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A weekly podcast discussing the business of great software products. Hosted by Ben Orenstein and a rotating panel of fellow developers and entrepreneurs, we delve deep behind the scenes of thoughtbot's SaaS products.

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A weekly podcast discussing the business of great software products. Hosted by Ben Orenstein and a rotating panel of fellow developers and entrepreneurs, we delve deep behind the scenes of thoughtbot's SaaS products.
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331: Deep Industry Expertise (Courtney & Tye Caldwell)

Courtney & Tye Caldwell, Co-founders of ShearShare, discuss their journey from salon owners to startup founders, defining an MVP and maintaining a narrow focus for your product. ShearShare Mentored by Failure- Tye Caldwell ShearShare Simplifying F...
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330: There's So Much Potential (Tess Posner)

Tess Posner, CEO of AI4ALL, gives an overview of the field of AI and discusses representation in AI careers, the ramifications of not having diversity in tech, the role of allies, and the future of work.
thoughtbot author

329: The Detail Stuff (Jon Werner)

Jon Werner, CEO & Co-Founder of KOYA Innovations, discusses running a startup with his family, protecting one's intellectual property, the importance of forethought, and developing a platform for kindness.
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328: Reliability First (Rob Zuber)

Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI, discusses prioritizing product direction, scaling, slow iteration to introduce major changes, and what's next for the platform.
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327: Lead By Listening (Kate Brigham)

Kate Brigham, VP of Product, Design, & Research at ezCater, discusses organizational design, roadmaps, user-research, designing to solve the needs of several groups at once, and, as a leader, empowering others to solve problems.
thoughtbot author

326: Building the Whole Landscape (Morgan Evans)

Morgan Evans, organizational designer and CEO & Founder of Business Casual, discusses developing systems to holistically design a company, building a culture that is receptive to feedback, conflict mediation, acknowledging emotions while at work, a...
thoughtbot author

325: Wallet-Power (Vanessa Bruce)

Vanessa Bruce, co-founder of Dough, discusses affecting change through individual purchase-power, how she handles context-switching, choosing a platform to optimize for content creation, the challenge of visibility, and the decision to launch nationall...
thoughtbot author

324: Tap the Market (Karyl Fowler)

Karyl Fowler, CEO & Co-founder of Transmute, discusses utilizing block chain for decentralized identity-management, exploring finding the right customer profile fits, education around data-security, her time at Techstars, and the startup community ...
thoughtbot author

323: Mission Focused (Kristy Wallace)

Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network, discusses cross-industry community building, utilizing tech to facilitate connections, scaling without losing personal impact, and becoming a certified B Corp.
thoughtbot author

322: Measure Equity (Paloma Medina)

Paloma Medina, performance coach, trainer, and owner of 11:11 Supply, discusses translating her brick & mortar store experience to an online shop, the themes around her coaching, design thinking, and how equity is linked to our long-term physical h...
thoughtbot author

321: Building a Marketplace (Stefania Mallet)

Stefania Mallet, CEO and co-founder of ezCater, discusses non-compete agreements, maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, codifying values, advice on building a marketplace, and the nuances of expanding globally.
thoughtbot author

320: Lead Through Collaboration (Harold Hughes)

Harold Hughes, Founder & CEO of Bandwagon, discusses utilizing blockchain for security and personalization in event ticketing, data-transparency, his key to entrepreneurship, the importance of investment firms funding underrepresented groups, and s...
thoughtbot author

319: Beyond Purpose (Bruce Daisley)

Bruce Daisley, VP EMEA at Twitter, discusses the international focus of Twitter, the importance of psychological-safety on workplace culture, diversity & striving for fulfillment for all workers, and fleeting happiness vs enduring purpose.
thoughtbot author

318: Scaling With People (Chris Sullens)

Chris Sullens, CEO of CentralReach, discusses needing to be cognizant of company culture while introducing new systems and a management team, the difficult task of hiring for culture, and how technology can help shape the future of ABA therapy.
thoughtbot author

317: About Fulfillment (Ben Furber)

Ben Furber, Developer at thoughtbot London, presents a panel discussion around striving for professional fulfillment, as individuals, managers, and organizations.
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316: A Completely Orthogonal Skillset (Lara Hogan)

