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If you like intriguing true stories from science, history, and psychology, this audiobook-like adaptation of DamnInteresting.com ought to tickle your fancy.

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The audio side of DamnInteresting.com: Legitimately intriguing true stories from history, science, and psychology. Audiobook-like narration with sound effects and music.
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12.09.2019 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-049- Dead Reckoning

The 18th century misadventures of HMS Wager and her reluctant crew
Damn Interesting author
2.09.2019 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-048- The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi

The little known story of an age-old scam
Damn Interesting author
15.04.2019 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-047- The Most Modern Of Modern Sports

The secret runaway success of Kenneth Gandar-Dower’s racing cheetahs.
Damn Interesting author
5.11.2018 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-046- A Debaculous Fiasco

The most expensive, bizarre, and obscure work ever created by Dr. Seuss.
Damn Interesting author
30.07.2018 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-045- Drawing The Shorter Straw

Working almost single-handedly, visionary Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani created full-length animated films between 1917 and 1931. He has since been all but forgotten.
Damn Interesting author
2.05.2018 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-044- The Curse Of Konzo

In 1981, an international group of doctors identified the devastating disease behind a perplexing outbreak of paralysis in northern Mozambique.
Damn Interesting author
30.03.2018 http://www.damninteresting.net/podcast/cardboard.jpg

-043- A Jarring Revelation

Amanda Theodosia Jones was a 19th-century poet, entrepreneur, and inventor who found inspiration in some unlikely places.
Damn Interesting author

-042- Death By Derivatives

The opening of a canal in 1848 led to the birth of modern financial derivatives, and the early demise of some of the men who traded them
Damn Interesting author

-041- Ghoulish Acts & Dastardly Deeds

In the 1950s, an anonymous terrorist planted a pipe bomb in a New York City public space. Then another. And another.
Damn Interesting author

-40- No Country For Ye Olde Men

Britain’s practice of transporting convicts to American colonies was a fearsome punishment, but not for the chronic criminal James Dalton.
Damn Interesting author

-039- Fire And Dice

The story of a tragic hotel fire of Rube Goldberg proportions.
Damn Interesting author

-038- The Reconstruction of Ulysses S. Grant

As a civilian, the beloved American Civil War general and two-term president failed at every attempt to make money. Except for one.
Damn Interesting author

-037- The Greatest Baroque Composer Never Known

A 300-year-old hunt for the unsung hero of Salzburg.
Damn Interesting author

-036- Foreign Exchanges

He made a name for himself organizing the world’s most important economic conference, only to have it tarnished by an outrageous accusation.
Damn Interesting author

-035- Starving For Answers

During WWII, 36 American conscientious objectors volunteered as subjects in a brutal science experiment to measure the body's response to starvation.
Damn Interesting author

-034- Ten Minutes In Lituya Bay

A remote bay in Alaska is home to an odd and occasionally catastrophic geology. In 1958, a handful of people experienced this firsthand.
Damn Interesting author

-033- The King's Letters

The 15th-century scholar who upset the Korean aristocracy by creating a native script for the Korean language, and thus wean it off Chinese characters.
Damn Interesting author

-032- Mobilis In Mobili

A 1930s effort to reach the Earth's northernmost point via antiquated submarine.
Damn Interesting author

-031- Into The Bewilderness

Charles Waterton was a pioneer of conservation. He was also extremely nutty, in ways that suggest he may have over-identified with his animal subjects.
Damn Interesting author

-030- Colonels Of Truth

The tumultuous true story of the life of a fast food icon.
Damn Interesting author

-029- 89, 263, 201, 500, 337, 480

The story of the Beale Ciphers; a set of three encrypted notes from the nineteenth century purportedly describing the location of hidden treasure. Only one has been deciphered.
Damn Interesting author

-028- The Japanese Art of Self Preservation

On the ancient Japanese Buddhist practice of self-mummification.
Damn Interesting author

-027- Faxes From The Far Side

-027- Faxes From The Far Side by Damn Interesting
Damn Interesting author

-026- The Petticoat Rebellion Of 1916

When women in a poorly administered Oregon town hacked an election in order to repair the town's problems.
Damn Interesting author

The First Ten Years

A happy-tenth-birthday-to-us retrospective.
Damn Interesting author

-025- Up In The Air

As night fell over the East German town of Pössneck on the evening of 14 September 1979, most of the town's citizens were busy getting ready for bed. But not Günter Wetzel. The mason was in his attic, hunched over an old motor-driven sewing machine, de...
Damn Interesting author

-024- The Zero Armed Bandit

"I don’t think it belongs here." Such was the assessment of Bob Vinson, the graveyard shift supervisor at Harvey's Wagon Wheel Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The "here" Vinson referred to was a nook just outside the telephone equipment room in the emplo...
Damn Interesting author

-023- The American Gustation Crisis Of 1985

(This is a podcastification of an older article to observe the 30th anniversary of the events discussed herein). In April 1985, it is rumored that a collection of executives gathered at their corporate headquarters for an emergency meeting. On the tab...
Damn Interesting author

-022- The Derelict

Under ordinary circumstances, the final evening of a cruise aboard the luxury turbo-electric ocean liner SS Morro Castle was a splendid event. Hundreds of lady and gentlemen passengers would gather in the Grand Ballroom in their finest evening attire f...
Damn Interesting author

