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The Family Tree Magazine Podcast comes to you monthly from the publishers of America's number one genealogy magazine. Each month, you'll hear genealogy tips from our editors and experts, sneak peeks of upcoming articles, news from the blogosphere, hints from Family Tree University and much more.

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The Family Tree Magazine Podcast is your 30-minute dose of genealogy education and fun from the publishers of America's #1 genealogy magazine: Family Tree Magazine. Each month, you'll hear top genealogy tips from our editors and experts, news from the blogosphere from the Genealogy Insider, sneak peeks of upcoming genealogy articles, information on great genealogy websites. Get the tips you need to build your family tree, learn about your cultural heritage, and create a genealogical legacy. Be sure to visit the Family Tree Magazine website for even more terrific genealogical resources for discovering your ancestry. Genealogy just got a little more fun!
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FTMP 112: Best Free Genealogy Websites of 2017

In our September 2017 podcast episode, host Lisa Louise Cooke discusses the 101 Best Genealogy Sites of 2017, along with interviews from the editors of Family Tree Magazine.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 111: Learn What to Expect from the Fall Virtual Conference

In this August 2017 Family Tree Magazine podcast, learn what to expect from the Virtual Genealogy Conference and get tips on having the best experience.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 110: Strategic DNA Testing

In episode, host Lisa Louise Cooke dives into the topic of DNA testing, from the latest news from two of the best-known companies, getting started, and working with your results.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 109: Mapping Your Family History

In this podcast episidoe, we talk about using old maps and mapping tools to learn more about their ancestors through the places they've lived and loved.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 108: Researching Your Heritage

In this genealogy podcast episode, we talk about how you can research your ancestors' heritage through heritage museums, websites for Irish, Scottish and German ancestors, and how more.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 107: Your Ancestors in the Great War

In this genealogy podcast episode, we talk about uncovering clues to finding your ancestors in the Great War - whether they fought or served in the military, or did their part back home.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 106: Genealogy Websites

In this genealogy podcast episode, discover fabulous online resources for finding your family history and working with the ones you frequent.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 105: African-American Genealogy Research

Trace your African-American ancestry with these genealogy research tips.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 104: Plan for Genealogy Success in 2017

Kick off the year with these tips to formulate your plan for successful genealogy research.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 103: U.S. State-Based Tips and Tools

Research your U.S. ancestors' state records.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 102: Stepping into Your Ancestor's Shoes

Discover how you can reconstruct your ancestor's neighborhood and use social history as a window to seeing what their lives were like.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 101: Cemeteries and Genealogy

Learn all about what cemetery records you can find and how they can benefit your genealogy research in this month's podcast.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 100: Our 100th Episode

Celebrate our 100th podcast with us as we look back at several of our most memorable interviews. From special censuses to unusual surnames, these five interviews highlight the best genealogy research tips and resources available to genealogists.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 99: 101 Best Genealogy Websites of 2016

Learn more about the 101 genealogy websites listed as Family Tree Magazine's best in 2016. Plus, learn why you're not finding your ancestors in online searches.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 98: Organizing Your Genealogy

In this episode, your Family Tree Magazine editors, guests and podcast host Lisa Louise Cooke discuss resources for finding the military records of your ancestors, from the best websites to archival methods of military heirlooms.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 97: Maximizing Military Records

In this episode, your Family Tree Magazine editors, guests and podcast host Lisa Louise Cooke discuss resources for finding the military records of your ancestors, from the best websites to archival methods of military heirlooms.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 96: Tracing Hard to Find Ancestors

Get several genealogy tips for researching those hard-to-find ancestors with this month's podcast. Host Lisa Louise Cooke talks with David Fryxell, James M. Beidler, and the editors at Family Tree about researching your ancestors in newspaper archives,...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 95: Tracing Immigrant Ancestors

Get the best genealogy tools and apps for searching your ancestry online.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 94: Online Genealogy Tools and Apps

Get the best genealogy tools and apps for searching your ancestry online.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 93: Surnames and Genealogy

Get the best genealogy research tips and tools for searching your family's last names - from how to handle common surnames to making use of geographical data, and more!
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 92: Set Yourself up for Genealogy Success in 2016

Kick off the new year with organizational techniques and tips for ensuring you're adding the right ancestor to your family tree.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 91: Cloud Computing

Discover how cloud computing can help you preserve and organize your genealogy research.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 90: Brick Wall-Busting Strategies

Learn great family search tips and techniques for busting down those genealogy brick walls.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 89: Organizing Your Genealogy

Learn great tips and research strategies for making the most of your trip to the courthouse.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 88: Organizing Your Genealogy

This episode is all about getting organized so you can quickly store and secure your genealogical findings and build your portfolio.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 87: 101 Best Genealogy Websites of 2015

Get the scoop on the 101 best websites in genealogy, search strategies for maximizing your investigations and a look into the Unofficial Guide to with the August 2015 podcast.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 86: Best Tips and Tools for Beginners

