Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Assyrian podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Kurdish Apprehension is Repeated

Nassem Sadiq reported that what is happening today with Syrian Kurd and US withdrawal from northern Syria, makes the Iraqi Kurd recall what happened to them during the referendum for independency on 2017.

Experts push for a Royal Commission into Gambling in Australia

Concerns are being raised about the link between mental health and problem gambling, with experts calling for extra support to help vulnerable people. The comments come as harm minimisation experts push for a Royal Commission into the gambling industry...

Writer and Activist from Baghdad says: Government Reforms are Patchy

"What is happening in Iraq is a popular revolution" Writer and activist Louis Claimes proclaims. The people want radical reforms, not procrastinating promises. He said there is an educated, academic category who wants to work voluntarily to activate th...

The Effects of the Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria on our people

Political bureau President of the Assyrian Democratic Party, Mr. Ninos Isho, said that the agreement of the Syrian army enter northern Syria near the areas where our people live has mitigated the danger they would be exposed to after the Turkish illega...

Iraqi's community solidarity with the Iraqi demonstrators

Activist Emil Gharib spoke to SBS about the reaction and support of the Iraqi organisations in Sydney towards the latest events in Baghdad and Iraq. He says a joint committee of Iraqi organisations was formed to bring one voice in support of the demons...

Local Councils and the Fencing laws

Councilor Sharbel Saliba from Fairfield City Council talks about fencing and neighbors. he explains the importance of getting the council's approval before starting to build one. also he says that it is very important to speak to your neighbor whenever...

Serving his nation through international organisation

Activist and poet Nineb Lamassu started a new job in Iraq as Peace adviser to the non government organisation  Un Ponte Per (A Bridge to). This humanitarian organisation works on many projects especially the ones that promote social cohesion and peace ...

Assyrian Cup 2019 news

Mr.Victor Yohanna,  president of Assyrian Cup 2019 said the tournament was Successful one. More than one thousand fans attended this tournament in 4 days of youth gathering and sportsmanship.  Assyrian Bulls B won the title. While the women team Roxbur...

Soccer school project in Fairfield

  Captain Saadi Toma  is a well-known soccer player and coach.  He received a certificate of appreciation from New South Wales MP. Mr.Guy Zangari. He told SBS that he had started a soccer arts training project for different age groups. He added that he...

The Repercussions of Migration on Family and Youth

Dr. Yousef Lallo (PHD in Psychology study) talks about the immigrant family need to balance the requirements of new life and not allow money or long work to keep family members from each other.He stressed the importance of communication between family ...

Settlement Guide: Living in regional Australia

Nearly all newly arrived migrants settled in Melbourne and Sydney last year while regional Australia is struggling to survive with a shrinking population. The Australian government is offering migrants new permanent residency pathways provided that the...

Report from Iraq

Our reporter from Iraq Naseem Sadiq talks about the latest developments in the situation in Baghdad. He talks about the reaction of the demonstrators against government, marshal law and cutting off the internet.

Assyrian Cup 2019

The Assyrian Sports and Cultural club is hosting the Assyrian cup from 4-6 of September. Teams from Melbourne and Sydney will be competing in this long weekend and one will emerge to be the winner.This is a sport event that the youth look forward to pa...

Students with transportation problem

In the northern Iraqi village of Conde Koussa, our correspondent Naseem Sadiq reported that the parents were suffering from the problems of transporting their children to schools, which are far from the village.One villager said the problem was repeate...

“I have to repay Australia for what it has given me”

Nohara Odisho a young Assyrian woman arrived in Australia in 2015. After less than two years she started building her future.She says:” I did voluntary work to get experience, and found my way to get job. After being honored, I felt that I had more ene...

Learning Assyrian Alpha Bet by singing

Roger Elia, a Mathematics and Music Teacher says that he composed melodies for poems written by Rabi Anwar Atto to teach Assyrian Alpha bet. He added that modern methods of education include music, dance and painting as well as computer programs. Today...

How to get a divorce in Australia?

Research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies shows that people in their mid to late 20s are the most likely to divorce followed by couples in their late 40s. And those who get divorced have usually been married nine years or less. 

