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Sad? Angry? Confused? It could be political. Feeling Political is a weekly podcast series about feelings, politics, and actions. I talk with organizers, activists, and thinkers about how they are feeling about this political moment and their advice about what to do. More information at www.alternativehistorian.com/feelingpolitical.

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This is a podcast series about emotions, politics, and action. Truth is, I was depressed before the election. In the aftermath, I'm afraid but also motivated. I'm talking to people about how they feel and what they want to do based on those feelings. These are short conversations with activists, organizers, and thinkers around the country. A product of the Alternative Historian. More information at www.alternativehistorian.com.
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Bonus: Project South Co-Directors, Part 1

A bonus episode, actually one of two, in honor of the first 100 days. You probably won’t be hearing much on network news about how organizing is going. This episode hopes to correct some of that. This is a conversation with Emery Wright and Stephanie G...

Feeling Political Ep 11 - Season 1 Epilogue

What I thought was going to be half a dozen quick interviews as part of a larger effort has turned into a podcast series all its own. In this last episode of Season 1 I summarize what I've learned from talking to folks as well as the election. If you h...

Feeling Political Ep 10 - Atlanta Airport Protests

On January 28 the President signed an executive order banning certain people from certain countries from coming into the US. Popularly called a Muslim Travel Ban, the order was met with immediate nationwide protests. This is a selection of interviews f...

Feeling Political - Bonus

A special bonus episode. I am sending an open letter to Kellyanne Conway, the current counselor to the President. On January 28, 2017 Conway sent out a Tweet regarding the executive order banning certain refugees. The tweet read, in part, "Get used to ...

Feeling Political - Ep 9 Doña Edna:

When the Inauguration came I did the only reasonable thing I could think of: I ran to my mommy. This week on Feeling Political we hear from Doña Edna, a retired RN, former union member, Independista, and my mom. Feeling Political is a product of The Al...

Feeling Political Ep 8 - Voice Memos

This week’s episode of Feeling Political is a collection of voice memos sent in by Dan, Alison, and Johnny. The selection represents some of the thoughts and feelings of people who have sent in audio files telling me how they feel and their advice on w...

Feeling Political Ep 7 - Walda Katz-Fishman

Feeling Political this week has Walda Katz-Fishman. Walda is a professor and one of the founders of Project South (www.projectsouth.org). She doesn’t pull any punches in this episode about what the political situation is going to be. But she also speak...

Feeling Political Ep 6 - gabriel sayegh

The election is a double-edged sword. Many people are afraid, and legitimately so, but many people have also been radicalized. gabriel sayegh explains in this episode of Feeling Political that the future can go either way, and it’s up to us to decide. ...

Feeling Political Ep 5 - Bruce Dixon

What should we fight for? Why should we fight for it? How do we fight for it? On Feeling Political this week is Bruce Dixon, from Black Agenda Report and the Georgia Green Party. He talks about how to organize, the role of education, the rich, and what...

Feeling Political Ep 4 - Rita Valenti

What questions should we be asking now? Rita Valenti, former board member of Project South and former state legislator, has some ideas. This episode of Feeling Political focuses on the big picture, a way forward. Learn more about Project South at www.p...

Feeling Political Ep 3 - Eric Ward

A speech by long-time organizer and musician Eric Ward. Learn what one can expect in the first days of the Trump administration and get some ideas of what we can do to get prepared. Feeling Political is a product of The Alternative Historian, Daniel Ho...

Feeling Political Ep 2 - Rose Brewer

Rose Brewer, a scholar-activist based in Minnesota, advises us to get together in this political moment. We are not alone, and we shouldn't be because we are many. Brewer is one of the founding board members of Project South, a Southern-based leadershi...

Feeling Political Ep. 1 - Abbie Illenberger

This episode features Abbie Illenberger, a former staff person with Project South. Project South is a Southern-based leadership development organization creating spaces for movement building. They celebrated their 30th anniversary in November, and I st...

Feeling Political Ep. 0 - Introduction

The introductory episode to Feeling Political, a weekly podcast series about feelings, politics, and actions. This pre-episode introduces the concept and asks people to send a voice memo saying how they are feeling about this political moment and their...