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Extensive coverage of homeland, other international and national news, current affairs and interviews.
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Australian Open Day 1-2 - 全豪オープン2日目

The Australian Open has begun, with eight Australians claiming first round wins.The beginning of the tournament also marks the first time new rules surrounding tie-breaks, time limits for serving and extreme heat are being used. - 8人のオーストラリア選手が初戦に望みます。...

British PM warns MPs delaying Brexit would be "catastrophic" - 英メイ首相 ブレキシット延期は「壊滅的な打撃」

British Prime Minister Theresa May warns it would be 'catastrophic' to delay Brexit.  The comments come as the EU is preparing to delay Brexit until at least July, prompting Mrs May to urge MPs not to let down the people who backed Brexit in a 2016 ref...

Australian Open Nishikori Survives Scare - 全豪テニス 錦織 初戦突破も世界176位に苦戦

Highlights of Tuesday's second day of the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. Japan's Nishikori beats Poland's Majchrzak in his opening match at the Australian Open.  - メルボルンで開催されている全豪オープン2日目、男子シングルス1回戦が行われ、日本の錦織圭選手が、世界ランキング17...

Konnanokaitayo Vol.9 - こんなの書いたよ 第9回

This is a series of introducing children's essays and diaries. The aim is to encourage children studying Japanese in Australia. This time round, we introduce the students from Melbourne International School of Japanese in Oakleigh South Victoria. - 学校や...

Sex offenders to be named on public register - 豪政府 子どもへの性犯罪者の情報一般公開を提案

The federal government says it'll create a publicly-accessible child sex offender register, including the names, photographs and post codes of offenders.  But the proposal has been criticised by some experts, who warn a registry only provides the perce...

Superannuation Report - スーパーアニュエーション報告書 改革へ向けて

Australians could retire with an extra half a million dollars in superannuation if the federal government adopts the recommendations of a major review.A landmark report says millions of Australians are being harmed by the current super system.And the g...

Saudi woman fleeing her family in care of UNHCR - サウジ女性タイで拘束 国連が豪に受け入れ要請

An 18-year-old Saudi woman who was stopped at a Bangkok airport while travelling to Australia has left in the care of the United Nations refugee agency. - 家族から受けていた虐待から逃れるため、クウェートからオーストラリアに向かっていたサウジアラビア人女性。経由地のタイ・バンコクの空港で当局に拘束されていましたが、国連の難民支援機関によって保護され...

Government cancels hundreds of visas for convicted criminals - 犯罪者のビザ取り消し 昨年は800件以上

More than 800 criminals were stripped of Australian visas in 2018, with just over 12 per cent involved in child sex offences or child exploitation.  Their visas were revoked under laws that require non-citizens sentenced to 12 months or more to lose th...

Australia man charged over suspicious parcels sent to diplomatic offices - 在外公館に不審物 日本やアメリカ総領事館が標的に

Australian police said on Thursday they had arrested a 48-year-old man for sending as many as 38 suspicious packages to diplomatic embassies and consulates across the country.  More than a dozen foreign offices received suspicious packages on Wednesday...

Watch Out - Blue Bottle Jellyfish - クラゲの大量発生に注意:クイーンズランド州

Thousands of people have sought help from lifeguards after getting stung by bluebottle jellyfish along the Queensland coastline.The strong northeasterly winds which caused the influx are easing, but authorities are still warning beachgoers to remain vi...

Labour Teaching - 教員養成 大学が抱える問題

Federal Labor has urged universities to toughen their admission standards for teaching degrees.It comes amid concern the scores needed for entry into courses have dropped. - 連邦労働党は大学の教職課程を設置する大学への入学資格を厳しくする様、強く要請しています。それは、教職課程の為の大学の入学資格の点数が下がったことを受けたも...

Football Racism - Football Racism

Football is again dealing with another racist incident and for the third time this season it's occurred in Australia's A-League competition. A Melbourne Victory fan has had their membership canceled after racially attacking Wanderers player Tarek Elric...

Gut Health - 健康は体内から

More than 50 per cent of Australians are reportedly suffering from gut problems, and scientists are blaming a lack of fibre.The warning comes as new Australian research finds a link between poor gut health and obesity. - オーストラリア人の50%以上が内臓不調に悩まされているという報...

