a - KOTF Backspin: ''Disposable Arts''

[Part 1 of 3]With a bevy of singles, production work and guest appearances under his belt, but no full-length LP release in over six years since his critically-acclaimed"Sittin On Chrome", many wondered if Masta Ace could still bring it in 2001. Ace no... author

''Timz n Hood Chek'' [mixed by ill rock ski]

illy's on the wheels with that (mostly) east coast 90's thump... cause when the temperature drops, nothing fits the mode better! author

''The Head Nod'' [mixed by Ghost]

Experience the Nod Factor for the next hour courtesy of Ghost, live from his home base! author

Episode 15 B-Side - The Ruck/Sean Price Chronology

An hour-plus playlist of joints from Sean Price, as well as material from his Heltah Skeltah days and other collabs, handpicked by Ghost, illy and J. Millz. author

Episode 15 - R.I. ''P!''

A month to the date of his untimely passing, the Gang's All Here to pay tribute to one of their favorite emcees, Duck Down's legendary Sean Price, AKA Ruck.[Recorded 9/2/15] author

Episode 14 - Stampede the Stage

J. Millz returns to the show with tales from the Soundset 2015 festival in St. Paul, MN, his take on the performances, the event overall and much more in this edition![Recorded 6/5/15] author

Episode 13 - Hype For The Critical Beatdown

Ghost and illy run down what they've got in their decks, which led to them breaking down several emcees' catalogs and delving into a few headlines.[Recorded 5/19/15] author

KOTF: Greatest Misses - Check Your Connection, Mute the Mic

Outtakes from April/May recordings. author

Episode 12 - The Mix Tape: 120 Minutes of Funk

In this current era when mixtapes are virtually indistinguishable from full-fledged albums (at best) or dime-a-dozen promo CD-R's flooding your local music scene (at worst), the crew hits several points in history when mixtapes were the most interestin... author

KOTF Phone Tap [Ghost& illy; 4/13/15]: Nelly Arrested, Making Smarter Decisions, Rap Group Reunions, The Current Independent Movement

...Because sometimes, a short conversation can yield great tangents![Recorded 4/13/15 - approx. 9:36 AM / News update courtesy KSDK-St. Louis Newschannel 5 - approx. 2:18 PM] author

Episode 11 - Six Degrees of Busta Rhymes

Through the course of this episode, Ghost, illy& J. Millz discuss Complex's "Magnum Opus" documentary series, Dame Dash, mixtapes and laments the demise of Scratch Magazine... and yet, somehow, the conversation keeps coming back to the legendary Bu... author

Episode 10 - Two's a Couple, Three's Treacherous

It's a three man weave, as show originator J. Millz makes his long-awaited KOTF debut! While the crew introduces him to the fold, they run through a variety of topics, from music media and journalism, to skateboarding and craft beers. Stick around for ... author

KOTF: Baknaffek

It ain't nuttin new, thas how we do, my crew's BACK AGAIN![Recorded 1/31/15] author

Episode 9 - Bring That Beat Back!

What's in a beat? The crew runs through a list of bangers (and their original sample sources) from a variety of producers and musicians, to discuss just what it is that they love about these beats, and the art of hip-hop production.[Recorded 10/24/14] author

Episode 8b - '94 Til Infinity: Tical

[Part 2 of 2]One year after bursting onto the scene with"36 Chambers", the Wu began their expansion across the hip-hop industry as various members of the group went on to release solo albums. Method Man would be the one to strike first, serving up more... author

Episode 8a - '94 Til Infinity: Ready to Die

[Part 1 of 2]Heads in the fall of '94 saw the beginning of what would be a meteoric, seemingly overnight success of The Notorious B.I.G., with the release of his debut album. author

Episode 7 - Droppin Science

Ghost makes his return in this episode, which finds the KOTF crew highlighting six different displays of dope lyricism from a few of their favorite verses! author

Episode 6 - ill rock ski IS ON THE MIX

"...C'MON, KICK IT!!" (word to Evil Dee!) With Ghost unable to make it and J. Millz still currently unavailable, illy is left to his own devices: the turntables. Turn it up! author

Episode 5 - Pass da Mic, Y'all... Pass da Mic!

Ghost and illy pass the mic back and forth as they name and discuss a few of their favorite posse cuts, from all eras. author