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Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law!Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime.New episode every week!

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Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law!Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime.New episode every week!
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#177 - Did Rocky Shoot Adrian? - The Impetuousness of Paul Spadafora

This week, we wander down a path of crazy, with more idiocy jumping out from behind every door. He came from a terrible situation, and tried to make Pittsburgh proud, by becoming a champion. Problem is, he also became a drunk, a crack head, and someo...

#176 - Footloose & Fancy-Free - The Unfortunateness of Kerry Adkisson AKA "Kerry Von Erich"

This week, we look at some good ol' Texas style tragedy! He was royalty in the world of wrestling, along with his father & brothers. They were worshipped by the locals, and idolized by fans, all over the world... For a while. Drugs, arrests, trage...

#175 - As Messed Up As He Wants To Be - The Outlandishness of Dennis Rodman

This week, we check out one of the all time legends of basketball, and stupidity! From the humblest of starts, he was literally a late bloomer, who figured out that basketball could take him places. He has done everything from championships, to arrest...

#174 - Jesus Is Better Than Meth...? - The Highness of Christian Hosoi

This week, we peek into the air to see a man soaring over head... then crashing hard, down to earth. He was a beach kid, turned one of the most exciting skateboarders on earth, mixing technical precision with daring heights, and cool style, all his ow...

#173 - Machette, Paint Thinner & Gasoline - The Unsparingness of Ugueth Urbina

This week, we look at man who came from nothing, and achieved his dream of being a major leaguer. Not only that, he was an all star, and World Series Champion... But that all unraveled, and it ended up with some nasty charges involving a machete, some...

#172 - Beware The Russian Reaper - The Dangerousness of Alexander "The Grim Reaper" Emelianenko

This week, we take a peek at the life of a man who started out, behind the iron curtain, growing up in the streets. From there, he learned how to fight in the ring, and became one of MMA's most feared punchers. Problem is, he likes to punch things, ou...

#171 - Shooting, Punching & Arugula - The Conscientiousness of Adam "Pacman" Jones

This week, we take a long look at a man who, despite immense talent, was always a bigger force of nature, off the field, than on it. He showed flashes of brilliance, only to have his progress be taken back 2 steps, by yet another arrest. Fighting? Abs...

#170 - Praise The Lord... Pass The Crack! - The Phenomicalness of Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor

This week, we check out a legendary boxer. One of the greatest of all time. One of the most prolific punch throwers... and crack smokers in history! He fought his way out of a childhood, where sleeping outside was preferable to being home, to become ...

#169 - Trouble Keeps Bubbling Up - The Photogenicness of Todd Carney

This week, we look at a man who keeps dousing his own dreams... and not with water. He played for big time teams since he was a child, but never quite learned how to stay out of trouble. Alcohol is the main source of his issues, and he sure knows how t...

#168 - Just Put It In My Bucket - The Bigness of Oliver Miller

This week, we gaze upon a buffet of disaster, as we check out a man who had all the potential in the world, but couldn't stop screwing up long enough to fulfill it. There were dark accusations of a horrible act, family troubles that led his father to m...

#167 - I Don't Recall That Stabbing - The Fogginess of "Dirty" Dick Slater

This week, we head down a well traveled road with a man who was respected among his peers, as well as feared. He achieved his dream of big time wrestling, but the life of the road, the booze, the ladies, and eventually the injuries got to him, causing...

#166 - No Concept Of Failure - The Delusionalness of Lenny Dykstra

This week, we dip back into the crazy waters of a man that we covered in our first year of the show. Problem is, he's lived more than an episode of his insane existence since that time, so we've had to circle back, and pick up the pieces. What more has...

#165 - He Did More Than That - The Historicalness of O.J. Simpson

This week, we delve into the history of a man who came from humble beginnings to become an icon, that almost transcended race, while compiling a Hall of Fame football career, starring in countless tv shows & movies, and appearing in commercials for...

#164 - Magical Mystery Brain Damage - The Untoldness of Roberto Medina

This week, we take a look at a man who came on to the boxing scene, literally out of nowhere. He seemingly had no past, but he certainly had a future in fighting. He made it all the way to the national stage before questions arose. Questions like "w...

#163 - Too Fast, Too Soon - The Put-uponness of Jennifer Capriati

This week, we once again look at the question of just how young is too young to force your child to be a bread winning, family supporting professional athlete. I think we can now safely say that 13 might be the answer. She burst on to the international...

#162 - The Cathouse Killings - The Unsalvageableness of David Tyner

This week, we crawl into the life of a man who had plenty of promise. He was a state wrestling champion, and even earned a college scholarship. But it all fell apart. He tried his hand in some MMA competition, but ultimately washed out of the sport, mu...

#161 - A Wombleybing In Your Dingamaroo - The Exploitativeness of Lorrie Wilmot

This week, we look at a man who was revered in his home country, and was one of his sport's more popular players. He played for decades, before retiring to a quiet life as a paprika farmer, in the countryside. This all sounds wonderful, except for th...

