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A pair of semi-well educated, and sometimes educationally challenged hillbilly types pontificating on popular culture, cult culture, and whatever the Hell pops in their heads. Sometimes we have interviews, sometimes we just babble with one another. We will be posting new content as aften as possible. Be here, or be rhombi!

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A pair of semi-well educated, and sometimes educationally challenged hillbilly types pontificating on popular culture, cult culture, and whatever the Hell pops in their heads. Sometimes we have interviews, sometimes we just babble with one another. We will be posting new content as aften as possible. Be here, or be rhombi!
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Sometimes you have to...

I spoke with several folks who chose to protest and be activists in our community.  I can't add much there.  Listen and take some time to do your own research.
Hillbilly author

Meet Sweet Sara

 I speak with Sara about her experiences that lead her into the escort business and discuss her experiences with dealing around the social expectations of working in the sex work trade. I'm quite aware this is not the normal subject matter I present, h...
Hillbilly author

Meet the phenomenal Hyatt Riot

Hyatt and I got to speak after one of her shows for a wee bit. She also suckered another of her friends into speaking with me for another episode. Talk about a whole lotta balls in the air, she's quite the juggler. We talk about burlesque, radio, rol...
Hillbilly author

Meet the comedian/host Blaine....Perry

Yep, I ran across another Blaine some time ago, and we finally were able to make time to get together for a conversation. Blaine is a comedian and show host here locally. If you are in town visiting or local, I highly recommend you checking out one o...
Hillbilly author

Meet the Scotsman, otherwise known as Drew "Terror" Carson

Mr. Carson was not only a youth MMA fighter, but a creative back before his brain got buggered up. Just kidding. Seriously, Drew has been a great friend and gracious person to collaborate with on several projects. Check out everything we mention in...
Hillbilly / Drew Carson author

Meet the comedian named Cocks

This evening I get to share a conversation I had with the comedian Josh Cocks. He was really easy to talk to and I encourage you to googlate him to where to catch him on his tour. He'll be performing here in Asheville at Fleetwoods (that's on Haywood...
Hillbilly author

Meet the indomitable Ms. Cooper

I met Vara via interest in an open mic storytelling event here in Asheville at the Odditorium. That event is the Synergy Story Slam. She's been one of a handful of hosts for that event, but has chops of her own as a storyteller. Vara has competed in...
Hillbilly author

Goodbye ASPholes

I held off releasing this episode to coincide more closely with the 2nd anniversary of ASP (the Asheville Society of Podcasters). It's been a weird experiment, but when you create. some things stick to the wall and some don't. Perhaps we'll be back s...
Hillbilly author

Meet the enigmatic Mr. Smith

Rodney is a phenomenal presence in Asheville and Appalachia. I highly encourage you to check out not only Tempus Fugit Design, but also the Magnetic Theatre and Super Happy Productions. This man is a true gem and embodies the spirit I hope to share t...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Martinez

He's an ASPhole! Anywhat, I got Chris to step out of his head for a second and discuss himself and his goals. Come check this out and listen to one of the fools that will collaborate with me. Seriously though, check out Boat Fight and look for the p...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Finnerty and McNeill

The Pi got the opportunity to speak to both of these gentlemen who performed at the opening night of the Asheville Comedy Festival. Come give them a listen and bring your asses next year. Laugh Your Asheville Off is consistently knocking things out o...
Hillbilly author

Meet Tuatha Dea

Hi Pi-rates! I got the opportunity to speak with the founders of the the Gatlinburg based band Tuatha Dea. They don't really fit into a genre, but I'll describe them as Celtic Punk Gypsy Rock. That doesn't really describe their sound well, so listen...
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Coit and the Asheville Cat Weirdos

Veronica and I get to talk about the group and charity she formed here in WNC. We recently were able to meet up at the Odditorium here and also just participated in the last yard sale/fundraiser for the season. Check them out on FB, apparently instag...
Hillbilly author

Meet Who's This?

Another pirate, the honorable Ms. Ashley put me on the spot a while back and this was the conversation. We'll be speaking again later this week and I hope you enjoy that one as it is broadcast live over the book of face. Who's This is a truly fun sho...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln is a historian and dare I say, relative of the Lincoln that the name conjures. Come check out our conversation. I have to admit my dumb here, I didn't know he too had dealt with brain cancer. This was an odd ironic combination of recent ...
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Blaine...wait, that reads funny

Meet Lauren Blaine. Sorry, I'm thrown off by seeing my name on a guest's name. She's not only an musician and artist, but has managed talent. I strongly suggest you check her out and encourage you to listen to this...
Hillbilly author

Meet Dr. Dula

Meet a man who truly is... Ok, This man has an amazing attitude that is infectious. He's an educator, musician, activist, and author. Please take a moment to check out his book
Hillbilly author

