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On Hyphen Nation, I combine all my loves into one. Sometimes, you'll get an episode about why Back To The Future is the greatest movie trilogy ever. Sometimes, you'll get an episode about Scrubs. Sometimes, you'll get an episode about why I want to pee on Yankee Stadium. Welcome to Hyphen Nation.

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On Hyphen Nation, I combine all my loves into one. Sometimes, you'll get an episode about why Back To The Future is the greatest movie trilogy ever. Sometimes, you'll get an episode about Scrubs. Sometimes, you'll get an episode about why I want to pee on Yankee Stadium. Welcome to Hyphen Nation.
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Episode #40: Late To The Party

Hyphen Nation turns 40! And it only took less than two years! In this episode! Stranger Things 2! Last Man On Earth! The continuing adventures of Deadpool and Jessica Jones! Laziness and the battle to drag myself to the movies! An apology to the ho...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #39: Soul Daddy Number 1 (Costarring Daniel Conley)

The fifth guest on THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST is none other than my father, Daniel Conley. It was amazing to just sit back and listen to him talk candidly about his life. I learned some new things, got to relive some stories I already knew, and just ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #38: The Greatest MCs Of All-Time

After much hoopla, here are my 20 greatest MCs of all-time. This list has been curated and cultivated for weeks now and I’m finally happy enough to deliver the only results you’ll need for the rest of your life. 31 MCs are mentioned; 11 honorable menti...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #37: Ross Geller Is Terrible At Relationships

I hate fantasy football. I lost 5 players to injury in Week 4 and I have 4 players with byes this week. I should have taken that year off. And Derek Carr and the Raiders got hit with some cheese that could doom one of our last seasons in Oakland. Afte...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #36: Terminated

Back from a solo hiatus, THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST touches down with great authority. Wasting no time, I announced the formation of the Hyphen Podcast Group, a new Morgantown, WV based podcast collective. From there, I deal with all of ESPN’s proble...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #35: Bobby Shmurda Anybody Ya Heard Of (Costarring Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson)

In an episode that had to happen, THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST tackles what has now come to be known as 4:44, Jay-Z’s latest album. Joining me for the ride once again is Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson as we break down the road Jay took to get to this a...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #34: Beer Makes The World Go Round (Costarring Marcus ShowinmadLov Robinson)

I took to Twitter to defend the honor of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly recently. I was told in no uncertain terms that the gentleman who I defended TPAB against was coming to discuss this issue at length on THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST. That gen...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #33: Back To Live Action

So now that I've restored some sort of order to bhyphendotcom, THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST returns. After a PSA, I talk about why awards shows matter when they really shouldn't, I discuss how I may be the softest podcast host out after how I reacted t...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #32: Sorry, Not Sorry

I have to admit for someone who would probably be weak in the knees if I met her in person, I sure have a lot of problems with the pedestal that Beyonce puts herself on and an even bigger problem with the larger pedestal that her adoring public puts he...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #31: Podcasting 101

Just like Reggie Miller admitted he pushed off of Michael Jordan in the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals, THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST is full of uncalled fouls. Not really, but I do spend most of the episode detailing how I got into podcasting and the b...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #30: The Questions

Bernard King. Steph Curry. Nolan Ryan when he played for the Angels. Hyphen Nation, THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, has reached it’s 30th episode. As promised, welcome to the first ever Q&A show, where I answer all the questions. A lot of wrestling q...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #29: I'm 'Bout To Fight Somebody

Truth time: I fell asleep at least three times while talking this episode. It was late, I didn't sleep well the night before… I'm sorry. I edited around it so it's not noticeable and y'all know how I feel about editing. It's still a great episode thoug...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #28: Wasn't 2016 Just A Few Minutes Ago?

This episode started out in classic Hyphen Nation style: in the car, in a random parking lot in Morgantown. I shared stories of a heavy biscuit and then I tried to justify maybe possibly forgiving Kanye West for his outrageous comments… just like I for...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #27: I Do This In My Sleep

As the fantasy football playoffs arrive, I renew my vow to take next season off. I don't care, I don't care. Then I make sure everyone knows how I hate all things involving the Golden State Warriors, even Steph. I don't care, I don't care. I take the t...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #26: There Is No Robert Downey Jr., Only Zuul

As December brings us to the merciful end of 2016, people everywhere are making efforts at playing nice for the holidays. But not me. Well, only in one segment. I spend way more time talking about why Tim Drake is the best Robin and Damien Wayne isn't....
Kelen Conley author

Episode #25: Elphaba, Hillary, And Kristen Chenoweth Walk Into A Bar (Costarring Nikki Cannon)

My third official guest joins me for the 25th edition of THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST. While on a family trip to Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV, I hauled my podcast equipment with us so I could have one of my best friends/sister-in-law Nikki Cannon on ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #24: End Of The Road

After 7 seasons of constant misery, The Walking Dead may have finally worn out its welcome. Despite the Emmy worthy performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'm quickly losing interest in one of my favorite shows. And speaking of losing interest, I'm comple...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #23: Baz Luhrmann Is Good But He’s No Spider-Man

In this episode ofTHE GREATEST PODCAST IN THE WORLD, I lighten up. I share my heartbreak with how one of my favorite professional wrestlers, Dolph Ziggler, has fallen from grace (a grace that he never truly ever had). I rant about Baz Luhrmann and his ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #22: Miss Me With All That

In this episode ofTHE GREATEST PODCAST IN THE WORLD, I give you two full hours of content. I take shots at local podcast competition. I explain how I’m probably hanging up my fantasy football cleats next season, at least for a year. I give the Chicago ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #21: You Look Like Carlton Banks!