#160 - Just Say... YES! - The Wastedness of Richard Dumas

This week, we concentrate on the question "what could have been?" with one of the biggest wastes of talent that professional sports has ever produced. He had the potential to be in the Hall of Fame, but he had other priorities. Mainly, using copious ...

#159 - Kidney Gummies & Dirty Syringes - The of Roboticness Todd Marinovich

This week, we answer the question of whether you can breed, and build the perfect athlete. The answer is a resounding "no". Trained from birth to be the perfect football player, he followed this path of success, until he was overwhelmed by it all. W...

#158 - A First Class Crack Smoker - The Prolificness of Sammy Stewart

This week, we journey down a path that has surprises at every turn. As a young man, sports was all he was consumed by, never even understanding why people would ever want to do drugs. A major league baseball career later, cocaine was all he was consu...

#157 - Arrest Bingo Card - The Acquittedness of Nile Ranger

This week, we take a look at a guy who got in trouble from a young age, and hasn't slowed down since. He was seemingly sheltered from consequences due to his soccer ability. To the point where teams sign him, the same week he's been arrested! And wha...

#156 - The King Of Rikers Island - The Unflinchingness of Mitch "Blood" Green

This week, we encounter a legend. Both in his own mind, and in the annuls of various police departments. He was a gang leader, who turned his aggression into a boxing career, only to be sidetracked by stupidity, Mike Tyson, and PCP. His list of indi...

#155 - Let Me Have You - The Beardedness of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

This week, we travel down a rocky road of crazy adventures, and a spiral that leads to gas station drug busts, being removed from planes by Federal Marshalls & public meltdowns. He was a star during the boom period of wrestling, in the 1980's, an...

#154 - Falsified Documents & Nazi Tattoos - The Opaqueness of Brandon "White Steel" Saling

This week, we explore the world of a guy, who just wanted to be a fighter. He would do anything to get to that dream, including hiding a past that includes some of the most reprehensible crimes you can commit. He hid in plain sight, until his whole fac...

#153 - The Creepy Sleeper - The Beltlessness of Cecil "The Diesel" Collins

This week, we try to break through the line, with a man who always understood one thing, that his athletic ability would always keep him out of trouble, and from having to learn how to be a normal member of society. His football career was brief, but ...

#152 - Is There Cocaine In That Dumpster? - The Amphibiousness of Chris Washburn

This week, we stare up at a giant of a man, who just never figured out how to be a functioning, adult member of society. Everything was taken care of for him, like bad grades, lazy play, or even brushes with the law, until one day, things weren't take...

#151 - Swerving Out Of The Fast Lane - The Edginess of Lyndon "LB" Byers

This week, we skate full speed into the boards, with a guy that we can't help but find entertaining, and a bit likable. He was a professional goon, fighting his way into the NHL, and hanging on for years with his tenacity. He had more fights than 5 ave...

#150 - Aristotle In His Underpants - The Philosophicalness of Stephen Bailey

This week, we look at a man from a prominent, and respected sports family, who followed in his legendary grandfather's footsteps... For a while, anyway. He was always considered a kind, quiet guy, until mental illness started to take over. After a fe...

#149 - The Fallen Boy Scout (And The Scummie Awards!!) - The Diminutiveness of Chuck Knoblauch

This week, before we get to the Scummie Awards, we dodge an errant throw from a man who was bred for baseball. It was his dream, from the time he could remember, and he achieved that dream, despite his smaller stature. Although he was very successful, ...

#148 - Keep The Punching In The Ring - The Heedlessness of Diego "Chico" Corrales

This week, we stroll down a dangerous path, with a dangerous guy. He came from some very tough circumstances to achieve wealth, fame, and champion status. The problem was, he just couldn't keep his fighting inside the ring. His violent tendencies at ho...

#147 - Duct Tape, Steroids & Carpet Jesus - The Unsettledness of Jeremy "The Scorpion" Jackson

This week, we duck a left hook of crazy, with a man who was right at the cusp of something big, until he let his demons take the wheel. He fought his way out of nowhere to get the attention of the UFC, only to be kicked off a reality show for not foll...

#146 - The Bill Cosby Of The Super Bowl - The Creepiness of Darren Sharper

This week, we look at a man who did everything in life the right way, including becoming a Super Bowl champion, until seemingly falling off a cliff of depravity, and committing some of the worst crimes that we've ever heard of. He went from being desc...

#145 - More Than Zero Tolerance - The Badness of Scott Hall AKA "Razor Ramon"

This week, we try to hold down a very crazy story down for a three count! A man who had all the ability that you could have, and used that ability to make it to the very top of the wrestling game. Big money, fame, and tons of alcohol, drugs, and pills ...

