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A weekly podcast discussing the business of great software products. Hosted by Ben Orenstein and a rotating panel of fellow developers and entrepreneurs, we delve deep behind the scenes of thoughtbot's SaaS products.

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A weekly podcast discussing the business of great software products. Hosted by Ben Orenstein and a rotating panel of fellow developers and entrepreneurs, we delve deep behind the scenes of thoughtbot's SaaS products.
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308: Technology is Everywhere (Siobhan Green)

Siobhan Green, co-founder & CEO of Sonjara, discusses finding good tech solutions for organizations in the social-benefit space and developing countries, merging her passions for tech and international development, GDPR, and the ethics and security...
thoughtbot author

307: Win in the Long Term (Mike McDerment)

Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, discusses reimagining the platform with a system-wide A-B test, experiences with scaling, the value of customer service, and the art/science of change.
thoughtbot author

306: Solving a Specific Problem (Ellen Chisa)

Ellen Chisa, CEO and cofounder of Dark, discusses building a complete programming platform from scratch, the benefits of a private beta, and making programming more accessible.
thoughtbot author

305: You're Never Done (Ben McRedmond)

Ben McRedmond, CEO of Consider, discusses his time as Senior Director of Growth at Intercom, teases his plans for fixing email, and discusses the importance & difficulty of product validation.
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304: Intentional Soul-Searching (Natalie Nagele)

Natalie Nagele, Co-founder and CEO of Wildbit, discusses product updates, operating with more meaning and purpose, user research, bootstrap vs VC funding, and experiments in productivity (like a 4-day work week, turning off Slack, and strategies for re...
thoughtbot author

303: Building Something Special (Margaret McKenna)

Margaret McKenna, Software Engineer at Devoted Health, discusses joining a team based on their mission, building systems from scratch, and evolution on a new, rapidly growing team.
thoughtbot author

302: What Stage Are We In? (Sam Clemens)

Sam Clemens, Partner at Accomplice VC, discusses utilizing his product experience to nurture new companies, advice for where businesses should focus in various stages of growth, what should really be in an MVP, and his feelings around leaving a company...
thoughtbot author

301: Projection & Prediction (Aatish Salvi)

Aatish Salvi, CTO of Teikametrics, discusses building a service for 3rd party Amazon sellers using data science, being wary of pre-mature optimization, integrating data engineering research into the team, and working with Amazon as both a partner and a...
thoughtbot author

300: More Useable Information (Jennifer Lum)

Jennifer Lum, COO and co-founder of, discusses building a company and platform that transforms unstructured information into machine-readable data in real-time, avoiding biases in data collection, and evolving & defining company values as ...
thoughtbot author

299: High-Touch (Millie Blackwell)

Millie Blackwell, President & Co-founder of Showcase Workshop, discusses differences in business culture between California and New Zealand, pursuing tablets as a business tool early in the lifespan of the iPad, experimenting with SaaS pricing, and...
thoughtbot author

298: Doing Right is Scalable (DJ Patil)

DJ Patil, Head of Technology at Devoted Health, discusses his time as the U.S. Chief Data Scientist, scaling healthcare to meet modern data demands, and the process of architecting a health care company.
thoughtbot author

297: Go Deep (David Kloba & Rob Meinhardt)

David Kloba & Rob Meinhardt, Co-Founders of Furious Collective, discuss the mindset and methodology of their venture production studio, recount their adventures over the past year of growing FormKeep after having acquired it from thoughtbot, and of...
thoughtbot author

296: Stay Close to Your Users (Andrew Bialecki)

Andrew Bialecki, CEO of Klaviyo, discusses building systems to process and get insight from business' data, scaling personality and humanity to mass communication, and translating customer feedback into concrete product improvement. Plus, the debut of ...
thoughtbot author

295: Follow Your Passion (Jonathan Kim)

Jonathan Kim, CEO of Appcues, discusses building better onboarding and personalization to apps, starting a company as a solo founder, lessons learned from his time in journalism, and core culture values.
thoughtbot author

294: From a Place of Sharing (Chris Toomey)

In this special crossover episode, Chad is joined by Chris Toomey, Development Director at thoughtbot and host of The Bike Shed podcast, to discuss the content, history, and the process of making Upcase, thoughtbot's online learning platform, FREE.
thoughtbot author

