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Extensive coverage of homeland, other international and national news, current affairs and interviews.
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Japan investigates 700 foreign students missing from college - 日本の「消えた留学生」問題 過去3年で1300人以上か

It has recently been reported that 700 foreign students from University in Tokyo have gone missing last year. The number could be approximately 1300 in total the past 3 years. - オーストラリアや中国、東南アジアなどから日本へやってくる留学生は年々増え続けています。日本政府は、外国人労働者の受け入れを拡大する新しい制度を打ち出...

Dutch-Australian 'Hague case' reveals flaws in international treatment of domestic violence - ハーグ条約と家庭内暴力 オランダ人女性のケース

A cross-continental custody battle has been resolved in favour of a Dutch mother, who fled Australia with her daughter to escape her abusive former partner.  The case has highlighted issues with international child abduction laws, which were used to re...

2019 Rebetiko Festival - 2019 レベティコ・フェスティバル

Mr Atsushi Tookaya will perform in 2019 Rebetiko Festival at Melbourne Recital Centre on 23 March 2019. Rebetiko (Greek Blues) is urban improvised music melding Byzantine, Turkish, Greek etc. Broadcast on 16 Mar 2019For more Japanese stories and articl...

Music File #253 Rebetien - Music File #253 レベティアン

They came from Athens, Greece to perform Melbourne Rebetiko Festival on 23 Mar 2019. There is a huge Greek community in Melbourne. Broadcast on 16 Mar 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - ギリシャのアテネから来たバンドで、3月23日の2019レベティコ...

Finding the joy of Japanese calligraphy again in Australia - 海外で書の楽しさを再発見、書道家・岡智子

Japanese-born calligrapher, Tomoko, has found the beauty and the joy of Japanese calligraphy again in Australia. - 書道家の岡智子さん。それまで離れていた書道を一生の仕事にしようと思ったのは、オーストラリアに来てからです。

Jacinda Ardern burnishes leadership after Christchurch carnage - NZ銃乱射 アーダーン首相の対応を世界が称賛

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's response and handling of the Christchurch carnage has burnished her leadership and silenced criticism of her youth. - 今月15日に発生したニュージーランドでの銃乱射事件。事件当時の様子や犠牲者の情報などが次第に明らかになる中、ジャシンダ・アーダーン首相のリーダーシップに注目が集まっています。

Extra funding for religious groups' security - 豪首相が銃乱射で安全強化策、その場しのぎとの見方も

In the wake of the Christchurch massacre, Australian politicians are condemning hate crimes and calling for unity, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledging extra funding to religious groups. - オーストラリアのスコット・モリソン首相が18日に発表した宗教施設のセキュリティー強化策。短期的な措置に過ぎないと...

Pianist Maki Ono - ピアニスト 大野真紀

Japanese Pianist, Maki Ono visits Melbourne to hold a joint recital at Melbourne Recital Centre, Southbank with Isin Cakmakcioglu, a violinist at Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  - 日本人ピアニストの大野真紀氏がメルボルンで初リサイタルを行います。過去ニューヨークと東京で、デュオ・リサイタルを開催したメルボルン交響楽団のヴァイ...

A Boy In the Mirror - 鏡の中のぼく

Interview with Mr Keisuke Baba, the author of A Boy In the Mirror, who thinks that coaching is a powerful tool to deal with communication problems such as bullying. He visited Melbourne for a lecture this month. Broadcast on 9 Mar 2019For more Japanese...

Young women feel unsafe walking alone at night - 夜道の一人歩き「怖い」 10代若者への調査結果

A new report has found almost half of young Australian women do not feel safe walking home alone at night. - 夜道の一人歩き。危険だと感じることはありますか?最近のアンケート調査で、夜一人で歩くことが怖いと感じている10代の女性が、約50%に上ることが明らかになりました。

Cardinal Pell jailed for 6 years for child sexual abuse - 豪カトリック教会最高幹部 禁固6年 児童性的虐待で

Disgraced Catholic cardinal George Pell has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choirboys in Melbourne in the 1990s.  The 77-year-old showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down, but there was plenty outside the court f...

Hot Shot: Japan's Sports Diplomacy and Tokyo 2020 - 東京パラリンピックに向けて  日本のスポーツ外交

From 23-24 February, Mr Norikazu Suzuki, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Mr Kazuyoshi Matsunaga, Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne visited Melbourne Park to discuss Tokyo Paralympics with the Australian wheelchair players. - 2...

