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Extensive coverage of homeland, other international and national news, current affairs and interviews.
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是枝裕和監督インタビュー 『真実』 の舞台裏


Little support for victims of visa scams - 豪ビザの詐欺被害 5年で3000件超

Migrating to Australia is a lucrative business for those involved in organising such a move.  So lucrative, in fact, that fraud is not uncommon. - ビザの詐欺被害については、国内で公の機関に報告されただけでも、2014年以来約3000件にのぼります。

是枝裕和監督が来豪 最新作"真実" の先行上映とQ&A


Director Yuko Hakota talks about her film "Blue Hour" - 映画「ブルーアワーにぶっ飛ばす」 箱田優子監督

Yuko Hakota, an upcoming Japanese film director, talks about her first film Blue Hour which was shown at the Japanese Film Festival in Sydney.  Broadcast on the 19th of November, 2019. - 主人公は「そこらに転がっているようなナチュラルクズ」。「今まで拾われてなかったものを拾った」映画です。2019年11月19日放送。

Hong Kong's unrest escalates as students hunker down inside university - 香港で市民と警察が衝突、大学を包囲

Police have stormed Hong Kong Polytechnic University where students have barricaded themselves in and stockpiled petrol bombs, bricks and other weapons.  Broadcast on the 19th of November, 2019. - 市民や学生が立てこもる香港工科大学(Polytechnic University)に警察が突入、にらみ合いとな...

Cup of Excellence Winner, Sao Judas (Coffee Break 89) - 高品質を誇るサオ・ジュダス(コーヒーブレイク 89)

Sao Judas in Piata is proud of its quality with winning the Cup of Excellence. There are many farms producing specialty coffee in Piata. Broadcast on 16 Nov 2019  - スペシャルティーコーヒーの多いピアタの農園の中でも、この農園はカップ・オブ・エクセレンスでの優勝や入賞を含めその品質の高さが評価されています。2019年11月16日放送

Japan's National Security (China vs U.S.A.) - 日本の安全保障(中国対アメリカ)

Associate Professor, Michito Tsuruoka from Keio University talked about Japan's national security in Asia-Pacific region where security situations are changing drastically by Chinese expansion. Dr Tsuruoka recently visited Melbourne as a part of MOFA's...

Cardinal George Pell granted special leave to appeal conviction - 児童性的虐待で有罪のペル枢機卿 上告認められる 連邦最高裁

Disgraced Cardinal George Pell will be given another chance to clear his name.  A new ruling means his lawyers can now argue for an appeal, before the full bench of the High Court. The decision has angered abuse survivors. - 豪連邦最高裁判所は今週、児童に対する性的虐待で有罪判決...

Mambali (MF 288) - マンバーリ (MF 288)

One of top dance-music band in Australia. Their music doesn't need "indigenous flavor" for marketing. Featuring Emily Wurramara. Broadcast on 16 Nov 2019 - トップクラスのダンスミュージックバンド。オーストラリア先住民のバンドでもあるが、彼らはあえてそれを全面に押し出していない。エミリー・ウラマラの共演。2019年11月16日放送

ピアタのカフンド農園(コーヒーブレイク88) - Coffee Break 88 Cafundo in Piata

スペシャルティー・コーヒーは、このカフンドのような比較的小さい規模の農園でも作られていますが、味や品質は大農園のものにまったくひけをとりません。2019年11月9日放送 - Some specialty coffee are produced at smaller farms like Cafundo in Piata. but they are no less significant in terms of quality. Broadcast on 9 Nov 2019

コアラ350頭も犠牲に ニューサウスウェールズ州の山火事


現代日本を生きる女性の生きづらさを表現 日本画家・松井冬子

内臓をさらけだしながら歩く美しい女性の幽霊画、死んだ女性の腐敗を描いた九相図.. 日本を代表する日本画家・松井冬子さんの独特な世界観は、ギャラリーを訪れる多くのオーストラリア人を惹きつけ注目されています。



SBS National Languages Competition Winners - SBSナショナル・ランゲージ・コンペティション受賞者発表

The winners of the SBS National Languages Competition for 2019 have been announced in an event that celebrates language learning across Australia. The competition, run by SBS Radio, received nearly 3600 entries from language learners from across Austra...

