Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Consecration new Assyrian bishop

His Holiness Mar Gewargis III Sliwa, Catholicos-Patriarch and a number of prelates of the Assyrian Church of the East arrived to Australia to Participate in consecration of new Bishop,Sunday 26th of May 2019.Rev. Fr Shmuel Shmuel of the Information and...

Children's Magazine “Habaawe” is still published despite obstacles

In an interview with Mr. Rony P. Eramia (editor in chief) of the “Habaawe “ Assyrian Children’s magazine issued by Oriental Cultural Center in Dohuk, said that since 2009 and so far is still issued. He stressed that the magazine resonated with its read...

How to participate in Australian life?

Every day, millions of Australians volunteer their time to improve the lives of less fortunate members of our community. Volunteers come from all walks of life and community organisations welcome new members from culturally and linguistically diverse b...

”The latest statement issued by Archbishop of Erbil Mar Bashar Warda is not in favor of the Christians in Iraq”

Cardinal Mar Luis Sako the Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church in the world, told SBS Radio and urged every one who speaks about the circumstance of the remaining Christian minority’s in Iraq to be balanced and respect their wishes. To imply that...

Double Degree in Architecture and in Creative Intelligence

“Create goals that ignite your spirit and inspire you to take action” . Listen to Mr. Awkar Ruel speak about the benefit gained from setting up short and long term goals. Mr Ruel also talked about furthering his education in the future

What Electorals are Expecting from the UpcomingbGovernment

Most of the electoral that casted their votes are hoping to speed up the immigration process.  

Thousands of Australians unaware they have high blood pressure

Thousands of Australians could have high blood pressure and not know it, even though they've been tested at their G-Ps. A new study has found current testing for hypertension can be inaccurate.

Ashur Banipal: A falme of Activities and home of Iraqi unity

In cooperation with the general Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts, the Alqosh Cultural Society held a symposium at its headquarters in Alqosh. The renowned Scholar , Benjamin Haddad spoke about the Ashur Banipal Society ( one of the most active cu...

Is This the End of Christianity in Baghdad

"Iraq, is a graveyard for ethnic and religious minorities, each month, more Christians leave Iraq to resettle in the West." Mr Sabah Michael told the SBS Assyrian program. Stating that the Christian community in Iraq currently faces possible extinction...


Listen to Mr Joseph Tamraz, president and executive board member of the Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago speaking to SBS about the Skokie Festival of Cultures. “This event has been so successful because of the diverse community in Skokie,” said ...

Elections 2019: week wrap May1o

The penultimate week of campaigning for the Federal Election has seen tense drama, high emotions and more heads rolling.Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten went head-to-head in the third and final televised debate before th...

Latest from Assyrian Resource Centre

In This weeks's segment, Carmen Lazar from Assyrian Resource Centre talks about the success of The Pilot Program and talks about number of families who arrived to Australia recently under this program. She also talks about the projects undergoing with ...

Arabic-speaking backgrounds linked to more aggressive breast cancers

One in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.  Most of them will survive, thanks to efficient screening processes. But a new study has discovered women ...

Week three election campagne

Week three of the federal election campaign began with the opening of the early voting period and the first of three leaders debates [[29 April]]. But the headlines were dominated by questionable online comments by candidates, and their subsequent resi...

Parenthood: Our Children and the computer games

In this part, Emil Gharib talks about the hormones of affection and how we give our children these hormones by simply hugging or kissing them. Also the effect of computer games on child obesity

Assyrian Aid Society Morning Tea

On this mother's Day, Assyrian Aid Society are having their occasional and very successful morning tea. Assyrian food will be served and reports about the AAS latest projects will be revealed. President June Jako told SBS

Support drops for One Nation in Queensland

One Nation’s political fortunes have been badly damaged in the run-up to the federal election with revelations about money-for-gun-laws and now the strip club scandal. Votes for the party were decisive at the last poll, but support has plummeted in its...

Its not the right of the director of Alqosh district to decide the administrative fate of Alqosh

"The request for the return of Alqosh to its origin is naive! and since when was Alqosh administratively under Dohuk?" Mr Bassim Ballo, the head of Tel Keppe district told SBS Assyrian program and spoke about the current situation of Christians after I...

