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Keeping Your Daydream of travel doesn’t have to break the bank… or spend your entire life working to achieve! In this weekly interview show, you’ll hear inspiring stories of people who left “normal” to pursue their travel dreams. Each episode brings you a different perspective on a new way of living. Guests share their daydream, defining moment, how they achieved their dream and how they sustain their unique lifestyle. Your host Tricia Leach extracts lessons learned so you can take one step closer to keeping your daydream alive!

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Keep Your Daydream is a podcast created for you. In this weekly interview show, you’ll hear inspiring stories of people who left conventional living behind to pursue their dreams and travel. Each episode brings you a different perspective on a new way of living and travel. Guests share their daydream, defining moment, how they achieved their dream and how they sustain their unique lifestyle. Tricia extracts lessons learned so you can take the steps to keep your daydream alive!
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Tricia Leach chats weekly with people who have left “normal” to live their travel dreams. Travel stories inspired by Rick Steves, Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, John Maxwell, Karl Pilkington and Tim Ferriss. author  
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It's Back. Welcome to KYD Podcast 2.0!

Welcome back to the Keep Your Daydream Podcast! In this episode, we'll get you all caught up on what's been happening in the KYD community, why we stopped podcasting, why we are back, and what you can expect on the KYD podcast version 2.0. We'll also i...

Ep 107: Less House& More Living

Have you ever thought of moving your family into an RV? After mulling this idea over for a few years Chris and Jared knew that if they wanted it to happen - they needed to set a date and be on their way! What does it take to get a family out of a house...

Ep 106: A Conversation With Alex Hunter with Attaché

Are you ready to get in, out, and around the world's greatest cities? Alex Hunter is the creator of Attaché, the popular YouTube channel for the seasoned traveler looking for the essential travel guide in just 15 minutes. Check out the full description...

Ep 105: Update& Operation Moto Dog with Mallory Paige

You have a choice. Every obstacle is an opportunity. Choose Happy. Seek Adventure. That is the motto of today’s guest Mallory Paige who is seeking adventure across North America on her KLR659 motorcycle with her dog Baylor in the sidecar. Before Operat...

Ep 104: Our Life is a Trip – From Plane to Sea

It’s been said that we become what we think about most. Tracy Rodriguez homeschooled her kids while sitting by the San Diego Harbor watching the boats sail over the horizon. It didn’t take long before Tracy found herself on her own sailboat preparing t...

Ep 103: Restaurant to RV with When in Rome Travels

Can you relate to the feeling of working hard to buy things you don’t have time to use? If so, you’re not alone. Today’s guests, Engjell and Kaleigh with When in Rome Travels, had a successful restaurant and great life, but knew there was even more by ...

Ep 102: The Truth About the Nomadic Lifestyle

The nomadic lifestyle isn’t for everyone. That is what Eli David learned early when trying convince people to make a change. Yet, if each day is starting to look like the last or you’re not happy, you owe it to yourself to make a change. Eli David is t...

Ep 101: Less Junk More Journey

The title says it all. Do you want a life with less junk, more journey and even better relationships with the people that matter most? That’s exactly what Nathan and Marissa set out to accomplish. Living with less has provided so much more. Check out ...

Episode 100: How We Turned “Someday” Into Today!

After 99 episodes of Keep Your Daydream and 5 months of full-time RV travel, Marc & Tricia share how they turned someday into today and the obstacles they overcame to make the adventure happen! This behind the scenes conversation will inspire you t...

Ep 99: From 100k in Debt to Travel Freedom

Do you have some obstacles standing in the way of your travel dreams? It could be money, time, family or endless other reasons why your dreams gets delayed. Maria from One Girl One Suitcase joins KYD to share how she made travel one of her top 3 priori...

Ep 98: Traveling with Kids Abroad with Travel Mother

If you have strong desire to travel abroad with your family, Emily & Chris with the Travel Mother blog are proof that it’s possible. Many people feel that having kids will be the end to their travel dreams, but new doors and opportunities will open...

Ep 97: RV + Young Kids = Adventure Possible

The Kelly’s have set out to visit 52 States and National Parks in 52 weeks with their two young kids traveling in a 21 foot Airstream travel trailer. Mark & Katie share how overcame obstacles to make their epic trip happen and share practice advice...

Ep 96: Stretching Yourself at Machu Picchu

This is a special episode featuring Tricia’s Dad, Jeff Johnson, here to share his recent adventure hiking Machu Picchu. If Machu Picchu is on your bucket-list, this episode will help you prepare. And if it’s not, you’ll be sure to add it after hearing ...

Ep 95: Living a Good Story. Full Time Family RV Travel

Are you living a comfortable life, but feel like something might be missing? Are you looking for more quality with your family or a break from from a stagnant routine. Get inspired to start Living a Good Story from today’s episode. Check out the full d...

Ep 94: Latin America Adventure with LocalAventura

Is Latin America on your list of travel destinations? There is no better way to turn your trip into an adventure of a lifetime than by getting a local connection. LocalAventura was founded to become the easiest and most authentic way to travel to Latin...

