Heroes and Villains of the Bible

Welcome to Heroes and Villains of the Bible podcast series by Dr. Henry M. Morris III! This sermon series starts in Genesis at the beginning of human history and continues through the rest of Scripture. Each episode will examine a real life series of events that display much of the character of God as He works through His people for His glory.

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Examine a real life series of events that display much of the character of God as He works through His people for His glory.
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Episode 65: Future for the Israelites [Podcast]

Later described as “beautiful in God’s sight,” Moses was critical to the freedom of God’s people. Because Moses’ heart was right, God empowered him to do many things. In this episode, recap the Exodus and the future for the Israelites. Listen to the au...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 64: A Cycle of Disobedience [Podcast]

As the once enslaved Hebrew nation developed, a cycle of disobedience and forgiveness emerged. The people lost faith, Moses interceded, and God provided for them.  In this episode, navigate through events at Rephidim as Moses heeded God’s word. Listen ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 63: Blessed But Bitter [Podcast]

Following the escape from Egypt, the Israelites were faced with challenges. Pharaoh was determined to regain his slave workforce. There was lack of food and water. But the Lord had great plans for Israel. In this episode, learn why Israel was consisten...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 62: Follow with Faith [Podcast]

After the ten plagues, Egypt had been destroyed. The Israelites were brought out of slavery and became a very wealthy nation. Wandering through the desert, it is here that Moses takes a formal role of protective leadership for the children of Israel. I...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 61: Established Throughout Eternity [Podcast]

The plagues continue as God demonstrates His sovereign power over all other forces. When Pharaoh finally frees the Israelites, Egypt is reduced to nothing. And God ensures the nation of Israel will be established throughout eternity. In this episode, l...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 60: God’s Plan for Pharaoh [Podcast]

The ten plagues of Egypt are one of the most monumental displays of God’s power. As Moses pleads for the freedom of Israel, God’s plan is executed. In this episode, discover how the Lord hardens Pharaoh’s heart through the ten plagues. Listen to the au...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 59: Battle of Gods [Podcast]

Because of Egypt’s rule under Pharaoh, the circumstances necessary to free the Israelites proved to be daunting. But the Lord empowered Moses, giving him the words to say and the miracles to perform. In this episode, see how Moses’ faithfulness and Pha...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 58: Obey Faithfully and Overcome Fear [Podcast]

Although Moses initially was afraid and challenged God’s plan, God gave multiple assurances to Moses so he could fulfill God’s plan. When Moses learned to obey faithfully and overcome fear, God granted him personal authority to free the Israelites. In ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 57: From Doubting to Dutiful [Podcast]

At the events of the burning bush, God begins his personal relationship and instruction with Moses. As God reveals His plan to deliver the nation of Israel, there is a transition from Moses the sheepherder to Moses the spokesperson of Israel. In this e...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 56: The Making of a Leader [Podcast]

We’re told in Scripture that Moses was forty years old when he began to see the burdens of his people in Egypt. Through an unexpected path, we see the making of a leader as God shaped the character of Moses. In this episode, trace God’s hand in Moses’ ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 55: Trusting God Through Adversity [Podcast]

The Lord used Moses to do marvelous things. As we begin studying Moses’ life and the book of Exodus, we need to remember God had a greater plan to build the nation of Israel. In this episode, learn how trusting God is possible even when facing dangerou...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 54: Focused on Eternity [Podcast]

When we get to heaven, God is never going to ask us how much we accumulated down here. But He will say to you and to me, “What have you done with My Word? And what have you done with the souls of men around you?” In this final episode of Heroes and Vil...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 53: Joseph the Wise Politician [Podcast]

Joseph was able to establish a political relationship that lasted for at least several generations. Israel was given a place in the land of Goshen. The years of plenty were over and the famine began to severely impact the population of Egypt. In this e...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 52: Israel Enters Egypt [Podcast]

One century earlier, God had met with Abraham and said, “Now, your descendants will spend four hundred years in Egypt in bondage before I will bring them out as a nation.” And this is the beginning point of that period of time. So, God goes over the pr...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 51: The Right Kind of Leader [Podcast]

One man did his job well. He focused on being the right kind of leader. Listen to this episode and find God’s sovereignty in action through Joseph and the family of Israel in Egypt. Listen to the audio: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | Android | Google P...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 50: Feast or Famine [Podcast]

Feast or famine! The world experienced both surplus and scarcity during the time of Joseph’s rule in Egypt. Listen to this episode to see how God used a seven-year famine to accomplish His plan for the nation of Israel. Listen to the audio: Subscribe t...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 49: Joseph Governs Egypt [Podcast]

