Welcome to the SBS Finnish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Finnish podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble - Suuri Valliriutta on erittäin huonossa kunnossa

The future for Australia's World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef is now described as "very poor". - Viiden vuoden välein julkaistu , tieteellisiin todisteihin perustuva Valiiriuttaa valvovan viranomaisen raportti on muuttanut arviointinsa riutan tul...

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a one-day working visit to Finland. - Venäjän presidentti Vladimir Putin kävi päivän vieralulla Suomessa

Timo Uotila's Current Affairs report from Finland 28.8.19 - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta 28.8.19

Australia's fossil fuel exports have the third-largest impact of any nation in the world

With fossil fuel use the number one concern linked to climate change, a new report is amplifying existing calls for the federal government to adjust Australia's course when it comes to energy sources

Keskiaikapäivä Vantaalla oli suuri menestys

Timo Uotilan urheilu- ja kulttuuriraportti 14.8.19

Australia's role in the Apollo 11 moon landing - Australian rooli Apollo 11:sta laskeutuessa kuuhun

On July 21st it's been 50 years since men first walked on the moon.The landing was broadcast around the world, but were it not for a number of Australians, and Australian technology, Neil Armstrong's first steps and words might not have been seen or he...

Finnish Current Affairs - Ajankohtaista Suomesta 17.7.19

Current affairs from Finland 17 July 2019. - Timo Uotilan toimittama ajankohtaisraportti.

Viva: Why it pays to plan your end-of-life care - Viva: Miksi tehdä hoitotestamentti?

Planning your end-of-life treatment isn’t a priority for most people.  The reality is that only 15 per cent of Australians have actually documented their health preferences.  Yet, it could be one of the most important decisions we ever make. - Hoitotes...

Still smoking? You're three times more likely to die from heart attack or stroke - Vieläkö tupakoit? Tupakoimalla kolminkertaistat riskin kuolla sydänkohtaukseen tai halvaukseen

At least 17 Australians die each day from cardiovascular disease directly linked to smoking.  That's the findings of new research from the Australian National University.  It says smokers triple their risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke. - Ainaki...

Rare tribute for artist Ben Quilty - Harvinainen kunnianosoitus taiteilija Ben Quiltylle

A major solo exhibition for one of Australia’s most renowned and controversial artists has opened in Brisbane in a rare tribute for a living painter.Ben Quilty's work dealing with subjects central to Australian identity has been recognised with some of...

Getting married again - Uudestaan naimisiin?

It’s a common portrait of modern family life with the last census showing that about a fifth of Australians had been married before.  Whether you feel ready or not to try the knot again, there are complexities that come with age. - Moderniin perhe-eläm...

What is NAIDOC? - Mikä on NAIDOC?

The longstanding desire of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to have an enhanced role in decision-making in Australia underpins this year's NAIDOC week, that runs from July 7th to the 14th. Michaela Lauren takes a look at how NAIDOC week started a...

In conversation with director Paavo Westerberg - Haastateltavana ohjaaja Paavo Westerberg

Director Paavo Westerberg's movie, the Violinist, will be showcased at the 2019 Scandinavian Film Festival. - Ohjaaja Paavo Westerbergin elokuva Viulisti esitetään vuoden 2019 pohjoismaisilla elokuvafestivaaleilla (Scandinavian Film Festival).

Finnish Current Affairs - Ajankohtaista Suomesta

Timo Uotila's fortnightly current affairs report from Finland. - Timo Uotillan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta  3.7.19.

New charter will protect Australians in aged care - Vanhustenhuoltoon luvassa parannuksia

With new standards in the aged care industry coming into effect from today, Australian service providers are being urged to improve the level of care they offer to non-English speaking seniors.Older Australians from migrant backgrounds are recognised a...

Incoming Governor-General is sworn in - Uusi kenraalikuvernööri vannoi virkavalan

Australia's new Governor General, David Hurley was sworn in at a ceremony in Canberra today.Mr Hurley was formerly the Governor of NSW and a defence force chief. - Australian uusi kenraalikuvernööri David Hurley vannoi virkavalan maanantaina Canberrass...

