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Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women& people of color. Check us out on and play with us on social media by following us on Twitter @blackgirlnerds!

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Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. Check us out on and play with us on social media by following us on Twitter @blackgirlnerds!
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BGN #73 | Darryl M. Bell, The Lemonade Syllabus, and Power Rangers

Segment 1: Darryl M Bell best known as Ron Johnson from the hit series "A Different World" chats about Hollywood, the landscape of television, and working in the YouTube space. Co-hosted by Caron, Kayla, and Kay B Segment 2: Candice Benbow is the c...

#BGNPodcast Extra – Captain America: Civil War

We give our hot take on the weekend release of Captain America: Civil War. Panel featuring: Jamie, Kayla, Joelle, Caron, Grace and Joi Edited by: Jamie Broadnax Music by: Sammus

BGN #72 | Joy Bryant, Underground, and Malik4Play

Segment 1: Actress Joy Bryant on her first podcast chats about her Bronx roots, working in Hollywood and being a self-declared Black Girl Nerd. Co-hosted by Kay B, Cynthia, and Joi Segment 2: Co-executive producer an series writer for the WGN series...

BGN #71 | The Lucas Bros and Roots

Segment 1: Keith and Kenny Lucas chats with us about comedy, weed, and Beyonce's Lemonade. Best known for their animated series The Lucas Bros Moving Co, they share their blerdy experiences as identical twin comedians. Segment 2: Jamie traveled to ...

#BGNPodcast Extra – Greg Pak

Comic book writer & filmmaker Greg Pak chats with us about his new Kickstarter project which is an e-book of crowdfunding tips. Greg has successfully raised three Kickstarters and now wants to share his secrets with you! Co-hosted by Mel and JN M...

BGN #70 | W Kamau Bell, Tiffany Haddish, and All Things Anime

Segment 1: W Kamau Bell chats with us about his new show United Shades of America and his stand-up show Semi-Prominent Negro. Co-hosts Caron, Cynthia, and Kayla Segment 2: Comedian Tiffany Haddish of The Carmichael Show chats with Caron about her care...

A Different World Campus Event - Norfolk State University

The cast of A Different World reunite onstage at the campus of Norfolk State University to give advice about preparing for college, post college life, and the HBCU experience.

#BGNPodcast Extra – Tia Willams

Beauty editor and writer Tia Williams best known for her blog Shake Your Beauty, discusses her work in the fashion and beauty industry and her latest book The Perfect Find. Hosted by Joi Edited by John Bauer Music By Sammus

BGN #69 | Black Panther, 9Rides, and Pee-Wee Herman

Segment 1: Prolific writer Ta-Nehisi Coates stops by to talk about his latest work on Marvel's Black Panther and creating his new take on Wakanda and T'Challa's story. Co-hosts: Tahila, Joelle. Grace, and Mel Segment 2: Former NFL player turned film...

#BGNPodcast Extra – RES

Alternative Soul/Rock singer RES chats with Kristin about music and her latest project Reset currently being funded under Indiegogo. She also talks about her love of music and what inspires her as an artist. Edited by: MR Daniel Music...

BlindSpot Paley Center Red Carpet Event

BGN Contributor Korynthia Fischer is our weekly recapper of the TV series "BlindSpot". She attended a red carpet at the Paley Center and interviewed some of the cast from the show.

#BGNPodcast Extra - Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Finale

We chat about the ending of season 3 of Sleepy Hollow which includes and incredibly sad and disappointing end to Abbie Mills. Monique, Kayla, Cynthia, Mel, Kay and Jamie discuss the writing problems and the major disconnect between the series' showru...

BGN #68 | Adina Porter, Andre Royo, and Simon Taufique

Segment 1: Actress Adina Porter stops by to discuss her career and her recent work on the new hit WGN show Underground as the role of Pearly Mae. Co-host Kayla and Caron Segment 2: We met with Andre Royo at SXSW as he discussed his latest film The Hu...

#BGNPodcast Extra - 2 Dope Queens

Cynthia Francillon of BGN attended a press conference for the new WNYC produced podcast 2 Dope Queens. This show hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson breaks into the white male entrenched world of stand-up comedy and highlights women and peo...

BGN #67 | Malcolm D. Lee, Insanity Report, and Super Batty Daredevil

Segment 1: Filmmaker Malcolm D Lee chats with us about his latest film Barbershop: The Next Cut as well as how he started his career as movie director. Co-hosted by: Kayla, Caron, and Joelle Segment 2: Kriss from Insanity Check and several other podc...

#BGNPodcast Extra - The Gibbs Sisters

In this #BGNPodcast extra we sit down with the Gibbs sisters. Shawnee and Shawnelle Gibbs talks about their latest project recently fully funded by Kickstarter called "The Invention of E.J. Whitaker." Hosted by Caron Music by Sammus

BGN #66 | Keanu, Jessica Chobot, Alchemist Cookbook, and Blavity

Segment 1: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele chats with us at SXSW about their latest film Keanu which premiered at the festival. Co-host Jacqueline Segment 2: Jessica Chobot of Nerdist News talks about her appearance SXSW and working as a geek gi...

