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A fresh pop-culture angle on Sherlock. We start with the original stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but push on to include everyone from Rathbone to Cumberbatch as we ask ridiculous questions and often arrive at even more ridiculous answers. We're a couple of Sherlockians who are also fans of sci-fi, film noir, and pop-culture in general. Come join us for an often irreverent look at all things Sherlock. The game's afoot!

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A monthly podcast about Sherlock Holmes.
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The Copper Beeches – 1912 Silent Film to Play With Commentary

Let the video load. Click the play button. Pause it AS SOON AS the title screen appears. Turn down the YouTube volume. Wait for the “3-2-1-Go” in the podcast file and start the video on “Go!”   The post The Copper Beeches – 1912 Silent Film to Play Wit...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 22 – The Crooked Man

Possibly our most diffuse and free-ranging (like chickens) episode yet. Geordie continues down his pet rabbit-hole of origins of everyday objects and industrial materials. Mike champions expanded limits to Victorian scripture knowledge. Nothing says Sh...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 18 – If Sherlock Holmes had been written by Neil Simon

Mike’s excellent adaptation of Sherlock Holmes as written by Neil Simon (in The Odd Couple vein rather than Same Time Next Year). Voiced by your two co-hosts. Back in August with The Crooked Man. Until then … the game’s a footnote. Wish we were as dapp...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 17- Michael Robertson, “The Baker Street Letters”

Michael Robertson, author of the Baker Street Letters series, addressed the Bootmakers of Toronto on March 13, 2019. As always many thanks to Mike for producing this segment. The post Footnote 17- Michael Robertson, “The Baker Street Letters” appeared ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 21 – The Reigate Squires

Watson vainly plays nursemaid to Holmes when the Great Detective falls prey to exhaustion following his stunning defeat of Baron Maupertuis. The preceding sentence outlines the more interesting story hidden in the real one. The Reigate Squires is not a...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 16 – Mattias Boström author of From Holmes to Sherlock

Mattias Boström, author of the excellent From Holmes to Sherlock, talks to the Bootmakers of Toronto. From Holmes to Sherlock is a wonderful achievement in scholarship – it starts with Conan Doyle’s creation of Holmes, the advent of his immense popular...
I Grok Sherlock author

Crossover – Hogtown Empire Eps. 3

Hogtown Empire is Geordie’s true crime podcast. In Episode 3 we look past the chummy portrait of Ambrose Small painted in Episode 2. It will emerge that he was NOT a nice man and there were plenty of people who would have nursed grudges against him – w...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 20a – The Musgrave Ritual Pt. 2

Whose is it? It is Mike and Geordie’s discussion of the cinema, radio, and TV adaptations of the Musgrave Ritual with a surprisingly in-depth digression on children’s television that reached Toronto from Buffalo in the 1970s. You have been warned.   Th...
I Grok Sherlock author

Musgrave Ritual – 1912 Silent Film Commentary

We strongly recommend you visit iGrokSherlcok.com to watch the video while you listen. It’ll be fun! Find the blog entry for ‘Musgrave Ritual – 1912 Silent Film Commentary.’ Just wait til you hear us do the countdown – ‘3-2-1- Go!’   The post Musgrave ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Cross Over – Hogtown Empire Eps. 2

Hogtown Empire is Geordie’s (non-Holmes) true crime podcast (though ACD does tangentially appear a bit later.) In Episode 2 we jump right into Ambrose Small’s last movements on December 1st and 2nd, 1919. Are there any clues to what happened to Ambrose...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 20 – The Musgrave Ritual • Part 1

The Musgrave Ritual has it all – a creaky ancient estate, a mysterious old document, a dual disappearance, and …  a treasure hunt! Mike and Geordie are so excited to be back that his must surely count as our most prolix episode ever, so we’ve split it ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 15 – Brigadier Gerard Paper by Cliff Goldfarb

After Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger, Conan Doyle’s other best-known recurring character is Brigadier Gerard, a French hussar during the Napoleonic Wars. In this wonderful footnote, Bootmaker Cliff Goldfarb presents his paper, The Brigadier i...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 14 – Hound at Shaw

On October 13 , 2018 an intrepid contingent of Bootmakers journeyed to Niagara on the Lake to see the Shaw Festival’s production of The Hound of the Baskervilles. This footnote records a preshow chat with Shaw’s planning director, Jeff Cummings, as wel...
I Grok Sherlock author

Cross Over Special – Hogtown Empire Episode 1

Hogtown Empire is Geordie’s new true crime podcast. Canadian theatre tycoon Ambrose Small disappeared on December 2, 1919. This new true crime podcast from Geordie Telfer sets the stage for Hogtown Empire, the book, coming in 2019. Premiering on the 99...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 19 – The Gloria Scott

The Adventure of the Gloria Scott takes us back to the case that started it all, a flashback within a flashback (very Inception, Doyle). Holmes recounts the story to Watson; it’s an early case that takes place during Holmes’ varsity days. When he’s not...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 17 – The Yellow Face

