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Welcome to the SBS Bangla podcasts, featuring homeland news and music.
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Australia Bangladesh trade conference on 13-15 November

The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra and the Australia Bangladesh Business Council (ABBC) are going to jointly organize the first-ever Australia-Bangladesh Trade Conference, 2019 in Sydney on 13-15 November 2019. SBS Bangla spoke to the Banglades...



Senate committee warned against privatising Australian visa-processing

Migration experts have warned a multi-billion-dollar plan to outsource visa processing threatens the integrity of Australia's migration system. The Department of Home Affairs stresses no jobs will be cut, but critics argue the move will do nothing to c...

Newstart recipients detail daily hardship to Senate inquiry

A diabetic South Australian woman has told a Senate inquiry she has to ration her use of insulin due to the financial difficulties of living on unemployment payments. A Senate committee has heard emotional testimony from those living on the government’...

Dr. Sadiqul Awal has found a way to prevent the salinity and regain fertility of land

The issue of salinization and salinity intrusion is one of the elevated global problems. Inundation of land by saline water for long periods leads to its percolation into the surrounding soils, resulting in altered soil chemistry. Dr. Sadiqul Awal of M...

Bangla-speaking Nehal won the SBS National Languages Competition for 2019

The winners of the SBS National Languages Competition for 2019 have been announced in an event that celebrates language learning across Australia. The competition, run by SBS Radio, received nearly 3600 entries from language learners from across Austra...

Bangla speaking community of Perth want to run Bangla school despite challenges

Bangali language and culture is cultivated by the Bangla speaking community everywhere in this world, beyond the geographical boundaries of Bangladesh and West Bengal. Bangla speaking community in Perth is also no exception. The Pathshala Bangla School...

Bangladeshi community in Australia to help the disadvantaged people

Melbourne-based expatriate Bangladeshis have set up an organization called the Community Network for Disadvantaged People or CNDP to help the underprivileged people. Though it was primarily created to support marginalized people in remote areas of Bang...

Productivity would far outweigh cost: KPMG proposes childcare subsidy change

There's a call for an overhaul of the childcare subsidy so parents don't lose money if they decide to work additional hours. Released by accounting firm KPMG  in partnership with the group Chief Executive Women, the report estimates the overall economi...

Better migrant job matching could boost Australian economy by $6 billion annually

New research has found that addressing the mismatch between the skills of migrants and the jobs they currently work in, could boost the Australian economy by six billion dollars a year. The economic modelling by Curtin University found only 60 per cent...

Barrister Rumana Jahan explains new Australian visa subclass 491 and 494

Australia is going to introduce two new visas, subclass 491 and subclass 494, from 16 November 2019. Registered migration agent Barrister Rumana Jahan explains different aspects of these visas.

Warning to asthma sufferers amid bushfires, thunderstorms

A severe asthma warning has been upgraded in parts of the country with authorities concerned air quality could pose health concerns. The smoke haze that's blanketed Sydney is expected to remain over the weekend, while Melbourne is facing thunderstorms ...

Bangladeshi family denied permanent residency because of their son's mild disability seeking ministerial intervention

Adyan Bin Hasan, the son of a Bangladeshi couple Rebaka Sultana and Mahedi Hasan Bhuiyan, was born in Geelong, Australia in 2013. He suffered a stroke during his birth that caused him mild disability in his left hand. After the completion of his PhD in...

'We have to follow the rules' says cricketer Mitul Haque on Shakib Al Hasan's ban

BD Gold Cup Cricket Tournament organizer, cricketer Mitul Haque spoke to SBS Bangla on the banning of Shakib Al Hasan, the number-one all-rounder in the world.

Shakib Al Hasan banned: Former cricketer Bablu Chowdhury thinks it's a conspiracy

World's top-most all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan did not inform corrupt approaches and has been banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Former Bangladeshi first division cricketer and Level 2 qualified cricket coach Siddique Chowdhury Bablu spok...

Settlement Guide: Sexual harassment and your rights in the workplace

According to the latest survey from the Australian Human Rights Commission, one in three workers say they've been sexually harassed at work over the last five years. But sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful and shouldn’t be tolerated. If it h...

Australian Bangladeshi community proud of millionaire entrepreneur Ashik Ahmed

Technology entrepreneur Ashik Ahmed moved to Australia from Bangladesh as a 17-year-old. Within two decades he secured 25th position in the Australian Financial Review Young Rich List this year.

