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Meet Australia’s first Indian-origin MP, Dave Sharma

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada in 1975, Dave is short for his name ‘Devanand’, named after famous Bollywood star of those times, Devanand.

Tax Talk May 2019: Removing tax destructibility

Nitin Sabharwal from Australian Taxation Office talks about the new rules for claiming deductions for payments to the workers by employers.

Ten high profile seats of Indian election and their likely results

World biggest democracy with 900 million voters has completed seven rounds of polling. Results will be declared on 23rd May.

Powered by Indian Australian Dave Sharma’s Wentworth win, Scott Morrison gets to work

Liberals' Dave Sharma has defeated Independent M-P Kerryn Phelps in the New South Wales seat of Wentworth just after only six months in parliament.The news comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison looks likely to win 77 seats, and as the Labor party grap...

'No surprises for migrants in the near future'

“I was not expecting this. Most of us got it wrong,” said economist Dr Vinod Mishra of Monash University. The coalition has managed to regain power for the third time in a row, which is ‘miraculous’ even for Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The coalition...

"It's easy to give concessions but difficult to withdraw them"

Dr Pradeep Taneja is an expert on South Asian Politics who spoke to SBS Hindi on the results of the Federal Elections. He opines that the Indian migrant community in Australia supports both the main parties. However, for the new Indian migrants educati...

Where did the exit polls go wrong?

Prof. Purnendra Jain is a specialist in Asian politics. He agrees that the results of the Federal Elections have taken many by surprise. The exit polls from across the nation predicted a win for the Labor party, so what went wrong? Prof. Jain says, " I...

What is the lesson to be learned from the election?

In what's being described as a significant turnaround from the predictions of the polls, the Liberal-National Coalition has taken victory in the Federal Election.

More than 16 million Australian take to the polls

More than 16 million Australians are expected to take part in today's Federal Election at 7000 polling locations across the country.  

Indian Australian women feel their issues are being neglected in federal elections

Australian Federal election is in its last leg. All political parties are trying their best to grab the attention of undecided voters. But women in the Indian community feel the politicians have failed to address their issues.

World's first guidelines to reduce Dementia issued by WHO

Dementia is the second leading cause of death of Australians overall, and the leading cause of death for Australian women. Now for the first time, the World Health Organisation has issued advice which suggests adopting a healthy lifestyle can reduce th...

"Ageing well in Australia" - What's The Assessment Process

In our series on Ageing well in Australia, Anju Mathur who is a Dementia consultant and Aged Care expert talks to us about the Assessment Process.

Liberal's $2.5 million Indian community centre vs Labor's South asian community grant, which one will decide your vote?

Both major parties have made big promises to woe the Indian-Australian voters in Victoria.

Self-proclaimed Indian spiritual guru Anand Giri granted bail

Anand Giri, the Indian spiritual and yoga guru arrested in Sydney earlier this month for an alleged indecent assault on two women, has been granted conditional bail.

Indian Australians 'shocked' by Victoria Police advisory of tension in Melbourne's western suburbs over Indian election

News of tension among the Indian Australian community in western suburbs has shocked and surprised many in Melbourne.

Do you know your phone and laptop's photos and videos can be checked at Australian airports?

Australian Border Force can ask you to surrender your phone or laptop to search.

Morrison, Shorten go head-to-head in final televised debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have gone head-to-head in the final televised debate before the May 18 federal election. At the National Press Club in Canberra, the two men seeking to be Prime Minister went over plenty ...

Indian cafe owners were astonished by a very special visitor

An Indian Australian couple Hetal Thakar and Mitul Joshi were quivering with joy when out of the blue a very important guest visited their café for lunch! Can you take a guess?

No review of parents visa fees says Immigration Minister

Immigration minister Mr David Coleman says there is no plan to review the fee structure for parents visas.

If you are worried about ‘stupid ‘social media posts, here is how to find and delete them

Most social media platform provide tools to edit or delete the post. But, when the post is years old and you can’t even remember, the natural question comes how to get rid of them.