One of the most satisfying and heartwarming, yet least eventful stories in the Canon, The Yellow Face holds a sinister sort of macabre promise at the outset, but rewards first-time readers with an unexpectedly touching dénouement. Of course, if Effie M...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 13 – Interview with Rob Nunn, author of The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street

  The post Footnote 13 – Interview with Rob Nunn, author of The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street appeared first on I Grok Sherlock.
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 16 – The Cardboard Box

The Cardboard Box is absolutely one of the grimmest stories in the Canon, lacking many of the cozy familiars we have come to suspect. Nonetheless Holmes is in fine form, even though Watson has a bad case of the Summer Time Blues. Conan Doyle was so unc...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 15 – Silver Blaze

  And we’re back! Season 2 starts as it ought to with Silver Blaze. A fan favourite despite problems of logic and accuracy, Silver Blaze was one of Conan Doyle’s faves though not in his top 10 or even his top 12. Holmes is in fine form even though the ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 12 – Tracy L. Ward at the Bootmakers of Toronto

Tracy L. Ward writes the best-selling Marshall Hall mystery series about Victorian morgue surgeon, Peter Ainsley. This is her talk from the April 7, 2018 meeting of The Bootmakers of Toronto. Tracy talks about the joys of remote and on-site research as...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 11 – Author Ian Hamilton at The Bootmakers of Toronto

Here’s a talk that best-selling Canadian mystery writer Ian Hamilton gave at The Bootmakers of Toronto April 7, 2018 meeting. Ian is the author of the Ava Lee mysteries, going into production soon as international co-productions for TV! Here, he gives ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 9 – The Adventure of the Bigamist Biographer

A Pastiche. In which Geordie presents his Holmes / Bertie & Jeeves mash-up with apologies to (and admiration for) PG Wodehouse. Before we embark on Season 2: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, we’re giving you a month or two of bonus content while we ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 18 – The Stockbroker’s Clerk

Our first live show from The Bootmakers of Toronto story meeting for The Stockbroker’s Clerk which took place on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the Toronto Central Reference Library’s Beeton Auditorium. Sorry but no custom cover this month, for those o...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 14 – The Copper Beeches

Has Holmes’ practice really degenerated into a agency for recovering lost lead pencils and giving advice to young ladies from boarding schools? Holmes seems to think so, but Mike and Geordie disagree. The Copper Beeches marks the end of Season 1 of iGr...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 9 – Live Show Feb 24 2018 and Listener E-mail

Our first live show! It’s the Bootmakers of Toronto story meeting for The Stockbroker’s Clerk. Saturday February 24th 2018 at the Toronto Reference Library (Beeton Auditorium), 1pm. And a fascinating footnote from listener Wally Conger.   The post Foot...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 13 – The Beryl Coronet

Geordie contends that, except for Holmes, all the key players in The Beryl Coronet are complete morons. Mike is inclined to cut them a bit more slack, but more-or-less concurs with this thesis. Do you agree or disagree? The post Ep. 13 – The Beryl Coro...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 12 – The Noble Bachelor

In many ways, The Noble Bachelor asks, ‘For whom should we feel pity?’ The wronged? The rich? The beautiful? Or the sexy danseuse who gets a little overly attached? Mike and Geordie have no good answers, but they certainly look in some fun places. The ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 11 – The Engineer’s Thumb

A recently mono-thumbed hydraulic engineer named Victor Hatherly shows up early one morning at Watson’s practice. Watson and (later) Holmes believe Hatherly’s strange story, but do we? For CBC listeners of ‘As It Happens’ please note that iGrokSherlock...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 8 – Mike’s Intensely Sherlockian Month

Mike recently an overwhelmingly Sherlockian October. Find out why.   The post Footnote 8 – Mike’s Intensely Sherlockian Month appeared first on I Grok Sherlock.
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 10A – The Speckled Band Part 2

In which your hosts courageously dive into the many, many … MANY adaptions of the The Speckled Band, Mike with more courage than Geordie who didn’t actually watch them all. The post Ep. 10A – The Speckled Band Part 2 appeared first on I Grok Sherlock.
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 7 – Interview with Larry Millett author of The Eisendorf Enigma

Our first interview! Larry Millett’s books feature Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota. His latest, The Eisendorf Enigma, finds an elderly Holmes trying to capture a killer who eluded him years earlier. Press play to find out more. The post Footnote 7 – Inter...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 10 – The Speckled Band Part 1

  The Speckled Band comes first on all sorts of Sherlockian ‘Best Of’ lists. It was Conan Doyle’s favourite Holmes story, even though, by his own admission he couldn’t always remember its name. Julia Stoner has died from something so terrifying she can...
I Grok Sherlock author

Sept. 14 2017 – Young Sherlock Holmes at Toronto Reference Library

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985, Dir. Barry Levinson) is showing at 6pm Thursday, Sept 14 2017 at the Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge St. just north of Bloor). It’s in the Hinton Learning Centre and its FREE as part of the excellent POP Sherlock Exhib...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 9 – The Blue Carbuncle