293: Advertising as a Service (Sandra Richter)

Sandra Richter, Co-founder and CEO of Soofa, talks about redefining the infrastructure of out of home advertising, purpose vs business motivation, and learning from setbacks.
thoughtbot author

292: MVP-ing the Sales Process (Lindsey Christensen)

Lindsey Christensen, VP of Marketing at thoughtbot, discusses shaping thoughtbot's marketing strategy, team, and future.
thoughtbot author

291: Intrapreneurial Streak (Heena Purohit)

Heena Purohit, Product Manager of IBM Watson IoT, discusses how they are tailoring custom solutions with IoT data, building business acumen for better product managing, and iterating at scale.
thoughtbot author

290: Usage Native (Mike Trotzke)

Mike Trotzke, CEO of Cheddar, talks about the future of billing models, when is the right time to do seed investing, and finding your value pricing metric.
thoughtbot author

289: Capture Community Early (Jameson Toole)

Jameson Toole, founder of Fritz, discusses AI & Machine Learning on mobile, the process & ideology of launching a product from scratch, and the business of developer tools.
thoughtbot author

288: Pursuing Customer Delight (Yoav Shapira)

Yoav Shapira, an Engineering Manager at Facebook with a long history in Boston startups, discusses early technology choices for startups, balancing product needs/wants with technical limitations, the role of Capital-D 'Design', and common startup advic...
thoughtbot author

287: Disruptive, Exponentially-Innovative, 10x Videos (Sarah Cooper)

Sarah Cooper, comedian, speaker, and author of "100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings", joins Chad to discuss management burnout, the creative process, and her latest book.
thoughtbot author

286: A Million Boxes at a Time (Stephan Ango)

Stephan Ango, Co-founder and Head of Product at Lumi, discusses merging creative and scientific mindsets in industrial design, the logistics of packaging, developing custom solutions by slowly replacing 3rd party tools, and building your ideal culture ...
thoughtbot author

285: Deep Counting (Jerry Talton)

Jerry Talton, leader of the Machine-Learning Services team at Slack, talks about picking up after a failed startup, design-thinking for machine learning, and important lessons from managing.
thoughtbot author

284: Bringing Vision to Robots (Clara Vu)

Clara Vu, co-founder & VP of Engineering of Veo Robotics, shares her story getting into the world of robotics, designing perception systems for industrial robots, and 'First-Principles Thinking' in all aspects of business.
thoughtbot author

283: Overcoming Awkward Data (Joe Ferris)

Joe Ferris, CTO of thoughtbot, joins Chad to discuss Data Engineering, what it is, when you need it, and some of the challenges thoughtbot has faced while using it.
thoughtbot author

282: Robot as a Platform (Tim Enwall)

Tim Enwall, CEO of Misty Robotics, discusses designing, building, and selling a fully autonomous robot for developers.
thoughtbot author

281: Reconnecting With Development (Robby Russell)

Robby Russell, VP of Engineering & Partner at Planet Argon, discusses considering remote work for an agency, strategies for leading a dev team, defining focus for an agency, and the results of the 2018 Rails Hosting Survey.
thoughtbot author

280: Design at the Program Layer (Greg Storey)

Greg Storey, founder of Airbag Industries & Executive Director of Design at USAA, discusses the blurring of personal and company identity, helming a budding design group, "safe agile", what it means for design to 'have a seat at the table', and sus...
thoughtbot author

279: Building a Lifelong Brand (Alex Friedman)

Alex Friedman, co-founder of LOLA, discusses overcoming stigma, launching new products, measuring success, and brand values.
thoughtbot author

278: The 'Lights On' Moment (Sam Moorhouse)

Sam Moorhouse, creator of Global Code, discusses the importance of mentorship and how he established a software engineering summer education program in Ghana.
thoughtbot author

277: How Do We Work Together? (Michael Sheeley)

Michael Sheeley, former co-founder of Runkeeper, talks about his struggles with scaling, experimentation with prices, finding ways to connect and work together as a larger society, and innovation in health care.
thoughtbot author

276: Enable and Serve (Chris Heivly)