In conversation with artists Anna and Tarja - Haastattelussa taiteilijat Anna and Tarja

Anna and Tarja make art out of recycled materials. They constructed a beautiful bonfire for the Finnish Midsummer Party in Sydney. - Anna ja Tarja tekevät taidetta kierrätysmateriaaleista. He kasasivat kokoon kauniin kierrätyskokon Sydneyn Suomi-Seuran...

Midsummer party in Sydney - Sydneyn juhannusjuhlat 2019

We met with Elina, Niina and Nakke at the party organised by Sydney Finnish Society. They all shared their midsummer memories and traditions in Australia and Finland. - Tapasimme Elinan, Niinan ja Naken Sydneyn Suomi-Seuran järjestämillä juhannusjuhlil...

Assisted dying laws bring renewed focus on end of life care - Avustetun kuoleman salliva laki tuo esille myös palliatiivisen hoidon

Medical experts say there's little understanding in the community about the benefits of palliative care services in Australia with patients often accessing services at a late stage.The comments come at a time when there's renewed focus on end of life c...

What are low interest rates doing to your super? - Miten matala korkokanta vaikuttaa eläkeläisten tuloihin?

Retirees who rely on interest from their savings are among the biggest losers from last week's Reserve Bank interest rate cut -  as term deposit and savings rates are slashed.  Experts are urging caution if moving into higher risk, higher return invest...

Grieving widow welcomes rollout of assisted dying in Victoria - Sureva leski toivottaa avustetun kuoleman sallivan lain tervetulleeksi

It's illegal to help someone die in Australia, with anyone doing it risking being charged with murder, manslaughter or assisting suicide.But from June 19 assisted dying will be available in Victoria.It's estimated up to 150 people will choose to end th...

Of the Australians who die by suicide - six or more each day - the vast majority are men. - Noin kuusi australialaista tekee päivittäin itsemurhan ja näistä suuri enemmistö on miehiä.

Mental health support services say that's a huge problem and they're urging men to seek help. - Mielenterveysalan tukijärjestöt arvioivat että synkkien tilastojen taustalla on että miehet usein eivät halua hakea apua.

A Finnish movie night at Estonia House in Sydney 14.6.19 - Suomalainen elokuvailta Eestimajalla 14.6.19

Kirsti Crnjac tells about the movie, 'Time Out', directed by Matti Kinnunen  2018 - Kirsti Crnjac kertoo tämänkertaisesta leffasta, Matti Kinnusen ohjaamasta "Pieniä suuria valheita"-elokuvasta vuodelta 2018

The Finnish education system enjoys an enviable reputation - Suomalainen koulujärjestelmä on jo pitkään nauttinut kansainvälistä arvostusta

Sanna Kaivosoja is a qualified teacher from Finland, she now lives in Sydney and her children go to school here. She is in a very good position to explain the Finnish approach to schooling and how it compares to Australian conditions. - Sanna Kaivosoja...

The Finnsh entrant for the 2020 Eurovision song contest vill be selected through a process that is open to everyone. - Ensi vuoden Euroviisujen edustaja valitaan jälleen kaikille avoimen kilpailun kautta.

Timo Uotila reports on arts and culture in Finland; the selection of next years Eurovision contest. The new Oodi library in Helsnki  is a finalist competing for the World's best public library, the  latest trends in Finnish fashion at the  Fashion in H...

Finland has a new government - Suomessa on uusi hallitus

Timo Uotila's current affairs report from Finland  5.6.19 - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti 5.6.19

Finland won gold at the ice hockey World championships - Suomi voitti kultaa jääkiekon mm-kisoissa

Finland won gold; Timo Uotila reports 29.5.19 -  Timo Uotila raportoi Suomen voittoa  29.5.19

Australia is the only western democratic nation without a charter of human rights - Australia on ainoa demokraattinen länsimaa jolla ei ole ihmisoikeussopimusta

Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre, Hugh de Krester says it's vital the community continues to put pressure on the government to uphold human rights. - Human Rights Law Centre-järjestön toimitusjohtaja, Hugh de Kretser sanoo että on elin...

