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Who is Lilith? Were the Israelites always monotheistic? What are demons and where did they come from? Why are priests celibate? These are the types of questions tackled by this show. Bible Talk seeks to build understanding of religious beliefs by studying the history and texts that created them. I'm not here to tell you whether or not God exists. I'm just here to tell you what other people think about Him, and where those beliefs come from.

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A show about the Bible, its history, and the people who believe in it.
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Discord Part 1

Dean Saxton is a preacher who has made international headlines with his unconventional and offensive preaching style. Now you can listen to him square off against Austin Dougless and Sathya Lacey, students from the University of Arizona Secular Student...
Zy Mazza author

Episode 11: The First Great King

Today we enter the beginning of the end of the antediluvian period with the Bible's first great King: Nimrod. We examine his legacy and some of the folklore surrounding his kingship in the time before Abraham.
Zy Mazza author

Episode 10: Everything Wrong with Aronofsky’s Noah Movie

Ever wondered how true the Noah movie was to the source material? Wonder no longer! (Spoiler: the movie was bad and they should feel bad)
Zy Mazza author

Episode 9: Enoch Ascends to Heaven

Today we wrap up the Book of Enoch and look at the Jewish origins of Heaven and Hell. The Book of Enoch raises some interesting questions about the true nature of Heaven and Hell, and the Righteous and the Accursed which we examine today.
Zy Mazza author

Episode 8: In the Time of the Watchers

What's happening in Genesis Chapter 6?! To find out more in today's episode we look to the Apocrypha in the Book of Enoch. Today we talk about the fall of Angels, the Watchers, the Nephilim, and the origin of Demons.
Zy Mazza author

Episode 7: Cain, Abel, and the Agricultural Revolution

The story of Cain and Abel is as captivating as it is intense. This story of fratricide is often thought to be a metaphor, but why?
Zy Mazza author

Episode 6: Creation

There are two creation stories in the Bible: Elohim creates Man on the 6th day, but Adonai creates Adam and Eve on the 7th day. What are the differences between the two? Who was the serpent? Who was Lilith? Learn all of this and more in today's episode...
Zy Mazza author

Episode 5: Inanna’s Descent

This is the final part in the series on Babylonian Society and Culture. Inanna is the earlier Sumerian name for Ishtar (who you remember from the Epic of Gilgamesh). This story picks up following the Epic and has Ishtar awkwardly visiting her sister af...
Zy Mazza author

Episode 4: The Atra-Hasis (and other stories)

Last time I told you about the Sumerian Noah--Utnapishtim. Today we talk about the Deluge myth, its historicity, as well as the Babylonian Adam and Job in the second installment of Babylonian society and culture.
Zy Mazza author

Episode 3: The Oldest Story Ever Told

The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest story ever told. Today I summarize it so that we can discover the Sumerian/Babylonian influences in the Bible.
Zy Mazza author

Episode 2: Judaism in the Time of Nebby

Nebuchadnezzar II is one of my favorite Biblical figures, and one of the most important in shaping what we call Judaism today. Today we talk about how bad he messed up Judah, and how that period of wrecking shaped Judaism for the rest of history.
Zy Mazza author

Episode 1: What is the Bible?

Before you can begin to have a productive discussion about the Bible, or talk about any of its surrounding beliefs (either to refute them or defend them) you have to know where they come from. This is step one on a long journey we're going on to learn...
Zy Mazza author