Welcome to the SBS Finnish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Finnish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Finland won the under 18 year olds ice hockey World Championships beating USA 3-2 - Suomi voitti Yhdysvallat nuorten jääkiekon MM-kisojen finaalissa 3-2

Timo Uotila reports on Sports and Culture in Finland 16.1.19 - Timo Uotilan urheilu- ja kulttuuriraportti 16.1.19

President Sauli Niinistö expressed in his New Year's speech a concern for the incoherence and weakness of the European Union - Uudenvuodenpuheessaan presidentti Sauli Niinistö ilmaisi huolestumisensa EUn hajanaisuudesta ja heikkoudesta

Timo Uotila's current affairs report from a Wintery Finland 16.1.19 - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti talvisesta Suomesta 16.1.19

In conversation with fashion designer Matti Liimatainen - Haastateltavana muotisuunnittelija Matti Liimatainen

Matti Liimatainen graduated as a fashion designer, currently preparing his PhD about fashion industry’s automation.  Available at Mona Foma in January, will be the festival onesie kit, designed by Adele Varcoe and Matti. The kit can be assembled withou...

Capital preservation Vs growth: what's your best plan for 2019? - Kasvu vai tuotto? Vuoden 2019 talousnäkymät

2018 was a volatile year for the Australian sharemarket, which slumped more than 10 per cent.The Australian dollar also took a hit, down 8.5 per cent against the US dollar.But with global economic concerns set to continue, is Australia in for a similar...

Scientists link low fibre intake and poor gut health to obesity epidemic - Ravintokuidut ja suoliston terveys vaikuttavat painoon

More than 50 per cent of Australians are reportedly suffering from gut problems, and scientists are blaming a lack of fibre. The warning comes as new Australian research finds a link between poor gut health and obesity. - Yli 50 prosenttia Australialai...

In conversation with violinist Satu Vänskä - Haastateltavana viulisti Satu Vänskä

Satu Vänskä is the principal violinist at the Australian Chamber Orchestra. In January she will be performing at the Mona Foma festival in Launceston, Tasmania. Here Satu tells about the Foma concert program and the more experimental side of her career...

How to have a fun and safe time outdoors this summer - Miten nauttia turvallisesta kesälomasta

Summer has officially started in Australia. Many of us will take advantage of weekends and school holidays to spend time outdoors so here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe. - Kesä on parasta ulkoilun aikaa ja Australia tarjoaa siihen monipuolis...

Celebrating a Finnish-French Christmas in Perth - Ranskalais-suomalainen joulunvietto Perthissä

Our multicultural society is reflected in everything, including Christmas celebrations - Monikulttuuriyhteisömme heijastuu kaikessa, niin myös joulunvietossa

Christmas in Finland - Suomen joulu

Timo Uotila reports on Christmas i Finland 26.12.18 - Timo Uotilan jouluraportti 26.12.18

The secret history of champagne - Samppanjan salainen historia

It‚Äôs said when Dom Perignon invented champagne he told his fellow monks, ‚ÄúCome quickly, I am tasting the stars.‚ÄĚ - Tarun mukaan munkki Dom Perignon, jota pidet√§√§n samppanjan keksij√§n√§, huudahti muille muille munkeille:"Tulkaa pian, t√§ss√§ juomassa on t√§...

Viva! Want to age better? Try ocean swimming - Viva! Haluatko ikääntyessäsi pysyä paremmassa kunnssa - kokeile meriuintia

It’s been proven that sea water refreshes your soul and revitalises your health.Here are a few things to keep in mind before challenging yourself to an open water swim.  - On olemassa tieteellisisä todisteita siitä että merivesi virkistää mieltä ja elv...