Sampa The Great (MF #287) - サンパ・ザ・グレイト (MF #287)

Australia's nationwide music awards, ARIA. She was nominated for the Best Hip Hop Release of the awards this year. Broadcast on 9 Nov 2019 - オーストラリアの全国的な音楽賞、アリア賞。サンパ・ザ・グレイトは今年、その最優秀ヒップホップ・リリース部門にノミネートされている。ヒップホップの台風の目になりそう。2019年11月9日放送

New service provides free legal advice for migrant workers facing wage theft - 低賃金労働、解雇、パワハラ 移民向け無料法律相談センター NSW州にオープン

Migrants and temporary visa holders facing exploitation from their employers will now be able to access free legal help in New South Wales. - 社会的にも搾取されやすい傾向にある移民や学生らを支えようと、ニューサウスウェールズ州では、職場での労働者の権利や労使関係の法律について相談できる機関「Migrant Employment Legal Service(移民...

A WEHI Resercher - メルボルンの日本人医学研究者

Dr Yuri Shibata is one of researchers coming to Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, abbreviated as WEHI, from all over the world. WEHI is Australia's oldest medical research institute. Dr Shibata talked about a bit of her work and Melb...

IOC Chose Sapporo over Tokyo - IOC「マラソンと競歩は札幌」で押し切る

Tokyo was force to accept IOC's unilateral decision to switch the marathon and race walking venue from Tokyo to Sapporo in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Broadcast on 2 Nov 2019 - 2020年東京オリンピックのマラソンと競歩の会場を東京から札幌へ移すというIOCの一方的な決定について、東京都の小池知事は「合意なき決定」としながらも、受...

Landmark women's football pay deal - 豪サッカー女子 報酬の「男女平等」認められる

A new pay deal for Australia's national women's football team is being widely hailed as a landmark moment in women's sport.  Football Federation Australia announced the Matildas will be paid the same as their male counterparts, the Socceroos. - オーストラリア...

NDIS ARTS - NDIS国民障害者保険制度 を利用した障害者の芸術活動

Australians with disability are under-represented in the arts sector - making up less than 10 per cent of all artists and performers.   Advocates say practising art can not only enhance life for people with disability but become a profession.    And no...

Teaching English in Japan: the work experience but not as you know it - オーストラリアの若者がみた日本 JETプログラム帰国生たちの声

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in Japan? If you are young, healthy and have passion to teach English, there is a chance to go work and experience a way of life in Japan.  - 「日本の文化が好きで、一度でも日本という未知の国に住んでみたい」-このような思いを持つオーストラリア人の若者は少なくありません。...

Sexual Harassment and Your Rights in the Workplace - 職場でのセクハラとあなたの権利

According to the latest survey from the Australian Human Rights Commission, one in three workers say they've been sexually harassed at work over the last five years.   But sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful and shouldn’t be tolerated.   If ...

Climate change, gender equality, peace and justice.. Why SDGs matter for people and the planet - SDGsって何?人と地球に優しく生きるために知っておきたいキーワード

Do you fancy a game night?  There is a card game which we can learn and experience how the world we live can be a better place.   - カードゲームをしながら、地球について、そして私たちの未来について考える・・・ そんなワークショップが、今月メルボルン、ブリズベン、シドニーで開催されます。

Is Brexit really happening? SBS Reports from Shakespeare's home town - イギリス12月に総選挙へ 英国市民は今何を思う EU離脱問題

The upcoming snap election in Britain will test traditional party loyalties like never before, with many voters identifying as ‘leave’ or ‘remain’, rather than by traditional labels. SBS News travelled to the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of Wi...

Music File #286 Sui Zhen - Music File #286 スイ・ゼン

She stayed in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture under an artist residency program several years ago. Her experience there inspired the song introduced tonight. Broadcast on 2 Nov 2019 - 今夜ご紹介した曲「Matsudo City Life」は、アーティスト・レジデンシー・プログラムで千葉県松戸市に滞在したことのあるスイ・ゼンがその時...

Climate Change and Bee Extinction: Japanese Man on a Mission to Save Bees - ミツバチ減少は地球の危機 養蜂家・船橋康貴

Do you freak out with swarming bees? Have you ever thought how crucial the pollinators are in our ecosystem? A respected beekeeper from Japan, Yasuki Funahashi travels around the world to raise an alarm that bees are rapidly vanishing. - 「私たちはミツバチのおかげで...