Lara Hogan, co-founder of Wherewithall, discusses finding her ideal job coaching and mentoring, evaluating for management alignment, what makes for a strong manager, the value of role-play, constructive feedback, and her upcoming book, "Resilient Manag...
thoughtbot author

315: I'm Not a CPA, I Just Play One On Podcasts (Scott Orn)

Scott Orn, COO of Kruze Consulting, talks about podcasting, early stage pain-points, favorite tools, the trade-offs of remote work, and last minute tax-day advice for startups.
thoughtbot author

314: Streamlined and Thoughtful (Chelsea Moore)

Chelsea Moore, co-founder & CEO of BoxFox, discusses quickly going from idea to launch while doing everything from design to fulfillment in-house, their approach to growth, learning to say 'no', letting branding & social media evolve from itsel...
thoughtbot author

313: I Just Want to Get There (Art Papas)

Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn, discusses the business of temporary staffing, the danger of doing a marketing push before finding product market fit, focusing early on culture, adjusting to his role as CEO, communication techniques for company-wide messagi...
thoughtbot author

312: Seeking Strengths (Gareth Burrowes)

Gareth Burrowes, Co-Founder & Head of Product and Marketing at The Tech Connection, discusses employment screening focused on candidate strengths, removing unconscious bias from the hiring flow, and the importance of diversity at every level of a c...
thoughtbot author

311: Serving Serverless (Erica Windisch)

Erica Windisch, CTO and co-founder of IOpipe, discusses serverless architecture and how it can provide a clearer user-interaction story, the state of automatic code generation, and her experience in Techstars.
thoughtbot author

310: Have a Slide For That (Alec Stern)

Alec Stern, startup founder, entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and advisor, discusses founding Constant Contact, the early days of SaaS, the importance and utilization of 'channels', and pursuing customer feedback.
thoughtbot author

309: Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast (Jamie Howard)

Jamie Howard, Director of Engineering at TransLoc, discusses hiring, solutions-driven engineering, leadership in the military vs the private sector, and Agile methodology.
thoughtbot author

308: Technology is Everywhere (Siobhan Green)

Siobhan Green, co-founder & CEO of Sonjara, discusses finding good tech solutions for organizations in the social-benefit space and developing countries, merging her passions for tech and international development, GDPR, and the ethics and security...
thoughtbot author

307: Win in the Long Term (Mike McDerment)

Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, discusses reimagining the platform with a system-wide A-B test, experiences with scaling, the value of customer service, and the art/science of change.
thoughtbot author

306: Solving a Specific Problem (Ellen Chisa)

Ellen Chisa, CEO and cofounder of Dark, discusses building a complete programming platform from scratch, the benefits of a private beta, and making programming more accessible.
thoughtbot author

305: You're Never Done (Ben McRedmond)

Ben McRedmond, CEO of Consider, discusses his time as Senior Director of Growth at Intercom, teases his plans for fixing email, and discusses the importance & difficulty of product validation.
thoughtbot author

304: Intentional Soul-Searching (Natalie Nagele)

Natalie Nagele, Co-founder and CEO of Wildbit, discusses product updates, operating with more meaning and purpose, user research, bootstrap vs VC funding, and experiments in productivity (like a 4-day work week, turning off Slack, and strategies for re...
thoughtbot author

303: Building Something Special (Margaret McKenna)

Margaret McKenna, Software Engineer at Devoted Health, discusses joining a team based on their mission, building systems from scratch, and evolution on a new, rapidly growing team.
thoughtbot author

302: What Stage Are We In? (Sam Clemens)

Sam Clemens, Partner at Accomplice VC, discusses utilizing his product experience to nurture new companies, advice for where businesses should focus in various stages of growth, what should really be in an MVP, and his feelings around leaving a company...
thoughtbot author

301: Projection & Prediction (Aatish Salvi)

Aatish Salvi, CTO of Teikametrics, discusses building a service for 3rd party Amazon sellers using data science, being wary of pre-mature optimization, integrating data engineering research into the team, and working with Amazon as both a partner and a...
thoughtbot author

300: More Useable Information (Jennifer Lum)

Jennifer Lum, COO and co-founder of, discusses building a company and platform that transforms unstructured information into machine-readable data in real-time, avoiding biases in data collection, and evolving & defining company values as ...
thoughtbot author

299: High-Touch (Millie Blackwell)