BatmanvSuperman Press Conference

BatmanvSuperman Press Conference in Los Angeles, CA on the Warner Bros lot

BGN #65 | DeRay, Jake Choi, Hyper Force Neo, and Wonder Woman

Segment 1: DeRay sits down with Caron and discusses his candidacy as mayor of Baltimore and how he has used social media to foster change in the Black Lives Matter movement. Segment 2: Actor Jake Choi chats with co-hosts Kayla, Kay, and ReBecca about ...

BGN #64 | Effie Brown and Black Nerd Comedy

Segment 1: Hollywood producer Effie Brown (Dear White People, Real Women Have Curves) chats with us about her career and the controversy that brewed between her and Matt Damon on the HBO series Project Greenlight. Co-hosted by Lauren, Joelle, and Conn...

#BGNPodcast Extra - RSVPster and Dorée Seay

Segment 1: Jacqueline Coley interviews Jennifer Sinski, co-founder of RSVPster. The app is used to help track information on events and parties happening at SXSW this year at the annual festival. Segment 2: Alexsis Page interviews Dorée Seay, an ac...

BGN #63 | Women In Tech, Remixing Colorblind, and GlobalGirlsSquad

Segment 1: Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen are mobile app developers behind the new mixology app Alchomy. The app has generated over 2 million downloads and they discuss how the tech world is evolving and it's an everyman's game at this point. Co-hoste...

#BGNPodcast Extra - Oscars Wrap Up Roundtable

Jamie leads a roundtable discussion with co-hosts Cynthia, Caron, Joi, and Kayla to talk about the Oscars. The discussion surrounded Chris Rock's performance as host, the backlash on social media from non-Black people of color, and a quick discussion ...

BGN #62 | Luvvie, Leslie Harris, Amanda Seales, and A Tribe Called Geek

Segment 1: Luvvie Ajayi, best known from her blog Awesomely Luvvie talks about her work as a digital strategist and working as a social media influencer. Twitter: @luvvie Co-hosted by Mel and Lauren Segment 2: Leslie Harris is a writer and filmmaker...

#BGNPodcast Extra - Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta is an actor, producer, podcaster, and service member who has appeared in TV shows such as "Nurse Jackie" and "How To Get Away With Murder". His latest work is the SyFy series "The Magicians". He plays the role of Penny a drifter with supe...

BGN #61 | Van Jones, Vixen, and SEND ME

Segment 1: Van Jones discusses politics and the current Presidential election. He also chats about his non-profit orgs such as #YesWeCode and bringing the digital community to inner city youth. Co-hosted by Joelle Monique Segment 2: Megalyn Echikunwo...

#BGNPodcast Extra - Dr. andré carrington PhD

In a #BGNPodcast extra, host Caron does a one-on-one interview with Dr. andré carrington PhD. He is the author of Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race and Science Fiction. The discussion is centered around the depiction of people of color with...

BGN #60 | Rachel True, April Reign, Colossus, and Hafrocentric

Segment 1: Actress Rachel True chats with Jamie and Ashlee from Graveyard Shift Sisters about her career, health, spirituality and hobbies of tarot card reading. Segment 2: Creator of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, April Reign is interviewed by Jamie, Me...

#BGNPodcast Extra - Militia Vox

#BGNPodcast Extra! Kristin St. John interviews heavy metal rock artist Militia Vox! Frontwoman of Judas Priestess- the world's only all girl tribute to the metal gods Judas Priest, lead singer/songwriter of progressive hard rock band Swear On Your Lif...

BGN #59 | Agents of the Realm and Twitching While Black

Segment 1: Mildred Louis is creator of Agents of the Realm and webcomic currently available and is now in transition to go to print by a Kickstarter. #ExploreBlackComics with Peep Game Comix and use product code BGN for 25% off! Go ...

BGN #58 | Filmmaking, Forward Comix, LootCrate, and X-Files

Segment 1: Filmmaker and actor Victoria Mahoney discusses women of color in filmmaking, the Oscars, and diversity in media. ( segment was scheduled to be Co-hosted by Lauren Warren and due to tech issues Lauren did not appear in the segment) Segment ...

BGN #57 | Chescaleigh, #29DaysOfBlackCosplay, and Scary Stories

Segment 1: Comedian, Vlogger, Host, and Writer Franchesca Ramsey talks about social media notoriety, her work on MTV Decoded and how to grow an audience. Co-hosted by Mel Perez Segment 2: Jamie narrates a stories from the Alvin Schwartz book "More S...

BBC Radio Interview With Jamie Of BGN

This is a special edition recording from BBC Radio on the Oscars boycott controversy and the lack of diversity among nominees.

BGN #56 | Bitch Planet, Hawkgirl, and DJ Hobo

Segment 1: Comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick joins us to chat about her career and her role as a white woman writing characters and stories about Black women. Co-hosted by Joelle Monique Siteground has hosting plans as low as $3.95! Sign up today for...