More flights Connecting Tokyo and Australia Announced - 豪ヴァージン東京羽田便 来年初就航へ カンタスも増便

Virgin Australia won the bid to launch the new Brisbane - Tokyo Haneda flights from March 2020.  - オーストラリアと日本を結ぶフライトが、2020年夏ダイヤから増便されます。

INSTAGRAM SUICIDE - ソーシャルメディアとこどもの自殺

The death of a British teenager in 2017 sparked demands to force social media website Instagram to change the way it deals with harmful content.Now, her father has taken his campaign to the United States. - 2017年に起こったイギリスのティーンエイジャーの死が引き金となり、ソーシャルメディアのイ...

Draft First Home Buyers - 5%のデポジットで家が買える? ファースト・ホーム・バイヤーズ・スキーム

First home buyers - hoping to take advantage of a new government scheme allowing them to have just a five per cent deposit - have learned the maximum cost of the property they will be able to buy.The government revealed state-by-state price caps - as w...

Music File #285 Gregor - Music File #285 グレゴー

He was nominated for Best Album and Best Solo Artist of the Music Victoria Awards 2019. Broadcast on 26 Oct 2019 - グレゴーは今年のザ・ミュージック・ビクトリア賞の最優秀アルバムと最優秀ソロアーティストの2部門にノミネートされた。2019年10月26日放送

2019 Ethnic Business Awards - 2019年 エスニック・ビジネス賞

The Ethnic Business Awards are Australia's longest running national business awards program. The awards celebrate diversity and multiculturalism, and the achievements of migrants whose ingenious and enterprising characters contribute greatly to Austral...

Migrant Awards - 移住及び再定住に寄与した人々に与えられる賞

The man who set up the Scanlon Foundation to promote social cohesion is among those honoured at the annual migration and resettlement awards. The winners were announced at an awards ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra this week. - 毎年1回行われる移住および再定住...

Toshio Iezumi - 家住利男 スカルプチャー・バイ・ザ・シーに独特なガラス芸術でのぞむ

Toshio Iezumi, one of the visiting artist from Japan, talks about this year's the Sculpture by the Sea, which would mark his 10th participation in the art event. He shares how his unique glass art has been created.(Broadcast 5th Nov 2019) - 今年のスカルプチャー・...

Ayako Saito - 齊藤綾子 スカルプチャー・バイ・ザ・シーと個展で独自のアートを展開

Ayako Saito, a Japanese artist in Sydney, is participating in the Sculpture by the Sea this year.  Ayako talks about her passion and love in her art and exhibitions.  (Broadcast 29th Oct 2019) - 今年のスカルプチャー・バイ・ザ・シーに参加するシドニー在住の日本人アーティスト齊藤綾子さん。ほぼ同時に個展を開催す...

Jo Hisaishi's daughter Mai performing in Australia - ジブリからポップスまで 歌手・麻衣さんが豪ツアー

Mai is a daughter of Jo Hisaishi, the renowned composer for Studio Ghibli. She is coming to Australia for her first ever solo concert next month.  - 作曲家久石譲氏の愛娘で歌手の麻衣さんが、来月オーストラリアで初のソロコンサートを開催します。

Coffe Break 87 Fabiano's Winery - Coffe Break 87 ファビアーノのワイナリー

Mr Fabiano Borre, the owner of Progresso, is a very ambitious person. His ventures now extends to create a coffee and wine resort in Chapada Diamantina. Broadcast on 19 Oct 2019 - プログレッソ農園のファビアーノ・ボレ氏は大変野心的な人で、そのアイデアや研究心は留まるところを知りません。現在は試験的にワインを造り、将来は一流...

Ban on climbing Uluru to finally take effect - ウルル登山 26日から全面禁止へ

It's the most iconic natural land form in Australia and this week a controversial chapter of Uluru's long history will close. Two years after it was first announced, and many more since it was first requested, a climbing ban will come into effect. - オー...

Minako Fujita - Japan Culture & Art Festival Organizer - 藤田三奈子さん 日本文化芸術祭主催

Minako Fujita - a mother of 3, the representative of her Japanese language schools, and the organizer of the Japan Culture and Art Festival being held coming Sun 27th Oct 2019, talks about the event and her passion of keep doing what she is doing. (Bro...

