Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Assyrian Day at the British Museum

Nahrain Odisho is a fashion designer living in Sweden and spent many years studding and designing Assyrian historic fashion. she will participate in the living Assyria Day at the British museum on the 22nd Feb with 18 different dresses depicting Assyri...

Latest from Assyrian Resource Centre

Carmen Lazar talks about her concern in regards to the Pilot Program. she told SBS that many applicants who have been successful and come to Australia, are not obeying the rules and conditions of their visa. Some of them are not trying to work or to fi...

Summer Safety in Australia

Many of us will take advantage of weekends and school holidays to spend time outdoors, at the beach, in parks and out bush during summer.While it's a great way to explore our country, there are a few precautions to take to stay safe.

"Nothing more than empty promises by Kurdish officials"

MP Farid Yacoub, Head of the Rafidain block in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament participated in a meeting called by Mr. Farhad Atrushi Governor of Dohuk. Mr Yacoub brought to the discussion many issues affecting our people and in particular land right...

A new Assyrian community centre recently acquired by the Assyrian Church of the East

A lengthy Interview with  His Grace Mar Paulus Benjamin, Bishop of Diocese of Eastern America speaking about the new Assyrian Community Center in Skokie, Chicago.

Federal Government to force local councils to hold Australia Day citizenship ceremonies

The federal government has moved to force councils to hold citizenship ceremonies on January 26th.It comes as a handful of municipalities voted to move events, saying it's out of respect for Indigenous people. Some have backed the move, while others be...

Fairfield Bulls Soccer Club Registration

Players registration for Fairfield Bulls Soccer Club will start from Monday 14 January. Committee member Albert Oshana told SBS the registration fees will cover playground bookings, uniforms, insurance and other expenses. He stressed on the importance ...

Bringing Joy to Assyrian refugees hearts

Milan Maximovic and his Assyrian wife Hilda managed to organise another charitable event by distributing 350 Christmas gifts to refugee families who arrived to Australia in recent years. Milan told SBS that every time he distributes these gifts, he fee...

Vacation Bible School By the Assyrian Church

Children Association of the Assyrian Church of the East ran a VBS camp from 7/1-11/1/ 2019  for bible studies. More than 350 children participated in the camp which included games, fun activities and Bible lessons. Shamasha Raman Youkhanis is a member ...

The RUDAW MEDIA net work voting polls shows that 71% of voters in Kurdistan Region Support Iraqi Grand Mufti Fatwa

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Sumaidaie, a prominent Sunni religious figure and the mufti of Iraq, said that it is haram (forbidden) for Muslims to participate in New Year celebrations.  Also, “do not join Christians in Christmas celebrations."Listen to this e...

Younadam Kanna expressing to SBS his confidence to return to parliament very soon

Mr Younadam Kanna, General Secretary of Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) also condemned recent remarks from the country's mufti, who said it was impermissible for Muslims to join Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Bitterness between our member of Iraqi Parliament Mr Khoshaba and the head of ADM Mr Kanna

"Mr Younadam Kanna has not been in contact with for approximately two months" Mr Emmanuel Khoshaba, General Secretary of Assyrian Patriotic Party (APP) member of Iraqi Parliament told SBS Assyrian Program.

A former Serbian refugee married to an Assyrian refugee has been nominated for 2019 citizen of the year

Milan Maksimovic and his wife Hilda are working with different organisations, volunteers and churches for over 3 years to help refugees from Middle East to settle in Australia. Services include English lessons, food, clothing and toiletries as well as ...

HSC High Achievers awards

The Iraqi Australian University Graduates Forum will be holding their annual awards presentation for Iraqi HSC high achievers in February this year. Rabi Soro Soro, a member of their organising committee, told SBS that this is a very important opportun...

Assyrian folklore in the British Museum

 Assyrian composer, conductor and pianist Honiball Joseph who is featured as a conductor in an upcoming concert at the British Museum, told SBS the concert, titled "Living Assyria", will showcase Assyrian folk music, dancing and costume. Mr. Honiball h...

Final stages to the Mesopotamian night

Assyrian Aid Society (Australia) member Shoushan Tower is the organiser and coordinator of the Mesopotamian Night- Concert-Sydney which will be held in Feb 2014. Members of the AAS-Au and many volunteers have dedicated their time and efforts to make th...

