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Groundhopping 55 UEFA ONE Season

Our guest is Matt Walker, author of Europe United, a chronicle of his travels to matches in each of the 55 UEFA member countries. We hear his weirdest experiences, best stadiums and most extreme situations. This is groundhopping cranked up to 11...

Groundhopping in Berlin

We talk to Paul Musco, who runs groundhopping tours for football fans visiting Berlin.  It's one of our favourite cities, so have a listen as we enthuse about Hertha BSC, 1 FC Union, BFC Dynamo and a host of smaller clubs.  

The History and Art of the Football Programme

Matthew Caldwell runs the brilliant Instagram feed, 1_Shilling, which celebrates the wonder of football matchday programme design. He joins us to discuss the history of the matchday programme, some of the most iconic designs, and the uncertain future o...

Jimmy Hogan: The Greatest Football Coach Ever?

We talk to Ashley Hyne, biographer of Jimmy Hogan, one of the prominent pioneering coaches. Was Hogan really the inventor of 'total football' and the inspiration behind the 'Mighty Magyars'?    

Improving the Modern Game

Our guest is writer John Nicholson, whose new book Can We Have Our Football Back? looks at how we could improve the modern game. Is free-to-air TV just one way to give the game 'back' to the people?

The Stadiums of Spain

Our guest is Chris Clements, the man behind Espa√Ī - Stadiums of Spain. We look at some of the classic big grounds - Bernab√©u, Camp Nou, Mestalla, and the Seville grounds, plus some of the new grounds - the New San Mames and Wanda Metropoli...

The World's Hottest Rivalries

Our guest is Lee Colvin, who's written a book chronicling his travels around the world in pursuit of the football's biggest rivalries. We discuss Boca-River, Madrid-Barça, Ajax-Feyenoord, Red Star-Partizan, Rangers-Celtic, and many more.

England's Oldest Football Clubs

We chat to Martin Westby, author of 'England's Oldest Football Clubs' into the roots of the game and its pioneer clubs. Is Sheffield the cradle of the global game? What role did Nottingham and the Lancashire clubs play in the game's development and lea...

Football in Israel and Palestine

Nicholas Blincoe is author of 'More Noble Than War', a book about football in Israel and Palestine. He joins us to discuss his fascinating stories from his travels in the region and the history of football.

The First 100 Years of Polish Football

Our guest is Ryan Hubbard, author of 'From Partition to Solidarity', a book about the first 100 years of Polish football.  

The European Cup-Winners' Cup - A Retrospective

We talk to Steven Scragg, author of 'A Tournament Lost in Time', which looks at the European Cup-Winners' Cup.

Football's Relationship with Alcohol

We talk to Ben Roberts, author of "Bottled: English Football's Boozy Story" about the close relationship between alcohol and football, and what is being done to support players in need of help.

Hungary's Golden Age with Jonathan Wilson

We talk to football writer Jonathan Wilson about his new book, 'The Names Heard Long Ago', which chronicles Hungarian football's golden age.  We discuss the vibrant pre-WWII domestic scene, the amazing coaches it produced and their global legacy, and t...

Financial Inequality in Football

Our guest is Stefan Legge from the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland, who discusses his extensive research into the relationship between money and success in modern football. There are some winners that might surprise you...

Groundhopping in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the most important cities in football history, and we chat to local groundhopper Chris Marshall about the Old Firm (Celtic and Rangers) and other clubs in Scotland's biggest city that are worth a visit.

Football and Politics in Poland

Our guest is Mieszko Rajkiewicz, who presented on politics in football in Poland in the recent Football History Conference in Manchester.  We caught up with him to discuss the close relationship historically between politics and football in Poland.

USA at the 1930 World Cup

Our guest is James Brown, grandson of the US team's 1930 World Cup semi-finalist goalscorer. He has been researching the US team's experience in that amazing cup run and tracing descendants of the team.

Sevilla v Betis: El Gran Derbi

We welcome Colin Millar back onto the podcast to discuss his new book, 'The Frying Pan of Spain', which looks at the fierce Seville derby between Sevilla FC and Real Betis Balompie.

Yugoslavia 1990s - What Might Have Been...

We talk to football writer Onur Bilgic about the Yugoslavia team of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Thrown out of Euro '92 in favour of eventual winners Denmark due to the civil war in the Balkans, this team had the potential to dominate mid-90s footba...

ACF Fiorentina

We talk to football writer and podcaster, Chloe Beresford, about one of Italy's most famous clubs, Fiorentina.

World Football Club Crests

We talk to Leonard Jägerskiöld Nilsson, author of 'World Football Club Crests', for a fascinating look at the history of football club crests and the future of design in the age of global branding.  

Groundhopping in Turkey

We talk to John McManus, author of 'Welcome to Hell? In Search of the Real Turkish Football' for his tips on groundhopping in Turkey. There's much more to Turkey than just Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahçe...

Groundhopping in Sweden

We talk to Swedish football journalist, David Berg, to get his tips for groundhopping in Sweden. We look at the clubs in the main cities of Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, as well as some smaller provincial clubs.

Football in India

We look at the long history of football in India and explore groundhopping tips in the current Indian league set-up with football writer Somnath Sengupta. 

Gemellaggio: When Italian Ultras Join Forces

Italian ultrà groups - hardcore fans - are notorious but they often form bonds with fans of other clubs. This process is called 'gemellaggio' - or 'twinning'. We talk to Tom Griffiths from the Calcio England blog to discuss the topic.

Women's Football - Past, Present and Future

Ahead of the FIFA Women's World Cup, we talk to Professor Jean Williams from the University of Wolverhampton about the history of the women's game.