Uncertain Cease Fire - Syria Turkey - 不透明な停戦とアメリカ

US President Donald Trump is 'fully prepared' to take military action against Turkey if necessary, according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  The President has been under heavy criticism after he withdrew American forces from northern Syria.  Tha...

Uncertain Cease Fire - Syria Turkey - 不透明な停戦とアメリカ

US President Donald Trump is 'fully prepared' to take military action against Turkey if necessary, according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  The President has been under heavy criticism after he withdrew American forces from northern Syria.  Tha...

Tokai Challenger Runner-up - 東海チャレンジャー、2位でゴール

The top group of solar cars crossed the finish line of Victoria Square, Adelaide, Thursday afternoon in World Solar Challenge 2019. Tokai Challenger from Japan's Tokai University Solar Car Team came in the second place. Broadcast on 17 Oct 2019 - オーストラ...

The 50th Japanese Language Speech Contest - winners' speeches - 第50回日本語弁論大会・全国ファイナル 優勝者のスピーチ

The National finals of the 5oth Japanese Language Speech Contest were held on the 12th of October. - 記念すべき50回目の日本語弁論大会の決勝が12日、シドニーのジャパンファウンデーションで行われました。

How to prevent drowning? - 海で溺れないようにするには

With another scorching summer approaching, authorities are pleading with swimmers to use caution as the number of people drowning has jumped by ten per cent since last year. - また、暑い夏が始まろうとしています。溺れる人たちの数が去年と比べ10%も増加しているため、当局は海で泳ぐ人たちへ十分な注意を促しています。


The 3rd your student of Tohoku Fukushi University, Shiomi Masuda lives in the recovering Sendai from the disaster 8yrs ago, through her school and volunteer activities.Broadcast 17th Oct 2019 - 東北福祉大学社会福祉学科3年生の増田潮実さんは学生生活やボランティア活動を通して復興中の仙台で生活しています。震災か...

Music File #284 Flower Travellin' Band - Music File #284 フラワー・トラベリン・バンド

Tribute to Yuya Uchida. The band was initially started as a side-project by him. Broadcast on 19 Oct 2019 - 追悼、内田裕也。このバンドは内田さんのサイドプロジェクトの1つとして始まったが、海外での方が評価が高い。2019年10月19日放送

Japanese band Shonen Knife are coming to Australia and New Zealand - バンドのスタイルは「好きなもの」、少年ナイフ・ナオコ

Shonen Knife, a Japanese all-female band from Osaka, will tour Australia and New Zealand from the 18th of October to the 16th of November.  Broadcast on the 15th of October, 2019. - 大阪の女性3人のバンド、少年ナイフ。その曲のジャンルの幅広さは、「好きなもの」から出てきているそうです。2019年10月15日放送。

Rugby: Japan advances to the quaterfinal amid devastating typhoon - 台風のなかラグビー日本代表がベスト8、各地で復旧作業続く

Japan reached the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup for the first time as an Asian nation amid one of Japan's worst typhoons caused extensive damage across the country. Broadcast on the 15th of October, 2019. - 未曾有の台風に見舞われた日本。その中でラグビーワールドカップ、日本対スコッ...

Solar Car Race Begins - 大陸縦断ソーラーカーレース開始

World Solar Challenge is the pinnacle of solar car racing. The biennial event starts from Sunday 13 Oct 2019. Mr Kouhei Sagawa, the general director of Tokai University Solar Car Team talked about the race and their car on the eve of the start. Broadca...

Coffee Break 86 For Better Coffee - Coffee Break 86 コーヒーをもっと美味しくするために

Constant improvement is visible at every part of Fazenda Progresso. That reflects the ideas of the owner, Fabiano Borre. Broadcast on 12 Oct 2019 - プログレッソ農園ではオーナーのファビアーノ・ボレ氏の考え方を反映して、随所に改善のあとが見られます。この農園は止まることがありません。2019年10月12日放送

Turkish forces head towards Syrian border - トルコ軍 シリア国境へ

Turkey has begun preparations to launch a long-threatened offensive in Syria that could target Kurdish forces.The country has deployed military forces to the Syrian border just hours after the US effectively gave Ankara the green light by withdrawing A...