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This show features our members-only content including bonus episodes, previews of new podcasts, and more. Hosted by .
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Members Only 38: Thoroughly Considered: Revealing a Secret Product

Myke encourages Tom and Dan to talk about a new Studio Neat product that is currently in development.

Members Only 37: Ungeniused: The Euthanasia Coaster

If you think roller coasters are scary, this podcast episode isn’t going to change your mind. The Euthanasia Coaster was designed to kill all of its passengers on a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

Members Only 36: Presentable: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Relay FM Redesign

A very special episode exclusively for Relay FM members. Presentable host Jeff Veen talks to Relay FM co-founder Stephen Hackett about the recent redesign of the network's website. They discuss the collaboration between designers and developers, the us...

Members Only 35: Query: The Big Questions

Stephen and Ren go back in time and discuss the biggest questions ever asked of Apple users.

Members Only 34: Clockwise/Download: 2017 Crossover Bonus

Dan and Mikah join Jason and Stephen to talk about four tech-adjacent topics in 30 minutes or less. Keep watching the download!

Members Only 33: Free Agents: When We're Not Working

David Sparks and Jason Snell spent their careers working for the establishment. Then one day they'd had enough... so they went out on their own as Free Agents. But they still make time to have fun. It's Free Agents Gone Wild!

Members Only 32: 2017 Co-Founders Q&A

Originally posted as a video on Myke's YouTube channel, this is the audio from he and Stephen's annual Q&A. Several people requested an audio version, so here it is! The link to the video version is below.

Members Only 31: Canvas: A Podcast About Podcasting

Fraser and Federico are joined by Canis from Wooji Juice - developer of Ferrite Recording Studio - to discuss podcast recording, editing and publishing on iOS.

Members Only 30: Liftoff: FaceTime with Vega

Jason introduces Stephen to the film *Contact.*

Members Only 29: Material: 2017 Bonus

It's that time of year, our special subscriber only episode is here! We'll try not to rhyme because we've heard where you come from that's a crime. We talk about phones before smart phones. We talk about feelings. We go all sorts of places. Strap in ki...

Members Only 28: Cortex/Upgrade: Spooky Manor

With Jason Snell resuming his role as the Snell-O-Tron, have Grey and Myke learned enough to safely make their way through... SPOOOOOOKY MAAAANNNOOORRRR?!

Members Only 27: Originality: The Origin of Ideas

Originality was created as a place to explore the hows, whys, and whens of creativity. Ultimately, it all boils down to one simple, ageless question: Where do ideas come from? If you've ever wondered, today's your lucky day! Our all-star list of contri...

Members Only 26: Mixed Feelings: The Wolf of Wall Street

After Gillian's summer working on Wall Street, she and Quinn watch the aggressive and outrageous movie The Wolf of Wall Street (and report on its real-life accuracy).

Members Only 25: Reconcilable Differences: Peak Idiot

For this special, members-only episode, John and Merlin are joined by their friends, [Alex Cox]( and [Max Temkin]( (_Recorded on Friday, August 11, 2017._)

Members Only 24: Mac Power Users: Ask Us Anything

To celebrate Relay's anniversary and thank our awesome members, David and Katie take a break from tech to answer our listener questions. Some are very deep and thoughtful, others - not so much.

Members Only 23: BONANZA: Cregslist

Looking for ways to spend money.

Members Only 22: The Pen Addict: Penquisitive 2

Myke once again dusts off the 'Inquisitive Favourite Album Series' to talk to Brad Dowdy about his favourite band, Joy Division.

Members Only 21: Analog(ue): Casey at the Cinema - Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

At Myke's request, Casey watches one of his favourite films, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Members Only 20: Roboism: Elon's Musk

Alex and Savannah are joined by hosts of Robot or Not Jason Snell and John Siracusa to play everyone's favorite game: Elon or Not.

Members Only 19: Connected: 2017 iPhone Homescreens

Per our annual tradition, we share our iPhone homescreens and brace for judgement.

Members Only 18: Demo: Query

Query is a new show from Serenity Caldwell and Stephen Hackett, debuting this month on Relay FM. On it, they provide simple answers for complex tech questions. Submit questions using the hashtag **#askquery** on Twitter!

