Extensive coverage of international, national and local news and current affairs, including interviews with Indonesian community leaders and other cultural programs.

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Extensive coverage of international, national and local news and current affairs, including interviews with Indonesian community leaders and other cultural programs.
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Ester Marandei - Ester Marandei

Ester Marandei, an Indonesian student in Canberra. - Ester Marandei, seorang mahasiswa Indonesia yang kuliah di Canberra.

Excellent Human Resources for a Developed Indonesia - SDM Unggul, Indonesia Maju

The Development of Indonesian human resources has become the theme of the 2019 Indonesian Independence Day celebration.  - Pengembangan sumber daya manusia menjadi tema perayaan hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia 2019. 

My Flag Flys! - Berkibarlah Benderaku!

Editor in Chief of Historia, Bonnie Triyana talks about a young journalist, who despite the Japanese occupation, was able to announce Indonesia’s proclamation of independence to the world. - Pemimpin Redaksi Majalah Historia, Bonnie Triyana berbicara t...

Four out of five workers have been injured or become ill while at work - Empat dari Lima Karyawan Mengalami Cedera atau Sakit di Tempat Kerja

According to the ACTU, Australian employees are dealing with systemic physical and mental health issues in the workplace. Empat dari lima pekerja telah terluka atau menjadi sakit di tempat kerja / dalam temuan survei, yang dikatakan oleh serikat pekerj...

Imported rector: Is it necessary for Indonesia? - Rektor Impor: Apakah Perlu bagi Indonesia?

Importing rector or chancellor - inviting foreign academics to lead state universities in Indonesia - has become a polemic. Does Indonesia not have a competent rector it needs to import one? - Impor rektor, atau mengundang akademisi asing untuk memimpi...

The Sweetness of Reunion. - Manisnya Reuni.

As part of the 2019 International Day of Friendship celebrations, Gita Widya Laksmini Soerjoatmodjo, a lecturer in Psychology, in the Humanities and Business Faculty at Pembangunan Jaya University, talks about the psychology of reunions. - Sebagai bagi...

KBR 68H Report: Preserving Lontar Literature. - Laporan KBR 68H: Melestarikan Literature Lontar.

Putu Eka Guna Yasa, a young lecturer from Bali explains his dedication to learning from the traditional palm leaf manuscripts known as lontar. - Putu Eka Guna Yasa, seorang dosen muda dari Bali menjelaskan tentang dedikasinya untuk belajar dari naskah ...

Viva: The benefits of mentoring - Viva: Manfaat Pendampingan

The biggest cause of death for young Australians is suicide. Youth mentoring organisations are calling out for intergenerational mentors to address the concerns of young people before it gets too late. - Penyebab kematian terbesar bagi para pemuda Aust...

Keeping children safe online - Menjaga Anak Anda Aman di Dunia Online

With young people being more tech-savvy than ever, it's important for the adults around them to do the right things to keep them safe. What can you do to ensure that your children have a positive experience online? - Dengan kaum muda yang kini lebih pa...

Recycling Grants. - Dana Daur Ulang.

The Federal Government says expanding Australia's plastic recycling industry could create three times as many jobs as exporting the waste. - Pemerintah Federal Australia mengatakan memperluas industry daur ulang plastic dapat menciptakan pekerjaan tiga...

Does phone activity depict your personality? This computer scientist explains - Apakah Aktivitas Ponsel Menggambarkan Kepribadian Anda? Ilmuwan Komputer Ini Menjelaskan

RMIT University computer scientist who has Indonesian background speaks to SBS Indonesian about her love of coding and researching, and how her team can predict personality based on someone's phone activities. - Ilmuwan komputer RMIT University yang be...

Transforming Education.

As part of the celebration of International Youth Day (IYD) 2019, educator with the LIFT Foundation, Robertus Raga Djone, talks about the IDY theme of Transforming Education.

Oporrtunity, Risk, Reward. - Peluang, Resiko, Keuntungan.

Amalia Sosrodiredjo, a committee member for the South Australian branch of the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) talks about some of the issues about exporting food to Indonesia that will be discussed at the Food Export Forum in Adelaide on 2...

Shayna and Mack. - Shayna dan Mack.

Dr Caly Setiawan, lecturer in the Sociology of Sport at Yogyakarta State University and coach of Indonesia’s National Climbing team, talks about doping, and athletes’ right to protest. - Dr Caly Setiawan, dosen Sosiologi Olah Raga di Universitas Negeri...

Abortion Vote. - Pemungutan Suara - Aborsi.

New South Wales lower house parliamentarians have passed a bill to decriminalise abortions in New South Wales and will become law if members of the upper house agree.  - Parlemen (kamar bawah) New South Wales telah meloloskan RUU untuk mendekriminalisa...

Haturessy Library - Taman Baca Haturessy

Haturessy Library in Tulehu, Central Maluku. - Taman Baca Haturessy di Tulehu, Maluku Tengah.