"We did not participate in the session of parliamentary debates but we met with the speaker of the Iraqi parliament"

   Listen to Clara Odisho the head of Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council speaking about the Baghdad summit of parliaments of neighboring countries of Iraq,  concluded on Saturday with a final declaration stressing the stability of the country. Ba...

Rabi Nimrod Simono Scholarship

Assyrian Australia Association will present the Rabi Nimrod Simono Scholarship award to Assyrian HSC high achievers for 2018. A special program has been organised including artifacts,  paintings and sculptures exhibition, songs and music and there is  ...

Rental market failing low income earners

New housing analysis has described Australia's private rental market as "failing" people earning the minimum wage and receiving income-assessed government support payments.It comes just weeks out from the federal election and as calls come from all sid...

Some Christians are tentatively moving back home after ISIS-but many are staying away

Listen to Mr Iskander Bikasha, activist and journalist speaking about the current situation and demographic changes in our main cities like Ankawa and Alkosh. This is after his last visit to Kurdistan Region.

Parenthood and the Internet

Parenthood adviser from triple P program run by the government, Mr. Emil Gharib, talks about the importance of time spent with our children specially when they are very young and the significance of play time instead of shutting them up by giving them ...

Election 2019: Profile of the Australian Labor Party

The Australian Labor Party is Australia's oldest party in one of the world's oldest continuous democracies. One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation.

Election 2019: Profile of the Liberal Party

There's no other figure that looms larger over the Liberal Party of Australia than Sir Robert Menzies. In fact few Australians have gained such fame, or held such influence, over the nation than the former Liberal prime minister.He created the party, w...

Latest from Assyrian Resource Centre

Carmen Lazar talks about the consortium establish by the government which makes the welfare centres of the Armenian, Syriac, Chaldean and Assyrian communities to be under the management of the Assyrian Australian Association. Grants will be allocated t...

Election 2019: Need to vote early? Here's how

It's compulsory for all Australian citizens to vote in the federal election, but not everyone has to cast a ballot on election day. As the campaign gets underway, an increasing number of people are choosing to vote early at federal elections. But the A...

Brexit, Politics of United Kingdom, Politics of European Union

The British Prime Minister says she is engaging in cross-party talks to ensure that the UK leaves the European Union with a deal.But she is being criticised by members of her own party who are blaming her for the fact that Britain has not yet left the ...

“Eva Oraham, Special Counsel at Clayton Utz Lawyers recognised in the 2020 edition of Best Lawyers Australia for her expertise in Real Property”

Eva Oraham is an experienced transactional lawyer (Special Counsel) at Clayton Utz with over 14 years experience in corporate real estate transactions. In addition to being recognised by Doyle’s Guide as a Rising Star in Real Estate in 2017, Eva has th...

Using children cartoons to teach our language

Rinyo is a non profit organisation based in Chicago, USA, that uses YouTube to teach the Syriac language through the production of short videos and children cartoons. Ninwe Chimon works at the organisation as production manager. She  told SBS about the...

Latest from Assyrian Resource Centre

Carmen Lazar talks about the latest visit to the regional town of Walla Walla. More than twenty five people went and already one family have moved to the town, rented a house and found work.Also Carmen talks about the Barnabas Funds support for refugee...


The Australian Government has moved to take action against social media companies who allow violent posts to appear online. The new law  comes on the same day ((Thu Apr 4)) that New Zealand police charged the man accused of the Christchurch Mosque shoo...

Bill Shorten's Budget Reply

Labor leader Bill Shorten has delivered his 2019 Budget reply speech, promising "the most important investment in Medicare since Bob Hawke created it".

Establishing Assyrian community in regional NSW

Assyrian Resource Centre organised a field trip to visit the town of Walla Walla (543 KM from Sydney) to explore the town.Many Assyrian families traveled to Walla Walla to see the feasibility of establishing there. Many of them upon returning expressed...

A Day in Nineveh

Assyrian fashion designer from Sweden; Nahrain Odisho currently is in Australia as a guest of Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club to show her latest designs in ancient and modern Assyrian costumes.After a successful show at the British museum, Nahrain wi...