Genesis widens up with almost twelve chapters on Joseph. So, he’s a pretty important guy. We’ve already spent one session looking at his life as he enters into Egypt. You know the basic story. He becomes the prime minister, essentially number two. But ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 48: Dream Interpretation [Podcast]

Joseph’s life was marked by significant dreams. During his thirteen years as a slave in Egypt, Joseph was given the ability to interpret the dreams of several VIPs. Instead of taking personal credit for dream interpretation, Joseph gave glory to God fo...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 47: Temptation and Unjust Punishment [Podcast]

Joseph had proven himself to be a very capable businessman. He’s obviously known within the circles of Potiphar and many who were at Pharaoh’s court. He was entrusted with a position of leadership and responsibility. Potiphar’s wife enters the scene, v...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 46: Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors [Podcast]

We have now reached the life of Joseph in this study of heroes and villains of the Bible. If ever there was an example of somebody who didn’t deserve what he got, this is a good one. Joseph’s story often reminds us that God is aware. One of the phrases...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 45: Messianic Line [Podcast]

Flip forward to the Scriptures about Judah. He has business interests in Adullam and begins an illicit relationship with a pagan woman whom he never marries. He has three children by this woman and later gets involved with a prostitute. How can good co...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 44: The Tragedy of Dinah [Podcast]

One of our greatest jobs as parents is we’re responsible for picking our children’s friends. We are responsible for overseeing their maturity. Jacob just sort of disappears from his family during this period of time. In this episode, you will learn how...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 43: Jacob Wrestles with God [Podcast]

Jacob has always gotten a bad rap from modern day preachers. He is the one that is, by far and away, the one most blessed by God; there’s never any negative comment by God about Jacob. He’s the one who’s seen more of the Lord Himself than any of the ot...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 42: Idol Worship and Hypocrisy [Podcast]

Laban was a pagan idolater and hypocrite. His character left a negative imprint on the heart of his children and the generations to follow. In this episode, learn how Laban’s idol worship and hypocrisy impacted the nation of Israel. Listen to the audio...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 41: Biology in the Bible? [Podcast]

Laban surely thought Jacob was nuts. Instead of demanding a bonus, Jacob insisted on continuing his care of Laban’s flocks. But Jacob had a plan. He would eventually receive a “bonus” by employing a special technique of animal husbandry. In this episod...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 40: Jacob and Laban [Podcast]

Jacob has not earned a nickel during his fourteen years of service to Laban. He’s been essentially keeping all of the flocks of Laban for this period of time. He has no money at all; he is penniless. In this episode, learn about the relationship betwee...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 39: Jacob’s Dysfunctional Family [Podcast]

There are many polygamist marriages in the Scripture; none of them are good marriages—none, zero, zip! They all violate God’s basic structure. God will use a dysfunctional family like Jacob’s, but the blessings are missed. God’s blessing comes with obe...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 38: Rachel and Leah [Podcast]

Marriage has to be “lovey and exciting.” “We’re soulmates.” Western love affairs. None of this is in Scripture. That’s all Madison Avenue advertising. How does Genesis portray Jacob’s romance? In this episode, trace God’s hand in Jacob’s life as he mar...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 37: Jacob’s Ladder [Podcast]

Jacob, who was the heir apparent, was exiled and kicked out of the family. He leaves on foot and stops in Bethel, the place where Abraham met with the Lord. Something unusual happens to Jacob in this special place. In this episode, learn about Jacob’s ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 36: Godly Repentance [Podcast]

God makes it clear that Isaac did the right thing even though it was done the wrong way. We learn from his example that godly repentance is more than shed tears. In this episode, see what godly repentance looks like in the life of Isaac. Listen to the ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 35: Would You Defy God? [Podcast]

Isaac is about to defy everything that he knows about the plan of God to satisfy his own physical appetites. In this episode, learn about Isaac’s family history and what led him to willfully defy God. Would you defy God like Issac? Listen to the audio:...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 34: Birthright and Blessing [Podcast]

The birthright essentially is a political, legal, and economic blessing, and it’s kept within the family relationship. In this episode, discover why it mattered that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob and how that one decision impacted the nations. List...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 33: Sovereign God [Podcast]

Isaac loved Esau, in spite of his immorality and wickedness; Rebekah loved Jacob, the one chosen by God. Man often “messes up,” but this doesn’t nullify the plans of our sovereign God. Discover how Rebekah’s plot was used by God for the ultimate good o...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 32: Jacob the Supplanter [Podcast]