Wearing light like jewelry - light artist Erina Kashihara - 身にまとう光のアート、柏原エリナ

Two "wearable" artworks by a Japanese-born light artist, Erina Kashihara, are now exhibited at the Japan Foundation Sydney. - 日本を拠点に活動する「光のアーティスト」、柏原エリナさん。「ウエアラブル」と呼ばれる身に着けるタイプの作品が、シドニーにあるジャパンファウンデーションで展示されています。

Relocation of Chatswood IEC rattles Japanese community - シドニー北部のIEC移転計画、保護者らが懸念

Chatswood IEC (Intensive English Centres)is the only IEC which offers settlement support in Japanese and has established a strong bond with the local council and its communities through its 40 year history. - 日本人が多く住むシドニー北部チャッツウッド。そのチャッツウッド・ハイスクールに設置され...

Music File #252 Kira Puru - Music File #252 キラ・プルー

Her father is Maori. She grew up in Cardiff, NSW. This is her second single and achieved 75th of Hottest 100. Broadcast on 9 Mar 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK47BCp3G88For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - ニューサウスウエールズ...

Second HIV patient cured in major AIDS breakthrough - イギリス男性 HIV完治か 世界で2例目

An HIV-positive man in Britain has been cleared of the AIDS virus, making him only the second known adult worldwide to be free of the disease that has killed about 35 million people so far.  An Australian medical expert is viewing this as a proof that ...

US North Korea Summit No.2 - 2回目の米朝首脳会談、決裂

North Korea has contradicted United States President Donald Trump's stated reason for cutting short his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam. Broadcast on 2 Mar 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook.  - 今週、...

Konnano Kaitayo Vol.10 - こんなの書いたよ 第10回

This is a series of introducing children's essays and diaries. The aim is to encourage children studying Japanese in Australia. This time round, we introduce the students from Sydney Japanese International School. - 学校や日本語ほしゅう校などで、日本語の勉強をがんばっているみんなをおうえ...

BNP Paribas Open 2019 Draws set - BNPパリバ テニス 大坂第1シード 錦織第6シードで2回戦から

Naomi Osaka, ranked No.1 of womens singles ranking since the epic win of the Australian Open in Melbourne last January, is soon set to touch down at BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California this week.   - ”第5のグランドスラム”とも呼ばれるBNPパリバ・オープン(インディアンウェルズ・マス...

Economic slowdown expected to dominate meeting of China's political elite - 中国が成長目標を引き下げ、全人代が開幕

Concerns about China’s economic slowdown are expected to dominate its annual meetings of the country’s political elite. - 中国政府が5日、2019年の経済成長率の目標を6-6.5%とし、昨年の6.5%から引き下げました。

Is diligence a virue or burden? - Jinnosuke Kokoroya - 「がんばる教」にはまっていませんか、カウンセラー・心屋仁之助

Jinnosuke Kokoroya, a Japan-based counselor who developed his own method 12 years ago, points out how easy it is for hard-working Japanese people to fall into a trap of self-criticism. - 性格リフォーム心理カウンセラーとして日本を拠点に活動する心屋仁之助(こころや・じんのすけ)さん。日本人は「がんばる教」にはまりやす...

Former Fashion Illustrator at Chanel Paris Takako Osawa - シャネルの元ファッションイラストレーター 大澤貴子

An emerging international artist/a former illustrator at Chanel Paris, Takako Osawa is holding exhibition My Chanel Collection at the Alliance Française de Melbourne, St Kilda till March 21, 2019.  - 世界的ファッションブランド、シャネルで過去、ファッションイラストレーターをつとめた大澤貴子さんの作品が、...

Music File #251 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Music File #251 アシッドマザーズテンプル & ザ・メルティング・パライソ U.F.O.

Japanese psychedelic rock band. This "Dark Star Blues" is a new version of what was released in 2004. Broadcast on 2 Mar 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLik4Ld4EwsFor more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - 日本のサイケデリックロック・バンド。こ...

Want to live a long life? Try the traditional Okinawa diet, which helped islanders live to 100 - 沖縄から学ぶ 長生きの秘訣は伝統料理

The traditional Okinawa diet helped people living on the Japanese island to live to age 100 and beyond. Here's how to eat as the Japanese centenarians from Okinawa did. - 日本最南端の島、沖縄。この島で暮らす人は昔から長生きだといわれ、日本国内でも100歳以上の人口が最も多い県です。その秘訣はやはり沖縄の郷土料理にあるようです。

Settlement Guide: How does the youth justice system work in Australia? - オーストラリアで子育て  子どもがもし逮捕されたら

No parent wants to receive a call from the police saying their child has been arrested.  But if it happens, it’s important to know your child's rights, including requesting the help of a lawyer. - オーストラリアへ移り住む移民の生活を支援するために、直面しやすい問題や、生活に役立つ情報を提供するSBSのセト...

