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बनारस का नया रूप देख हैरान रह गए NRI

वैसे तो कुम्भ प्रयागराज में हो रहा हैं लेकिन वाराणसी में गंगा किनारे भी एक अलग किस्म का कुम्भ का आयोजन किया गया है. करीब 132 देशों के 2800 भारतवंशी एक बार फिर अपनी मातृभूमि से रिश्ते की डोर मज़बूत करने आये हैं.

"Turbans For Australia" on Australia Day

This Australia Day, the nation will witness the many colours of multicultural Australia at the various official ceremonies as people salute this unique nation. If you are in the city in Sydney make sure to go to the turban tying stall and Bhangra danci...

Stranded mother claims kids starved at airport before minister intervened, directing airlines to act

An Australian family of Indian-origin who was left stranded at the Delhi airport after they missed their connecting flight to Syndey have told SBS Hindi the family received help only after an Indian Minister intervened. 

PM Scott Morrison welcomed in Fiji

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been welcomed widely in Fiji.Tune in to hear this report by Rakesh Kumar from Suva Fiji.

'Modi is an accident. Accidents do not need alternatives'

Many people say Narendra Modi does not have an alternative in India. Many people ask, if not Modi then who? We posed this question to Ms Sucheta De.

Kumbha Mela's Bhoola-Bhatka camp

While we have all heard stories about children or older people getting lost at the Kumbha mela, did you know there is actually a camp called Bhoola-Bhatka camp whose sole mission is to reunite people who have got separated at the Kumbha Mela. Faisal Fa...

Beat the Heat with these Ayurvedic tips

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Heatwave warning for NSW from Tuesday 15 January to Friday 19 January 2019.  It is important that everybody is aware of the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness in order to recognise and treat affected peopl...

'This could be the future of immigration in Australia'

What is DAMA? How does it work? How will it help the migrants? Here are the answers...

The Indian Cricket team's 'biggest' fan advises others not to follow him.

Indian cricket team's One of the most famous fans Indian cricket teamSudhir Kumar has dedicated his entire life to cricket. He follows the Indian team around the world and watches all the matches! 

Social Media Murder Society

Have you ever pondered on the effects of social media on your life and the consequences of posting thoughtlessly on facebook and other social media platforms?  "Social Media Murder Society", is a film which is an eye-opener on this subject. We spoke wi...

गोल्डन ग्लोब एवार्डस् में विविधता की जीत

इस वर्ष गोल्डन ग्लोब एवार्डस् में एक बात खास रही और उसकी तारीफ भी हो रही है कि एवार्डस् जीतने वालों में विविधता दिखाई दी। हॉलीवुड में विविधता कम दिखने की वजह से  काफी आलोचना भी होती रही है तो इस बार जैसे एक संदेश रहा कि यहाँ विविधता भी है और सम्मानित भी किया गया है।

आस्ट्रेलिया में पहुँची बिना बैटरी वाली हाइड्रोजन कार

आस्ट्रेलिया में हाइड्रोजन से चलने वाली कार का परीक्षण हो रहा है । य़ह एक मज़बूत कदम हो सकता है उस पर्यावरण प्रदूषण यानि ग्रीन गैस उत्सर्ग को कम करने के लिये जो ट्रांसपोर्ट सेक्टर में हो रहा है।

Would-be travellers left high and dry by web-booking service Bestjet's collapse

Hundreds of people who booked flights with online booking agent Bestjet have been left angry, confused and thousands of dollars out of pocket by its collapse.Many who paid their fares in full and received e-tickets are discovering their bookings are no...

Tropical Cyclone Mona approaching Fiji

Rakesh Kumar from Suva Fiji gives an update on Tropical Cyclone Mona rapidly approaching Fiji.

New year brings new laws which can affect you

A new year means new rules and regulations.From the tampon tax to youth allowance and personal income tax, these are the new laws slated to kick in during 2019.

Protests erupt in India as women legally defy Hindu temple's ban on entry

Protests have erupted in India after two women defied a centuries-old ban to enter one of Hinduism's holiest temples.India's Supreme Court ruled late last year that women of menstruating age could legally enter the site in the southern state of Kerala.

कादर खान – दार्शनिक, आँसु और ठहाकों भरे शब्दों का जादुगर

एक लेखक, कलाकार  के तौर पर सफल,  कादरखान ने बोलचाल की भाषा में संवाद लिख कर लोगों के मन में  अपनी एक अलग जगह बना ली थी।  ।  विभिन्न फिल्मों में कादर खान दवारा लिखे कुछ संवादों के साथ , उनके प्रति है यह एक श्रद्धांजली अंश ...

