Arriba folklorico music and dance of Mexico

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A perspective of folklorico music and dance of Mexico

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This blog will delve into the cultural and entertainment aspects of folklorico music and dance of Mexico. It also will host the show notes to the podcast titled "Arriba! Folkorico music and dance of Mexico."
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Episode 15 - El Huapango and the Huasteca Region

href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CFred%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml">In this episode ofArriba- Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we explore the region of theHuasteca and the musical genre of theHuapango.TheHuasteca r...
F Castaneda author

14- Oaxaca - Jarabe Mixteco and La Gelaguetza

In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we travel to the South of Mexico on the Pacific waters, stretching along the coast to the northern part of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. The state ofOaxaca has one of the largest populations...
F Castaneda author

13- Michoacan and the Tarascos

In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we explore the idyllic region in Southwestern Mexico, the land of theTarascan indigenous tribes--theTarascos-- the state ofMichoacan.The Tarascan tribes are a people that feel that they ha...
F Castaneda author

10 - Podcast Promo for Podcamp San Antonio Numero Dos

In this epioside ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we deliver a 4-minute promo podcast episodeIN SPANISHto promote the upcoming event called a "Podcamp."Yes, it is that time of year again. The second annualPodcamp (or Podcastunconference)...
F Castaneda author

009 - Show Janitzio plays the Music of the Revolucion Mexicana

In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico music and dance of Mexico, we focus in detail on the musicalcorridos and polkas of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 (Revolucion Mexicana).The beginning of this podcast starts withShow Janitzio performing a portion of ...
F Castaneda author

008- Show Janitzio plays music of the Trios

In thisepisode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we go further into the discussion of the grenres of the Romantic music of the Golden Age (Siglo de Oro) of Mexican Music during the 1950s and 1960s with the troubador group (lostrios) call...
F Castaneda author

007- The Golden Age or 'Siglo de Oro' of Mexican Romantic Music - Interview with Trio and Quartet - Show Janitzio

In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance Of Mexico, we have an interview with the 4 musicians that compriseSHOW JANITZIO, a musical troubador group that specializes in the romantic ballads of the Golden Age of Mexican Music in the 1950's an...
F Castaneda author

The folklore from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec: Chiapas and the music of the marimba

This episode covers the music and dance of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico--in particular, the state of Chiapas and the sound of themarimba.In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we discuss the costume of the Chamula tribe...
F Castaneda author

Episode 004 -- Indigenous folkloric dance in Pre-Columbian Mexico

Imagine it to be the late 15th Century or early 16th Centruy -- a time before the year 1519, before the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico.It is a cool and breezy afternoon in the central highland plateau of Mexico.It is possibly the afternoon of the e...
F Castaneda author

Interview in the "Immigration Tales" podcast

This posting, along with an episode from another podcast in which I was interviewed, may seem to digress a bit from our pure episodes of Mexican folklorico music and culture. But because the first part of the interview dealt with this podcast series, I...
F Castaneda author

Episode 003- Veracruz and the Jarocho music and dance - and La Bamba

In this episode, we explore the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in the lively culture of the Jarocho people in Veracruz and those around the River Papaloapan. Besides el Tilingo Lingo. la Bruja and El Aguanieve (El Zapateado), the focus is on the ...
F Castaneda author

mp3 file of the Interview with Jose Hernandez-episode 002- click here

Please note: from the prior post, you will notice that this episode with the interview actually is posted on another blog, since I had trouble getting access into this version of The web link takes you to an embedded player, where you have...
F Castaneda author

Episode 2 - Fred Castaneda conducts Interview with Jose Hernandez-Director of Mariachi Sol de Mexico

In this episode, Federico Castaneda interviews Jose Hernandez, the director-creator of El Mariachi Sol de Mexico (R), and the discussion includes not only folklorico dancing and the accompaniment of mariachis with the performers, but also touches upon ...
F Castaneda author

12- Noche de Mariachi- 1st annual Mariachi festival gala event

This episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico describes the wonderful evening at theParamount Theatre in downtown Austin, Texas, with the first annual gala event calledNOCHE DE MARIACHI.This was not a "battle of the bands." Rather, it was...
F Castaneda author

11- Yucatan and the Dance of the Jarana

In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico, we explore the region of Yucatan -- home of the descendants of the Idyllic indigenous peoples known as theMayas, and center for thefolklorico dance known as theJarana.In this episode, we e...
F Castaneda author

006-Nayarit-its folklore and el Jarabe Nayarita-Danza de los machetes

Danza de los Machetes orEl Jarabe Nayarita.In this episode ofArriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico,Nayarit is a state that is rather small in size, when compared to its neighbors (like Jalisco), which stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the foot...
F Castaneda author