BGN #55 | Trollando and Nerds Of Prey

Segment 1: TV/Film star Orlando Jones chats with us about his digital studio Legion of Creatives and carving your own path as an indie creator Co-hosted by Cynthia and Connie Siteground has hosting plans as low as $3.95! Sign up today for faster and ...

BGN #54 | Black Snobbery, Folktales, and Tuskegee Heirs

Segment 1: Danielle Belton, the creator of The Black Snob discusses her popular blog, her work in TV, her comic and her role as Associate Editor at The Root. Segment 2: Jamie narrates a story from the 1985 book The People Could Fly based on Black nar...

BGN Celebrity Mashup

A special edition of BGN featuring a 2015 mashup of celebrity guests who have stopped by to chat with us. Guests include: Voice animation artist and actress Cree Summer, Daily Show producer and author Baratunde Thurston, actor of The Last Dragon Tai...

BGN #53 | Gaming Diversity and Homegrown Comics

Segment 1: We speak with gaming content creators Keisha Howard and Travis Williams about their personal experiences in the industry and where the state of gaming is today for people of color. Hosted by Lauren Warren, Jamie Broadnax and Mel Perez Segm...

BGN #52 | A Spoilerrific Star Wars

You asked for a Star Wars podcast and now you have it! We're discussing easter eggs, conspiracies, fan reactions, and our take on Episode 7 The Force Awakens! Hosted by Jamie Broadnax featuring guests Mel Perez and Joelle Monique Music By: John Wil...

BGN #51 | FanBros 101 and Magical Girls

Segment 1: FanBros crew members Tatiana King-Jones and Chico Leo tells the origin story of how this multimedia team got together and gives us a crash course in Podcasting 101. Segment 2: Joelle Monique interviews comic book creators Kevin Panetta (Zod...

BGN #50 | Conformity, Shakespeare, and Leo Lucci

Segment 1: Beth Thomas Cohen author of "Drop The Act, It's Exhausting" chats about her latest book and growing up biracial as well as what it was like to work for Oprah Winfrey. Segment 2: Sam White founder of Shakespeare In Detroit discusses her rol...

BGN #49 | Black Knight, Brocago and Benedict Cumberbatch

We chat with filmmaker Tamarat Makonnen about his film documentary centered around Black romance called In Search of the Black Knight. Hosted by Jamie Broadnax and Mel Perez Lauren Warren, Mel Perez, and Jamie Broadnax play the Benedict Cumberbatch ga...

BGN #48 | HollyWhite-Washing and Inside The Comics Biz

Lauren Warren joins us to discuss the reckless white-washing in Hollyweird with such films as Gods of Egypt, Suffragette and live-action animes like Ghost In The Shell. Comic writer Alex De Campi speaks with BGN contributor Joelle Monique about her la...

BGN #47 | The Jessica Jones Show

Jessica Jones has taken over our lives since the premiere on Friday November 20th on Netflix. We have two segments where we speak with the Woman Up! Podcast team Sarah and Catrina about their thoughts on the series. Our second segment features Lauren...

BGN #46 | Afrofuturism and Black Veganism

We explored Afrofuturism with filmmaker Martine Syms and discussed her latest project ARTBOUND which profiles emerging artists whose work explores the intersection of race, class, identity, and aesthetics. Vegan activist Aph Ko joined us to discuss he...

BGN #45 | The Politics of Comics and Arrow's Mister Terrific

Comic/TV writer Alverne Ball discusses the comic book industry, the politics of boy's club network and the depiction of people of color in media. Actor Echo Kellum stops by to chat about his role as Curtis Holt aka Mister Terrific of CW's hit show Arr...

BGN #44 | The Force Sleeps On Women of Color and Filmmaker Ryan Coogler

Ep 44 features film critic ReBecca Theodore-Vachon (@filmfatale_NYC) and TV/Radio personality @TheRayvolution discuss the lack of representation among women of color in the Star Wars movie franchise. Filmmaker Ryan Coogler discusses his latest film Cr...

BGN #43 | Brotriarchy, The State of Sci-Fi, and NekoCon 2015

BGN 2.0 is here with a new recorded episode! Ep 43 features BGN gaming contributor Lauren Warren discusses male gatekeeping in Hollywood, Filmmaker Steve Kasan discusses his sci-fi travel web series Out Of Time, and we visit NekoCon 2015 and chat with ...

BGN #42 | Mental Health and You

Mental illness affects a large number of people each and every day. We chatted with a group panelists which included Dior Vargas, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, and Agyei Ekundayo to discuss mental health and how the current racial climate affects Black peop...

BGN #41 | Horror Movie Podcast

On this scary podcast we had a panel of horror film aficionados to discuss their favorite scary movies as well as current projects they’re working on! Panelists include filmmaker L.C. Cruell of 7 Magpies, writer Eden Royce of Spook Lights and Ashlee Bl...