Settlement Guide: Children’s Rights in Australia))

Over five million children aged under 18 in Australia.Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children are meant to enjoy equal rights to growing up with access to education, healthcare and safety.However, child advocacy gro...

Assyrian Parliament in Exile

From 12-13 of September 2019 a conference took place in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Representatives from Assyrians around the world were invited to this conference to discuss methods and the mechanism of establishing an Assyrian Parliament in...

Job Expo and Coffee with a Cop

Carmen Lazar from A.R.C talks about the coming Job Fair in November this year. She invites all people especially the youth to attend the fair and get expose to many job opportunities.Mrs Lazar also talks about the Coffee with a cop program. She says th...

60 file before the Integrity Commission in Kurdistan Region

According to our correspondent in Iraq , Mr . Nassem Sadiq , the social media abound a lot of comments about corruption and the question remains about the government's move to take the necessary measures against those involved in corruption.Finally, th...

STARTTS: 3 Decades of Supporting seventy thousand Clients

The  NSW service for the treatment and rehabilitation of torture and trauma survivors,  celebrated 30 years of supporting clients from asylum seekers and refugees who have endured the  worst in their life. This is coverage of the celebration held in Fa...

A Documentary film about a saint: Mar Yosip Khnanisho

Two young directors produced and directed the documentary that was screened in Sydney last week. The idea came from dialogues and stories that our mothers told us about this saint and his marvels, Said directors Amar Daniel and Carlos Hydo.They added ...

Your rights and obligations to your Council

Councillor Charbel Saliba talks about the Fairfield city council system and how day to day work is carried out. He also answers questions about the conditions of nominating for elections to be member of the council.This is first part of new series abou...

New skilled visa for regional areas

Carmen Lazar from Assyrian Resource Centre talks about a new visa for skilled migrants who must come to work and stay in regional areas for at least three years before been granted a permanent visa.Also she talks about a new course run by the centre to...

Assyrian Students Association UNSW

Barseen Oshan, a third year engineering student at UNSW is one of the founders of the ASAUNSW. He talks about the aims and objectives of the association and tells how by using food stalls to offer Assyrian food will help introduce the Assyrians to othe...

Tribute to a quiet achiever: Wilson Kando

Thursday 19 September 2019 was a sad day for the Assyrian community in Melbourne as they farewell a beloved son of the community, the late Wilson Kando.Wilson has worked so hard for the settlement of the Assyrians in Melbourne.In this special tribute, ...

Syriac Heritage Museum has Nearly Three Thousand Traditional Pieces

The director of the Syriac Heritage Museum, Mr. Kaldo Oghanna says:” I moved from the political and media field to run the only museum that contains our people heritage and cultural materials. The museum's materials reach nearly 3,000 pieces of traditi...

Learning Language Means New Knowledge and New Way to Community Engagement

Assyrian Nissibin School principal Mr. William Oshana expressed the administration’s concerns in teaching language by saying: “ Our goal through teaching Assyrian language is to encourage students to conduct good behavior, establish social relations an...

Settlement Guide: What is bankruptcy and its implications?

The number of Australians in financial distress is on the rise prompting warnings of more personal bankruptcies as the national economy slows down.….. explains how to deal with unmanageable debt.

Youth Suicide and the Role of Parents

Family and parenthood adviser Emil Gharib talks about youth suicide and the important part parents play to prevent it from happening. He points out on the change of behavior that indicates the child is going through depression. He says "youth thinking ...

Assyrian Cup 2019

Once again preparations are on the way for the Assyrian Cup and this time is held by The Assyrian Sports and Cultural club. Fairfield city Councillor and President of the club, Sharbel Saliba told SBS that this event costs a lot of money but we do it f...

Power of Love: An Assyrian movie to be filmed in Australia

Assyrian movies Group or AMG are in the pre production process to start filming an Assyrian movie. Ms Jacqueline Georges is the production manager of this project and she told SBS the movies deals with issues and problems that  Assyrian youth face in A...