On this episode ofTHE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST, I have a lot to say. I talk about CM Punk’s loss at UFC 203, finally. I share quick thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, finally. I tell the tale of the indecent proposal I got in my training class. I ask the bi...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #20: Hey Girl, Do You Wanna Come Over And Watch RedZone?

Hyphen Nation is almost legal to drink but I’m over here popping champagne anyway! In the 20th edition of the best podcast in the world (I was wrong in the episode, this is the 31st week of the year, making me 11 episodes behind having an episode every...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #19: The Greatest Gifts (Costarring Eric Jordan)

In June, for the second straight season, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off for the NBA Championship. After a record breaking 73 win season, the Warriors mostly dominated the first 4 games of the series to take a 3-1 lead, ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #18: Trade Me To The Pistons; I Can't Beat Them

After last episode’s seriousness, I get back into the swing of the regular Hyphen Nation beat. I read about some sudden naysayers of myself and the podcast and I respond in kind. I address the tragedy of Christina Grimmie’s death. I relive an awkward c...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #17: Make Me Wanna Holler

“Crime is increasingTrigger happy policingPanic is spreadingGod knows where we're heading”- Marvin Gaye& James NixEpisode #17: Make Me Wanna Holler
Kelen Conley author

Episode #16: Wifi Don't Live Here Anymore

So your hero may be out here hunting for free wifi like a nomad but never fear, as Hyphen Nation 16 is… has arrived. Aside from avoiding obvious rhymes, there’s a lot to talk about in this episode. As I’m finally a homeowner, I explain all the details ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #15: (Coffee From) The Grind Don't Stop

Not fired from the day job yet, but definitely back with a 4th episode in 2 weeks of Hyphen Nation. In this pulse pounding slobberknocker, I get into how my most recent column motivated a friend and frequent collaborator. Then I take some time out ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #14: Too Long; Didn't Listen Or I Got Some McPicks For McDonald's

It’s time for everyone to put on their best all white outfit and get out in the sun! Pools are open; the speedos are in full effect! Hustle to the mall and get you a short set! Yeah you got on sneaks but you need a new pair! Cause why? CAUSE BASKET...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #13: Lemonade Is A Popular Drink And It Still Is

Back to back episodes? What fresh new world is this? Did the comic line reboot itself? Did Marty make the wrong move back in alternate 1985? Is anything we know actually the truth or is everything a crazy shamble of a lie? Anyway, Hyphen Nation is ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #12: When Jessica Met Wade That One Time In Seattle

It’s raining in Morgantown again but that’s no reason not to record the next exciting episode of Hyphen Nation! Back on my solo steez, I decide to go ahead and tell the tale I was planning to write for my Jessica Jones/Deadpool series that didn’t happe...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #11: Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler (Costarring Errick Greenlee)

I start the episode by myself, where I try to compare Shawn Michaels and Kanye West. Then I called Errick Greenlee on Skype, where we had a short conversation about our daughters and families off podcast, then we get down to business. But what I though...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #10: Book To The Future - 1st LP, Side A (Costarring Errick Greenlee)

On the day after what may be remembered as one of the darkest days for many, I finally found time to have my first guest ever. Errick Greenlee is not just a son, brother, husband, father, or purveyor of all things nerd fresh. He's not just a writer or ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #9: Knock On Wood

On a very special day, Hyphen Nation 9 is born into existence! Today’s topics include the 2nd birthday of my daughter Aaliyah (that’s the special day, take that smokers), my experiences as a “single” dad, why I’ve been so lazy creatively lately, th...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #8: I Feel Petty

In this episode, everybody gets it! And by that I mean that I talk about how I hold grudges (I was taught by the best) and how it feels when Seinfeld loses his Newman (it feels pretty great). I also spend some time talking about being just one of the g...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #7: Welcome To The Disney Movie Review Podcast

You take one day off and life gets in the way. So what do you do? You wait until the next opportunity presents itself and you keep the podcast train on the tracks! Enclosed within these audio walls, I question whether I'm a bad husband, I talk about Al...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #6: The Case of the Stale Fudge Rounds & Cherry Pop-Tarts

So with the professional footballs officially put away for another season, it's time for Hyphen Nation to blossom into its final and best form! Or something like that. Contained within these audio walls, I discuss why the day after the Super Bowl sh...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #5: Predicting The 2015 NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl 50

The 50th edition of the Super Bowl is two days away. Panthers. Broncos. I make the final pick that can make or break my 2015 NFL playoff season. A win puts me above .500; a loss, under .500. More importantly, can Peyton win his second ring and tie Eli?...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #4: There Will Be No Sportball Talk Within

I take a break with the NFL and leave the predictions in my other pants pocket. In the first regular episode of Hyphen Nation, I spend time talking about how terrible I am at dealing with change, how I'm trying to use Snapchat more but Android's versio...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #3: Predicting The 2015 NFL Playoffs: Championship Round

We’re down to the final four teams in the hunt for Super Bowl 50 and I recap what happened in the Divisional Round (I went 4-0, making me 5-3 this postseason) and pick the two teams that’ll be headed to San Francisco in February.I also spend a lot of t...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #2: Predicting The 2015 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

The NFL Playoffs are rolling along and so is Hyphen Nation! I went 1-3 during the opening round, and it's not looking much better for this weekend as I picked all the home teams. I doubt I start the Championship Round at 5-3 but crazier miracles could ...
Kelen Conley author

Episode #1: Predicting the 2015 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round

This is not a test. This is the actual real live Episode #1 of Hyphen Nation. There may have been an episode called the 25 Biggie Commandments floating around in March but ignore that (it’s Victory Jumpoff Radio #14 if you must know). This is the real ...
Kelen Conley author