God promised Abraham he would be the father of many nations. There would be one nation that God would focus His heart and His mind on, but there would be many nations that would be genetically related. In this case, the prophecy goes on to say the youn...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 31: Jacob and Esau [Podcast]

Yet Jacob I have loved; But Esau I have hated” (Malachi 1:2-3 NKJV). The twins—Jacob and Esau—and their stories and the differences in their character are instrumental in understanding much of what’s going on even today. In this episode, see the sovere...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 30: Kingdom Stewardship [Podcast]

In finding what the Lord wanted me to do for the eternal context of ICR I had to grow up in about five different roles. When God identifies what you are supposed to be doing, there should be a passion in your heart that just can’t be shaken. When He ha...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 29: God Leads Us Only When We’re On the Way [Podcast]

Years ago when I took my MBA, one of the courses that we went through was how to interview prospective employees. One of the things we were taught very carefully not to do was to lead questions. We would identify the question in such a way that they wo...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 28: We All Have a God-Given Responsibility [Podcast]

God sets in place for each of us the responsibility of managing the planet that He has created. He has given all humanity the responsibility of being stewards. (Stewards manage the affairs of the master or the owner.) Eliezer is the steward of Abraham’...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 27: Isaac and Jesus Christ [Podcast]

The sacrifice of Isaac was a portrayal of the crucifixion before that event was executed. It helped paint the picture of what was to come in the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Abraham had a whole bunch of other kids, but Isaac was the promised son...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 26: Redemption Revealed through the Sacrifice of Isaac [Podcast]

By God’s design, the sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham was meant to be a lesson for us. Abraham certainly represents the Heavenly Father; Isaac obviously represents the Beloved Son, or the Lord Jesus. Listen to this episode to uncover the illust...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 25: Modern Middle East Conflict Caused by Isaac and Ishmael [Podcast]

Isaac and Ishmael: The son of the free woman and the son of the bondwoman, respectively. We’ve already discussed the history between their mothers, Sarah and Hagar. We’ll see these two guys throughout the Heroes and Villains series. Over the next few e...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 24: Who Will Become the Friends of God? [Podcast]

Abram had been called out of Ur of the Chaldees to be “the boss,” then he’s given the name that fits what God plans for him to do, “the father of many nations.” And because all of this will flow from Sarai, she’s given the name “queen” or “princess,” o...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 23: Will We See Hagar and Ishmael in Heaven? [Podcast]

Hagar is banished, but she comes back; Isaac is born, and then comes the real story. The Bible just skips over an awful lot of time here. When Isaac is born, Ishmael, who is now a young teenager, begins to laugh and tease and mock both Isaac and Abraha...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 22: What’s the Deal with Sarah and Hagar? [Podcast]

Sarah and Hagar are mentioned throughout much of Scripture. A famous passage by Paul in Galatians is one that most of you will know talking about the bondwoman and the free woman, comparing the relationship of the Lord to the relationship of the flesh....
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 21: God Always Keeps His Promises [Podcast]

Abram became Abraham. Sarah miraculously conceived the promised child in her old age. Lot only survived the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah because the angels took him out of the wicked cities. In this episode, you will see that God always keeps His pro...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 20: How Abram Interacted with VIPs of the Ancient World [Podcast]

Abram was a liar and selfish husband, a wealthy businessman, a warrior, and eventually a worshiper of God. In this episode, see how Abram interacted with several VIPs of the ancient world—including the Pharaoh of Egypt and the mysterious King of Salem,...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 19: Who Was Abraham? [Podcast]

Abraham covers a lot of Genesis. I will try to condense this series into some key points on these two guys who enter the stage in Genesis 12. I’ll also be talking about Hagar and Sarah because they figure in very significantly in the rest of Scripture....
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 18: How Did the Sons of Noah Transform Civilization? [Podcast]

All of the present people groups have descended from Noah’s three sons. In this episode, you will see how each son’s personal characteristics influenced his descendants and how each ethnic group developed on the global scene. So, how did they specifica...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 17: There’s No Such Thing as Race [Podcast]

There’s no such thing as race! This term is the result of a worldview that preaches evolution and millions of years. Why is this relevant to the historical study of the sons of Noah? In this episode, you will find out what you need to know about race, ...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author

Episode 16: What Happened After the Sons of Noah Left the Ark? [Podcast]

The Flood had destroyed the first world. Thus began a new era in a new world. What took place after the sons of Noah exited the ark? And how did civilization get to the breaking point at Babel? Listen to the audio: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | Androi...
Dr. Henry M. Morris III author