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Sam and Chris discuss their loves; comics, wrestling, movies, TV, video games, boobs and much more as Sam serves as Chris' unofficial psycho-therapist.
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TNA V. Paige/ADR: Newz of Justice

So much wrestling newz!
cactussam author

Is it dead yet?

TNA is on death watch and the boys are ready to pull the plug.
cactussam author

Talking Smack and Steen

The boys are back and are going to talk about a cornucopia of topics.
cactussam author

Suicide Drafting

The boys still can't believe there is a Suicide Squad movie coming out. In fact they won't believe it until a few years after it comes out probably. Anyways we're having another draft!
cactussam author

Brother Nero and CWC Bracketology

The boys are back and talk the world of wrestling including Brother Nero and the Final Deletion. Also, both are excited for the cruiserweight challenge and have both made up their own brackets.
cactussam author

The 2016 In Cahoots Draft

The brand split is back and the boys are holding a draft!
cactussam author

IC Rebirth

The boys are back!
cactussam author

MnC V. BvS: Dawn of Justice

In which our heroes talk BvS
cactussam author

Sam V. BvS: Dawn of Justice

Sam has seen BvS.
cactussam author

Batman V. Rack of the Year: Dawn of Justice

The boys are back to talk Batman and boobs.
cactussam author

Leap Day Return

It's been a while and the boys are back and with a vengeance!
cactussam author

The Mitch Awakens

Mitch returns!
cactussam author

The Cahoots Awakens

The boys haven't done a show in forever and guess what brought them back? Star Wars: Force Awakens.
cactussam author

Gorilla F'n City

The boys jaws dropped at the end of this week's Flash, well Sam's certainly did.
cactussam author

Battle of the 80's Babes

The boys are back for some more gridiron talk, probably some wrestling and discuss their favorite women of the 80s.
cactussam author


The boys are back as they ponder how Claudia Schiffer never caught their eye until 2015.
cactussam author

Torture in Seward

In which Sam undergoes what Chris did last week.
cactussam author

Torture in Guthrie

Chris is tortured as he watches TNA Impact.
cactussam author

Summerslammer '15: R.I.P. Bo Dallas

After some technical difficulties, the boys are back and looking at this year's Summerslam.
cactussam author

Dance Dance Thanos-lution

The boys talk the world of comics in TV, Movies and well comics.
cactussam author

The Gentleman's Fourth Anniversary

The boys celebrate the fourth anniversary in style. Reminiscing, wrestling, comics, movies and boobs will be fondly remembered as we look to the past and look to the future at four years of In Cahoots. Featuring two special guests
cactussam author

The Gentleman's Forty Strikes Back

The boys continue their odyssey of strippers and one of their beloved Divas has retired.
cactussam author

100 - 3 for 30: A Gentleman's Forty

The Boys Celebrate their 100th episode with Wrestling, comics and strippers.
cactussam author

Cahooters: Age of Mitchron

The boys are back from their two and a half month hiatus and they have lots of stuff to talk about. Mitch joins the duo as the talk the world of comics, and comic based movies and TV series
cactussam author

Wrestlemania XXXI: nWo vs DX in 2015, yes really.

The boys discuss Wrestlemania XXXI.
cactussam author

Raw Therapy

Dr. Sam has prescribed Chris a week without Raw, find out more!
cactussam author

The St. Valentine's Day Penis-scre

Love is in the air as In Cahoots talk the Tranny, TNA, NXT and Seth Rollins' dick.
cactussam author

Cahoots Convergence

The boys are back to to talk DC comics and all of the announcements from this past week.
cactussam author

The Royal Sam-Ble 2015

It's the only annual tradition the boys do on the same day every year: Let's talk about the Royal Rumble.
cactussam author

The 2015 Cahootie Ceremony

We know we're almost a month into 2015, but we are going to take a look back at 2014 and what it brought us in the world of WWE, Comics, movies and most importantly boobs.
cactussam author

Trial of the Incredible Mitch

It's comics talk as the boys are joined by feature player Mitch
cactussam author

The Airing of Grievances

Sam's got some things get off his chest and so commence the first ever In Cahoots shoot interview.
cactussam author


He's here.
cactussam author

The Breastman and the Boob2k Equation

The boys are back with a very X-Rated discussion of their formative years and what ladies rocked their world from that era.
cactussam author

Sam's Extreme Birthday Bash

The boys are back and Sam's birthday is just a few days away and they will talk about one of Sam's favorite things in the whole wide world: ECW.
cactussam author

Marvel V. DC: Dawn of Infinity Justice

The boys are back with featured player Mitch Nissen. The main topic is of course the announced Marvel film slate from yesterday and going further in depth with the DC comics movie slate from a couple of weeks ago.
cactussam author

The Remake Rumble

Mitch is back to talk horror with Sam, Chris chimes in with his opinion of the breasts mentioned.
cactussam author

Chris V. Sam: Dawn of Justice

The boys are back and the big news is the upcoming DC Comics film slate. Plus, Death of Wolverine and the Release of Justin Roberts.
cactussam author

Drax will Return in 007 Thundertista

The boys are back to do an old school, call it in the ring kind of show.
cactussam author

In the Cahoots of Madness

The boys are back with featured player, Mitch Nissen. This is going to be the start of the Sam and Mitch's October Horror series.
cactussam author

The Master Debaters

Mitch has returned!!! The boys talk and debate topics in the world of fandom.
cactussam author

Do You Hear the Wrestlers Sing?

The boys are talking musicals. Of course they have to take their own spin on it so imagine Les Miserables as a WWE ppv!
cactussam author

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

The Boys are back with a special guest to talk comics and TMNT.
cactussam author

The Night the TNA Line Was Crossed

Catch the fallout as the boys have just gotten done watching impact.
cactussam author

The Monday Night Snore

It's back to back days with shows as the boys attempt to enjoy Raw.
cactussam author

Sammy and Chrisele's High School Reunion

The boys went to their high school reunion yesterday. Will the boys talk about days gone by or do the same old shit and talk wrestling
cactussam author

Money in the Cahoots

The boys are back after some technical difficulties. Hear the boys review this years Money in the Bank PP...special event.
cactussam author

A Change in Status Quo

Sam and Chris have been wished the best in their future endeavors. A grand new era begins as Danny Christianson and Good Ol' SR take the reigns.
cactussam author

In which Chris just saw Vader's Eye Pop out against Stan Hansen

Part 2 of the double header!
cactussam author

Boner-rama '14

The boys are back for a rare Saturday night show. It's been a while.
cactussam author