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The United States Presidential Inaugural Address Podcast is dedicated to recreating the early Inaugural Addresses that were given before the invention of audio recording equipment. Our goal is to make the speeches of old more accessible to everyone. Visit our companion site at for more information.
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James Madison's First Presidential Inaugural Address

The first inauguration of James Madison was held on March 4, 1809. He became the fourth President of the United States and was sworn in by the Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall. Madison delivered his inaugural address to a gathered cr...
Inaugural Address Podcast author

Thomas Jefferson's Second Presidential Inaugural Address

Thomas Jefferson delivered his second inaugural address on March 4, 1805. Chief Justice John Marshall administered the oath of office and Thomas Jefferson delivered his address in the nation's capitol of Washington, DC.
Inaugural Address Podcast author

Thomas Jefferson's First Presidential Inaugural Address

The first inauguration of President Thomas Jefferson took place on March 4, 1801. He was the first president to take the oath of office in the new capital city of Washington, DC. He was sworn in by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall. Th...
Inaugural Address Podcast author

John Adams' Presidential Inaugural Address

The inauguration of John Adams took place on March 4th, 1797 in Philadelphia, PA at Congress Hall. Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Oliver Ellsworth swore Adams in. This inauguration marked the first time the oath of office was administ...
Inaugural Address Podcast author

George Washington's Second Presidential Inaugural Address

George Washington's second presidential inaugural address was delivered on March 4, 1793. It took place in the Senate Chamber of Congress Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the shortest inaugural address to date. The oath of office was administe...
Inaugural Address Podcast author

George Washington's First Presidential Inaugural Address

This installment recreates George Washington's first Inaugural Address. He delivered the address in Federal Hall in New York City on April 30, 1789.
Inaugural Address Podcast author