Important new public buildings in Helsinki - Helsinkiin on valmistunut merkittäviä uusia kulttuurirakennuksia

Timo Uotila on Finnish art and culture 19.12.18 - Timo Uotilan kulttuuri- ja urheiluraportti  19.12.18

Winners announced in annual SBS National Languages Competition - SBS National Languages Competition voittajat julkistettu

Five young Australian language students have been selected as the winners of the third annual SBS National Languages Competition.The winners were selected from around 4,000 entries representing 80 languages. - Viisi nuorta australialaista kieltenopiske...

OECD finds Australia on track to continue economic growth - OECDn raportti: Australian talouskasvu jatkuu

The latest report on Australia's economy from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, shows the country on track for economic growth in the next year.But the OECD says not all is positive, with concerns remaining around the ...

Focus on international educational outcomes - Haastateltavana koulutuspolitiikan professori Pasi Sahlberg

Professor Pasi Sahlberg at University of New South Wales moved to Sydney with his family in March. Professor Sahlberg is based at the Gonski Institute for Education and has been researching international educational systems and their outcomes for decad...

Finnish current affairs by Timo Uotila - Ajankohtaista Suomesta

Finnish current affairs update by Timo Uotila. - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta 12. joulukuuta 18.

Interview with Outi Turunen - Haastateltavana Outi Turunen

Interview with Outi Turunen who arrived in Sydney with her family last Friday. - Bongasimme jouluristeilyllä Sydneyhin juuri muuttaneen Outi Turusen. 

Interview with Riikka Lintola - Riikka Lintola Sydneyn Suomi-Seurasta

Riikka Lintola is the treasurer of the Finnish Society in Sydney. here she tells more about the traditional Christmas cruise and about activities in 2019. - Riikka Lintola on Sydneyn Suomi-Seuran rahastonhoitaja. Tässä Riikka kertoo jo traditioksi muod...

Malfunctioning medical implants implicated in thousands of deaths worldwide - Vialliset lääketieteelliset laitteet aiheuttavat tuhansia kuolemia

A global investigation has found malfunctioning medical implants have been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths around the world. Experts are demanding greater testing of medical devices before they're approved for use in Australia. - Maailmanla...

Outlook on Ageing - Australian vanheneva väestö

Australians enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and are staying healthier for longer.While an increasing lifespan can be seen as one of the great achievements of modern society, it also highlights what some experts say is a lack of...

Viva: Travelling in your own country - Viva: Matkaile Australiassa

As more and more baby boomers are looking to tick off their bucket list in overseas travels, there are 1004 tourists arriving in Australia every hour to explore our vast and diverse landscape. What are some of the best places we can visit to create unf...

Schoolchildren protest for action on climate change - Lakkoilevat koululaiset ympäri Australian vaativat poliitikkoja toimimaan ilmastonmuutosta vastaan

School students across the country walked out of their classrooms this week, calling on politicians to start taking action on climate change. - Pääministeri paheksuu koululaisten lakkoa, sanoen että kouluissa pitäisi olla vähemmän aktivismia.Koululaise...

A monument to president Mauno Koivisto has been unveiled at the Hietaniemi cemetery - Presidentti Mauno Koiviston hautamuistomerkki on paljastettu Helsingin Hietaniemessä

Timo Uotila reports on the arts and culture in Finland 27.11.18 - Timo Uotilan kulttuuriraportti 27.11.18

Presiden Sauli Niinstö and a group of European leaders call for action on climate change - Presidentti Sauli Niinistö ja joukko Euroopan johtajia vetoavat Pariisin ilmastosopimuksen osapuoliin toiminnan aloittamiseksi ilmastonmuutoksen pysäyttämis

Timo Uotila reports on Finnish current affairs 27.11.18  European leader and Brexit, the Finnish opposition parties preparing for parliamentary elections next year, president Sauli Niinistö gets high rating in opinion poll..... - Timo Uotilan ajakohtai...

Viva: What questions do you have about writing a will? - Viva: Mitä omaisuudellesi tapahtuu kuolemasi jälkeen?

What is to happen to your assets after you die?Nearly half of Australian adults don’t have a will.This means that the jurisdiction of your state or territory may have the ultimate say on who is to receive your assets.It pays to consider some key questi...