Harpist Yuko Tomonaga - ハープ奏者 朝永侑子

A top Japanese harpist, Yuko Tomonaga has performed extensively in different parts of the world. She is currently based in Melbourne and has recently played for an Opera Victoria production.  - 学生時代からハープ奏者としての才能を開花され、世界中で演奏されてきた朝永侑子さん。現在は、東京からメルボルンに拠点を...

Would-be travellers left high and dry by web-booking service Bestjet's collapse - ベストジェット倒産 格安航空券の裏にリスク

Hundreds of people who booked flights with online booking agent Bestjet have been left angry, confused and thousands of dollars out of pocket by its collapse.  Many who paid their fares in full and received e-tickets are discovering their bookings are ...

Brisbane International Nishikori and Osaka through to Semifinals - ブリスベン国際 錦織・大坂ともに準決勝へ

Kei Nishikori has presented his case for Brisbane International favouritism, prevailing in a high-class quarter-final against Grigor Dimitrov on Thursday night. Meanwhile, Naomi Osaka said she gained the confidence boost she needed before the year's op...

SHOGO KARIYAZAKI - very first Melbourne flower performance and talk event - 華道家 假屋崎省吾先生 メルボルンで初のフラワーイベント&トークショー

One of the leading flower arrangement experts representing Japan, Mr Shogo Kariyazaki visited Melbourne for the first time to live-perform his worldly known flower arrangement followed by his talk-show.Attracting many of flower lovers and curious visit...

Reviewing SBS National Language Competition 2018 - SBSナショナル・ランゲージ・コンペティション2018を振り返って

SBS's National Language Competition 2018 Started from 15 Oct till 18 Nov, and closed with the winner announcement on 12 Dec 2018.  With 4,000 applications from 82 languages in which Japanese had around 300 entries. Though no one from our division made ...

Toshie Shimazoe, Princial and Teachers - Melbourne International Schoolf of Japanese

The Principal of Melbourne International School of Japanese, Ms Toshie Shimazoe and some of the Teachers - Ms Shirai, Mr Hanazono, and Ms Iida, talk about the school and its Japanese education.They share the challenges, pleasures, and surprises through...

Konnano Kaitayo Vol.8 - こんなの書いたよ 第8回

This is a series of introducing children's essays and diaries. The aim is to encourage children studying Japanese in Australia. This time round, we introduce the students from Huntingdale Primary School in Victoria. - 学校や日本語補習校などで、日本語の勉強をがんばっているみんなを応援す...

New year brings new laws - 2019年施行される新しい法律

A new year means new rules and regulations.  From the tampon tax to youth allowance and personal income tax, these are the new laws slated to kick in during 2019. - オーストラリアでは、2019年度から施行される法律がいくつかあります。皆さんの生活に関連しそうなものをSBSがピックアップしました。(2019年1月1日放送)

Try Vegan in January 2019 - Veganuary - 2019年1月からヴィーガンに挑戦「ヴィーガニュアリー」

With each new year comes resolutions to do better.To kick off 2019, animal rights and environment activists are encouraging people to try a vegan diet for the month of January.With the growing number of vegan food options available, they say it's easie...

Viva Want to Age Better? - Try Ocean Swimmng - Viva: より良く老いるには海水浴がお勧めです。

It’s been proven that sea water refreshes your soul and revitalises your health. Here are a few things to keep in mind before challenging yourself to an open water swim. - 海水が精神をリフレッシュし健康を促進することは誰もが知るところです。大海原での水泳にチャレンジする前に気をつけておいた方が良い点をいくつかご紹介します。

Identity of Mixed-Race Athletes BMX Kai & Saya Sakakibara (Part 2) - 「日本は第2の故郷」多様なルーツを持つBMXアスリート榊原魁・爽 (後編)

Kai and Saya Sakakibara have consistently competed in BMX world championships around the world, aiming to earn the No.1 spot in every one of them. In those championships, they are representing Australia, though Japan is their second home, close to thei...

BJ Fox - Home Sweet Tokyo Season 2 - BJ フォックスさん"Home Sweet Tokyo" シーズン2開始!

Tokyo resident comedian BJ Fox is again welcomed to continue his very innovative and hilarious Sit Com "Home Sweet Tokyo" Season 2 by NHK World. BJ Fox shares his confidence and thoughts with this much improved new episodes. Also, cross fingers for his...