Japanese Summer Festival 2019 - メルボルン夏祭り2019開催!

The Japanese Summer Festival was held in federation Square, Melbourne on 24th February. Every year the number of visitors are increasing, last year recorded around 40,000 people visited this biggest annual festival for Japanese community in Melbourne. ...

TAX TALK FEBRUARY 2019 - Taxpayers' Charter: Your Rights and Obligations - 2019年2月のタックス・トーク-納税者憲章(納税者の権利と義務)について

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - このコミュニティー・インフォメーションは、ATOオーストラリア国税局がお届けします。 

Connecting suvivors of Tohoku quake with Sydney - Misaki Ito - 被災地の写真、「伝えたい」気持ちを込めて:伊東美咲

Sydney-based Misaki Ito saw the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 first-hand when she was at uni in Japan. - シドニー日本クラブ(JCS)の東日本大震災復興支援事業レインボープロジェクトのスタッフである伊東美咲さん。被災地の写真を撮り続けています。 

Music File #250 Mitski - Music File #250 ミツキ

Mitski Miyawaki is a 28 y.o. Japanese-American singer songwriter. Her popularity is growing rapidly in US and she was invited to Laneway Festival here in Australia. Broadcast on 23 Feb 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qooWnw5rEcIFor more Japanese st...

Introduction to Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival - メルボルンの日本の夏祭り、 あす開催

This is one of the biggest calendar events of Japanese community in Melbourne. Fed Square will turn into a micro Japan tomorrow (Sun 24 Feb 2019). Broadcast on 23 Feb 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - フェデレーション・スクエアーで2...

Cannabis and ice in the country, heroin and cocaine in the city: Australia's $9 billion drug habit - 薬物蔓延の現状 マリファナは地方、コカインは都市部で流通

People in Australia's regional areas are using cannabis at twice the rate of people in cities and nearly $10 billion is being spent on illicit drugs each year.  The annual study of waste water has revealed the extent -and the changing nature - of the n...

Textile Artist Melinda Heal - 染織作家 メリンダ・ヒール

Melinda Heal, a textile artist, has always been attracted to Japanese cultures from its language to art. She took up Japanese traditional dyeing techniques, katazome and yuzenzome, and represents her work in such a way that two completely different cul...

Airbus Stops A380 - エアバスA380の生産中止

European aeroplane maker Airbus has announced it will stop making its super-jumbo A380 in 2021 due to dwindling demand. The decision could affect thousands of jobs and has already cost the manufacturer more than AU$730 million in losses in 2018. Broadc...

Jiro Sanshitei brought "first laugh of the year" to Sydney - 20年ぶりのシドニーで初笑い、落語家・三枝亭二郎

Japanese Rakugo comedian Jiro Sanshitei brought "hatsuwarai", the first laugh of the year, to Sydney. - 「落語をしない弟子」として大学在学中に桂三枝(現在の桂文枝)さんに入門した三枝亭二郎さん。シドニーで落語会を開きました。2019年2月19日放送。

Women from diverse cultural backgrounds face cyber attacks alone - ネットでのDV被害、移民女性は英語力などが足かせ

Women from diverse cultural backgrounds are facing multiple barriers when seeking help over technological abuse, like stalking, hacking and online threats. - インターネット上でのストーキングやハッキング、リベンジポルノや脅迫。移民のバックグランドを持つ女性にとって、助けを求めることは簡単ではありません。

Music File #249 Totally Mild - Music File #249 トータリーマイルド

Elizabeth Mitchell, the band leader, is a fine singer song writer. The latest album 'Her" attracts a lot of attention from other singer song writers. Broadcast on 16 Feb 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcCjw_CabQc  For more Japanese stories and art...

Refugee advocates welcome passing of medevac bill - 難民の医療移送法案が国会通過 難民支援団体は歓迎

Refugee advocates have welcomed the passing of the so-called "medevac bill".  The bill gives doctors more power to decide whether asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru should come to Australia for medical treatment.  Despite claims from the Federal ...

TV Land Special Kate Miller-Heidke for Eurovision 2019 - TVランド ユーロビジョン2019代表にケイト・ミラーハイキ

Nothing's holding her down now: Kate Miller-Heidke is set to represent Australia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, having topped both the Jury and Popular vote for Eurovison - Australia Decides. What's Eurovision? Who is Kate Miller-Heidke?  - 日本関連番...