Millie Blackwell, President & Co-founder of Showcase Workshop, discusses differences in business culture between California and New Zealand, pursuing tablets as a business tool early in the lifespan of the iPad, experimenting with SaaS pricing, and...
thoughtbot author

298: Doing Right is Scalable (DJ Patil)

DJ Patil, Head of Technology at Devoted Health, discusses his time as the U.S. Chief Data Scientist, scaling healthcare to meet modern data demands, and the process of architecting a health care company.
thoughtbot author

297: Go Deep (David Kloba & Rob Meinhardt)

David Kloba & Rob Meinhardt, Co-Founders of Furious Collective, discuss the mindset and methodology of their venture production studio, recount their adventures over the past year of growing FormKeep after having acquired it from thoughtbot, and of...
thoughtbot author

296: Stay Close to Your Users (Andrew Bialecki)

Andrew Bialecki, CEO of Klaviyo, discusses building systems to process and get insight from business' data, scaling personality and humanity to mass communication, and translating customer feedback into concrete product improvement. Plus, the debut of ...
thoughtbot author

295: Follow Your Passion (Jonathan Kim)

Jonathan Kim, CEO of Appcues, discusses building better onboarding and personalization to apps, starting a company as a solo founder, lessons learned from his time in journalism, and core culture values.
thoughtbot author

294: From a Place of Sharing (Chris Toomey)

In this special crossover episode, Chad is joined by Chris Toomey, Development Director at thoughtbot and host of The Bike Shed podcast, to discuss the content, history, and the process of making Upcase, thoughtbot's online learning platform, FREE.
thoughtbot author

293: Advertising as a Service (Sandra Richter)

Sandra Richter, Co-founder and CEO of Soofa, talks about redefining the infrastructure of out of home advertising, purpose vs business motivation, and learning from setbacks.
thoughtbot author

292: MVP-ing the Sales Process (Lindsey Christensen)

Lindsey Christensen, VP of Marketing at thoughtbot, discusses shaping thoughtbot's marketing strategy, team, and future.
thoughtbot author

291: Intrapreneurial Streak (Heena Purohit)

Heena Purohit, Product Manager of IBM Watson IoT, discusses how they are tailoring custom solutions with IoT data, building business acumen for better product managing, and iterating at scale.
thoughtbot author

290: Usage Native (Mike Trotzke)

Mike Trotzke, CEO of Cheddar, talks about the future of billing models, when is the right time to do seed investing, and finding your value pricing metric.
thoughtbot author

289: Capture Community Early (Jameson Toole)

Jameson Toole, founder of Fritz, discusses AI & Machine Learning on mobile, the process & ideology of launching a product from scratch, and the business of developer tools.
thoughtbot author

288: Pursuing Customer Delight (Yoav Shapira)

Yoav Shapira, an Engineering Manager at Facebook with a long history in Boston startups, discusses early technology choices for startups, balancing product needs/wants with technical limitations, the role of Capital-D 'Design', and common startup advic...
thoughtbot author

287: Disruptive, Exponentially-Innovative, 10x Videos (Sarah Cooper)

Sarah Cooper, comedian, speaker, and author of "100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings", joins Chad to discuss management burnout, the creative process, and her latest book.
thoughtbot author

286: A Million Boxes at a Time (Stephan Ango)

Stephan Ango, Co-founder and Head of Product at Lumi, discusses merging creative and scientific mindsets in industrial design, the logistics of packaging, developing custom solutions by slowly replacing 3rd party tools, and building your ideal culture ...
thoughtbot author

285: Deep Counting (Jerry Talton)

Jerry Talton, leader of the Machine-Learning Services team at Slack, talks about picking up after a failed startup, design-thinking for machine learning, and important lessons from managing.
thoughtbot author

284: Bringing Vision to Robots (Clara Vu)

Clara Vu, co-founder & VP of Engineering of Veo Robotics, shares her story getting into the world of robotics, designing perception systems for industrial robots, and 'First-Principles Thinking' in all aspects of business.
thoughtbot author

283: Overcoming Awkward Data (Joe Ferris)

Joe Ferris, CTO of thoughtbot, joins Chad to discuss Data Engineering, what it is, when you need it, and some of the challenges thoughtbot has faced while using it.
thoughtbot author

282: Robot as a Platform (Tim Enwall)

Tim Enwall, CEO of Misty Robotics, discusses designing, building, and selling a fully autonomous robot for developers.
thoughtbot author