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Extensive coverage of homeland, other international and national news, current affairs and interviews.
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Enjoing football and life in Australia- Goalkeeper Eri Arikawa - 豪州で気付いた自由なサッカー、ゴールキーパー・有川枝里

Eri Arikawa, a Japanese goalkeeper playing for the the Gladesville Ravens, has rediscovered the joy of playing football again by joining the Aussie team.  Broadcast on the 14th of May, 2019. - 「オーストラリアに来て、サッカーが自由なスポーツであることに気付かされました。皆さんに好きになってほしい。」2019年...

Tributes flow for Bob Hawke - ボブ・ホーク元首相が死去、政界から功績称える声

Tributes are being paid to Australia's 23rd Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, who has died at his home at the age of 89. - メディケアを創設し、ビールの早飲み世界記録を打ち立てたこともあるボブ・ホーク元首相が16日、自宅で亡くなりました。89歳でした。

Summit aims to stop online extremism - 過激コンテンツ排除を目指して 仏でサミット開催

Several world leaders and technology bosses have met in France to find ways to stop acts of violent extremism from being shown online in the wake of the Christchurch Mosque massacre. - オンライン上の暴力や過激なコンテンツ。政府や企業は、どのようにして、排除することができるのでしょうか。

Workshop opens up regions for migrants - 働きたい人へ 地方移住のススメ

Migrants and refugees can face a raft of challenges in their early years of settlement, especially when it comes to securing work. There's now a fresh push for refugees and migrants to live and work in regional and rural Australia in a bid to fill gaps...

Music File #262 Ai Yamamoto - Music File #262 アイ・ヤマモト

A Japanese musician in Melbourne. She came from Nara prefecture, Japan. Broadcast on 18 May 2019Official Yoututbe of another track from EP “Paprica Walz” (below)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHguIoZf7CE For more Japanese stories and articles, follow ...

Life in Isolation: Japan's Hikikomori is Aging - 中高年のひきこもり 推計約61万人 内閣府

While Japan was waiting for the announcement of the name for the next era Reiwa, the Cabinet Office of Japan released the research paper on hikikomori on March 29th this year. It is estimated that over 610,000 middled-aged people are considered as hiki...

US-China trade war escalates - 米中の貿易摩擦が深刻化、来月日本で首脳会談へ

China has announced that it will impose an additional $60 billion US dollars on a range of US goods, striking back in its trade war with the United States. - 中国は13日、来月から600億米ドル相当の米国からの輸入品について追加関税を引き上げることを発表しました。

Japan Festival 2019 in Box Hill - ジャパンフェスティバル2019

20th Japan Festival will be held on 19 May 2019. The chair person, Ms Keiko Davies has more. Broadcast on 11 May 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - 20周年記念となる今年のジャパンフェスティバルについて、デービス啓子実行委員長に聞きました。開催日は5月19日日曜日で、会場は毎年おなじみの...

Music File #261 Weyes Blood - Music File #261ウェイズ・ブラッド

This is the project of an American musician, Natalie Merling. Her Australian tour is a sample of internationalization in the music world. Broadcast on 11 May 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFtRq6t3jOoFor more Japanese stories and articles, follow ...

Meet the FIFA Women's World Cup fans: Japan

As part of a continuing series, SBS News looks at the local fans of some of the nations competing in the Women’s World Cup in June. Here we catch up with two young players that have come to Australia to learn English and have a crack at playing in the ...

Morrison, Shorten go head-to-head in final televised debate - 連邦選挙2019 最後のテレビ討論会

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have gone head-to-head in the final televised debate before the May 18 federal election.  At the National Press Club in Canberra, the two men seeking to be Prime Minister went over plenty...

Celebration of the Enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan - Melbourne - 新天皇即位お祝いレセプション メルボルン

To celebrate the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, the reception was held at the residence of the Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne on the 6th of May. - メルボルンでは今週、新天皇即位のお祝いレセプションが、在メルボルン日本国総領事の公邸で開かれました。(2019年5月9日放送)

Okinawa Folk Music Band Ichimadin - 沖縄民謡を未来に繋ぐ いちまでぃん

"We would like the spirit of Okinawan music to spread in Australia and continue forever." - 「沖縄の音楽がいつまでも続いていってくれたらと願って・・」

Recreating the royal dinner to celebrate the new era: Kimitaka Azuma - 令和を祝い豪晩餐会のメニュー再現、シェフ・東公孝

Kimitaka Azuma, the owner chef of the high-end Japanese restaurant Azuma in Sydney, recreated some dishes he cooked for the royal banquet in 2002 for the Crown Prince of Japan and his wife Princess Masako. - シドニーの日本料理店「東」のオーナーシェフ、東公孝(あずま・きみたか)さん。新天皇陛下が...

Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcome their first child - 英メーガン妃が男児出産、今週お披露目へ

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have welcomed their first child, the Duchess of Sussex giving birth to a son in the early hours of Monday morning local time. - 英国王室はきのう6日、エリザベス女王の孫となるヘンリー王子とその妻メーガン妃の間に第一子となる男児が誕生したと発表しました。

Koto Player Brandon Lee at the Matsudo Week 2019 - 筝奏者 ブランドン・リー

"Koto is an incredible instrument. Depending on who plays the instrument, it creates a variety of sound," said Brandon Lee, Melbourne-based Koto master. He shares his story prior to his performance at "Moonlight; poetry, shakuhachi, koto and sumi-e", p...

Music File #260 SASAMI - Music File #260 ササミ

She is an American and familiar with Japanese culture through her Korean-Japanese mother. So, she is truly international. Broadcast on 4 May 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T61l0Qlo-1EFor more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. -...

Celebrating the new Japan era away from home - 豪州からもお祝いを、記帳所初日のインタビュー

Japanese Sydneysiders celebrated the beginning of the new era, Reiwa, by signing a congratulatory book at the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney. - 新天皇陛下の即位を祝う記帳が、キャンベラの日本大使館やシドニーなど各都市の総領事館で行われました。

Julian Assange faces nearly a year in jail - ウィキリークス創設者アサンジ 禁錮50週の判決

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been sentenced to almost a year’s jail for breaching his bail conditions. - イギリスの裁判所は1日、ウィキリークス創設者ジュリアン・アサンジ被告が保釈中に出頭しなかったとして、禁固50週の有罪判決を言い渡しました。

Crown Prince Naruhito becomes Japan's new emperor - 新天皇即位 令和の幕開け

Japan's new Emperor Naruhito has formally marked his ascension to the Chrysanthemum throne, a day after his father became the first emperor to abdicate in two centuries. - 1日、新しい天皇陛下が、皇居・宮殿で即位の儀式を行いました。

Voters give first debate to Shorten as trust in politicians is at a 50-year low - 初のTV討論はショートン代表に軍配、政治家への信頼は50年ぶり低水準

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have clashed on a number of issues in the first leader's debate of the 2019 federal election debate. - 5月18日の連邦議会選挙を前に第1回となるテレビ討論がパースで29日に行われ、保守連合のスコット・モリソン首相と労働党のビル・ショートン代表が主張をぶつけ合いました。

Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival 2019 - こどもの日ジャパンフェスティバル2019

"Kodomo no Hi" literally means children's day, a public holiday in japan on the same date, 5 May. The name of the festival implies cultural and social links between Australia and Japan. Broadcast on 27 April 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, ...

Music File #259 Emily Wurramara - Music File #259 エミリー・ウラマラ

Emily's debut album has been nominated in many awards including ARIA. It was produced David Bridie with Nao Anzai. Broadcast on 27 Apr 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - エミリーのデビューアルバムは数々の賞にノミネートされた。プロデューサー、デビッド・ブライディー。...

Unmasking ninjas - Japanese experts reveal their true essence - 忍者の真実とは、三重大の専門家3人が来豪

Do you know what ninjas really are? Who are they? If you think they are combatants in black clothes, you are wrong. - 忍者といえば「黒装束の戦闘員」を思い浮かべますか?真実の姿は違います。

Crowds gather at Anzac Day dawn services - アンザック・デイ 追悼式典開催

Crowds of war veterans and young Australians have gathered at dawn services around the country to commemorate Anzac Day.  For many it was their first-time at a service and for more familiar faces, it was a chance to put politics aside and reflect on li...

