Beer of Ages

A look into the history of beer and humanity.

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A look into the history of beer and humanity.
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Episode 6 - Ancient Rice Beverages: Makgeolli

Much apologies for the long absence. This time I explain why I was away as well as discuss the history of the ancient Korean rice liquor, Makgeolli.   SHOW NOTES: Makgeolli Links Maangchi's how-to video Jeff Rubidge's YouTube channel A primer on brewin...

Episode 5 - Ancient rice beverages

Please excuse the extreme lateness of this release. So much going on. This time we discuss in brief ancient fermented rice drinks and how these drinks came to be as well as how they are made. We touch on the beer brewing process as a comparison to the ...

Episode 4 - Historical Overview of the Ancient World - China, part 2

This time we cover more of the ancient Chinese and their primitive fermented beverages. Please remember to let us know about your beer and cigar pairings and also about the beers you are aging! Follow me @beerofages Email me   Show...

Episode 3 - Historical Overview of the Ancient World - China

This time we take a look at China's historical contributions to beer and learn about why it was so hard to align that contribution with beer and wine. We also take a quick peek at some winter seasonal beers and the one that I think may be the most amaz...

Episode 2 - Homebrewers and Primitive Beer

This time we explore the historical relationship we have with ancient beers. We take a brief look at beer of today by discussing homebrewers and their relationship with craft brewing. Also, we dive a little deeper into the ancient history of primitive ...

Episode 1 - Oktoberfest and Podcast explanation

In this introductory episode, I outline my goals with this podcast as well as provide very brief stories on the history of Oktoberfest and the people behind it.   Follow me @beerofages