-021- Surface Tension

Low-pressure weather systems are a familiar feature of the winter climate in the northern Atlantic. While they often drive wind, rain, and other unpleasantness against Europe’s rocky western margin, this is typically on a “mostly harmless” basis. Early...
Damn Interesting author

-020- Welcome To The Jungle

In 1744, a young geographer living in Spanish-colonial Peru with his wife and children decided the time had come to move the family back to his native France. Jean Godin des Odonais had come to Peru in 1735 as a part of a small scientific expedition an...
Damn Interesting author

-019- The Clockmaker

It was the middle of a cool September night in Munich, Germany. The year was 1939. In an otherwise unoccupied auditorium, a man knelt on hands and knees chiseling a square hole into a large stone pillar. The lights were out, but a small flashlight dimm...
Damn Interesting author

-018- White Death

In April of 1938, representatives from the USSR approached the Finnish government and expressed a concern that Nazi Germany could attempt to invade Russia, and such an attack might come through parts of Finland. The Finns replied that they were officia...
Damn Interesting author

-017- Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Spuds Of War

Staple though it is today, the lowly potato had a hard time reaching its preeminent status in Western cuisine. Perhaps its lengthy purgatory has something to do with the tale that when Sir Walter Raleigh gave some potatoes to Queen Elizabeth, her cooks...
Damn Interesting author

-016- Absolute Zero is 0K

Near the heart of Scotland lies a large morass known as Dullatur Bog. Water seeps from these moistened acres and coalesces into the headwaters of a river which meanders through the countryside for nearly 22 miles, until its terminus in Glasgow. In the ...
Damn Interesting author

-015- It Came From Beneath The Sea

Alarming events were in store for Sicily at the beginning of the summer of 1831. On 28 June, small earthquakes rocked the western end of the island, and these continued occurring day after day. On 4 July, the unpleasant scent of sulfur spread through t...
Damn Interesting author

-014- The Supernatural Bunnymother Of Surrey

The men from London arrived just in time to see Mary Toft give birth to her fifteenth rabbit. It was the winter of 1726, and Nathaniel St. André and Samuel Molyneux arrived in the market town of Godalming in Surrey to meet Mary Toft, a short, stout pe...
Damn Interesting author

-013- Three Thrown Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Sometime in the 1940s an improbable encounter occurred at a mental institution in Maryland. Two women, each of whom was institutionalized for believing she was the Virgin Mary, chanced upon one another and engaged in conversation. They had been chattin...
Damn Interesting author

-012- The Remains of Doctor Bass

Under normal circumstances, one would expect a wandering throng of students to demonstrate animated displeasure upon encountering a human corpse in the woods; particularly a corpse as fragrant and festering as that which was found on an August afternoo...
Damn Interesting author

-011- The City Under Ice

The story of Camp Century: A "nuclear city" under the Greenland ice sheet that was not entirely what it seemed.
Damn Interesting author

-010- Otokichi's Long Trip Home

While most of the major powers of western Europe spent the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries racing around the world carving out empires for themselves, Japan felt threatened by the influx of foreigners and ended up spending this period as one of the most...
Damn Interesting author

-009- The Conductor

The story of Roy Sullivan. A different kind of Damn Interesting episode.
Damn Interesting author

-008- Andrée and the Aeronauts' Voyage to the Top of the World

On the 11th of July 1897, the world breathlessly awaited word from the small Norwegian island of Danskøya in the Arctic Sea. Three gallant Swedish scientists stationed there were about to embark on an enterprise of history-making proportions, and newsp...
Damn Interesting author

-007- The Mole Rat Prophecies

The naked mole rat, Heterocephalus glaber, is fleshy, furless, buck-toothed and brazenly ugly. Yet what these small East African rodents lack in terms of good looks, they make up with an impressive array of biological quirks. These misnamed mammals are...
Damn Interesting author

-006- The Smoldering Ruins of Centralia

There is a small town in Pennsylvania called Ashland where Route 61's northbound traffic is temporarily branched onto a short detour. Exactly what the detour is circumventing is not immediately clear to travelers, however few passers-by pay it any mind...
Damn Interesting author

-005- The Spy Who Loved Nothing

The meeting had not gone well, the man gloomily reflected as he was driven out of East Berlin. His head was still heavy after a few too many snifters of cognac. The American's ambitious scheme to build a life and career in Moscow had sputtered to an un...
Damn Interesting author

-004- The Isle of Doctor Seaborg

It was the summer of 1936 when Ernest Lawrence, the inventor of the atom-smashing cyclotron, received a visit from Emilio Segrè, a scientific colleague from Italy. Segrè explained that he had come all the way to America to ask a very small favor: He wo...
Damn Interesting author

-003- The Arizona Dragonslayer

A simple telegram plunged America into the Great War. The Zimmermann telegram, intercepted by American intelligence in April 1917, revealed Germany’s efforts to encourage Mexico to invade the United States. For a towheaded kid from Arizona named Frank ...
Damn Interesting author

-002- The Science of Mental Fitness

It’s a testament to the strength and versatility of the human brain that anyone with at least half of one tends to assume that their senses give them direct access to objective reality. The truth is less straightforward and much more likely to induce e...
Damn Interesting author

-001- Nineteen Seventy Three

On 12 November 1971, in the presidential palace in the Republic of Chile, President Salvador Allende and a British theorist named Stafford Beer engaged in a highly improbable conversation. Beer was a world-renowned cybernetician and Allende was the new...
Damn Interesting author