Peace will prevail in Mesopotamia

The echo of the nation Assyrian radio broadcasters, Muna and Amo Estepho, said that they hope that peace will prevail in Mesopotamia the land of our ancestors. They also plan to increase the weekly radio hours, cover various events and deliver their vo...

Implementing various events despite the difficult economic

Dr. Robin bet- Shmuel, General Director of Syriac Culture and Arts in Erbil, stressed that the Directorate is trying to obtain the necessary support for the implementation of various events despite the difficult economic conditions experienced by the K...

The projects of Orhay society for 2019

Moshe Dawid, member of the Orhay Society for Culture and Arts in Sweden, presented the projects of their Society for 2019 and said that the most important events they are working on is a comprehensive conference of language teachers. Participation in t...

The year 2019 will be a good and blessed year

Edwar Rowel, a known activist in the community said he hopes that 2019 will be a good and blessed year for our people and wishs that our institutions and organizations will work together to unite their visions and understand each other.Mr. Samir Yousif...

I wish to publish an Assyrian book in mechanics

Samir Khoshaba, Assyrian activist in Sweden said he will work in the New Year to collect his articles in the field of mechanics to be published in a book. He added he would continue working to keep our language in line with the times. He wishes to see ...

We do good to bring joy into people's hearts

Maksimovic family distributed Christmas gifts on 30th Dec 2018 at st Zaia Cathedral for newly arrived Assyrian refugees and needy families. Mrs. Hilda  Maksimovic spoke to SBS and said "we are doing very little to bring Christmas joy into newly arrived...

Naseem Sadiq reporting about Christmas celebrations in Dohuk

Our Reporter Naseem Sadiq filed this report about the feelings and celebrations of our people in northern Iraq during Christmas time.

"We have lost the essence of Christmas and the origin of the celebration"

Listen to his grace Mar Amil Nona, Archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Australia and New Zealand Christmas' message.

"This Christmas, I urge our people to remember and give hope to those who are battling through a tough time"

In his Christmas message his Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia AM, Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon, speaks about the importance of donating to charities including the Assyrian Church of east relief organisation.

HSC high achiever: Mary Oraham

Mary Oraham is another student from St Narsai Assyrian Christian College who obtained 97.1 in her ATAR . She spoke about the importance of schools and parents alike in helping students to succeed. She said that it is not enough to be smart but you have...

New graduates for interpreting course from RMIT University

Valentine Aghajani spoke to SBS about the latest graduation from the interpreting course organised by RMIT university in Melbourne. She expressed her joy and pride seeing many of her students made it through the exams and now they are in the field to d...

HSC high Achiever: Noah Sada

Noah Sada from St Narsaai Assyrian Christian College achieved 97.6 % in his ATAR for HSC 2018. He spoke to SBS about his joy and how he managed to get those marks. Also he praised the role of parents in supporting students to providing guide and the ap...

latest from Assyrian Resource Centre

Carmen Lazar spoke to SBS about the holiday break for  the office of the Assyrian Resource Centre and also about the latest activities of the centre

Assyrian program highlights for 2018

Highlights of some interview on SBS Assyrian during 2018

Donald Trump signed a new law to provide relief to Christians and Yazidis

The law enables financial and technical assistance for the humanitarian, stabilization, and recovery needs of Christians and Yazidi in Iraq, Syria. Listen to Mar Bashar Warda the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Irbil, Iraq. Standing behind the presiden...

“Only 46 families returned to Tel-Kafe after the expulsion of ISIS a year ago from a total of more than 1500”

“The main reasons for the non-return of our people to Tel-kafe are the presence of military units, Peshmerga and other militias, that made the city resemble a military barracks in addition to the destruction of the infrastructure." Mr Bassem Balo Myor ...

The achievements of Professor Edgar Shamounian from Iran

Professor Edgar Shamounian is a 37 years old lecturer at the Azad University in Iran.  He teaches Physical Education. He was head coach of the Iranian national cycling team for four years. He also was the general manager of Assyrian Star football team ...

