HERE - architecture as seen from the San Francisco Bay Region

HERE is a series of video films that look at architecture from the perspective of the San Francisco Bay Area. Most episodes examine Bay Area buildings and landscapes. Some venture to other parts of America and beyond. The first three episodes are short - from 18 to 26 minutes. The later episodes are about an hour in length. Episodes seem to come out in batches of 3, an episode every 4 months of so. But each batch seems to come out every two years or so. These video films take time to create!

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From a personal point of view, HERE enables me to take a fresh look at architecture outside the realm of having practiced architecture professionally for 3 decades. And from a professional point of view, HERE provides me with a vehicle to explore and present my architectural sensibilities to a wider audience than those who have worked with me in my architectural practice.
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HERE8-Frosted Glass - Street Life in Western Soma

A sampling of street life in the San Francisco western South of Market area in late 2017 & early 2018.
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE7-Dogpatch Ranch - The Originas of a Chinse American Family

The story of my great grandparents' ranch created in the late 1800's in rural Dogpatch San Francisco
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE6-Scapegoat - The 1871 to 1906 San Francisco City Hall

This City Hall was once San Francisco’s grandest building. It's collapse during the 1906 earthquake was attributed to political corruption. My examination suggests otherwise.
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE5-Erased Landscape - The Making of Flat Land in Central San Francisco

The erasure of the eastern end of the Great San Francisco Dune Fields to create the flat landscape of Market Street, South of Market, Mission District, South Beach, Financial District, Tenderloin and Union Square.
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE4-Life Lived Through Architecture:Maybeck, Wright, Johnson, Jefferson, Gehry& Kahn

The personal residences of Bernard Maybeck, Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, Thomas Jefferson and Frank Gehry with a contrasting look at the work of Louis Kahn.
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE2-A History of Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park as the construction of a San Francisco origin myth
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE3-The San Francisco Homes of Architect Bernard Maybeck

Maybeck's five San Francisco houses constructed between 1909 to 1916
Glenn Robert Lym author

HERE1-The De Young& The California Academy of Sciences

The opposition of two new museums in Golden Gate Park
Glenn Robert Lym author