Pancreatic cancer - the silent killer - Haimasyöpä- hiljainen tappaja

Over 3,300 Australians are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year, unfortunately only 9% will survive at least five years. In this interview Dr Lorraine Chantrill, pancreatic cancer researcher at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and  oncolo...

Leaders unable to agree on a joint APEC statement as the summit wraps up in PNG - APEC kokouksen loppulauselmasta ei päästy sopuun

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in the Papua New Guinean capital of Ports Moresby has concluded.Some western powers at the summit have announced an important aid project for Papua New Guinea at the summit.But it comes amid fermenting tensi...

Cancer charities want transparency about patient costs, options - Syöpähyväntekeväisyysjärjestöt ovat huolissaan hoitokuluista

Australia's leading cancer charities have joined together to push for more information and transparency about the costs cancer patients will face as they head into treatment. The charities say cancer victims need to know more about their options. - Aus...

Salt and the average tablespoon of soy sauce - Suola ja ruokalusikallinen soijakastiketta

The potential health consequences of Asian-style sauces have been revealed, with research showing an alarming amount of salt in many products.But low-salt alternatives are available and could help reduce the number of Australians suffering from high bl...

National plastic tax could be on horizon - Kansaliinen muovivero tulossa

A new report shows China's changing standards on recyclable waste have had a major effect on Australia's waste problems and predicts a national plastic tax may become a short-term solution. The report, from the global wealth manager Credit Suisse, find...

Gold Coast Finnish Sports Club 40th anniversary - Gold Coast Finnish Sports Club täyttää 40 vuotta

Karl Mattas interviews Chair Raija Kivistö and board member Riitta Ratilainen. - Onnea nelikymppiselle Gold Coastin Finnish Sports Clubille. Karl Mattas haastatteli puheenjohtaja Raija Kivistöä ja hallituksen jäsen, Riitta Ratilaista.

Settlement Guide: mental health support - Mielenterveyden tukipalvelut Australiassa

One in five Australians experience mental health issues each year. Learn more about finding help. - Joka vuosi yksi viidestä australialaisesta kärsii mielenterveysongelmista, mutta mistä hekea apua?

Armistice Day - Aselevon muistopäivä

One hundred years on, Australians have marked the end of what was meant to be the 'war to end all wars'.Veterans and descendents of those who fought in the First World War gathered around the country to mark Remembrance Day. In Paris world leaders gath...

Finnish current affairs update - Ajankohtaista Suomesta

Finnish current affairs update by Timo Uotila - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta.

Superannuation study splits opinion - Riittävätkö eläkesäästöt elämiseen?

A new report has found that Australians shouldn't be so concerned with their future superannuation, with the typical retiree having a higher standard of living than when they were working.The Grattan Institute insists warnings about financial stress in...

Metropolis 2018 - Global Migration in Turbulent Times - Kansainvälinen siirtolaisuuskonferenssi Metropolis 2018 Sydneyssä

One of the speakers at Metropolis 2018 was the Director of the Finnish Migration Institute, Tuomas Martikainen - Yksi konfeenssin puhujista oli Suomen siirtolaisuusinstituutin toimitusjohtaja Tuomas Martikainen. Konferenssissa keskustelittin siirtolais...

Hydrogen powered cars tested - Vetyä polttoaineenaan käyttäviä autoja kokeillaan Australiassa

A number of trials of hydrogen-powered cars  are underway around Australia, with proponents pushing them as a key to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions in the transport sector. - Vetyä voi käyttää auton polttoaineena mutta sen käsittely on hankalaa - al...

