Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Etuti institute aims to build generations of new leaders

Etuti ( My Existence) organizes training for youth, children and teaches to discover the possibilities and qualities of leadership in them and strengthen them to work in various fields, Said Savina Dawood founder and Executive Director of Etuti. She co...

The biggest celebration that brings us together

"All of our expatriate people in Melbourne are invited to participate in the Chaldean Babylonian New Year celebration," said Haitham Maloka, secretary of the Australian Chaldean Federation in Victoria. "We hope this day bring us together because we are...

Ten establishments participate in organizing The Assyrian- Babylonian New Year celebration in Melbourne

Every year the celebration is expanding. This year will include a royal procession then the official opening with nine guest speakers. Mr. Sargon Thomas, member of the temporary organizing committee of ceremonies in Melbourne told SBS, He added that th...

Promoting the Assyrian New Year celebrations through the media

"We take advantage of all available social media to communicate with our community", said David David, President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation, and coordinator of the Committee for the Preparation of Assyrian New Year Festival. He also...

Latest News about the upcoming Assyrain New Year Festival

"We will provide a complimentary bus service to transport residents of Fairfield and surrounding areas from Fairfield station to the Assyrian new year festival in Fairfield showground all day from 10:00 am to 10:00pm." Mr David David said, chairperson ...


As part of Victoria's Cultural Diversity week celebrations, the Australian Assyrian Social Development Club (AASDC) partnering with the Assyrian Community of Victoria proudly present an all day celebrations on Sunday the 24th of March at Moomba Park Re...

What The Voters Think about Australian Politics

With a federal election due soon, the major parties and independents will be out spruiking their policies in the community. There are several marginal seats destined to become major battlegrounds for votes, including the seat of Banks, one of Australia...

Assyrian Women Union : Aims to Push the Society to Define the Women Rights

27 years Union works for women and our activities were messages to the whole community on women's rights, Said Marleen Yousif, head of the Regional Relations Office of the Assyrian Women's Union. She added that women are the whole society because they ...

Iraqi Authorities Agree on a Number of Demands of Syriac Authors and Writers

The Syriac Writer’s Union asked the Iraqi authorities to approve  a Syriac TV channel and establishing a directorate of Syriac culture in Nineveh Plain, said Mr. Akad Murad , vice president of the Syrian Writer’s Union. He added that the Assyrian New Y...

"More than 20 dignitaries, politians including NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will attend the Assyrian New Year festival"

Thousands to attend the Assyrian New Year festivities in Fairfield Showgrounds.The traditional celebration, which dates back more than 6000 years, takes place after the first new moon following the vernal equinox in late March. Listen to Mr David David...


Mr Sam Youkhana Liberal candidate for the seat of Fairfield spoke to SBS Assyrian program about his $7 million commitment to upgrade Fairfield Showgrounds. Mr Youkhana discussed the issue of security and said "more CCTV cameras will increase community ...

"Labor committed $55 million to the development of Fairfield hospital"

Listen to the NSW Police Shadow Minister Guy Zangari speaking about labor’s programs on health, education and security for the Fairfield area. We discussed the recent rise of illicit drugs, drive by shootings and crimes in Fairfield and surrounding su...

Tribute to The Internationl Women's Day

Our Executive producer Wilson Younan pays tribute to women in their international Day. He says Sweden is an example of how the world has given women more rights as the majority of their parliament are women. He talks about women in our nation and the n...

How to vote in the elections

Andrew Rohan is a member of FCC and former member of the NSW Parliament. He explains the process of voting and who is eligible to vote and how to fill out the ballot paper. He finally advice's that voters should be very careful in voting the right way ...

Milan Maximovic for the seat of Prospect

Milan Maximovic is well known activist to the Assyrian community in Fairfield area. He was a finalist in the Australia citizen of the year. Recently he was elected on board of directors for The Australian Christian Nations Association as Assyrian liais...

Talkback Assyrian New Year

Latest about Assyrian New Year to be held on 31/3/2019 at Fairfield show ground. Wilson Younan in this talk back is hosting  Hermiz shaheen and David David 

Latest from Assyrian Resources Centre

Carmen Lazar talks about the second information trip to the town of Walla Walla in NSW and the interest shown by many Assyrians to settle in this regional town. She also talks about the latest meeting with Minister of Immigtration Hon David Coleman MP....