Shakti Australia working for women rights

Shakti Australia is an organization working for women rights in Australia. Bangla-speaking politician and social activist Dr Sabrin Farooqui represented Shakti NSW to the Council of Harmony Alliance, the peak National body advocating for immigrant and ...

Bangla fest will take place on November 2 in Sydney

Bangla literary and cultural organization Kobita Bikel was initiated by Mahmuda Runu. They are going to arrange a cultural festival, Bangla Fest 2019 in Sydney on 2nd November. She spoke to SBS Bangla.

Asylum seeker Mohsin's dead body will be sent to Bangladesh

After the apparent suicide of the Bangladeshi asylum seeker Mohammad Mohsin Biswas, 33, the community leaders in Lakemba has been trying to organize to send his dead body in Bangladesh.

Perth, Gold Coast dump 'major cities' tag to attract more regional migrants, international students

The federal government has revised its regional migration programme - which includes Perth and the Gold Coast no longer being classified as "major cities" for migration purposes. It says the change will help to ease congestion across the country.

'Bangladeshi society is not women-friendly yet'

A Bangladeshi court has sentenced 16 people to death for the murder of a student, Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 19. Professor Mohammad Zakir Hossein from the Department of Law from the University of Chittagong spoke to SBS Bangla on this.

Re-imagining aged care in Australia

With one in three older Australians born in a non-English speaking country, how equipped are our nursing homes in tailoring to the specific cultural needs of residents with dementia who may have reverted back to their mother tongue? What if we can re-i...

Refugee employment service welcomes increase in job placement rate

A refugee employment program that has helped almost a quarter of its clients get jobs says it's actually a cause for celebration. The Refugee Employment Support Program in New South Wales says it offers refugees access to a range of activities not alwa...

"Managing personal finance will provide your family's financial security"

Financial management is very important in a person's life. Buying and selling of property, investing, budgeting, banking, etc. are the daily essentials of modern life. But many of us are not very aware of this financial management. But if one is aware ...

Bangladeshi student Arifa wants to work for the persons with disability once she finishes study in Australia

Australia is an attractive country for students from all over the world to study. In addition to improved education and accommodation, part-time work is also available in Australia. So, like many other countries, Australia has become a popular destinat...

Australia Bangladesh trade conference on mid November

The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra and the Australia Bangladesh Business Council (ABBC) are going to jointly organize the first-ever Australia-Bangladesh Trade Conference, 2019 in Sydney on 13-15 November 2019. SBS Bangla spoke to Asif Kawnine,...

Seminar held in Sydney on Dengue in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) Australia Chapter held a technical seminar and a public forum on Dengue in Bangladesh on Saturday, 19 October in Pendle Hill, NSW. One of the organizer Dr Swapan Paul spoke to SBS Bangla.

Changes will see more skilled migrants moving to South Australia

More skilled migrants will be coming to South Australia under changes to the regional migration program coming into effect next month. Despite the federal cut to overall migration levels, new figures show a boom in the number of skilled migrants moving...

Our new generation will represent Australia to the world

Is this okay to take part in Bangladeshi politics while you are living in Australia? Why should Bangladeshi Australians join the mainstream politics in Australia? Atiqur Rahman, the editor of the Bangla online news portal Proshantika, spoke to SBS Bang...

Freedom of the press under scrutiny in Australia

New research shows three-quarters of Australians believe journalists should be protected from prosecution - but what happens when society's right to know is compromised? A Senate communications committee is currently investigating the issue of press fr...

Settlement Guide: How to prevent drowning?

With another scorching summer approaching, authorities are pleading with swimmers to use caution as the number of people drowning has jumped by ten per cent since last year.

'More effort required' if regional migration push is to succeed

An inquiry into regional migration is investigating a drop in population growth across some parts of Australia and looking at how to encourage long-term settlement. The community organisation Settlement Services International is urging the federal gove...

Bangladeshi actor Salman stars in the Australian movie 'The Taverna'

Bangladeshi-Australian actor Salman Arif plays a leading role in the movie 'The Taverna', directed by Greek-Australian author and filmmaker Alkinos Tsilimidos. The film will be screened at the Greek Film Festival in Melbourne and Sydney. Salman Arif sp...