Election candidate resignations call processes into question

The resignations and dis-endorsement of candidates this election campaign from all corners of the political landscape is unprecedented.With names already printed on ballot papers, vetting processes by political parties are being called into question. 

Settlement Guide - How to vote in Australia?

Australians go to the polls to vote in the federal election on 18th May . Voting is compulsory for all eligible citizens over 18. Voters must be enrolled with the Australian Electoral Commission. Once registered, they must vote to avoid penalties. Here...

Independent senate candidate Sunny Chandra calls Australian migration policies discriminatory

He is advocating for free long stay parents visa and fulltime work rights for student visa dependent partner.

The 150-year-old bakery that invented the famous 'Nankhatai'

Did you know the crunchy butter-rich Nankhatais that Indians love have a Dutch touch? SBS Hindi brings you the tale of this 150-year-old bakery that invented the famous nankhatais. 

From sari prints to street art in Melbourne

Visitors in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb Dandenong are pleasantly surprised with beautiful Indian art on their street.

Evacuations as Cyclone Fani inches closer to Indian coast

Indian Election commission has withdrawn election model code of conduct from 11 districts in Odisha in view of cyclonic storm Fani.  Schools have been closed, and pilgrims asked to leave temple town Puri.

How Dolly Jain, an Indian housewife turned into a celebrity saree draper

When Dolly Jain got married, she was only allowed to wear sarees. To keep things different and exciting, she started to drape her saree differently regularly. Today, she has turned her art into a profession and is a celebrity draper, having dressed the...

How a young Indian girl is helping 'kids forced to beg' get a better future

An inspiring tale of a 22-year-old Mumbaikar, Haimanti Sen who has kindled hope in the life of children who are compelled to beg by their parents or live off the streets. 

Ageing Well in Australia - My Aged Care

Ageing Well in Australia is essential for a healthy body, mind and soul. If you are 65 or more than 65 years old, have you registered with My Aged Care? It costs nothing! Anju Mathur is a Dementia Consultant and expert in Aged Care. As the President of...

Indian-origin activist Saru Rana awarded Governor’s Multicultural award

Saru Rana a well-known human rights campaigner of Indian-origin has been awarded Governor’s Multicultural award 2018 of South Australia.

Who do you think is winner of first debate between Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have [[Mon 29/4]]  clashed on a number of issues in the first leader's debate of the 2019 federal election debate. Of the 48 undecided voters in the room for the debate, a majority marked...

500-year-old well discovered near gurdwara on Kartarpur corridor

A 500-year-old well has been discovered in the enclosure of a Gurudwara Sahib on the Kartarpur Corridor. The well is believed to have been dug during the lifetime of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Peace march organised to rekindle Gandhian values of peace and inclusiveness

Brisbane based organisation Gandhi Salt March Ltd (GSML) is hosting a peace march to promote Gandhian values of peace, trust and inclusiveness in Australian society on Sunday, April 28th.

Social Media giants asked by Electoral Commission to remove unauthorised advertising

The Australian Electoral Commission has requested social media giants Facebook and Twitter take down unauthorised political advertising from an anti-Labor and pro-Adani group, SBS News can reveal. The ads were in breach of laws requiring political adve...

Indian-origin candidate promises 'tax-deductible home loans' and '20-year parent visa'

Ganesh Loke, who migrated to Australia two decades ago, has thrown his hat in the ring for the upcoming Australian federal elections. In this chat with SBS Hindi, Mr Loke shares his party's policies and his inspiration. 

Indian Defence Forces Veterans march in Brisbane for ANZACs

Lest we forget the contributions of the Indian soldiers a group of Indian Armed Forces Veterans has been marching together in Brisbane since 2017. Surgeon Lt Cdr Braj Raj Pande spoke to SBS Hindi the objective of this group is to honour fellow brave In...