Celebrating 40 years of the establishment of The Assyrian Democratic Movement

Mr Immanuel Sada, representative for the Australian and New Zealand Assyrian Democratic Movement invites SBS and our listeners to attend the 40th anniversary of the establishment of ZOAA and also the celebration of the Assyrian New Year on Saturday 12t...

Guidance to Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting Program  or Triple P can help you with a specific problem, or provide tips on parenting and help with understanding your child’s development and behaviour.Assyrian social and media personality: Emil Gharib, is also a worker at this p...

Grand Opening of the First Chaldean Community Centre in Sydney

Listen to Mr Samir Yousif, presedent of the Chaldean League, New South Wales speaking about the Grand opening of Chaldean community Centre, Under the patronage of His grace Mar Amil Nona, Archbishop of the Chaldean and Assyrian Catholic Diocese of Aust...

Assyrian New Year Festival (6769)

The Assyrian Australian National Federation (“AANF”) together with the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) will be hosting the Assyrian New Year Festival on Sunday 31st of  March 2019, at Fairfield Showground. The Festival will start at 10:00 am till 10:...

Etuti institute aims to build generations of new leaders

Etuti ( My Existence) organizes training for youth, children and teaches to discover the possibilities and qualities of leadership in them and strengthen them to work in various fields, Said Savina Dawood founder and Executive Director of Etuti. She co...

The biggest celebration that brings us together

"All of our expatriate people in Melbourne are invited to participate in the Chaldean Babylonian New Year celebration," said Haitham Maloka, secretary of the Australian Chaldean Federation in Victoria. "We hope this day bring us together because we are...

Ten establishments participate in organizing The Assyrian- Babylonian New Year celebration in Melbourne

Every year the celebration is expanding. This year will include a royal procession then the official opening with nine guest speakers. Mr. Sargon Thomas, member of the temporary organizing committee of ceremonies in Melbourne told SBS, He added that th...

Promoting the Assyrian New Year celebrations through the media

"We take advantage of all available social media to communicate with our community", said David David, President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation, and coordinator of the Committee for the Preparation of Assyrian New Year Festival. He also...

Latest News about the upcoming Assyrain New Year Festival

"We will provide a complimentary bus service to transport residents of Fairfield and surrounding areas from Fairfield station to the Assyrian new year festival in Fairfield showground all day from 10:00 am to 10:00pm." Mr David David said, chairperson ...


As part of Victoria's Cultural Diversity week celebrations, the Australian Assyrian Social Development Club (AASDC) partnering with the Assyrian Community of Victoria proudly present an all day celebrations on Sunday the 24th of March at Moomba Park Re...

What The Voters Think about Australian Politics

With a federal election due soon, the major parties and independents will be out spruiking their policies in the community. There are several marginal seats destined to become major battlegrounds for votes, including the seat of Banks, one of Australia...

Assyrian Women Union : Aims to Push the Society to Define the Women Rights

27 years Union works for women and our activities were messages to the whole community on women's rights, Said Marleen Yousif, head of the Regional Relations Office of the Assyrian Women's Union. She added that women are the whole society because they ...

Iraqi Authorities Agree on a Number of Demands of Syriac Authors and Writers

The Syriac Writer’s Union asked the Iraqi authorities to approve  a Syriac TV channel and establishing a directorate of Syriac culture in Nineveh Plain, said Mr. Akad Murad , vice president of the Syrian Writer’s Union. He added that the Assyrian New Y...

"More than 20 dignitaries, politians including NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will attend the Assyrian New Year festival"

Thousands to attend the Assyrian New Year festivities in Fairfield Showgrounds.The traditional celebration, which dates back more than 6000 years, takes place after the first new moon following the vernal equinox in late March. Listen to Mr David David...


Mr Sam Youkhana Liberal candidate for the seat of Fairfield spoke to SBS Assyrian program about his $7 million commitment to upgrade Fairfield Showgrounds. Mr Youkhana discussed the issue of security and said "more CCTV cameras will increase community ...