VIVA: Superfoods and you

You may have heard of superfoods like kale or turmeric lattes that are meant to boost your health. Nutritionists suggest that when it comes to healthy ageing we need to have a balanced diet. So, does eating superfoods keep us more active than other foo...

Are we the descendants of the great Assyrians?

Nineb Lamassu an activist and researcher said "We worked as a team to make the event at the British Museum a on 22 February 2019 successful. He added the aim was making the world to know that we are the descendants of those great Assyrians who gave hum...

Who are behind the success of Assyrian New Year Celebrations?

David David, the commissioner of the Preparatory Committee, confirmed that many volunteers work day and night, especially on the night of the celebration, to organize and prepare the place to celebrate the Assyrian New Year and we pay tribute to their ...

"Kha B-Nisan" Assyrian New Year 2019

The Assyrian Universal Alliance Australian Chapter in Cooperation with the Assyrian Australian National Federation proudly presents 2019 Assyrian New Year Festival to be held in Fairfield Show Ground on Sunday 31st of March. Listen to Mr David David ch...

"I was not aware of a political decision behind the establishment of Ishtar Satellite"

A renown journalist George Mansour broadcaster, politician, ex Minister of Kurdistan Region for Civil Society Affairs, and the co founder of Ishtar Satellite told the SBS Assyrian program that there is little hope for an immediate end to Iraq's disorde...

A tribute to Youaw Kanna by Wilson Younan

Mr Youaw Toma Kanna initiated the move to establish Assyrian radio program run by the Australian government. SBS Assyrian started 1976 as part of then 2EA radio which is SBS now.Wilson Younan pays tribute to the late Youaw Kanna for his hard work and a...

Special Tribute to the Founder of the Assyrian Australian Association

This segment is an interview recorded with the late Mr Kanna at his residence in 2014. He talks about his arrival to Australia and his attempts to bring more Assyrians to this country. He also talks about his work to establish in Australia, the Assyria...

The Loss of a husband a friend and a visionary leader

The departure of Mr Youaw Toma Kanna, the founder of The Assyrian Australian Association has saddened many members of the Assyrian community in Sydney.SBS spoke to his Widow Mrs Sophia Kanna who expressed her deepest sadness for losing her life time pa...

Problems remain unresolved in the meetings of the Kurdistan Parliament

"Big parties have met to resolve political problems that are still unresolved," Nassim told reporters. A committee for the parliament presidency was formed temporarily until the return of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) return to appoint Speaker...

New coordinator for The Permanent Forum for the Minorities of the Middle East

Mr. Mikhael¬†¬†Benjamin , Former Vice President at Nineveh Centre for Research and Development (NCRD) was selected¬†as a coordinator in Duhok City ‚Äď Iraq¬†by The¬†European Centre for Middle East Studies¬† He says :‚ÄĚI believe that it should also include those...

One of the best Australian non for profit organization

The Iraqi Australian University Graduates Forum was selected among the best Australian non for profit organizations "Zest Awards 2019".Mr. Medhat Al Bazi explains the reason for this award he says that for ten years the forum celebrated cultural divers...

The 2018 Art Competition for International Assyrian Artists , an opportunity of career enhancement

Mr. Joseph Baladpour: Art Director in the Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation , said : that they have started to teach young and adults different arts in the Art School in Illinois.The Arts Competition this year for International Assyrian Artists ga...

'You will not succeed', Morrison tells people smugglers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has released a video, warning asylum seekers against trying to enter Australia illegally. It comes as the Coalition grapples with a historic loss on refugee legislation last week.

Town of Walla Walla welcomes you

Locals in the town of Walla Wallah have opened their doors wide open to help Assyrian families to find work and settle in the town.Walla Walla is a town in Greater Hume Shire Council in New South Wales. It is about 540 kilometres south of Sydney. Carme...

The art of poetry

Ekphrasis is the use of detailed description of a work of visual art as a literary device.  Nineb Lamassu achieved this in his latest collection of poems in a book called (The Bow and the Reed) a collection of Ekphrasis poems based on the British Museu...

