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Two dudes with attention deficit disorder talking about family, friends, firearms, preparedness and fun.
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Ep 222 - Some like it hot

Sticks and John talk to Daniel about Heating and Air. Very good stuff to know

Ep 221 - Now thats cool ... or Hot

John and Sticks catch up a bit before Sticks interviews Steven Gardner with PHD. I'm excited for his new products

Ep 220- Changes

Sticks and John do some catch up and reveal some stuff that they've been a little secretive about

Ep 219 - Diver Down

Sticks and John are joined by James Thompson of Elite Dive Operations and Exploration Unlimited to discuss SCUBA diving

Ep 218 - Dropzone Gunner

Jeremy from Dropzone Gunner stopped by to talk with Sticks and John about this cool new concept that they have going on

Ep 217 - Yuve Yuve Yu

John and Sticks do a little catch up and then squirrel around on several topics

Ep216 Manic Mechanic

Sticks and John have Jeff, from My Knowledge Blog, on to talk cars. re were some stories and Oh you can bet that there some stories and some hijinks 

EP 215- Very Busy

John and Sticks squirrel around discussing several preparedness topics

Ep 214 Happy Independence Day

A little catch up then John and Sticks discuss some facts about Independence Day

Ep 213 - Prepping for Vacation - The Home Alone vesion

Sticks and John catch up a bit and then discuss getting ready for vacation. How do you prepare? Oh and there may be a story or two from past vacations

Ep212 Some Gave All

A lost squirrel joins sticks for some catch up and to discuss the meaning of Memorial Day

Ep211 - Pirates invade Appleseed

John and Silent Chris and author Phil Rabalais from the Matter of Facts podcast came in to town to join Sticks at an Appleseed. Sticks and John do an after action report. I skipped the outro music and replaced it by some audio from an awesome shootboss...

Ep210 Sara Hathaway

Author and podcaster Sara Hathaway joins Sticks for some catch up and to discuss her new projects

Ep209 - Gender Reveal

Sticks and John both discuss some cool stuff that's been going on since last episode

Ep 208 - the amazing 10/22

Sticks and John discuss some of the common mods for the 10/22 and discuss some of the aftermarket suppliers

Ep207 - Nova Scotia Woodland Tours

Sticks and John interview Sam, a Nova Scotia resident that is an avid outsdoorsman

Ep206 - Wild Wild Weather

Sticks and John interview Michael a Tulsa Weatherman and Storm Chaser. RadarScope - app

Ep205 - Arrrgh

Sticks and John talk with a few guys about Carry the Skull and finish with some plundering with Loco the Pirate

Ep204 A New Year

John and Sticks catch up and discuss what they got for Christmas and what there plans are for a new year

Ep 203 - Santa Baby

John and Sticks talk over some Christmas ideas

Ep 202 A tough journey

Sticks and John catch up a bit then Phil from the Matter of Facts podcast joins Sticks to discuss the release of his new book

Ep 201 - Squirrelish

A long lost Squirrel joins Sticks to play catch up

EP 200 - A perfect match

John and Sticks catch up a bit before the King and Queen of Prepper Fiction join Sticks for some hijinks. Yes that's right, Glen Tate and his better half Shelby Gallagher livened up the joint

Ep 199 - Oily Farm Girl

Liz joins Sticks and John to discuss Essential Oils, Homesteading and the McRib (c)

Ep198 - Now Thats Green

Sticks and John discuss the quick trip to Texas and painting the Squirrelmobile green with Raptor

Ep197 - That Dude is Wee'rd

Sticks and John catch up quick then Sticks chats with Weerd Beard about alcohol as a prep and mixology. In true fashion we went loooong

Ep 196 - Red Weasel

John and Sticks catch up, discuss prepping the van for paint and some pirate talk. Sticks has a great chat with Hailee Daniels aka the Red Weasel and they discuss Canadian Women of the Outdoors, Mapleseed and The Hungry Hunter amongst other things. 

Ep195 - Getting Wild

Sticks and John discuss geocaching and talk about travel plans, amongst the normal squirreliness

Buck Naked

John and Sticks interviews Wes Adams one of the contestants from the reality show Naked and Afraid. No worries, Wes and Sticks kept their clothes on. As for John, well y'all know John

Ep193 Scanner School

John and Sticks catch up a bit. Sticks interviews Phil Lichtenberger of the Scanner School Podcast. He is well versed in scanners and their uses, especially in preparedness situations Don't forget to go over to GoFundMe and donate to Team Laynie if you...

Ep 192 - The Man Show

Sticks discusses all he's had going on John discusses Cannons, pirates and the Team Laynie fundraiser Chis from Michigan Man Soap discusses the benefits of handmade soaps and beard oils After the show hang out as Morpheus orates the "Give me Liberty or...

Ep191 Liberty or Death

The show kicks off with a historical speech with Morpheous, the Sticks and John catch up and discuss a fund raiser and some great prizes

Ep190 American Heat

John and Sticks have a guest, David P, join them to catch up and discuss the 1903 Springfield

Ep189 - Best laid plans

John and Sticks talk about firing the new cannon, Sticks' upcoming trip to Texas and the most recent Appleseed

Ep 188 The Great State

Shelby Gallagher joins me to talk about preparedness, her new book and her twin. Check her out at Shelby Gallagher author on Facebook and look for her books at

Ep 187 Squirrel Soup Reloaded

Some Folks had an issue getting Episode 187 to play. This should fix it

Ep187 Squirrel Soup

Sticks and John catch up a little. Sticks discussing catching squirrels for work

Ep186 More cheese please

Sticks briefly discusses TacCon 2018 and the shoot offs to determine the mens and women's matches and some of the highlights of the weekend then leads into the 2nd half of the round table

Ep185 A Cheesy Roundtable

Sticks and Toby eat cheese, have a few or so adult beverages and chat with Ben from Modern Self Protection, Dr John Edeen, Crosnoe, Shawn Steiner from Steiner Academy of Firearms Training and Melisa about the first two days of Taccon18. This is about 1...

Ep184 ... and it's deep too

Sticks and John catch up a little

Ep183 Anni

An old friend of the show Anni joins Sticks and they discuss handgun license training, vehicles and her new pursuit

Episode 182 - Alone

John and Sticks catch up for a bit before Sticks interviews Nicole Apelian survival expert extraordinaire and Alone Season 2 contestant. We plan to get her back on the show to share some of her vast knowledge 

Ep 181 Kita Stoeger

Sticks chats with Kita Stoeger

Ep 180- Auld Lang Syne

John and Sticks talk about New Years plans and a brief discussion on Bug out bags

Ep179 FreedomDefenders Outdoors

Jarred from Freedom Defenders Outdoors joins Sticks and John to discuss how they help former and present service members and their families by provide some outdoor goodness for them

Naughty or Nice?

That Skallywag John joins Sticks to discuss some Christmas ideas. Some that were suggested by friends and listeners

Ep 177 Just Hamming Around

Friend Ed joins Sticks to discuss the basics of Ham Radio. Keep your ears out for more indepth shows in the near future with other Hams

Ep176 Just shooting the breeze

Sticks and John shoot the breeze. John talks about the new keychain cannons he is working on. Sticks gives a little update on the squirrelmobile 

Ep 175 Seahag

John from Seahag Munitions joins me to discuss his products, bugs and country life. Station 1 Coatings

Black Powder

Sticks and Jay (the guy that rides a moose while lumberjacking), catch up a little and then discuss Muzzleloaders and hunting with them