Japanese Woman Caught Smuggling 19 Lizards Out Melbourne - メルボルン空港で日本人逮捕 トカゲ密輸の疑い

A Japanese woman was arrested by Australian Border Force for attempting to smuggle 19 lizards out at Melbourne Airport on 23th of April. - ABFオーストラリア国境警備隊は23日、オーストラリア固有のは虫類19匹をメルボルンの空港から日本へ違法に持ち出そうとした疑いで、日本人の女を逮捕したことを発表しました。

Music File #258 Nun - Music File #258 ナン

The front woman Jenny Branagan is working in APRA AMCOS which is Australia's copyright administrator. Broadcast on 20 Apr 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxbrSLqXr2E    - 中心となるジェニー・ブラナガンはオーストラリアの音楽の著作権管理機関、APRA AMCOS でも働いている。2019年4月20日放送https://www...

Heisei Anime That Went Global - 飛躍した日本アニメ 平成を振り返って

Heisei Era, which is set to come to an end on April 30th, has seen a number of Japanese animation going global. What's your favourite anime film of all time?  - 平成の時代を彩った日本のアニメーション。数々の名作の中で、皆さんはどのアニメが一番心に残っていますか?

Australian reaction to Sri Lankan terror attack - スリランカ爆発で豪州人も犠牲に、コミュニティー・首相らが団結呼びかけ

The Australian Sri Lankan community has gathered to grieve the loss of hundreds of countrymen killed in vicious coordinated attacks across their homeland. - スリランカで起きた連続爆破事件、オーストラリア人2人も犠牲となりました。

Mum of Elite Atheletes Yuki Sakakibara - 「子どもが導いてくれた」BMXアスリート兄妹の母 榊原由紀

"My children led us to the path they chose to go for", said Yuki Sakakibara, a mother of Kai and Saya who are the BMX racing athletes representing Australia. - 「私たちが才能を見抜いたわけではなく、子どもたちが私たちを導いてきた。」 BMXレースのプロアスリート、榊原魁(さかきばら・かい)選手と爽(さや)選手の母、榊原由紀さんはこのように語り...

BTS hit No.1 on ARIA Album Chart with 'Map of the Soul: Persona' - BTS(防弾少年団) 世界的人気 ギネス記録も更新

It's official, BTS have got their first Australian No.1 album! - 世界的にも桁外れの人気で話題になっている韓国の男性ヒップホップグループBTS(防弾少年団)。今月12日に全世界で同時発売されたアルバムが大ヒットし、数々の記録を塗り替えています。

Junior doctors need more support to reach their potential - 豪医療界にも「悪しき慣習」、日系人医師が経験語る

Japanese-Australian surgeon Dr. Yumiko Kadota exposed Australia's toxic work environment in the surgical field and believes that junior doctors need support rather than pressure to flourish. - 整形外科医としての将来を期待された日系人医師・門田有美子さん。尋常でない激務に心身が悲鳴を上げました。

UN warns of global measles crisis - 「世界はしか危機」 1~3月の感染者数は前年比3倍増

The United Nations is warning of what it calls "a global measles crisis", following the release of figures showing cases of the illness have tripled worldwide in 2019.  Provisional data from the bloc's agency for health, the World Health Organisation (...

Tokyo 2020: Sky Brown to Skateboard for Team GB - 世界最年少のプロスケートボーダー スカイ・ブラウン

Born in Miyazaki, half Japanese x half British 10 year-old Sky Brown has eye on Tokyo Olympics 2020. She will become the youngest Olympian for Team Great Britain if she qualifies. - 宮崎出身の若干10歳の少女が、東京オリンピック出場をめざして挑戦を続けています。

Federal Election 2019 Basics - 2019年連邦選挙の基礎知識

2019 Federal Election is on. If you know something about it, things may become a little bit more interesting. Broadcast on 13 Apr 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - 2019 年の連邦選挙の投票日は5月18日土曜日です。与野党は下院で少なくとも77議席の獲得を目指していま...

Japanese Shogi player - Madoka Kitao - 将棋をもっと海外へ、女流棋士・北尾まどか

Madoka Kitao, a Japanese professional Shogi player, recently visited Melbourne and Sydney to hold Shogi workshops.  Australia is the 26st country she has visited for her workshops. - 女流棋士・北尾まどかさんがこのほど、将棋の海外普及のためオーストラリアを訪れました。通算26カ国目です。

Election 2019: Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten - 連邦選挙2019: モリソン首相とショートン労働党代表

Scott Morrison became Australia's 30th prime minister in August last year when the Liberal Party voted him in as leader after a very public and acrimonious leadership spill. - 5月18日の連邦議会選挙後に国を率いる可能性があるこの2人、名前と肩書き以外にどんなことを知っていますか。

Homeless YouTuber Mampei in Melbourne - ホームレスのユーチューバー マンペー

Mampei has been travelling around the world and runs his own YouTube channel "Exit Jack". Now he has left Melbourne for South Australia, on the road exploring the land of Oz.   - 「常に変わってるなって思われて生きています」と笑顔で話すマンペーさん。大学を卒業して就職し、更には新しい会社も立ち上げた経験があるそうですが、友達...