Chris Heivly, author & entrepreneur in residence at Techstars, discusses the early days of MapQuest, Raleigh as a burgeoning tech city, and building up new tech communities.
thoughtbot author

275: Galvanizing Focus (Paul English)

Paul English, co-founder of Lola, discusses what it means to be a good brand, transitioning from a tech foundry to a single-product focus, lessons learned from having launched multiple companies, and his approaches to competition & success.
thoughtbot author

274: Providing Value (Ram V. Iyer)

Ram V. Iyer, Business Thinker & Professional Business Mentor at The Business Thinking Institute, discusses his internalization of business success/failure, having a 'business thinking' mindset, and distinguishing oneself through the value you can c...
thoughtbot author

273: Showcase Your Value (Nilan Peiris)

Nilan Peiris, VP of Growth at TransferWise, discusses growth sources, handling failure, studying user evangelism, launching in a new market, and scaling globally.
thoughtbot author

272: Grown-Up App Development (Dermot Daly)

Dermot Daly, founder and CEO of Tapadoo, discusses being a developer early in the iOS ecosystem while differentiating themselves now as it's become a more crowded market-space, building your ideal company, and developing apps for med-tech devices.
thoughtbot author

271: Being a Good Manager (Camille Fournier)

Camille Fournier, author, speaker, and Managing Director at Two Sigma, discusses her path from Director of Infrastructure Engineering to CTO, lessons learned from tech team management, and the importance of defining core-values.
thoughtbot author

270: How's Work Lately? (Jennifer Dary)

Jennifer Dary, founder of Plucky, discusses purpose, process, longevity, relationships, and trust by turning the tables and giving Chad a corporate counseling session.
thoughtbot author

269: Human to Human Connection (David Cancel)

David Cancel, CEO & Co-founder of Drift, discusses bringing the personal touch back to sales through conversational marketing, validating an idea, competition, and differentiating yourself through communication & marketing.
thoughtbot author

268: Present and Effective (Adam Marchick)

Adam Marchick, CEO & co-founder of Alpine AI, discusses pioneering vocal analytics, making a better experience for digital commerce on vocal platforms, and operating in an early stage market.
thoughtbot author

267: Familiar With the Market (Sara Tateno)

Sara Tateno, founder and CEO of Happity, shares her journey from BBC Radio, to coding bootcamp, to startup founder.
thoughtbot author

266: Destination Driven (Ernesto Moreno)

Ernesto Moreno, business coach, entrepreneur, & restaurateur, joins Chad to discuss transforming a restaurant using lean methodology, focusing on your strengths, and finding creativity in running a business.
thoughtbot author

265: Loosening My Hold (Tracy Osborn)

Tracy Osborn, author and the creator of WeddingLovely, joins Chad to talk about juggling projects, redefining your core customer base, the feeling of giving up control when hiring, and publishing via Kickstarter.
thoughtbot author

264: Having a Realistic Mindset (Allen Pike)

Chad discusses reflection & goal planning, the scope of internal projects, and balancing time & team structure for both client & product work with Allen Pike, CEO & co-founder of Steamclock Software.
thoughtbot author

263: The Stuff of Science Fiction (George Brocklehurst)

Chad is joined by George Brocklehurst, development director of thoughtbot NYC, to discuss the methodologies, tools, and use cases in working with machine learning.
thoughtbot author

262: The Thought Behind the Bot

In 2003, five friends came together to form thoughtbot. In this special episode, we take a look back on the founding of thoughtbot, and it's first years, told from the perspective of the original founders and early partners. From their first meeting in...
thoughtbot author

261: A Human Future (Pamela Pavliscak)

Chad is joined by Pamela Pavliscak, founder of Change Sciences, about human-centered design thinking, and incorporating well-being & ethics as a measure of success.
thoughtbot author

260: Treating Yourself Like a Business (Andrew Carroll)

Chad is joined by Andrew Carroll, CPA and independent CFO, to discuss how the new tax regulations will affect freelancers, small business, & solopreneurs.
thoughtbot author

259: Carve Your Own Story (Curtis Herbert)

Chad is joined by Curtis Herbert, independent app developer and creator of Slopes, to discuss balancing client and product work, the pros & cons of a seasonal app, the importance of outreach, and experimenting with non-traditional business models.
thoughtbot author