Ep 93: Trip of a Lifetime with Chase Boehringer

Chase Boehringer is back on KYD to share his experiences of his life-changing three month trip around the world. 90 days. 15 countries. 4 wonders of the world. 4 International festivals and 8,436 moments of pure joy. Check out the full description, pic...

Ep 92: It's Only the Himalayas – Tales from an Overconfident Backpacker

If you were going to trek the Himalayas, how much time would you spend preparing? Could you imagine showing up with little to no idea of what you’re getting into? That’s the story you’ll hear today plus the lessons learned that you can apply to your no...

Ep 91: How to master group travel with WeTravel

Some of the best travel trips and memories are with groups. Where complete strangers become lifelong friends. WeTravel is about creating these travel experiences. If you are a trip planner and looking to streamline your next trip or if you’re just look...

Ep 90: Creating Family Freedom with Nomad Together

Are you dreaming of travel and location independence, but have a family and a job that isn’t flexible? Paul Kortman with Nomad Together joins KYD to tell you that it is possible! This episode is all about creating Family Freedom and a location independ...

Ep 89: Sailing the Sea of Cortez with SV Terrapin

If you dream of tossing the lines off the dock and sailing over the horizon, today will be overdose of inspiration. Aimee from SV Terrapin joins KYD to share how her family of four sold it all to make the most of the time they have now at sea. Check ou...

Ep 88: Create your own adventure with the McEvoy family

Do you dream of adventure in far away places, but don’t have the time or resources to start now? Christina McEvoy joins KYD to share that you don’t have to go far to create a life of adventure and exploration. You can create adventure today while you p...

Ep 87: Stories of Sailing the World with SV Terrwyn

“The Bigger the Challenge. The Bigger the Joy”. Today’s episode will have you on the edge of your seat when hearing the sailing stories from around the world and storms that put the 37 foot Pacific Seacraft Crealock on it’s side! If it’s your dream to ...

Ep 86: Creating a Life on Your Terms with Kallen Diggs

Do you have an idea or vision for your life that seems impossible from where you are now? So did Kallen Diggs before following the advice from his grandfather. Not only was Kallen able to create a life on his own terms, but write a best selling book ca...

Ep 85: Sailing to Cuba with the Caroselli’s

Cuba is becoming popular as more American’s get the approval to visit. If you have ever wanted to sail to Cuba or just like hearing stories of traveling to new places, this is the episode for you. Returning guests Rick & Katie Caroselli break down ...

Ep 83: Timeshare Hacking. How to Timeshare Full Time

This episode will change your perspective on timeshares. Mike and Edie with Full Time Timeshare share how they bought a timeshare for $1.00 buying them access to full time fun across the world. Check out the full description, pictures and show notes he...

Ep 82: Americans Cooking in Italy - No Half Measures

Are you looking for a new challenge or find yourself a little too comfortable? Maybe it’s time to mix things up like Ashley & Jason Bartner. An America couple that moved to Italy to start an Italian B&B and cooking school. Check out the full de...

Ep 81: Working and Sailing Full Time in NYC

Sailing Chance joins KYD from NYC to share how they sustain their sailing lifestyle while working full time. Jason and Kelly live aboard their 1982 Vagabond 42 center cockpit and share stories of sailing to the Bahamas and watching America’s Cup from t...

Ep 80: Family of Four Slow Traveling the World

Jessica Sueiro from the popular blog Goodie Goodie Gumdrop joins KYD to talk about how they turned their vacations and summer trips into a full-time travel lifestyle. This episode is loaded with insights and actionable ideas to help make your dream bec...

Ep 79: KYD Announcement – Let the Adventure Begin!

After 78 episodes and 150 thousand downloads – the stories on Keep Your Daydream have inspired us to take the leap! If you listen to KYD for inspiration on your big dream, then listen to today’s episode and join us in our next adventure. Check out the ...

Ep 78: The Bro’d Trip. 2 Brothers. 50 States. 1 Year

Two brothers set out to travel all 50 states in a class B RV Sprinter Van. If you believe you can enjoy meaningful work while traveling at the same time, today’s guests Justin & Adam Fricke have paved the road for you. Check out the full descriptio...

Ep 77: Can a sabbatical unlock your hidden potential with Karan Bajaj

Best selling author Karan Bajaj joins KYD to share how a sabbatical can remove the pressure of life, bring you more creativity and shift your perspective toward your work and life. Learn about Karan’s 4,1,4 rule of working four years and then taking on...

Ep 76: Ditching Suburbia. Fulltime RV Family

Have you achieved the “American Dream”, but found that it’s exhausting while still left feeling that there is something more? That is how the Boyink family felt prior to Ditching Suburbia in 2010 to travel the USA full-time in their RV. Check out the f...