Marking the peaks and troughs of a volatile 2018 - 2018年の国際情勢を振り返って

2018 saw events that pulled people apart and others that brought people together. - 2018年の主な国際情勢の総まとめです。

Japan's withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission - 国際捕鯨委員会(IWC)脱退 日本政府が表明

Japan's decision to resume commercial whaling from July next year has prompted international condemnation. The Australian government described the decision, and Japan's withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission, as "regrettable".  - 日本が国際捕鯨委...

A novel approach to helping new migrants learn water safety - 難民ライフガード養成 水の事故防止対策

Learning to swim can be a daunting task for many, and for new migrants, who sometimes have little experience around the water, language and culture can be added barriers.  But one aquatic centre has embarked on a project to employ refugees as lifeguard...

Konnano Kaitayo Vol 7 - こんなの書いたよ 第7回

This is a series of introducing children's essays and diaries. The aim is to encourage children studying Japanese in Australia. This time round, we introduce the Grade 1 students from Huntingdale Primary School in Victoria. - 学校や日本語ほしゅう校などで、日本語の勉強をがんばっ...

Professional Bassoonist Rie Mochizuki - 「さりげなさ」に惹かれてプロに ファゴット奏者 望月理江

“I simply feel so good, just like my heart is about to explode”, said Rie, a Bassoonist at Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  She loves her job of being surrounded by the harmony of different instruments, being lit on the stage and thunderous applause. - オ...

Australian Wine is Booimg for China - 中国で人気が高まるオーストラリア・ワイン

Australian wine exports to China are booming, up almost a quarter in just one year. And while Australian vineyards are cashing in, there is also a growing interest from Chinese investors looking to invest in local wineries. - オーストラリア・ワインの中国への輸出が好調。1年で2...

Australian Leaders Deliver Their Christmas Messages - 与野党党首からのクリスマス・メッセージ

Australia's leaders have delivered their Christmas messages.The Prime Minister and Opposition leader have both delivered a message of hope to those facing hardship, while paying tribute to Australia's  defence and emergency services personnel, and char...

Marking a 62-year-old Christmas tradition - メルボルンのクリスマス 名物ショーウィンドウ

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas for many families without an annual trip to see Santa and the decorations.  This year a Thai migrant has been part of the team creating magical make-believe in Melbourne. - オーストラリアは、多文化国家です。クリスマスを祝わない家庭もあれば、サンタクロースがプレゼント...

Digital Land 25 December 2018 - デジタルランド 2018年12月25日

Digital Land introduces the most recent digital contents from SBS Radio Japanese. They will be broadcasted and soon to become available online and on the SBS Radio app.  - SBSラジオ日本語放送で放送予定の最新のコンテンツをご紹介します。(12月26日~1月1日放送予定分) 

Music File #243 DZ Deathrays - Music File #243 ディージー・デスレイズ

They are an Australian dance-punk duo from Brisbane, Queensland. Nominated ARIA Awards 2018 for the Best Hard Rock. Broadcast on 22 Dec 2018https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DstIlngjlw4&index=1&list=PL2kBW5kyE8wq3R7VMCBV9YX_oid1JZc3d - ブリスベン出身のダン...

Australian Health Insuarance 3.25% Premium Increase - オーストラリアの民間健康保険料 3.25%値上げ

Private health insurance premiums are set to rise by 3.25 per cent, the lowest increase in almost two decades. An ageing population and rising health care costs have been blamed for the rise, and consumer groups hope out-of-pocket costs will be cut to ...

Two drown, third missing as migrants again caught in sea - NSW州でまた水難事故 2人死亡 1人行方不明

The Indian community in Australia is mourning the deaths of two men who drowned at a beach near the New South Wales city of Coffs Harbour, on the state's north coast.  A third man is also missing after the three got into caught in a rip while trying to...

Childhood obesity rates higher among migrants, according to research - 移民に多い子どもの肥満 調査結果

When it comes to tackling obesity in children, one classic Australian past time is making all the difference: organised sport. - 小児肥満は、ここ40年ほど世界的に増加し続けています。その対策として、適度な運動、特に団体スポーツに参加することが推奨されています。

The 40th Anniversary of Sister City Relations Between Melbourne and Osaka - メルボルン・大阪姉妹都市提携40周年記念

Mayor of Osaka City Mr Hirofumi Yoshimura and the delegation from Osaka City Council lead by the Vice President Mr Yoshitaka Tsuji with delegation and presentation members visited Melbourne from 16th to 20th of December 2018. - 2018年12月16日から20日まで、吉村洋文大...