The majority of European Council member nations would prefer Russia to retain its membrship in the Council - Suomessa eletään Europarlamentin vaalien aikaa

Timo Uotila's current affairs report from Finland 21.5.19   - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta 21.5.19  

Viva! Nearly half of Australian jobs will be replaced by machines in less than twenty years - Viva! Alle kahden vuosikymmenen kuluessa koneet korvaavat puolet Australian työpaikoista

In a world that is increasingly wired to technology, how can we future proof our skills to stay relevant? - Miten voimme varmistaa että osaamisemme säilyttää merkityksensä maailmassa mikä lisääntyvästi sitoutuu tekniikkaan?

ACO Principal Violin, Satu Vänskä, tells about the exciting tour with guest artist Branford Marsalis - ACOn Satu Vänskä kertoo uudesta konserttisarjasta; vieailevana taiteilijana on Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis is an artist deeply aligned with the ACO spirit. He hails from a rich Jazz heritage, but is also an artist of today, renowned for his thrilling virtuosity and boundless musicality. His ACO debut is a vivid program inspired by Latin Am...

A damning assessment of the world's biodiversity has found a million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction, largely, because of human activity. - Uusi raportti paljastaa maailman luonnon monimuotoisuuden olevan ennenäkemättömän uhan alla

The United Nations-backed report shows nature is declining at rates previously unseen in human history. - Nykyisen suuntauksen arvioidaan ensisijaisesti johtuvat ihmisen tavasta hyväksikäyttää luonnonvaroja sekä säälimätöntä taloudellisen kasvun hakua ...

The flu season is upon us - it is time to get vaccinated - Elämme influenssakautta - on aika hankkia rokotus

This year's flu season is already looking to be potentially severe with three times as many cases reported already than there were at the same time last year.  - Tämän vuoden influenssakausi näyttää muodostuvan tavallista pahemmaksi, jo nyt on todettu ...

The Arctic Council has met at Rovaniemi and among the reprentatives US Secretatary of State, Mike Pompeo and Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov - Arktinen neuvosto kokoontui Rovaniemellä. mukana myös Yhdysvaltain ulkoministeri Mike Pompeo ja Ven

Finnish current affairs 8.5.19 by Timo Uotila - Timo Uotilan Suomen ajankohtaisraportti  8.5.19

The Finnish natonal broadcaster, YLE, pays homage to Reijo Taipale, a master of the Finnish Tango - Yle kunnioittaa edesmennyttä iskelmälegendaa, Reijo Taipaletta - "Onnenmaa"-elokuva on katsottavissa pysyvästi Ylen Areenassa

Timo Uotila reports on Finnsh arts and culture, also sports in Finland 8.5.19 - Timo Uotilan kulttuuri- ja urheiluraportti Suomesta 8.5.19

Labor promises a fairer Long Stay Parent visa - Labor lupaa reilumpaa vanhempainviisuminettelyä

The Labor party has announced a proposed overhaul of the government's sponsored parent visa if elected. - Labor ilmoittaa aikovansa uudelleenarvioida vanhempainviisumijärjestelmän jos se voittaa tulevat liittovaltion vaalit

Calls for full details of water buybacks after Coalition process questioned - Hallituksen 80 miljoonan dollarin vesiosuuksien kauppa kyseenalaistettu

A government department is under pressure to release, in full, all documents relating to an 80-million-dollar taxpayer-funded water buyback. - Ministeriötä painostetaan nyt julkaisemaan kokonaisuudessan kaikki kyseistä 80 miljoonan dollarin, julkisista...

Finnish parliamentary election is completed - Suomen eduskuntavaalit on pidetty

Timo Uotila's current affairs report from Finland 24.4.19 - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta 24.4.19

Rare Moomin mug fetched record price at auction, ‚ā¨6,100 - Harvinainen muumimuki myytiin huutokaupassa enn√§tyshintaan, 6100 Euroa.