Game 5, Round 1

How'd the Hawks fare on the road in game 5?
Byrnside author

Time to Make History

Hawks are tied 2-2 with Washington D.C. in Round 1.
Byrnside author

Members Only 17: Demo: Originality

Debuting in mid-May, Originality is a new podcast from Aleen Simms and K Tempest Bradford about where ideas come from. Creativity, inspiration and hard work have ill-defined boundaries, but through conversations with creators, Originality will get to t...

The End of the Regular Season

Hawks season is officially over and Playoffs are here.
Byrnside author

Hawks Take Down Cleveland in OT!

Hawks make it 3 in a row after beating Cleveland twice
Byrnside author

That Time the Bench Beat the Cavs

The Hawks not only beat the Celtics, but the bench beat the Cavs in the second half of a back-to-back
Byrnside author

Correcting the Ship

The injury plagued Hawks have finally put an end to the losing streak with 2 wins in a row.
Byrnside author

Hawks Make it Two in a Row!

Hawks take down the Mavs in a game that came down to the end.
Byrnside author

Hawks Win One in Boston!

The Hawks end their losing streak in a big way. Also, I love Dwight Howard!
Byrnside author

All Star Break

Hawks take it on the chin in LA before the All Star break.
Byrnside author

Undefeated in OT Games

The Hawks take another one, this time out West in Portland. Undefeated in overtime games, by the way.
Byrnside author

Bounce Back Game Against Denver

Hawks take one at home against Denver
Byrnside author

Hawks Fail to Rise Up

Hawks fall to Utah at home.
Byrnside author


Tim Hardaway Jr., had a monster game in Houston! Also...we played Miami.
Byrnside author

Four Overtimes?!

Hawks take another one after, yes, four overtimes!
Byrnside author

The Two Hottest Teams in the East

The Hawks and Wizards on Friday night wasn't quite the showdown we thought it would be.
Byrnside author

Hawks Steal One in Chicago

Hawks mount a pretty epic comeback as the Bulls imploded.
Byrnside author

Clippers Come to Town

Clippers come to town. How'd the Hawks do?
Byrnside author

Back-to-Back Weekend Wins

Hawks take down the Bulls and 76ers to land them 8 games above .500.
Byrnside author

One More For The Road

The Hawks take on Detroit in the final game of a quick road trip. We see some new faces and face life on the road.
Byrnside author

Thank You, Kyle!

It's the end of an era for the Atlanta Hawks as Kyle Korver is likely being traded to Cleveland. We love you, Kyle.
Byrnside author

Hawks Knock Off the Spurs in Overtime!

The Hawks take the San Antonio Spurs into Overtime and take one at home!
Byrnside author

My Plea to My Favorite Player, Kent Bazemore

The Hawks fall to the Orlando Magic. My recap and my plea to Kent Bazemore.
Byrnside author

Members Only 16: Demo: Mixed Feelings

Introducing Mixed Feelings: a show about news, politics, and pop culture, hosted by Quinn Rose and Gillian Parker. Every episode, your hosts talk about their favorite stories of the week ... and probably at least one random current event that has nothi...

Members Only 15: Rocket: All the Science Ladies

In this special bonus episode of rocket, Christina, Brianna, and Simone have picked five women who have left their marks on STEM fields. And some of them are still going! Join us to talk about the awesomeness of Grace Hopper, Hedy Lamarr, Margaret Hami...

Members Only 14: Disruption: Versus Rocket

For this special, members-only episode, Christina and Simone from Rocket take on Steve and Mikah in a Brianna-fueled explosion of Apple trivia. Can our intrepid hosts measure up to the Terminator of Apple knowledge herself?

Members Only 13: Under the Radar: Coffee

By popular request, David and Marco finally do the coffee episode: freshness, light vs. dark roasts, and brewing methods.

Members Only 12: The Pen Addict: Penquisitive

For this special members episode. Myke dusts off the 'Inquisitive _Favourite Album_ Series' to talk to Brad Dowdy about Slanted and Enchanted, by Pavement.

Members Only 11: Canvas: iPad or Bust with Ken Case

Fraser and Federico have a wide-ranging conversation with Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group about their "iPad or Bust" strategy to bring all their productivity apps to iOS.