#144 - The Choking Yachtsman - The Seaworthiness of Latrell Sprewell

This week, we try to catch our breaths as we careen down an icy slope of disaster. He was The American Dream. He came from a tough background to make himself world famous, and $100 million richer, but it all came crumbling down in the end. From atta...

#143 - A Hubcap In Your Gillooly - The Classiness of Tonya Harding

This week, we explore the life of a woman who came from nothing, and ended up right at the edge of greatness... Then she fell off that edge. A troubled early life led to a troubled adult life, including drinking while doing everything, aggressiveness ...

#142 - A Tornado Of Lightning In A Bottle - The Chivalrousness of Ambiorix Burgos

This week, we peek around a blind corner, only to be engulfed by anger, violence, and just plain crazy! A man from humble beginnings that made it to the big time, but let his considerable demons get in the way. A fast, but escalating trail of violence...

#141 - Legally Gross - The Lewdness of Mike McBain

This week, we check out a guy who seemed completely benign to outside observer. He accomplished his dream of making it to the NHL, even if his career wasn't the most distinguished. The problem was, there was something truly evil, beneath the surface. ...

#140 - Those Are The Symptoms - The Unaccountableness of Dale Crowe

This week, we look at a potential Rocky, who fell a bit short of the mark on a professional level, but way short on a societal one. He was someone that you could root for. A blue collar fighter, with a tough chin, and day job, but something went wron...

#139 - Guns, Glory & Federal Court - The Eventfulness of Maurice Clarett

This week, we look at a man who had the potential to be a legendary figure in his sport, but he was prevented from doing so. First, he was prevented by the NCAA, NFL, and the federal court system, then he was prevented by his own inexplicable actions....

#138 - Minivans, Cocaine & Multiple Gunshot Wounds - The Mistakenness of Charles Smith

This week, we drive to the hoop with a man who was liked by everyone he came across. Teammates loved him. Coaches adored him. He worked hard, played his role, and always helped others, making him an All-American, an Olympian, and an NBA player... Un...

#137 - Great Robberies & Regular Shootings - The Briskness of Roy "The Weasel" James

This week, we cruise down the road, at top speed, as we look at the life, career, and crimes (mostly crimes) of a man who participated in one of the largest, most well organized criminal capers in history. As if that wasn't enough, once he got out of p...

#136 - Road House Thunderdome - The Precipitousness of Harold Howard

This week, we explore the winding path of insanity with a man who was a champion in his sport. He was a pioneer of what is now a major sports entity. He was also a lunatic, who seemed to lose his mind, all at once, and sink into the quicksand of crime...

#135 - A Valium & Flatulence Cocktail - The Regrettableness of Lamarr Hoyt

This week, we stagger down a path of wasted opportunities, and squandered goodwill, with a man who came from a very unstable background to be the best pitcher in his league at one point. He was well liked, and quiet, but that may have just been becaus...

#134 - A Matter Of Taste - The Gregariousness of Adrien "The Problem" Broner

This week, we check into a world of pure lunacy, with a man who was an Olympic hopeful, and can't miss future prospect. No matter what he does, he does it while talking. Then when he's done, he talks about it a little more. From posting his own mugs...

#133 - That's a Lot Of Murder - The Inordinateness of Anthony Smith

This week, we look at a man that overcame the odds of a tough upbringing, to make it all the way to the top! The problem is that he seemed to want o be a criminal, even though he didn't have to be. While looking for a little excitement, after retirem...

#132 - Skip To My Jail - The Cantankerousness of Rafer "Skip To My Lou" Alston

This week, we head to the playground to check out a guy that you just want to root for, until he messes up. Again, and again. He was a street ball legend that transitioned his on court game to the pros, but never transitioned his off court game. Fro...

#131 - Jeeps, Meatballs & Forcible Sex - The Determinedness of Billy Tibbetts

This week, we explore the world of a guy who had the world seemingly handed to him, and just couldn't wait to give it right back. H became from a privileged background, and had every opportunity to have all the best in life, but chose to assault a you...

#130 - Hated By Most, Disliked By All - The Loathedness of "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan

This week, we head down a slippery path of self destruction, and personality defects, from a man who came from a farm, in the middle of nowhere, to earn a name in his chosen profession... And that's where the good ends. He took advantage of fellow wre...

#129 - A Surprise In His Pants - The Ashamedness of Gary Charles

This week, we keep being surprised by our subject's antics... until it isn't surprising anymore. He was undersized, but scrappy, and had a chance to have a great, and long career, but injuries derailed all of that. Well, injuries, and a whole lot of ...

#128 - Hall Of Fame Or Trailer Park? - The Squanderedness of Brien Taylor

This week, we are overwhelmed by a mushroom cloud of things that could have been... and unfortunately, the things that actually were. One of the most highly touted baseball prospects in history. A sure fire hall of famer, that never actually threw a ...