Music File #257 Squaring Circles - Music File #257 スクェアリング・サークルズ

Experimental electronica. They released their debut album "Motion" this month. Broadcast on 13 Apr 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHqqjy_Ucf8For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - 音楽のジャンルはエクスペリメンタル・エレクトロニカ。このメルボルンのデュオは今月、...

Election 2019: The PM names the day - 連邦選挙2019 来月18日総選挙へ

This year's federal election finally has a date: May the 18th.  Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement early on Thursday after weeks of speculation. - スコット・モリソン首相は今朝、ピーター・コスグローブ連邦総督と会合をもち、総選挙の実施日を5月18日にすることを伝えたと発表しました。選挙戦では主に、減税や気候変動、移民政策が...

TAX TALK APRIL 2019 - Superannuation - 2019年4月のタックス・トーク - スーパーアニュエーションについて

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - このコミュニティー・インフォメーションは、ATOオーストラリア国税局がお届けします。

Japan's National Security (Part 2) - 日本の安全保障(その2)

Interview with Prof. Yasuhiro Matsuda from The University of Tokyo on Japan's national security including issues in the South China Sea. Part 2. Broadcast on 6 Apr 2019For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - 講演のためにメルボルンを訪れた安全保障...

Starting school later is better for children and schools: report - オーストラリアで子育て 小学校入学時期どうする?

A new report has found that students who are older when they start school are outperforming their classmates.  But for many young students from migrant families or lower socio-economic backgrounds, starting Kindergarten at a later age is not possible. ...

Brexit - What's Really Happening in the UK? - イギリスEU離脱問題 日系企業への影響は?

Brexit crisis is often reported in a sensationalised way. Some media outlet may be helping swing the country towards a specific direction. Some may be inciting fear and anger to promote its own political agenda. SBS Japanese asks a Japanese MBA student...

"Healthier, happier for everyone" parkrun Japan - イギリス発祥「パークラン」 日本で初開催

In over 20 countries, people gather on the weekend to run 5 kilometre in the nearby park. Some are serious runners, some are just there as part of daily exercise routine. Parkrun Japan has been launched and held the first parkrun event on 6th April in ...

Naomi Harada - first female leader of a Japanese Antarctic research team - 日本の南極観測隊で初の女性夏隊長、原田尚美

Naomi Harada, the first female team leader of a Japanese Antarctic research team, has just finished her mission. - 今年60回目となった南極への観測隊派遣で、副隊長兼夏隊長を務めた原田尚美さん。日本の観測隊で女性の隊長職は初めてです。2019年4月9日放送。

First global survey on Japanese immigrants - calling for participants - 若手日系人の意識調査、初の世界規模

The Nippon Foundation is conducting a survey focusing on young Nikkei, Japanese immigrants and their descendants, globally. - 若い世代の日系人を対象にした世界的な意識調査「若手日系人調査」が、日本財団によって行われています。

Konnano Kaitayo Vol.11 - こんなの書いたよ 第11回

This is a series of introducing children's essays and diaries. The aim is to encourage children studying Japanese in Australia. This time round, we introduce the students from Sydney Japanese International School. - 学校や日本語ほしゅう校などで、日本語の勉強をがんばっているみんなをおうえ...

Music File #256 David Bridie - Music File #256 デビッド・ブライディー

He is seven-time-ARIA award winning songwriter and composer. Some parts of this song come from a TV sound track he created 3 years ago. Broadcast on 6 Apr 2019https://vimeo.com/298491132For more Japanese stories and articles, follow us on Facebook. - す...

Couples with kids top budget tax winners, while regional Australians gain the least - 連邦予算案 「勝ち組」は子育て世帯

Fresh modelling has found couples with children will be the biggest winners from tax changes included in this week's federal budget. - 連邦政府が打ち出した来年度予算案で、「勝ち組」の中でも最も得をするのは、子を持つ世帯。中でも、中間所得層~高所得層の世帯です。その反対に「負け組」は、高齢者や地方都市の住民です。