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A technology podcast from Apple geeks Dan Moren, John Moltz, and Lex Friedman.
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226: The Rerebound

Ming-Chi Kuo says there's a lot of stuff coming this year: Huawei is accused of doing some sketchy stuff:
The Rebound author

225: Now We Play Putt-Putt For Real Money!

Amazon buys Eero: Kashmir Hill on cutting the big five tech companies out of her life for a week: Apple names ...
The Rebound author

224: I’m Voting for Number 9

Lex is enjoying "Russian Doll": "Travelers", a show the three of us enjoyed, has been canceled, but it did get sort of a finale:
The Rebound author

223: A Whole Cajoodle of SKUs

There's a bad bug in FaceTime Group Calls but Apple has taken down the service since our recording pending a bug fix: John Gruber on Apple's potential plans for a s...
The Rebound author

222: This Is What You Get When You Have My Full Attention

Lex has a bunch of stuff from Control4 installed in his home theater setup: We discuss the Black Mirror choose your own adventure-style episode "Bandersnatch"": Apple was sel...
The Rebound author

221: It Not You, It Wi-Fi

John Gruber on Apple's battery replacement program and its effect on Apple's earnings miss: Apple may ship a new iPod touch with a USB-C port: https://www.macrumor...
The Rebound author

220: Timsplaining

Ben Thompson on Apple's revised quarterly guidance: An iTunes app is coming to Samsung TVs: WHO WANTS LINUX ON THEIR IP...
The Rebound author

219: Gategate

Apple says bending iPad Pros are just fine: The iPhone XR accounted for 32 percent of iPhone sales in November:
The Rebound author

218: Amazon Music in the Streets…

A 3D printed face fooled Android face detection: The Apple Music account tweeted from an Android phone: Lex is a fan of...
The Rebound author

217: Burgeoning Ninja Problem

Dan got a pair of TaoTronics but has a problem with them: The HomePod is on sale: Qualcomm won a ban on iPhones in China: https://www...
The Rebound author

216: Frog Content

Apple presents its Best of 2018: Apple Music comes to the Amazon Echo: Lex recommends Jackbox Games: https://jackb...
The Rebound author

215: It's 3am In Scotland

Apple's Black Friday sales this year were four days of meh: Giving us yet another reason to love him, the president suggests he might put tariffs on Apple devices made in China: https...
The Rebound author

214: Go to the Apple Store Today

Lex wants a Switch for his birthday: Moltz recommends Breath of the Wild because duh: And SnipperClips for playing with the kids: htt...
The Rebound author

213: Yacht Vacuuming

Lex bought an Echo Spot and Moltz says good luck with that: Some users have had to reset their Apple IDs: https:...
The Rebound author

212: Serf Culture

Marco Arment's review of the 2018 Mac mini: John Gruber's review of the 2018 MacBook Air: Gruber's commentary on Dan Frakes's move to App...
The Rebound author

211: My Virtual Finger

Apple announced new MacBook Airs and Mac minis: And new iPads: Jason Snell's thoughts on the event: https://sixcolor...
The Rebound author

210: News Aggravator

John Gruber's iPhone XR review: Mike Hurley's iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 photo comparison: Apple's October 30th event invitations were unique: ...
The Rebound author

209: You’re Too Damn Handsome

Dan is curious about the new AirPlay 2 speakers from Libratone: Steve Troughton-Smith is making some cool Watch faces: Yves Luther explains...
The Rebound author

208: Lexit

Google's Pixel 3 event announcements: Facebook Portal? No, thanks:
The Rebound author

207: That’s a Life Hack, Friends

Behold the woozy face emoji: Anyway, we're getting some new emoji in iOS 12.1: Dan's photo with his iPhone XS: https...
The Rebound author

206: Mojave Love

The one thing we're enjoying about Mojave is dynamic desktop: Slate looks at Apple News: Google announ...
The Rebound author

205: Six Million Ham Sandwiches

Apple updated all the wares that are soft and shipped Shortcuts for iOS. Here's the user guide: John Gruber's thoughts on the iPhone XS and the camera:
The Rebound author

204: The iPhone SB

Apple had an event where it announced some things: Jason Perlow on how the Apple Watch saved his life:
The Rebound author

203: Get Bent

9to5Mac obtained pictures of the upcoming iPhones: And the new Apple Watch: Brent ...
The Rebound author