Volunteer teachers can apply to be official teachers in public schools

Mr. Essam Yako is the principal of the St. Ephrem Syriac School in Mar Yacoub El Srougy Center in Baghdad. He said that the centre have plans to expand the students' learning of their language and general education scopeHe added that they have full coo...

Court returned the usurped lands of Kashkawa village, but who will implement the decision?

Mr. Oger Toma, a resident of the Kashkawa village in northern Iraq, said that some people illegally used land belonging to our village for decades without the rights to use agriculture and irrigation.  in 2016 we had to resort to the courts to obtain o...

Regional Centres Call for Funding to Support Expected Migrant Influx

Earlier this year, the Federal Government announced new regional visas designed to encourage migrants to work and live in remote and regional areas long-term. The approach has been welcomed by some communities, like the town of Leeton, in the Riverina ...

The Need for more Assyrian Youth Workers

Milad Nisan is the youth worker at the Assyrian Resource Centre. Despite the short period of his employment and limited working hours that he has, Milad tries to achieve higher goals and help newly arrived refugees youth to cope with problems and langu...

Artist in Residence: Niramsin Yacou

Niramsin Yakou is a young Assyrian artist who is known in the community for his videos and songs. recently he was chosen to be Artist in Residence at the Fairfield City Museum. He is preparing an exhibition at the museum using different platforms inclu...

Jobs opportunities at the construction of the Western Sydney Airport

Carmen Lazar talks about the new jobs that will be available in the construction of the western Sydney airport. Also she talks about her participation in the NUAA Peers & Consumer Forum 2019. A forum to discuss the rehab of drug addicts. She says t...

Assyrian Diqlat school is Trying more interaction in language learning ways

The coordinator of the Assyrian Diqlat Schools, Mr. Namroud Slewa, said:  we have updated the textbooks. We encourage teachers to discuss the importance of language learning, and using ways for more interaction in language learning.He added : Thanks to...

The Government's Draft Religious Discrimination Bill, and mixed reaction

The federal government has unveiled its draft religious discrimination bill, aimed at protecting Australians' rights to express their religious beliefs. Advocacy groups and opposing parties are criticising the legislation, some warning it may actually ...

Starting Experimental Broadcasting “ the Iraqi Syriac channel”

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network , Mr. Romel Esho said that the Iraqi Media Network is an official media of the state and we have the right to have a share in it. We have started an experimental broadcast of Syriac channel b...

The role fathers play in the upbringing

Parenthood worker and adviser Emil Gharib talks about the role fathers play in the upbringing of children. He says children and specially boys try to copy their dad while girls always look at the good characters of their father and wish to have their f...

The role Assyrian Schools play in teaching the language

Rabi Anwar Atto is the head of the Assyrian schools of Assyrian Church Of the East in Australia. He talks about the importance of the Assyrian language classes as part of the extra teaching subjects in the schools, in implementing the language, traditi...

Economic Benefits of Improving Social Inclusion

Australia’s productivity has weakened in recent years, growing by an average of 1.1 per cent - below the long-run average of 1.5 per cent. A new report by Deloitte, commissioned by SBS, argues that a stronger focus on social inclusion has the potential...


The SBS National Languages Competition 2019 is an SBS Radio initiative to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. This year we encourage Australians of all ages who are learning a language, including those learning English an...

Settlement Guide: Children’s Rights in Australia

Over five million children aged under 18 in Australia.  Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children are meant to enjoy equal rights to growing up with access to education, healthcare and safety. However, child advocacy ...

International organizations in Iraq do not help artists

Issam Shaba Filfil (play writer) whose scene was performed at the Syriac Arts Festival by volunteers says he wanted to express the position of the politicians today. He compared them to Don Quixote, fighting their shadow and moving away from the truth.

Western Australian Labor Party calls for recognition of genocide of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians

Mr. David David president of the Assyrian Australian National Federation, said that the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks communities are working together with the state parliaments and major political parties in Australia to make the federal government ...

Parliament inquiry into physical and chemical restraint in aged care facilities

There are calls for the Australian Government to scrap new regulations aimed at reducing the use of chemical and physical restraints in aged care facilities.Critics say such practices breach basic human rights and they are concerned the changes will ma...