Football Under Franco

The dictatorship of General Francisco Franco ruled Spain from 1939-75. It was a brutal regime that coincided with Spain's emergence as a footballing powerhouse. We talk to Alejandro Quiroga from the University of Newcastle to learn about football as a ...

Football in Bulgaria

We talk to Sofia-based football journalist Metodi Shumanov to get the lowdown on Bulgarian groundhopping, history and football culture. Thanks to Tony from the History Bhoys Abroad podcast for fielding the questions.

Episode 56: Groundhopping in Catalonia

We talk to Tarragona-based podcaster Tony from the History Bhoys Abroad podcast to explore the clubs of north-east Spain. Starting with La Liga clubs FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol and Girona, as well as some other smaller teams to check out.

Episode 55: Il Grande Torino - 70 Years After Superga

On 4 May 1949, what was arguably the best team on the planet was wiped out in football's first aviation disaster. The plane carrying 'Il Grande Torino' - the great Torino FC side which had won five successive Italian championships - plowed into the Bas...

Podcast: The Roots of US Soccer

In this podcast, we talk to Brian D. Bunk from the Soccer History USA Podcast to discuss the early roots of the game in the US, the role of immigrant players - particularly Scottish and English players - and how the early American Soccer League (ASL) b...

Episode 53: Groundhopping in Japan

We talk to Chris Hough, who runs the Lost in Football Japan blog, about groundhopping around the country.  We unearth a fascinating and diverse football culture, so download and enjoy a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun...and the J-League.

Episode 52: Football in Pre-Partition Ireland

We talk to Dublin-based football historian, Gerard Farrell, about how soccer took off in the island of Ireland in the late 19th century up to the early 1920s.

Episode 51: The Corinthians and The Casuals

The Corinthians and The Casuals were absolutely key to the spreading of football and the ethos of fair play. We talk to Llew Walker from the modern day Corinthian-Casuals FC in England's 7th tier to learn of their relevance and legacy. This is a bumper...

Episode 50: The Remarkable Life and Legacy of Ernö Egri Erbstein

The story of Hungarian coach Ernö Egri Erbstein had been a footnote in the annals of football history until Dominic Bliss investigated his remarkable life and legacy and authored his biography.   Erbstein pioneered tactics in pre-war Italy, leading a n...

Episode 49: Groundhopping in Romania

We talk to Bucharest-based Charlie Craven to get his tips for groundhopping around Romania. Starting in the capital with the famous Steaua and Dinamo clubs, we also discuss the recent rise of regional clubs and also the parlous state of the game in Rom...

Episode 48: Managing Matabeleland

We talk to Justin Walley, who's chronicled his time managing the Matabeleland team to the CONIFA World Football Cup in 2018. His fascinating book "One Football, No Nets" contains some incredible stories of coaching under the watchful eye of the Mugabe ...

Episode 47: Football Nostalgia with Daniel Gray

We chat to football writer Daniel Gray about his new book, "Black Boots and Football Pinks: 50 Lost Wonders of the Beautiful Game" and reminisce on some of the things we miss about football.

Episode 46: Groundhopping in the Czech Republic

We talk to Prague-based journalist, Ondrej Zl√°mal, about groundhopping in the Czech Republic, the history of the game there and the prospects for the national side.

Episode 45: Doing the 92...from a German perspective

The "92 Club" is an exclusive club made up of groundhoppers who have visited all 92 league club grounds in England and Wales. We catch up with Florian Sauer from Munich who has written a book on his unique perspective as a German who has completed the ...

Episode 44: Groundhopping in the Canary Islands

We chat to fans of both the big two Canarian football clubs, CD Tenerife and UD Las Palmas, to get the lowdown on groundhopping on the Canary Islands. We major on the big two, but also look at a number of other clubs from the islands.

Episode 43: Zagreb Ultras

Our guest is Dr. Andy Hodges, who spent years researching two very distinct ultrà groups in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The Bad Blue Boys of Dinamo Zagreb and the White Angels of NK Zagreb. We also discuss the Torcida fan group of Hajduk Split for co...

Episode 42: Juventus

We discuss the past, present and future of Italy's most popular club, Juventus, with Turin-based Adam Digby, author of Juventus: A History in Black and White.

Episode 41: Football in the Spanish Civil War

We discuss the impact of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) on La Liga and some of the major established clubs in Spain with Bilbao-based blogger, Dan Parry from The Linesman blog. The war helped found the current Atlético Madrid club and nearly drove FC ...

Episode 40: Groundhopping in the Valencia Region

We discover the clubs of Spain's east coast with Valencia-based journalist, Paco Polit. We look at the La Liga powerhouses of Valencia, Villarreal and Levante, plus other interesting clubs from La Comunidad Valenciana. Enjoy!

Episode 39: David Squires on Cartooning Football

We catch up with cartoonist David Squires, whose sketches feature in the Guardian (UK), L'Equipe (France), and also in German and Australian media. Why does football lend itself so easily to parody and who are his favourite subjects? Oh, and we discuss...

Episode 38: Politics in Contemporary Football

We're joined by Cas Mudde from the University of Georgia to discuss political activity in football, particularly looking at the rise of both right-wing factions and, on the flipside, the antifa movement. We also discuss groundhopping as Cas has been to...

Episode 37: Groundhopping in Southern Italy

We discuss the clubs from Rome southwards on the Italian peninsula with Rome-based football writer, Claus Bermann.

Episode 36: Major League Soccer

We get the lowdown on the US Major League Soccer scene with Stephen Brandt from the Yellow Card Podcast.  We discuss Beckham's influence, NASL, groundhopping, the franchise model and more...

Episode 35: The Belgrade Derby

We chat to Belgrade-based Kirsten Schlewitz from the Unusual Efforts blog/podcast about Red Star v Partizan, the Belgrade Derby.