Dr Nicholas Al-Jeelo in Istanbul

Dr Nicholas Al-Jeelo spoke to SBS about his new job at one of the universities in Istanbul, teaching English. He believes by working in Turkey he can attend many conferences and seminars in Europe and in Turkey and meet more academics to further reach ...

Assyrians in The Netherlands

Leni Nisan is an active member of the Assyrian community in the Netherlands. He spoke to SBS about the community and gave a brief history about their arrival and establishment.  He told SBS that Assyrian community is a large one consisting of Syriacs w...

Kurdistan authorities warn of more flooding

Since last week, the Kurdistan Region has seen extremely heavy rain leading to flash flooding, particularly in the provinces of Duhok and Sulaimani. Roads and bridges crumbled as soil was rapidly eroded from under them.Listen to this exclusive report f...

Christianity is 'over' in Mosul and will not return, says former Politician and Minister of Tourisim

"Demographic change is the killer of our nation"said Mr Nimrod Baito former politician and minister of Tourism in Kurdistan Regional Government He stressed that war_torn Iraq was home to 1.5m Christians in 2003, there are now less than 200 thousands. 

70th anniversary of the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Around the world events are being held to mark 70 years ((Dec 10th 1948)) since the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ((UDHR)). The document, drafted after the Second World War, set out for the first time the basic rights and fu...

What is mental health with Lina Isho

Lina Isho from STARTTS explains the main issues related to mental health. She talks about TRAUMA and what is the definition and types of trauma. Serving people with mental illness is part of STARTTS main work and services.

City of Walla Walla welcomes members of Assyrian community

Assyrian Resource centre organised a visit to the regional city of Walla Walla. More the 20 people travelled to the city to explore and see the prospective in settleing there. We bring you some comments and feelings of some of those Assyrian explorers ...

Assyrian folk music and dance in the British Museum

The British museum is holding an exhibition about Assyrian King Ashur Banipal that started 8th November and will be running until the 24th of February 2019. Nineb Lamassu spoke to SBS about the Exhibition and emphasised on the special Assyrian folk mus...

What do you Think about Assyrian Program at SBS?

In our monthly talk back, we asked our listeners about the segments in our program, How do they evaluate them? What improvements are needed?  What topics we haven't covered that we should have?Listen to comments and calls of our listeners.

Sexism survey a 'wakeup call' for modern Australia

A landmark survey on gender equality has found more than half of young Australian women have faced discrimination and feel that gender inequality exists in most Australian workplaces.It also found a large number of men believe the feminist movement has...

The painter who expressed the tragedies of her people by her art

Agnes Ishak, Painter and Principal at Assyrian Cultural House ( SHOTAPOTHA), Auckland, said that she had organized many personal exhibitions with paintings depicting the tragedies of the Assyrian people.She also talks about the Assyrian Cultural House ...

Our community message to next generation is to belief in openness and building bridges to society

Jiwan Maroky and Elias Matti Mansour spoke about the activities in the community in Melbourne and they emphasized on the existence of many associations and institutions, but they asserted there is a need to increase their activities and sustainability ...

Settlement Guide:What is holiday care and how to find free activities for children?

School holidays are a challenge for many parents. However, there are plenty of free activities near you if you know where to look. As for those who cannot afford to take time off work, holiday care programs ranging from traditional vacation care, tenni...


On Friday November 9, His Holiness Pope Francis received His Holiness Mar Gewargis III Sliwa, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East at the Vatican. "The Committee is beginning its work on the third phase of dialogue concerning ecclesi...

Recent Research into community

Prof Ken Cruickshank - Associate Professor in TESOL in the Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney explains current issues in teaching of Assyrian as community language. Ken took up recent research into language teaching to improve t...

Our community needs art programs, cultural activities to thrive

Adel Danno spoke to Ninos Kako, Aneta Georges and Emil Gharib (community activists) who discussed the lack of arts and cultural programs for our community. Our youth need arts and cultural activies to thrive, which they agreed could lead to our communi...

Government plans new laws to strip convicted terrorists of Australian citizenship

The Federal Government has unveiled new anti-terrorism laws that would make it easier to strip convicted terrorists of their citizenship. Currently a minister can act if the jail sentence is six years or more.