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Because history shouldn't be silent. Footnote is a look at all people, places and events that never quite made it into history class.
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Invade, Canada?

Ah, the 1920's: when the gin was cold, and the Very Secret plans for a Canadian invasion of Vermont were hot, hot, hot. Special thanks to Mr. Wesley J. Ziegler for lending his voice as Colonel James Sutherland Brown. Music: Podington Bear (http://pod...
Footnote Podcast author

Have Law, Will Travel

Rebroadcast from the fantastic show Life of the Law: These days, it's congresspeople and presidents who rack up the miles, but in the early days of the country, it was Supreme Court justices who travelled thousands of miles each year -- by carriage, sh...
Footnote Podcast author

The Day Of Two Noons

November 3, 1883 was a strange day in New York City. Time itself stopped for four minutes. The city experienced two noons. And all the trains in and out of the city started running on Standard Time. Learn more about the 'day of two noons,' the leap ...
Footnote Podcast author

Footnote Short: All the President's Hounds

Did George Washington's favorite dog launch his political career? A quick look at a few presidential dogs that have shaped history. Featured music: Pitman's Gramaphone Course of Typewriter Keyboard Instruction New York Military Band and the American Q...
Footnote Podcast author

Crumbs of Righteousness

The long-forgotten (and pretty strange) origins of a childhood favorite. HEADS UP! For those at work or around small children: Although in no way explicit, this episode does talk about human sexuality and the fact that not all sex is for making babie...
Footnote Podcast author

The Artichoke King

Before Prohibition hit, the New York mafia had another racket that netted them millions of dollars in profits. The name of the game? Sweet, sweet baby artichokes. The man in charge? Ciro Terranova, the Artichoke King of New York. Featured music: "Ge...
Footnote Podcast author

The Conscience of Chester A. Arthur

In June of 1880, a series of extraordinary events began to unfold that sent a man most of the country agreed was completely unqualified to be president into the Oval Office. When he first became president, he may have been the most mistrusted person in...
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