The Blue Carbuncle asks how a precious gemstone finds its way into the probably chimerical gullet cavity of a Christmas goose. And in the summary, Geordie completely forgets to explain this. The only Holmes story set at Christmas time, it is much adapt...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 8 – The Man with the Twisted Lip

The Man with the Twisted Lip is Geordie’s favourite Holmes story – so here is over 2 hours of why. Was Neville St. Clair murdered in an opium den by the vile beggar Hugh Boone? How do the various TV and film versions stack up? And why does Mrs. Watson ...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 6 – Types of London Beggar

This is really a preface to The Man With the Twisted Lip, coming on July 17. Happy listening!The post Footnote 6 – Types of London Beggar appeared first on I Grok Sherlock.
I Grok Sherlock author

The Five Orange Addenda

OK, it’s really only one addendum, but I couldn’t resist. Our listener(s) write(s) in to help us remember things we can’t. If I write any more there will be no need to actually listen.The post The Five Orange Addenda appeared first on I Grok Sherlock.
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 7 – The Five Orange Pips

The Five Orange Pips is one of a handful of Sherlock Holmes stories in which Holmes completely fails. He sends client John Openshaw out the door at Baker Street only for Openshaw to be murdered minutes later. Indeed, far from seeming to be remorseful a...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 5 – What if Holmes had been written by Harold Pinter

Playwright Harold Pinter (1930-2008) was famous for writing as people really spoke. Or at least how people spoke in the Britain of the 1950s/60s/and ’70s. There is almost no exposition to explain what is happening. Context comes from stage direction an...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 6A– The Boscombe Valley Mystery Part 2– Enter the Deerstalker

That famous hat that Holmes wears? It’s called a deerstalker cap. Part 2, of The Boscombe Valley Mystery in which we indulge our curiosity about the origins of the deerstalker and do our best to factually verify or debunk different theories about why t...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 4– Nothing of Value by Alan Bradley

Today, a chilling story called ‘Nothing of Value’ by Alan Bradley. It’s to be found in the anthology Beyond Baker Street, edited by Michael Harrison. It was the inspiration for a story by Geordie Telfer, To Be Young Again, presented on Feb. 21, or 2/21...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 6– The Boscombe Valley Mystery Pt. 1– Yellowbacks on the Outback

This one has everything – a gory murder, a callow youth, a lovely young woman, and mysterious cries of ‘Cooey’ in the woods. As they have in the past, Mike and Geordie have so much to say that they’ve split this one in two – we could say it’s for great...
I Grok Sherlock author

Correction to Footnote #3

Yay! Listeners write in to correct us on errors we made (some of which we suspected, but were not positive, we were making.) We’re always pleased to hear from listeners! Thanks, everyone.The postCorrection to Footnote #3 appeared first onI Grok Sherloc...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote #3– How We Met Sherlock

Mike and Geordie realize they’ve never asked each other how they got into Sherlock Holmes. Hilarity ensues. Well, not  hilarity so much as plenty of banter in our usual inimitable way. Television and pop-culture play a perhaps not-so-surprising role in...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 5– A Case of Identity with guest Angela Misri

Our first guest! Author, journalist, and co-host of the podcast Ada’s Sisters, Angela Misri joins Mike and Geordie to discuss her Portia Adams Mysteries book series – and this week’s short story, A Case of Identity. We all agree that this is a frustrat...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 2– February 21 is 2/21

To celebrate February 21st being 2/21, here is the story of the first piece of writing that Geordie ever got published, fittingly a Sherlock Holmes short. Upon listening back, at least one of the podcasters finds the story of the story to be more enter...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 4– The Red Headed League

The Red Headed League was one of Conan-Doyle’s 12 favourite Holmes stories and it regularly makes Sherlockian Top 10 lists. Here at igroksherlock, we believe that is for the following reasons: it’s an ideal example of short story writing; it’s rich wit...
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 3A– A Scandalous Addendum

So urgently did we need to tell you all the stuff we forgot about ‘A Scandal in Bohemia,’ that we’re giving you this bonus of 10-ish minutes of …  more stuff, really.The postEp. 3A – A Scandalous Addendum appeared first onI Grok Sherlock.
I Grok Sherlock author

Ep. 3– A Scandal in Bohemia

‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ is the first of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories. Published monthly in the new Strand Magazine, starting in 1891, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes turned Holmes into a phenomenon. They also made Conan Doyle famous and, event...
I Grok Sherlock author

Footnote 1– Happy Birthday Sherlock!

January 6th is reckoned by some to be Holmes’ birthday, mainly because it’s the 12th day / night of Christmas and Twelfth Night is the only Shakespeare play that Holmes quotes twice. Also, in the opening of The Valley of Fear, which takes place on Janu...
I Grok Sherlock author