Ep 75: Have Wind Will Travel with Annie Dike

Looking for the keys to the kingdom? It might be time to lose the lock! That is how today’s guest Annie Dike broke free from a layer in Corporate America to design a new life of sailing and freedom. Annie shares insights about creating a much needed ch...

Ep 74: The Life Bohemian – Chase your dreams around the world

Are you looking for a new blueprint when designing your life? A life that includes more travel, exploring new places and meeting exciting people? Jeremy & Katie with the popular blog called The Life Bohemian did exactly that when leaving their 9-5 ...

Ep 73: Your 5 biggest RV warranty questions answered with Jeff Shelton

Is your dream to take off or retire in a motorhome, RV, 5th wheel or travel trailer? Jeff Shelton, the CEO of Wholesale Warranties joins KYD to answer your 5 biggest RV warranty questions. Jeff explains the types of RV warranties, what to avoid and som...

Ep 72: Motorcycle Adventures - You can live your dream now with Craig Ripley

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start your dream? Craig Ripley was chasing his dream until he decided to take the first step toward living his dream. Craig shares insights that everyone can live their dream without giving up their current life....

Ep 71: Amazing Places on Our Planet with YouTuber Milosh

Our planet is amazing and today’s guest Milosh Kitchovitch captures our planet's amazing places in stunning 4K video. Milosh’s YouTube channel has over 13 million views from the Great Wall of China to National Parks.KYD found Milosh when looking for vi...

Ep 70: Ditching the two week vacation with Roamaroo

Is two weeks of vacation not enough for you? It wasn’t for today’s guests Scott & Collet either. So they decided to take the plunge and travel the world full-time. In the past year they have visited 29 countries as they inspire others through their...

Ep 69: The One You Feed. Aligning your thoughts and dreams with Eric Zimmer

Have you ever felt like your dream was getting further away. Or maybe discouraged that the life you have in mind may not match what’s happening right now? Dreams start with our thoughts and become what we think about the most. So our thinking has the b...

Ep 68: Operation Moto Dog with Mallory Paige

You have a choice. Every obstacle is an opportunity. Choose Happy. Seek Adventure. That is the motto of today’s guest Mallory Paige who is seeking adventure across North America on her KLR659 motorcycle with her dog Baylor in the sidecar.Before Operati...

Ep 67: RV Trip to Alaska with Chris and G Travels

Have you ever wanted to visit Alaska? Join Chris and G on today’s episode to hear how their one month trip turned into a summer. They also share how they become full-time RVers with an encouraging mentor’s minute.In this episode you’ll learn how Chris ...

Ep 66: Expert Series - The Slow Movement with TED Speaker Carl Honoré

Life can be hectic, busy and overwhelming with the daily pressure to do more. Is being busy getting in the way of pursuing our dreams? Author Carl Honore joins the KYD Expert Series to explore the growing cultural shift toward slowing down. Could this ...

Ep 65: Taking Music on the Road with Teneia

Dreams come in all shapes and sounds. For Teneia and Ben, the dream is about bringing people together through their music and making an impact. So they created their own tour bus… or Tour RV to share their music.In this episode, Ben talks about leaving...

Ep 64: Exploring Cuba with Larry Berle

Larry Berle is back on KYD for a second episode to discuss his recent trip to Cuba. In this episode, Larry shares his observations of the Cuban culture, food and music that make Cuba a colorful and unique travel experience.Check out the full descriptio...

Ep 63: Sailing Family of Three - Trio Travels

Brad, Krista and Cole are the family behind Trio Travels.  Their family motto is “Make it Happen”. And they are making it happen as they explore new Countries and cultures on their 42 foot Catamaran. In this episode, they share how they created a simpl...

Ep 62: The Fit Traveller

Skye Gilkeson is the creator of The Fit Traveller website. She found her dream job and was completing her Masters degree, but she was rundown. It was then she was diagnosed with Lupus disease and things needed to change. The road to recovery included n...

Ep 61: RV Family Travel Atlas

Jeremy and Stephanie, the co-hosts of RV Family Travel Atlas podcast join KYD to share their insights on traveling with their three young sons for more than 50 nights per year. In this episode, they share how they balance their RV lifestyle, sustain th...

Ep 60: Entrepreneurial Growth with Corbett Barr

Corbett Barr from the popular podcast Fizzle joins KYD Expert Series to share actionable ideas on entrepreneurial growth, creating a location independence business and designing a life of work and travel. Live your future life now… and stop waiting for...

Ep 59: Traveling Family in Cambodia back with Lorilee Lippincott

Lorilee Lippincott is back on KYD to share her personal story of traveling to Cambodia with her family. This episode is packed full of actionable advice on how say YES to your dream.Lorilee’s first appearance on KYD is Ep 54 - Less Stuff and More Life....

Ep 58: Sailing Uma (Don’t Buy a Couch)

Dan & Kika with the popular YouTube channel called Sailing Uma join KYD to share why they didn’t buy a couch. After realizing their favorite places to visit were all next to the ocean, a sail boat seemed like a much better purchase.No matter what y...