In the July 2015 episode of the podcast, learn how to start searching for your family history with hints from Discover Your Roots, Instant Discoveries on MyHeritage, the Family Tree Memory Keeper by Allison Dolan and more.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 85: Root Out Research Mistakes

In the June 2015 episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews contributing editors Sunny Morton and Nancy Hendrickson for tips on how to keep your genealogy clean of errors. Plus, learn how to correct mistakes on
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 84: Archiving Family Photos

In the May 2015 episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews the Family Curator, Denise May Levenick, for tips on photo organizing secrets, editor Diane Haddad offers 25 keepsake family photo projects and Lisa provides strategies for navig...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 83: Source Citations Made Easy

In the April 2015 episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews guests about key strategies for creating simple source citations, including Shannon Combs Bennett, instructor of the course Source Citations for Regular People. Plus, Lisa walk...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 82: Mapping Mania

In the March 2015 2015 episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews guests about mapping strategies, websites to find and use old maps like HistoryGeo, David Rumsey and Google Earth, and the brand new Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Euro...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 81: Online Genealogy Hints and Hacks

In the February 2015 episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke discusses online genealogy hints and hacks with the FTM editors, including tips for sites from Google to Facebook to
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 80: The 15th Anniversary Episode

In the 15th Anniversary episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke asks the editors and writers of Family Tree Magazine to reminisce about the past decade and a half in genealogy, and to speculate on the future of family history. Plus, enter the me...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 79: The Genealogy Year in Review

This month’s theme is ‘The Genealogy Year in Review.’ We’ll discuss major genealogy news to happen in 2014, the best family history websites of 2014, and tips from the best webinars to take place this year. Plus, enter our Anniversary contest to win a ...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 78: DNA and Your Genealogy

This month’s theme is DNA and Your Genealogy. Learn about how CeCe Moore conducts DNA research for the TV show “Finding Your Roots,” go inside Family Tree DNA with founder Bennett Greenspan, and get a crash course in genetic genealogy with expert Blain...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 77: Haunting Ancestral Cemeteries

This month’s theme is Haunting Ancestral Cemeteries. Learn how to analyze ancestral tombstones, find obituaries online, and how to prepare and carry out a visit to the cemetery.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 76: Your Genealogy Disaster Plan

This month’s theme is Your Genealogy Preparedness Plan. Learn how to backup your research digitally, archive your physical files and ensure the long-term preservation of your genealogy.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 75: 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2015

In this month’s episode we discuss Family Tree Magazine’s list of Best Genealogy Websites for 2015. The list includes selections from to Chronicling America to Evernote.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 74: Tips and Tricks

In this month’s episode, learn all about You’ll hear about the site’s recent attack from hackers, about the retirement of popular services like MyFamily and Mundia, and about the Unofficial Guide to book.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 73: Tracing Your Military Ancestors

This month’s theme is Tracing Your Military Ancestors. Learn how to find info on your female veteran ancestors, what military records you can find on, how to find US military records and how to share your veteran ancestors’ story.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 72: Family History Summer Travel

This month, prepare for your summer genealogy road trips and tours with the information in this episode, including what to pack, using your iPad for genealogy on the go, and the best apps for researching on the road. Episode sponsored by Family Tree To...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 71: Saving Family Stories

This month, learn about the different tools available to help you record and preserve your family's story.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 70: Genealogy Solutions

This eposide, sponsored by Epigenealogy, is all about genealogy solutions. Learn the latest tips and tricks from the experts, including the Family Tree German Genealogy Guide, the Digital Public Library of American website, the Unpuzzling County Bounda...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 69: High Tech Research Tools

This, sponsored by Backblaze, is all about High Tech Research Tools. Learn about the massive databases on, how to find 41 free family history tools, the upcoming web-centric issue, and Family Tree University's Winter 2014 Virtual Conferen...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 68: 175th Anniversary of Photography

This episode's theme is the 175th Anniversary of Photography. Learn about photo editing and retouching for genealogists, cool photo features on sites like MyHeritage and, and hear about the history of photography from the Photo Detecti...
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 67: Home State for the Holidays

This episode's theme is State Sources. Learn about the best state websites for your genealogy, go inside the wealth of information at the Kentucky Historical Society and discover state crash courses at
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 66: Here's to Ethnic Heritage

This episode's theme is Ethnic Heritage. Learn about your immigrant ancestors through church records, the National Archives of Norway, Czech and Slovak Genealogy courses and through ethnic value packs and eBooks.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 65: 4 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month

This month's theme is Family History Month. Learn how to convert old home videos, organize your genealogy, and how to use the site Tribal Pages. Plus: New section in Family Tree Magazine!
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 64: Geography and Genealogy

This month's theme is Genealogy and Geography. Learn how to trace your ancestral village, money-saving resources for genealogists, and how to add "local flavor" to your genealogy. Plus: National Preparedness Month.
Family Tree Magazine author

FTMP 63: 101 Best Websites 2013

This month's theme is 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2013. Learn about some of this year's best websites, including the Newberry Library,, and My Genealogy Hound. Plus: Become an Power User.
Family Tree Magazine author