'My case is a superstar!': Hakeem Al-Araibi to meet PM - 難民サッカー選手 無事オーストラリアへ帰国

Freed refugee Hakeem Al-Araibi has told how he was stunned to be greeted like an international superstar on his return to Melbourne.  As the Bahraini dissident prepares to meet the Prime Minister in Canberra on Thursday 14th, rights group Amnesty is ca...

Parliamentary Data Breach - 連邦国会のコンピュータ・ネットもハッカーの標的に

Australian security agencies are investigating a breach of the federal parliamentary computing network. No private data was accessed and the immediate threat has been neutralized this time. Broadcast on 9 Feb 2019For more Japanese stories and articles,...

Calls for rapid action on Indigenous child suicides report - 先住民の子どもの自殺 「極めて悲惨」WA検視官

Western Australia's coroner has described a spate of suicides among young Aboriginal people as "profoundly tragic, individually and collectively."  The deaths in the Kimberley region, north of Perth, included a 10-year-old girl. - 西オーストラリア州の検視官は、パース北部キ...

Music File #248 The Putbacks - Music File #248 ザ・プットバックス

Have you ever listened to 'Emma Donovan and the Putbacks'? They are that Putbacks. They are a group of the finest Australian musicians. Broadcast on 9 Feb 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - エマ・ドノバンとザ・プットバックスの演奏を聴いたことのあ...

Japan's Sunwolves Training in Melbourne Super Rugby - サンウルブズがオーストラリア合宿 新体制で4季目始動

The Sunwolves, a Super Rugby Team representing Japan had preseason training sessions in Melbourne from 3rd - 13th of February.  - 日本のスーパーラグビーのチーム”サンウルブズ”が、2月3日から13日までメルボルンでプレシーズン合宿を実施しました。(2019年2月14日放送予定)

Japan's Sunwolves Training in Melbourne Super Rugby - サンウルブズがオーストラリア合宿 新体制で4季目始動

The Sunwolves, a Super Rugby Team representing Japan had preseason training sessions in Melbourne from 3rd - 13th of February.  - 日本のスーパーラグビーのチーム”サンウルブズ”が、2月3日から13日までメルボルンでプレシーズン合宿を実施しました。(2019年2月14日放送予定)

Witnesses tell aged care royal commission they're 'still looking for answers' - 高齢者ケア業界にメス、ロイヤルコミッションのヒアリング始まる

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has heard its first evidence in Adelaide. - 高齢者ケア施設、エイジドケアセクターについてのロイヤルコミッションのヒアリングが、アデレードで始まりました。サービスの質や安全性が問われています。2019年2月12日放送。

Settlement Guide: How to get involved in your children's school? - オーストラリアで子育て 学校・先生との付き合い方

When parents are involved in their children's school and education, it has positive effects on their grades, their attendance and their wellbeing in general. But parents new to Australia might not always know where to start. - オーストラリアへ移り住む移民の生活を支援するために...

Japanese band Zahatorte makes their Aussie debut - 京都発のバンド、ザッハトルテが豪州ツアー

Zahatorte, a Japanese instrumental band based in Kyoto, is on their first Australian tour this month. - アコーディオン、チェロ、ギターという異色の取り合わせでオリジナル曲を演奏するバンド、ザッハトルテ。初のオーストラリアツアーで来豪中です。

I'm HIV positive. Do you have any quesions? - Dai Aoki - 豪州でHIVに感染、病気への理解深めたい:青木大

Japanese-born Dai Aoki is one of the few Asians who openly confirmed that he is HIV positive.  Through his experience, Dai realised that the information around HIV hasn't been updated for 20-30 years. He is trying to change that. - HIV感染者であることを公表し、シドニー...

More than $110 million in unpaid Medicare rebates - メディケア未請求額 1億1000万ドル超

About 670,000 Australians need to update their bank account details with the government to access more than $110 million of unclaimed Medicare rebates. - オーストラリアの医療機関を訪れた後、メディケアからリベート、払い戻しを受けていない人の数が約67万人、未請求金は総額1億1000万ドルに上ることが明らかになりました。

Japanese Embroidery Artist Ipnot - 世界が注目する刺繍画家 イプノット

Ipnot transforms embroidery threads into what as see in our everyday life. - イプノットさんは、日本在住の刺繍画家で、食べ物や飲み物、動物などありふれた日常で目にするようなものを刺繍糸を使って表現しています。