The Helsinki book fair saw some heated discussion about three different books about president Sauli Niinistö - Helsingin kirjamessuilla pippurista keskustelua vuoden kolmesta Sauli Niinistö-kirjasta

This year's Helsinki book fair drew record crowds, Timo Uotila's current affairs report from Finland 30.10.18 - Tämän vuoden Helsingin kirjamessuilla ennätysmäärä kävijöitä. Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta 30.10.18

Does the visit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan change the debate over an Australian republic? - Prinssi Harryn ja hänen vaimonsa Meghanin vierailu on jälleen käynnistänyt debatin Australian tasavallasta

The perennial debate over whether Australia should become a republic has been revived by the recent Australian visit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan that attracted cheering, enthusiastic crowds. - Keskustelu Australian tasavallasta on uudelleenkäyn...

Musicals draw full houses in Finland, particularly in Tampere and Helsinki with plots that are relevant to everyday life

Timo Uotila reports on Arts and Culture in Finland 30.10.18The media houses discuss responsible jounalism, and the Halsinki Book Fair drew record crowds

VIVA! Life on the bucket list - VIVA! Onko sinulla vielä toteuttamatta jääneitä elämän haaveita?

The hit movie, ‚ÄúBucket list‚ÄĚ, inspired people around the world to pursue their passions. So what exactly is a bucket list and do you actually need one to live a meaningful life? - Menestyselokuva "Bucket list" kannusti ihmisis√§ kaikkialla¬† maailmassa t...

The League of Finnish Australian Societies and the Finland Australia Business Council presented a public panel discussion at Parliament house - Suomi-Australia yhdistysten liiton ja Suomi-Australia kauppakillan paneelikeskustelu järjestettiin eduskunt

Timo Uotila's current affairs report from Finland  17.10 18 - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta  17.10 18

A new private music museum for Pasila near Helsinki - Helsingin Pasilaan kaavaillaan uutta yksityistä musiikkimuseota

Timo Uotila reports on arts and culture in Finland 17.10.18 - Timo Uotilan kulttuuriraportti Suomesta  17.10.18

Hand made Christamas cards are special

Old fashioned, real Christmas cards in your letter box do stand out next to virtual cards that arrive as an email.

Drivers are distracted 45% of the the time they are at the wheel - Autoilijoiden huomio on muualla kuin ajamisessa 45% ratin takana vietetystä ajasta

Australian drivers are a distracted bunch, spending almost half their time behind the wheel with their attention divided between the road ahead and other matters. - Australialaiset autoilijat eivät keskity ajamiseen niinkuin heidän pitäisi, lähes puole...

Brisbane Radio 4EB Finnish is more than just local radio - Brisbanen Radio 4EB Finnish on enenmän kuin vain paikallisradio

Chatting to Krisse Olin about broadcasting in Finnish - Juttelen Kirisse Olinin kanssa 4EBn toiminnasta

Ex prime minister Malcolm Tunbull comments on the behaviours of Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd - Entinen pääministeri Malcolm Turnbull kommentoi Tony Abbottin ja Kevin Ruddin käytöstä

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken aim at former leaders Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd, saying they are "miserable ghosts" who should have quietly left politics after losing the leadership. - Entinen pääministeri Malcolm Tunbull on ottanut t...

Many casual workers can now become permanent - Pätkätyön tekijöillä mahdollisuus vakinaistaa työsuhteensa

More Australians are in line to obtain secure employment, with changes from the Fair Work Ombudsman now in effect from the beginning of this week - Aikaisempaa useammalla tilapäisellä työntekijällä on nyt mahdollisuus päästä vakinaiseen työsuhteeseen t...

Large scale development by Russian nationals in the Turku archipelago investigated - Turun saariston Airiston Helmen rahanpesun rikostutkimus on alkanut

Timo Uotila's current affairs report from Finland 2.10.18 - Timo Uotilan ajakohtaisraportti Suomesta 2.10.18

The new Children's hospital in Helsinki wins the Pro Finlandia Prize - Helsingin uusi lastensairaala sai arkkitehtuurin Pro Finlandia palkinnon

Timo Uotila reports on culture and the arts in Finland 3.10.18 - Timo Uotilan kulttuuriraportti Suomesta 3.10.18