The last of the great film maker Mrinal Sen is no more

Mrinal Sen, known as the "Pioneer of New Wave Cinema," has passed away at the age of 95 in Kolkatta. Mrinal Sen was a Dada Saheb Phalke award winner and he was the last of the legendary trio of filmmakers with Satyajit Ray and Ritwich Ghatak.

A rocky ride through 2018 for Canberra politics

2018 was a turbulent year in politics: yet another change of prime minister, personal scandals and constitutional breaches triggering resignations peppered the year and kept Canberra bubbling.

The stories that made 2018 a big year in science

From space to climate and gene-editing,  moments of scientific significance abounded in 2018. We look back at a few stories which made to headlines.

Capital preservation Vs growth: what's your best plan for 2019?

2018 was a volatile year for the Australian sharemarket, which slumped more than 10 per cent. The Australian dollar also took a hit, down 8.5 per cent against the greenback ((US dollar)). But with global economic concerns set to continue, is Australia ...

Australian commentator's jibe on Indian Opener Mayank Agarwal sparks row

Australian commentator Kerry O'Keefe has apologized for his controversial remarks on Indian Opener Mayank Agarwal.

Energy prices forecast to fall

Australia's energy prices are expected to fall over the next two years.It follows the release of a report which champions renewable energy as the major driver in making household electricity more affordable.

From being a fruit-picker to heading Australian institute of technical chefs, meet Daman Shrivastav

Mr Daman Shrivastav ran a successful business and a hotel venture which catered French food in Jordan before he migrated to Australia in 1995.

Personal safety on public transport and on streets

Here are some tips to remain safe on the streets and on public transport during this holiday period.Tune in! 

Immigration policy a vexed area in 2018

2018 was a particularly busy year in the federal immigration portfolio.The government cast around for ideas to encourage more migrants into rural and regional areas and it caused a ruckus by flagging cuts to the country's overall migrant intake.

Bought a wrong item? Know your rights to replace or refund it

Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees. 

India is among fastest-growing medical tourism destinations - मेडिकल टूरिज्म क्षेत्रमे अग्रिम राष्ट्रों की पंक्तिकी और बढ़ता भारत

India is a thriving destination for medical tourism, and people from all over the world are looking to visit India for their medical needs. Mr Rajil Sudhakaran, Vice president of Healthwings India shares details. - भारत मेडिकल टूरिज्म यानी स्वास्थ्य पर्यटन क्षेत्र में ए...

Actor Director Prakash Belawadi on "Cracking and Counting"

Counting and Cracking is an epic ensemble theatre work which follows one Sri Lankan-Australian family over four generations, from Colombo to Pendle Hill. Starring in the theatrical is the award-winning Indian actor/director Prakash Belawadi. He tells u...

Is menopause a serious health issue for women? - रजोनिवृत्ति (मेनोपॉज) गंभीर समस्या है ?

Menopause can be defined as the final menstrual period. It occurs when there has been a change in a woman's reproductive hormones and the ovaries no longer release any eggs, Dr. Talat Uppal shares some simple tips to get relief during this period of li...

Say no no to Yo-Yo diet. - यो यो डायट को कहें नो नो

Public Health Consultant and nutritionist Reinaa Shukla shares the Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling, or the cyclical loss and gain of weight is an unhealthy diet. It can lead to adverse health outcomes. -   पब्लिक  हेल्थ कंसल्टेंट  रैना शुक्ल कहती है के यो यो डायट एक अस्वा...

'It's a great gift to give someone the gift of life': says acid attack survivor Ms Pragya - किसी व्यक्ति को जीवन से अधिक मूल्यवान भेट क्या हो सकती है ?

Acid attack survivor Ms Pragya talks about the importance of skin donation with SBS Hindi.   - एसिड अटैक पीड़ित प्रज्ञा ने इस बी इस रेडियो से बात की और बताया स्किन डोनेशन  और उसके महत्व  के बारे में 

What is Hormone replacement therapy? - आइए हॉर्मोन रिप्लेसमेंट थेरेपी के बारेमे

Hormone replacement therapy helps for the betterment of women's health, and It can also be an excellent tool for beauty enhancement. Dr Talat Uppal shares the information about this treatment. - हॉर्मोन रिप्लेसमेंट थेरेपी महिलाओंके स्वास्थ्य और सुंदरता बढ़ने के लिए उपयोगी है , आइए...

Have you been Racist or Xenophobic? If yes, you could be running for a scholarship - नस्लवाद या ज़ेनोफोबिक होने का स्वीकार करनेवाले विद्यार्थि

A Melbourne based Lawfirm is offering a scholarship of $500 to students who admit being racist or xenophobic.  Mr Ariel Brott, Partner in this firm, shared the details with SBS Hindi.  - मेलबर्न स्थित एक लो फर्म  द्वारा विद्यार्थियोंके लिए एक विशेष प्रकार की शिष्यवृत्ति का एलान किया ...