Imran portrays Australia's social change through documentary photography

Melbourne's Bangladeshi photographer Imran Abul Kashem's documentary photography book 'Green Wedge' was launched on Thursday. Sarah Connolly MP of the Labor Party in the state of Victoria unveils her book at Wyndham Art Gallery in Werribee, west of Mel...

Bangla-speaking women share their 'Untold stories' in Sydney

Facebook-based organization 'আমি নারী The Empowered Women' organised their special program 'আমাদের গল্প Untold Stories' in Sydney recently. One of the organizer Ms Anila Parveen spoke to SBS Bangla prior to the event. 

Bushfire and wildfire are not the same

Senior Lecturer in disaster resilience and construction management at the University of Newcastle, Dr Ifte Ahmed spoke to SBS Bangla on bushfire.

Dr Mahmud Rahman talks on arsenic contamination

Dr Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Newcastle's Global Centre for Environmental Remediation. His research focuses on arsenic contamination. He spoke to SBS Bangla on the health risk of arsenic in food including ...

Lack of water raises questions about future management

Drought has ravaged large parts of Australia's eastern states from Queensland to Tasmania. And it's harming the Darling river system where one farmer says alongside poor water quality, he's finding it tough to stay in the agriculture industry.

Bangladeshi woman cricketer Nigar sultana praises her family for support

Bangladeshi woman cricketer Ms Nigar Sultana Joty is visiting Australia as part of the ICC Global Development Squad, which comprises of 2-3 players from emerging women’s cricket nations. They are playing against Victorian Women’s Cricket teams in Melbo...

Warning signs of a heart attack

Do you know how healthy your heart is? It’s worth knowing the answer since coronary heart disease is the leading underlying cause of death in Australia. Interestingly, a 2017 survey conducted by Heart Foundation found that one in three Australians are ...

Experts push for a Royal Commission into gambling in Australia

Concerns are being raised about the link between mental health and problem gambling, with experts calling for extra support to help vulnerable people. The comments come as harm minimisation experts push for a Royal Commission into the gambling industry...

The Gold Coast wants to be renamed from a metropolitan to a regional area

The Gold Coast wants to be renamed from a metropolitan to a regional area so it can boost the number of international students and skilled migrants. The Queensland city's campaign highlights the difficulties in drawing boundaries as the government atte...

Female officers in Bangladesh police showing their excellence

Superintendent of Police (SP) in Bangladesh Police force Syeda Zannat Ara has been visiting Australia nowadays. She joined the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan and Congo and was the Commander of Women FPU in Congo. She spoke to SBS Bangla.

Registered educator Abul Kalam Azad talks on mental health

Thursday, 10 October was World Mental Health Day. Registered educator Abul Kalam Azad spoke to SBS Bangla.

Teachers helps a lot in the universities in Australia

Australia is an attractive country for students from all over the world to study. In addition to improved education and accommodation, part-time work is also available in Australia. So, like many other countries, Australia has become a destination for ...

প্রবাসে দূর্গাপূজা উৎসবের জন্য প্রতিবছর সব ধর্মের অনুসারীরা অপেক্ষায় থাকেন: বিশ্বজিৎ বসু

বাঙালি হিন্দু ধর্মাবলম্বীদের সবচেয়ে বড় ধর্মীয় অনুষ্ঠান দুর্গাপূজা শুরু হয়েছে। বিপুল উৎসাহ উদ্দীপনার মধ্যে দিয়ে অস্ট্রেলিয়া প্রবাসী বাংলাভাষী সম্প্রদায় পালন করছেন এই অনুষ্ঠানটি। প্রবাসের মাটিতে দুর্গাপূজা পালনের অভিজ্ঞতা নিয়ে এসবিএস বাংলার সাথে কথা বলেছেন পার্থ থেকে বিশ্বজিৎ বসু। 

Round-table discussion on the migration strategy for Orana NSW

A round-table discussion on developing a locally-led migration strategy for the Orana region took place on 4 October 2019. Bangla-speaking community activist Shibli Chowdhury from Dubbo attended this program which was organised by Regional Development ...

New recruits to help diverse communities navigate health services in Sydney

Migrant and refugee communities in Sydney and South Eastern Sydney Local Health Districts will get extra help to navigate health care services by the multi-lingual support team. The team includes workers who can speak languages such as Arabic, Bangla, ...