Music File #242 Baker Boy (Feat. Yirmal) - Music File #242 ベイカー・ボーイ (Feat. Yirmal)

Baker Boy is an Indigenous Australian rapper and dancer, who won the most prizes in the Age Music Victoria Awards this year. Broadcast on 15 Dec 2018https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=afQcYH2nwoM - ベイカー・ボーイは先住民のラッパーでダンサー。今年のジ・エージ・ミュージック・ビクトリア賞では、最も多い、4つの賞に輝...

Reports suggest far wider Russian interference in US election - 米大統領選ロシア疑惑 インスタグラムなどソーシャルメディア操作か 新報告書

New reports suggest Russia's interference in United States social media during the 2016 US presidential campaign was far more widespread than originally imagined.  - 米上院議員が公表したこの報告書によりますと、ロシアは当時、フェイスブック、インスタグラム、ツイッターなどのソーシャルメディアを使い、性別、人種、宗教などの問題について、アメ...

BMX Kai and Saya Sakakibara Eye on Tokyo 2020 (Part 1) - BMXアスリート榊原魁・爽 (前編)

Kai and Saya Sakakibara are BMX athletes, achieving astonishing results not just at domestic races, but also at international championships. They currently hold the Australian national title.  - 自転車競技BMXレースのオーストラリア代表として、東京オリンピックでメダル獲得を目指す榊原魁(さかきばら・かい)選...

New website to help guide parents on childcare centres - 政府 Webサイト”チャイルドケア・ファインダー”新設

The Federal Government has launched a new website to help parents find the right childcare centres for them.  Child Care Finder will allow parents to search and compare the available centres in their areas. - オーストラリアで保育園を探すのに困った経験をされた方、少なくないのではないでしょうか。...

SHOGO KARIYAZAKI turning 60 with his 35yrs with flowers visits Meloburne for the first time - 華道暦35周年・還暦を迎える假屋崎省吾先生メルボルン初のフラワーイベント

One of the top and widely known experts of flower arrangement in Japan - SHOGO KARIYAZAKI visited Melbourne for the first time in his life, for his live performance and talk show event held on 6th Dec 2018.  - 日本を代表する華道家假屋崎省吾先生がメルボルンを初訪問。先生のフラワーパフォーマンス...

UK Leadership - イギリス テレサ・メイ首相留任 不信任投票で勝利

British prime minister Theresa May has survived a vote of no-confidence prompted by disgruntled colleagues opposed to her Brexit plan.Two hundred out of a total 317 Conservative MPs voted in support of Ms May's leadership, revealing the cracks beginnin...

Let's start our summer again! - Matsuri Japan Festival 2018 - 今年も夏が始まりました! Matsuri Japan Festival 2018

The annual summer event for the Japanese community in Sydney "Matsuri Japan Festival 2018" was held at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour on Saturday 8 December. This year's festival attracted almost 70,000 people who enjoyed the Japanese food and culture...

Theresa May Stares Down Certain Defeat, Postpones Brexit Vote - 英メイ首相 EU離脱案採決 見送り

Theresa May has postponed a crucial vote on her draft Brexit agreement, going back to European Union leaders in a desperate bid to seek reassurances on the divorce deal.  EU leaders are meeting to discuss Brexit at a summit in Brussels on Thursday ((13...

How to have a fun and safe time outdoors this summer - オーストラリア 夏の屋外で安全に楽しく過ごすには

Summer has officially started in Australia. Many of us will take advantage of weekends and school holidays to spend time outdoors so here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe. - オーストラリアはもう夏。週末や学校休みに外へ出て楽しむ人たちも多いのではないでしょうか。屋外で安全でいるために注意すべきことは。 

Final Week of Parliament - 連邦国会、混乱の幕切れ

It was a chaotic end to the final parliamentary sitting week of the year, after a series of delays eventually led to the passage of new encryption laws. Broadcast on 8 Dec 2018 - 今週は、連邦国会の今年、最後の週でしたけれども、問題の暗号化法案が土壇場で可決される一方で、モリソン首相が激しく抵抗していた海外収容所の難民を病気...

Music File #241 John Butler Trio - Music File #241 ジョン・バトラー・トリオ

John Butler is one of pioneers in Indie music movement. Their 4th number one ARIA album, 'Home' knocked Eminem's out of the top spot of the ARIA  Charts. Broadcast on 8 Dec 2018https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=186&v=t7xLWJ0Uw3A - ジョン・バトラ...