Going on a break? Keep your home safe!

Here are a few tips on keeping your home safe from burglaries when you go away for a holiday during this break.

Miss India Australia wins first runner up for Miss India Worldwide

Sakshi Singh, a young doctor from Melbourne has gone on to win the title of the first runner-up for Miss India Worldwide. Sakshi was crowned Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2018. She went ahead to participate in the Miss India Worldwide pageant in New Je...

Indian Australians divided over new Governor General’s appointment

Australia's next governor-general will be New South Wales, Governor David Hurley.Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is so confident Governor Hurley is the right man for the job, he didn't consider anyone else.

Want to learn to swim? Government offers swimming program for adults

In a bid to raise awareness as well as equip migrants with the swimming skills required to be safe in the Australian waters, the NSW Government is providing a special swimming program.

Blues of Peaches, a simple story of two girls - पीच ब्लूज़, दो लड़कियों की एक साधारण कहानी

Blues of Peaches is a short film based on a simple story of two girls (Rooh and Aditi) who recognise their love for each other and try to be true to their feelings. Nidhi Purohit, director and writer of the film and the film's actresses Tarjanee Bhadla...

Who gives more stress - kids or husbands? - कौन ज्यादा तनाव देते है - बच्चे या पति?

A study by American psychological association and an online survey company show husbands stress their wives more than children; we asked a psychiatrist to find out the reasons behind this. - हालही में   जारी हुए एक अभ्यासमे  कहा गया है के महिलाओको बच्चोसे ज्यादा पतिदेव के कारण त...

Who was Rani Chennamma? - क्या आप जानते है की झांसी की रानी से भी पहले थी एक महिला स्वतंत्रता सेनानी?

Kittur's queen Rani Chennamma was one of the first female rulers to rebel against the British Empire, here is a life story of Rani Chennamaa  - आज जानते है भारतीय स्वतंत्रता  संग्राम की वीरांगना रानी चेनम्मा की कहानी जिन्होंने अंग्रेजो के खिलाफ  बगावत की शुरुआत की थी 

In this holidays, travel in your own country Australia - आइए ऑस्ट्रेलिया की सैर करे

As more and more baby boomers are looking to tick off their bucket list in overseas travels, there are 1004 tourists arriving in Australia every hour to explore our vast and diverse landscape.What are some of the best places we can visit to create unfo...

How to make your holidays more memorable? - क्या आप अपनी छुट्टियाँ यादगार बनाना चाहते है ?

Everyone wishes to get something more, more enjoyment, more memories, more places to see and explore, travel expert Mr Navneet Mittal shares simple tips to make your holidays  memorable - सामान्यरूप  से भारतीय समुदायके लोग  प्रति वर्ष भारत की यात्रा करते है, लेकिन इस यात्रा के सा...

Are you pool ready this summer?

Many of us will take advantage of weekends and school holidays to spend time outdoors, at the beach, in parks and out bush during summer. While it's a great way to have a good time, are you prepared to stay safe?

How to stay safe outdoors this summer? - इस गर्मी में सुरक्षित कैसे रहें?

Summer has officially started in Australia. Many of us will take advantage of weekends and school holidays to spend time outdoors so here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe. - गर्मी के मौसममें जब छुटिया मानाने या बाहर घूमने जाए तब सुरक्षित रहने के किए कुछ सुझाव 

Varun Vaid helping new migrants in Adelaide

 Varun Vaid from Adelaide says he remembers his period of early struggle as a migrant! His wife prompted him to start helping new migrants in Adelaide. Be it trying to find a job or circulating resumes, or transporting your useable unwanted household g...

Do you need tuition for good parenting?

Are you struggling with parenting? A new workshop on Positive Parenting helps parents understand their children's behaviour and bring a positive change.

“States will have greater say on where migrants are allowed to settle”

The latest meeting of state and federal governments has focused on the levels of migration to Australia.While the federal government sets migration levels, the needs and wants of state and territory governments on the issue have come to the fore.

Her heartbreaking quest to trace her biological Indian father

She is 52 years old, but Kiwi woman Anne Struckett has been on a tireless journey for more than three decades to find her biological Fiji-Indian father.Given away for adoption in New Zealand when she was two weeks old, Anne felt a loss of identity and ...

Poor governance and not immigration, responsible for congestion, warn experts

Business groups are blaming poor government planning, rather than immigration, for failing to deal with Australia's growing population. Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's chief executive James Pearson says migration is "part of Australia's D...