HSC high achievers awards night

the Iraqi Australian University Graduates Forum presented their awards to HSC achievers as an appreciation for their hard work. The ceremony was held in the presence of Mayors of Fairfield and Liverpool and other local and state Parliamentarians. Soro ...

internet dating

Online dating is a multibillion dollar industry but professional matchmakers say it’s more for those who know how to follow their hearts and minds. So, what should you consider when setting up a new relationship in the interconnected online world?  

A superior student at Mosul University is being refused a nomination because she is visually impaired

Our correspondent Naseem Sadiq said that the case of student Mina Ragheed ignited social networking sites and raised public opinion against the authorities, who refused her job appointment and did not appreciate her condition for blindness.

Preserving and developing our music and heritage

On the 20th anniversary of its founding: The Assyrian Aid Society ‚ÄďAustralia, held a side show of fine arts on Sunday the 10th¬†February. The aim was to introduce Assyrian talents.¬†Although it's aim is to provide humanitarian aid and the basic needs for...

Sharing other communities culture with ours in the Assyrian New Year festival

in this interview, Mr David David, President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation and coordinator of the Committee for the Preparation of Ceremonies, told SBS "There is a close connection between these celebrations and the Assyrian Universal ...

Caring for the elderly Assyrians

The Parks Community Network Inc engages with people to provide services for communities in South West Sydney,  Jasmin Hirmiz runs seniors well being program that provides day care for elderly Assyrians. She told SBS that despite the program is overwhel...

Settlement Guide: How to get involved with your children's school

When parents are involved in their children's school and education, it has positive effects on their grades, their attendance and their wellbeing in general.  

Mesopotamian Night Sydney

June Yako is the President of Assyrian Aid Society Australia. She talks to SBS about the first Mesopotamia Night and the overwhelming reception by the audience as this is the first Mesopotamia night in Australia.

Difficulties of young people to cope with new country

Mr. Denkha David (Secretary of The Assyrian Democratic Organisation in Australia) said our youth face life difficulties on their first arrival to Australia; they need to learn the language and find work. He also mentioned "Nevertheless, young people fe...

Chaldean Youth Day to be held in Sydney

Rev. fr Rody Sitto (from St. Thomas The Apostle Chaldean and Assyrian Catholic Diocese Of Australia and New Zealand) told SBS that The Diocese is hosting a three day program for youth from 8-10th February.He added "this is the first day event for those...

A call for a less (WAR CRY) for the new Iraqi national anthem

Mr. Yousif Aziz (a composer and singer) from Melbourne said he presented a melody to the lyrics of the new Iraqi National Anthem that was passed by the Iraqi Parliament.He also said "We find many national anthems of other countries which do not have a ...

"The loyalty of the Christian representatives in the Iraqi parliament is not to our nation but to the Kurd and Shia"

Listen to this exclusive interview with Journalist and activist Mr Iskander BiKasha, speaking about the current and future political situation of our people in Iraq.

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Historian, linguistic, writer, poet, and one of the main pillars of the  Assyrian language, Dr. Odisho Malko Ashita speaking to SBS about "Hilqa DeLeshana" his new Assyrian- Arabic  dictionary.

Wilson Younan's Analysis of current international developments

Wilson Younan gives us his analysis of what is happening with US President stance on Mexico wall and Government shot down, the latest secretary of state Michael Pompeo's visit to the middle east, Israeli's air strikes on Iranian bases in Syria and fina...

Settlement Guide: What’s Australia Day?

Australia’s national day has its roots in the country’s colonial past. It marks the day when the First Fleet of 11 British ships sailed into Port Jackson with Governor Arthur Phillip raising the British flag in Sydney Cove on 26 January, 1788. Many Ind...

The Story of Waltzing Matilda Song

Waltzing Matilda is considered by many Australians as the unofficial Anthem. It brings much joy and enthusiasim whenever it is sang specially in some big events. But to many,  specially new Australians, the slang and lyrics might not be fully understoo...

Assyrian translation of Australian National Anthem

For many new Assyrian arrivals, knowing and understanding the Australian national anthem is very important. In this segment, we are trying to translate the lyrics in a simplified and easy to understand words and give a brief history about the origin of...


Listen to Andery Mikhailov, an international Assyrian professional opera singer and June Yako, from the Assyrian Aid Society Australia, speaking about the first Mesopotamia night to be held in Australia.