Disabled Deportation - Balita dengan Disabilitas Terancam Dideportasi

Kayban Jamshaad was born in a West Australian hospital with severe disabilities, but he is now at risk being deported from Australia. - Kayban Jamshaad dilahirkan di sebuah rumah sakit di Australia Barat dengan masalah kesehatan yang parah, namun balit...


TEMU LAWAK 2019 Project Manager Nadha Yasmine talks about the theatrical production that will be put on by the Association of Indonesian Students in Australia to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day.  

Si Kancil, Diversity and Tolerance. - Si Kancil, Keberagaman dan Toleransi.

CAPT Michael Kiting (Kurnia), a student of Indonesian language and culture at the (Australian) Defence Force School of Languages talks about his winning performance in the annual speech and story-telling contest held at the Indonesian Consulate General...

Tackling homelessness in Australia - Mengatasi Masalah Tunawisma di Australia

Chronic homelessness can see people in and out of accommodation with little stability. A new project in Melbourne is aiming to break the cycle, by using otherwise vacant government land to build tiny homes. - Isu ketunawismaan kronis dapat membuat oran...

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples celebrates languages - Hari Masyarakat Adat Sedunia Merayakan Bahasa

A celebration of languages spoken by Indigenous communities is the focus of this year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, held on Friday, August 9th. - Perayaan bahasa yang digunakan oleh komunitas adat menjadi fokus dari Hari Intern...

What can parents do about bullying? - Apa yang Dapat Orangtua Lakukan terkait Bullying?

Around one in four Australian children are affected by bullying at school. As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do if your child is a victim of bullying or if they're the bully themselves.   - Sekitar satu dari empat anak Australia terkena dampa...

Regression. - Regresi.

Dr Robertus Robet, lecturer in Sociology at Jakarta State University talks about the future of democracy in Indonesia. - Dr Robertus Robet, dosen senior bidang Sosiologi di Universitas Negerui Jakarta, berbicara tentang masa depan demokrasi di Indonesi...

Aged Care to Meet Cultural Needs. - Perawatan Lansia yang Memenuhi Kebutuhan Budaya.

Older Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and their families and carers are being encouraged to contribute to the Aged Care Royal Commission. - Warga Lansia Australia dari latar belakang yang beragam secara budaya ...

Syirik and Raising the Flag. - Sirik dan peengibaran Bendera .

With Independence Day just around the corner, Nuim Khaiyath, who was head of the Indonesian Section of Radio Australia  (ABC) and active in establishing the Indonesian section of 3EA, talks about the refusal by some people to have Indonesian flags unfu...

Australia's Deadliest Cancer. - Kanker yang paling mematikan di Australia.

With lung cancer now recognised as the deadliest type of cancer in Australia, experts are urging a lifesaving rethink on how to detect it early.  - Dengan adanya  pengakuan bahwa kanker paru-paru sebagai kanker  yang mematikan di Australia, para pakar ...

They want an unforgettable experience. - Mereka menginginkan suatu pengalaman yang tak mudah dilupakan.

Indrakarona Ketaren, a founder and former President of the Indonesian Gastronomy Association talks about Gastronomic Tourism. - Indrakarona Ketaren, seorang pendiri dan mantan Presiden Asosiasi Gastronomi Indonesia (IGA), berbicara tentantg Turisme Gas...


Nina Gunawan, Project Manager of SERENATA 2019, talks about the event which will be held by the Indonesian Students Association in Australia (PPIA) on the 31st Augustus, in Cannington, Perth.

Technology for disable - Teknologi dan para difabel

Technology is developing rapidly and has helped many people, including those with disabilities in workforce. - Teknologi informasi berkembang cepat dan membantu banyak orang, termasuk kelompok difabel dalam mengakses pekerjaan.  Berikut wawancara denga...

VIVA: Sustainable shopping - VIVA: Belanja berkesinambungan

Around hundred billion new garments are being made each year to meet the demands of global consumers. - Sekitar seratus miliar garmen baru dibuat setiap tahun untuk memenuhi permintaan konsumen global.


While many young people in Australia are aware they can donate their organs and tissue, not enough are actually signing up to be a donor. - Banyak orang muda di Australia sadar bahwa mereka dapat menyumbangkan organ dan jaringan mereka, namun yang bena...

Lifting the Rock Together - Mengangkat Batu Bersama.

At a time when it seems there is increasing loneliness, Arif Furqan, a writer, photographer and lecturer at Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand, celebrates the 2019 International Day of Friendship. - Pada saat ketika kesepian sepertinya meningkat, Ari...

Child Abuse. - Pelecehan Terhadap Anak.

A new report has detailed shocking levels of physical violence and neglect towards millions of Pacific nation children. - Sebuah laporan baru telah merinci tingkat kekerasan fisik dan pengabaian terhadap jutaan anak-anak  di Kepulauan  Pasifik yang san...

KBR 68H Saga: Light from Ahmadiyah. - KBR 68H Saga: Cahaya dari Ahmadiyah.

Over the last decade Indonesia has imported 800 cornea but that was not enough to meet demand of Indonesia’s blind people, so JAI (Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah community)  has offered a solution through its Eye Donor Family program. - Selama dekade terakhir I...

