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a time traveling trip through rock and roll history with bios, stories and unique insights from Johnny Maraca, host of the radio show, Johnny Maraca's Rock& Roll Riot.

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A journey through 6 decades of rockin' R&B from the host of the coolest show on the radio. The podcast, blog and weird ramblings
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Before Elvis there was Bill Haley

My latest iTunes podcast. Elvis Presley popularized the mix of country and R&B but Bill Haley was there first. Source material: Unsung Heroes of Rock and Roll, by Nick Tosches. Below, Elvis visits with Haley during Bill’s European tour.
John O'Mara author

Chuck Berry and Johnny B Goode

My latest iTunes podcast. Chuck Berry and my favorite rock and roll song of all time…and the tune that helped me become Johnny Maraca when Sean Anderson and The Black Holes called me up to the stage. Go Johnny Go, … Continue reading →
John O'Mara author

Alan Freed and the birth of rock and roll

My latest iTunes podcast (free to download and subscribe, and the episodes are relatively short). Legendary DJ Alan Freed introduces white kids to African American R&B. Reference material:  Big Beat Heat by John A. Jackson.  
John O'Mara author

Elvis: The Louisiana Hayride takes a chance on a 19-year-old

My new iTunes podcast episode (free to listen and subscribe). The radio host tells the young rocker that the “folk music” scene has been looking for something new and he could be it. Country radio and fans weren’t so sure. … Continue reading →
John O'Mara author

Elvis: Can’t sing, dance or play the guitar

My new podcast: In 1956, Elvis responds to an old fart of a newspaper critic who doesn’t get why Presley appeals to the younger folks, in an interview with TV Guide.
John O'Mara author

Big Joe Turner: one of rock and roll’s founding Fathers

My new podcast: Big Joe said he just sang the blues for years and eventually they called it rock and roll. Research material: The Chitlin’ Circuit and the Road to Rock ‘n Roll, by Preston Lauterbach (and a nod to … Continue reading →
John O'Mara author

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, rock and roll pioneer

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is going into the rock and roll hall of fame in April. Long overdue. Research material: Shout Sister Shout, by Gayle F. Wald.
John O'Mara author

Rockin’ Time Machine, Jerry Lee Lewis and the Holy Ghost

My new podcast…Jerry Lee Lewis recording Great Balls of Fire and getting into a heated, alcohol-fueled debate over the religious implications of the song. Singing it would be a sin, says The Killer!
John O'Mara author

Trapped in an elevator

McCully & Mariane told my Mom’s “trapped in an elevator” story on 97.7 the Beach this morning. Here’s the audio: By the way, Mom was in the elevator for 45 minutes but the Wasaga Beach firefighters probably got her out … Continue reading →
John O'Mara author

Johnny Maraca’s farewell on 97.7 radio

A history of the show… Launched in 2008 as the Roots of Rock and Roll on 97.7 the Beach. A 4-hour show. Then 3, then 2…then 2 plus 4 hours on Sunshine 89 in Orillia. Both cancelled in 2011 for … Continue reading →
John O'Mara author

Podcast episode 9: Wanda Jackson, too sexy for the’50s

Tagged: elvispresley, jack white, radio, rock&roll, rockabilly, wanda jackson
John O'Mara author

Podcast Episode 7: Big Mama Thornton and Hound Dog

Before Elvis cut the song, Big Mama Thornton gave us the raunchy rabbits in this one.
John O'Mara author

Podcast Episode 6: Little Willie John and Fever

The brief life and mysterious death of the guy who gave us the original version of Fever.
John O'Mara author

New podcast: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and his spell

Jay Hawkins gets drunk in the studio and accidentally creates a rock and roll classic
John O'Mara author

Link Wray, inventor of the power chord…Podcast Episode 5

Meet the guy who inspired Pete Townshend and many others…and whose cool tunes are featured in Pulp Fiction.
John O'Mara author

Episode 4: Carl Perkins, could he have been as big as Elvis?

Blue Suede Shoes….and a horrible car crash
John O'Mara author

Episode 3: The female Elvis, Janis Martin

A teen rocker becomes a teen bride and Mom and RCA is not happy about their new signing.
John O'Mara author

Episode 2: Tiny Bradshaw

The man who gave us the original Train Kept a Rollin’
John O'Mara author