202: Sweet Moltz Money

Apple will be shipping something like 86 phones this fall so analysts expect them to sell a lot of phones: A shout out to Panic's Prompt: This year's iPhone...
The Rebound author

201: My Best Day of Exercise in Four Years

Are a "low-cost" MacBook Air and a pro Mac mini coming? Nvidia is releasing new cards:
The Rebound author

200: 200th Episode Spooktacular

Moltz will be participating in DeactiDay: Did you know Moltz and Lex do another podcast? It's true: Apple removes Group Facetime from ...
The Rebound author

199: True Death Camera

Apple is the first company to hit a valuation of $1 trillion: Lex recalls the Encyclopedia Britannica kid: Pick o' the wee...
The Rebound author

198: Troubleshooting with Doctors Moltz and Moren

Lex likes his Eero setup (former advertiser): Apple fixed the issue with the 2018 MacBook Pros: As we predict on this episode, Apple mad...
The Rebound author

197: 20 Minutes From Now

We discuss the i9 and predict that news will break about it 20 minutes after the podcast is over and THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED ARE WE THE LATHE OF HEAVEN:
The Rebound author

196: Lil Tension

PRIME DAY!!! had some troubles: Apple updated the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: C...
The Rebound author

195: I'm Doing It Wrong

AgileBits denies Apple is in talks to acquire the maker of 1Password: Apple is rumored to be shipping new iPhone colors in the fall:
The Rebound author

194: Nothing But The Net

Apple is switching to its own base maps for Apple Maps: FaceID may be coming to the iPad: ...
The Rebound author

193: Be the Memoji You Want to Be

Public betas are out! iOS 12: macOS Mojave: Apple announced MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard service program:
The Rebound author

192: They Can’t Make Something Out of Nothing

Rogue Amoeba's Quentin Carnicelli on the state of Mac hardware: John Gruber on adding a trackpad to the iPad:
The Rebound author

191: Memoji Emergency!

Stephen Hackett on macOS Mojave's Dark Mode: Goodbye iBooks, hello Books: Lex and Dan talk ab...
The Rebound author

190: I Don’t Have Thirty Friends!

The Six Color's liveblog from the WWDC Keynote: Apple announced Siri Shortcuts at WWDC: Daniel Jalkut o...
The Rebound author

189: Nobody Lets Me Name Anything

iOS 11.4 brings AirPlay 2.0 to the HomePod. FINALLY. ZOMG THE ECHO SENT A BUNCH OF RECORDINGS but it kinda did what it was supposed to do: https:/...
The Rebound author

188: A Power Move

The FBI over-counted the number of smartphones in criminal investigations it was unable to unlock by... a lot: Apple is taking ...
The Rebound author

187: Sittin’ Here With a Bunch of Jazz

Just like the rumors, Dan and Moltz are conflicted over the iPhone SE2: Apple is being hit with a class action suit over the MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards: https://www.macr...
The Rebound author

186: I Enjoy Setting Up Routers

Apple wins a patent for a round Watch face: iOS 13 is rumored to have an iPad focus: The iMac turned 20:
The Rebound author

185: So Many Results

Apple Insider's look at MacBook Pro keyboard reliability: John Gruber on Marzipan, Apple's supposed cross-platform development ...
The Rebound author

184: If You Give A Monkey A Copyright

Amazon will now deliver to the trunk of your car because, sure, why not: SmugMug buys Flickr: Sorry...
The Rebound author

183: A Smith Corona Tagline

Apple takes leakers pretty seriously: Spotify and Hulu bundle their services together:
The Rebound author

182: How Computer Work

Apparently the HomePod isn't selling like homecakes: Worried about Siri's performance? Don't. She has all knew jokes: https://www.macrumor...
The Rebound author

181: 2 High 2 Sierra

Matthew Panzarino sat down with some Apple execs to talk about the upcoming Mac Pro: Making the Touch Bar useful requires a lot of fiddling:
The Rebound author

180: We're Betting Hugs

We discuss what was announced at Apple's Field Trip event this week: Students got a bump in iCloud storage, but not the rest of us:
The Rebound author

179: Don't Tell God

Facebook is a hot mess: A self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian:
The Rebound author

178: You Must Flip It

The Fitbit Versa probably won't beat the Apple Watch: Apple has acquired the newsstand app Texture:
The Rebound author

177: Light Zippo

An interesting story about thieves trying to access the iCloud account using a stolen iPhone: Are rumors of the death of the MacBook Air greatly exaggerated?
The Rebound author