Timo Uotila reports on sports and culture in Finland 27.3.19 - Timo Uotilan urheilu- ja kulttuuriraportti Suomesta 27.3.19

Terhi Hakola is a Finnish artist who lives and works in Australia - Terhi Hakola on Australiassa asuva ja työskentelevä taiteilija

Terhi Hakola and her friend, Paula S Y Ngu  will soon open a joint exhibition in Willoughby on the North  Shore of Sydney. - Terhi Hakolan  ja hänen ystävänsä, Paula S Y Ngun yhyeisnäyttely aukeaa pian  Sydneyn pohjoispuolen   Willoughbyssä

Electric vehicles become national talking point - Sähköautot nousivat valtakunnalliseksi puheenaiheeksi

Electric vehicles and their future became a major subject of the pre-election campaign.One report says a mass take-up of electric cars could improve the stability of the electricity grid - and decrease household power bills - Sähköautot ja niiden tul...

Viva:Want to age better? Grow your own tea - Viva: Viljele teetä omassa kotipuutarhassasi

Tea is an essential part of everyday life for many Aussies.More than half of the over fifties drink nearly 11 cups a week on average. - Monelle australialaiselle tee on oleellinen osa jokapäiväistä elämää. Yli puolet yli viisikymppisistä juo keskimäär...

The population of Finland is forecast to decline from about 2030 - Suomen väkiluvun ennustetaan kääntyvän laskuun 2030-luvulla

Timo Uotila's Current affairs report from Finland 9.4.19 - Timo Uotilan ajakohtaisraportti Suomesta 9.4.19

Major reforms to private health insurance have been introduced - Yksityiseen sairasvakuutusjärjestelmään on tehty merkittäviä muutoksia

The changes include a new classification system, which divides insurance into four distinct tiers.Premiums will increase by an average of 3-point-2-5 [[3.25%]] per cent this year, which is above the rate of inflation, and more than wages growth. - Muut...

Easter is approaching and with it the 2019 Finnish festival on the Gold Coast - Pääsiäinen lähestyy ja niin myös Gold Coastin Suomipäivät

The 53rd Annual FinnFest 2019 is hosted by the Gold Coast Finnish Sports CLub - the preparations are nearing completion and we can expect a successful event. - Vuoden 2019 Suomipäiviä isännöi Gold Coast Finnish Sports Club; valmistelut ovat loppusuoral...

Viva:What are the essential technology seniors should learn? - Viva - Uuden tekniikan hallinta on tärkeää myös senioreille

Three in five older Australians, see themselves as being more tech-savvy than the past. However, with endless devices and applications within the touch of a few buttons, what are the essential skills one should learn to imbed modern technology into our...

Upcoming exhibition by Finnish artist Arja Välimäki - Taiteilija Arja Välimäen näyttely alkaa pian Sydneyssä

Arja Välimäki interview about her art and her life i Australia - Arja Välimäki kertoo taiteestaan ja elämästään Australiassa

Viva: What to consider when it comes to downsizing - Viva: Mitä on huomioitava supistaessamme elämäntapaamme?

Downsizing can be both physically and emotional draining.  It’s often hard to let go of the memories and the home you’ve created over a life-time.  So, what do you need to consider before making the decision? - Downsizing eli elämäntapamme supistaminen...

Prime minister Juha Sipilä resigns just over a month before parliamentary elections - Pääministeri Juha Sipilä erosi runsas kuukausi ennen vaaleja

Timo Uotila reports on Finnish current affairs 13.3.19 - Timo Uotilan ajankohtaisraportti Suomesta 13.3.19

Townsville is drying after the flood but recovery will take time - Townsville on kuivunut tulvan jälkeen mutta toipuminen kriisistä vie aikansa

Hanna Hakio tells about the longer term recovery process. Many people are beginning to rebuild their lives from nothing, as many had to flee with just the clothes they were wearing because the waters rose so rapidly - Hanna Hakio kertoo pidemmän ajan k...

Viva: does eating superfoods keep us more active than other foods? - Viva: Onko niinsanottu superruoka todella ihmeravintoa?

You may have heard of superfoods like kale or turmeric lattes that are meant to boost your health. Nutritionists suggest that when it comes to healthy ageing we need to have a balanced diet. - Superfood eli superruoka on viime  vuosien ilmiöitä, usein ...