How delicious peanut cracker can be? This home cook proves it to Australian and global audiences - Seberapa Lezatnya Rempeyek Kacang? Koki Rumahan Ini Membuktikannya pada Penonton Australia dan Dunia

With a dream to introduce authentic Indonesian traditional cuisine to a wider audience, Tati Carlin is willing to share her grandmother's secret recipe to the world. - Dengan mimpi untuk memperkenalkan masakan otentik tradisional Indonesia ke khalayak ...

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. - Perdana Menteri Boris Johnson.

Edward Buckingham, Professor of Management and Director of Engagement at Monash Business School talks about the personality of Boris Johnson and his rise to become Prime Minister of Great Britain. - Edward Buckingham, Profesor Manajemen dan Direktur En...

Incest. - Inses.

Bagong Suyanto, Professor of Sociology in the faculty of Politics and Social Sciences at Airlangga University in Surabaya, talks about the damage done by incest. - Bagong Suyanto, Profesor Sosiologi di Fakultas Ilmu Politik dan Sosial di Universitas Ai...

Why is Diversity in the Workplace Important? - Mengapa keberagaman di tempat kerja itu penting?

The Diversity Council Australia has found that even when businesses try to drive positive change for diversity and inclusion in their workplaces, it often fails. - Diversity Council Australia telah menemukan bahwa bahkan ketika bisnis berusaha mendoron...

Move To Boycott Hajj. - Aksi boikot naik haji.

For all financially-able Muslims making the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in one’s life is considered a religious obligation, but a growing number of Muslims are calling for a boycott of the event. - Untuk semua Muslim yang mampu secara finansial, naik...

UNDERPAID WORKERS - Gaji kurang bagi Pekerja

Two thirds of farm workers are earning below the minimum wage, according to a report by the National Union of Workers. - Menurut sebuah laporan oleh National Union of Workers, dua pertiga dari pekerja pertanian berpenghasilan di bawah upah minimum, 

GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED BY HUMAN? - Pemanasan dunia disebabkan oleh manusia??

A series of reports, conducted by teams of scientists from across the globe, have found man-made emissions are causing global warming, discrediting claims it is a natural phenomenon. - Serangkaian laporan, yang dilakukan oleh tim ilmuwan dari seluruh d...

Climate Change - Dr Marzuki - Perubahan Iklim - Dr Marzuki

Dr. Marzuki, weather and climate change expert from Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra, discussed what are the effects of climate change on drought in Indonesia - Dr Marzuki, pakar cuaca dan perubahan iklim dari Universitas Andalas, Padang, Sumat...

KKR Aceh dan Kontras Aceh - Hendra Saputra - Kontras Aceh dan KKR Aceh - Hendra Saputra

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (KKR) in collaboration with the KontraS Federation formulated a policy for the sustainability of Aceh's peace that had been stalled for 13 years. - Federasi Kontras bekerja sama dengan Komisi Kebenaran dan Rekons...

Aceh Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Evi Zain - Komisi Kebenaran dan Rekonsiliasi Aceh - Evi Zain

Deputy Head Commissioner of Aceh Truth Reconciliation Commission, Evi Zain talked about the function of the Commison and difficulties facing them. - Wakil Ketua Komisi Kebenaran dan Rekonsiliasi (KKR) Aceh, Evi Zain menjelaskan tugas dan fungsi serta k...

FACEBOOK FINES - Facebook Kena Denda

Social media giant Facebook has been fined a massive penalty for breaching the privacy of its users. - Perusahaan media sosial raksasa Facebook dikenakan denda besar karena melanggar privasi penggunanya.

Settlement Guide: KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE ONLINE - Settlement Guide: Menjaga Keselamatan Anak online

With young people being more tech-savvy than ever, it's important for the adults around them to do the right things to keep them safe. - Dengan orang-orang muda yang lebih paham teknologi daripada sebelumnya, penting bagi orang dewasa di sekitar mereka...

Sweta and Gundala. - Sweta dan Gundala.

Comic artist Sweta Kartika talks about his approach to writing comics and his role in the recent rebirth of the Gundala Son of Lightning (Gundala Putra Petir) series for LINE Webtoon.   - Seniman komik Sweta Kartika berbicara tentang pendekatannya dala...

Strait of Hormuz. - Selat Hormuz.

Dr Broto Wardoyo, lecturer in International Relations at University of Indonesia in Jakarta, explains the underlying reasons for growing tensions in Iran’s relationship with England and the United States. - Dr Broto Wardoyo, dosen Hubungan Internasiona...

KBR 68H Report: Remission for Literacy. - Laporan KBR 68H: Remisi untuk Literasi.

Why are a number of women in Sukamiskin, Womens Prison in Bandung learning to write? - Mengapa sejumlah napi di LAPAS Perempuan Sukamiskin di Bandung belajar menulis?

Migrants, Domestic Violence. - Migran, Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga

Falling in love with an Australian and moving here to start a new life is quite common.  However, far from home, and on a temporary visa, what happens if the relationship turns violent? - Jatuh cinta dengan orang Australia dan pindah ke sini untuk memu...