Davy Singh: An early Indian migrant and an Anzac

On ANZAC Day we pay tribute to all the soldiers who fought valiantly and laid their lives down during the First World War. Let us also remember and honour the Indian troops in Gallipoli whose contribution remains relatively unknown in Australia and in ...

Use of ancient psychological treatment in modern times - आधुनिक समय में प्राचीन मनोवैज्ञानिक उपचार का उपयोग

In the modern psychotherapy, cognitive restructuring is the goal of psychotherapy, which has been accomplished a great deal through Bhagwad Gita. Dr Manan Thakrar shares that there are so many ancient techniques being used in modern days to treat menta...

"Our ancient literature shares information about mental health" Dr Manan Thakrar. - "हमारे पौराणिक ग्रंथों और आधुनिक मनोचिकत्सा के बिच गहरा संबंध

Do you know  Bhagvat Geeta begins with Panic attack symptoms?  In recent research, Dr Manan Thakrar found that our ancient literature - Mahabharat, Puranas and Bhagvat Geeta has explained about mental health issues and counselling sessions. - क्या आप जानते...

A new book 'Twisted' explores serial killers of India

A new book - Twisted: A profile of Indian serial killers written by a former police officer and forensic psychologist delves into the minds of the most insane, cruel and emotionless serial killers of India.  

नेगेटिव गियरिंग vs पॉजिटिव गियरिंग

नेगेटिव गियरिंग या  पॉजिटिव गियरिंग ये दोनो नीतियों में से कौनसी बहेतर है ये सदय चर्चा का विषय रहा है, आज  अमित जदुआन, रियल एस्टेट एक्सपर्ट से जानते है इस विषय पर विस्तृत जानकारी 

Profile of the Liberal Party - ऑस्ट्रेलिया के विकास और कल्याण में लिबरल पक्ष का योगदान

There's no other figure that looms larger over the Liberal Party of Australia than Sir Robert Menzies.  In fact, few Australians have gained such fame, or held such influence, over the nation than the former Liberal prime minister. He created the party...

Profile of the Australian Labor Party - क्या आप जाने है ऑस्ट्रेलियन लेबर पक्ष ने विश्व की सबसे पहली लेबर सरकार बनाई थी ?

The Australian Labor Party is Australia's oldest party in one of the world's oldest continuous democracies. One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation. And as SBS Hindi reports, th...

Everything you need to know about brown fat

Brown fat is often called "good" fat. For the brown fat activation, cryotherapy is the newest craze in the fitness industry because in a session you can lose 800 to 1000 calories. Public health consultant and Nutritionist Reinaa Shukla shares more on t...

Strategic diversification is essential in a changing property market - बदलते प्रॉपर्टी मार्केट में स्ट्रैटेजिक डायवर्सिफिकेशन जरूरी है

When it comes to creating a sustainable property portfolio, investors usually approach a property purchase in a very traditional manner; they make buying decisions without fully understanding the investment alternatives.  Mr Amit Jaduan, an expert in t...

Indian family that escaped the Sri Lanka blasts describe their ordeal

On Easter Sunday, a number of bomb blasts ripped through luxury hotels and churches in Sri Lanka. On Tuesday, the death toll from the blasts had risen to 310. An Indian family stuck in one of the hotels targeted in the blasts, share their ordeal.

Calls for full details of water buybacks after Coalition process questioned

A government department is under pressure to release, in full, all documents relating to an 80-million-dollar taxpayer-funded water buyback. The former Deputy Prime Minister and water minister, Barnaby Joyce, is defending his decision to approve the wa...

Tax Talk April 2019: Understanding superannuation

Jagjit Singh from the Australian Taxation office explains superannuation. Take a listen.

Settlement Guide: Australia's political system

The 2019 Australian federal election is just around the corner when we will elect members of the 46th Parliament of Australia.  So how do elections determine our next government?

Rahul Subramanian is back with 'Is This Even Comedy?' at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Rahul Subramanian has his own YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers and his videos have got millions of views. The Indian stand-up comedian is back in Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival. Mosiqi Acharya caught up with the star who t...