Meet Michelle Leigh

Meet the independent artist Michelle Leigh. We had the opportunity to speak at Stone Road Restaurant and Bar, thanks for the hospitality folks. She's a native Appalachian and a multi-faceted artist. I'm fighting the urge to be crazy about promotion, ...
Hillbilly author

Meet the Appalachian Renaissance Faire and their Executive Director of Media and Marketing, Ms. Ward

Come say hello to the Executive Director of Media and Marketing for the Appalachian Renaissance Faire ( and on facebook as Appalachian Renaissance Faire). ARF is coming to Appalachia for the first time in October on the 14th and...
Hillbilly author

Meet Dr. Stewart and her students

Dr. Stewart works at Bethany College in WV. She and I thought it would be interesting to get a more youthful perspective of what Appalachia means to a couple of her students. Also meet Cherish and Lexi, many thanks again ladies. My apologies for a c...
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Morris

Grayson Morris, a local comedian, puppeteer, and alt artist joins me for a brief talk. I hope you enjoy the conversation. I met her at random in the "green" room for last year's Laugh Your Asheville Off festival. Check out her sites and thumb them u...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Bird

John Bird joins me for this episode. He's an educator and musician from West Virginia who chose to uproot himself and take a stab at making the Nashville dream happen. Give him a listen and forgive my incredulity about how much I didn't know about th...
Hillbilly with John Bird author

Meet Appalatcha / preview

This is a truncated version / preview of the separate show being developed called Appalatcha. Give it a listen and check out the folks who made it possible. Benny Whitaker, Chris Dula & friends, Fraudulently Sponsored Production / Boat Fight, Rach...
Hillbilly author

Meet Fudge Times / Niche

I get to sit in with another podcast out of Asheville and a member of the Asheville Society of Podcasters. Enjoy and subscribe/follow Fudge Times; i dare ya!
Hillbilly / Fudge Times author

I just want to hear you guys talk, man.

In this episode, the three amigos reunite for a ramble. We catch up on life and our other shows. Oh, the collaborative radio show is discussed, have you checked out Appalatcha yet? Googleate it. Blaine whines about condos and life; Benny tries to h...
Hillbilly author

Musings on Appalatcha and life.

This episode is just Blaine babbling in 4 different Appalachian towns over the course of a day. I touch on a few topics, why Pi hasn't released episodes of late, what ASP is, and introducing the concept of an internet radio show called...
Hillbilly author

ASPholes with a filter

The ASPholes come out again and discuss some real thoughts on the way we promote our folks and the silliness that ASPholes can be. I got left out of this one so shut up both of you. Much love and content coming soon.
Hillbilly author

Shut up Benny!

The ASPholes did it again, and likely marginalized all of our audiences with this episode. Some news broke, some horrible jokes were made, and Benny just kept engaging. Oh you also get to meet three new ASPholes that joined in. There was some point ...
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Fandango

We spoke for so long it was hard to cut things, and since she contributed two impromptu performances I really didn't see the need to close with Mojo. This is a multifaceted hillbilly artist. I hope you enjoy the conversation. Be well Pi-rates, we do...
Hillbilly author

Meet Attorney Bowman

Mr. Bowman is a great guy and a great attorney...from what I hear. We take a few moments to discuss laws and the impact on the normal man/woman.
Hillbilly author

Pi to the People

Pi flipped the script on Pi! Q comes outta her hole to join me to discuss some things about our recent wildfires affecting Gatlinburg. We want to help those who sacrifice and volunteer to help us in times of need. Check out the gofundme(yes, we hate...
Hillbilly author

Meet the ASPholes

We kinda threw together a separate episode for ASPholes while recording for another of our member crossovers. Benny of Finding Asheville, Chris of Fraudulently Sponsored Radio Hour, and Malachai of 2-4-8 Podcast join Pi for a weird conversation that...
Hillbilly author

Finding Pi in Asheville

Benny and Emily of Finding Asheville flip the script on me. The Pi get's interviewed by Ashevillle's premiere podcast and blogging team. Hear about Benny's modeling career, Emily fascination with doughnuts, and Blaine's inability to understand what p...
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Davis

This hellion took a moment to speak with me. She is the founder and owner of I encourage y'all to take a sec and check her out. Ms. Davis ruminates on her upbringing and love of Appalachia. Thanky ma'am, have...
Hillbilly author

Pi joins 2-4-8 and other ASPholes

The ASP(Asheville Society of Pocasters)holes get together to record. Many thanks to Malachi(2-4-8), Benny(Finding Asheville), and especially Chris(Fraudulently Sponsored Radio Hour) for their time, space, and equipment use. We did a couple of episode...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Christian

Ray is a great guy with a resume I can only call impressive. This is Ray, love him. Storyteller and show host, Ray Christian, has had a whirlwind 2 years on the storytelling circuit. He has appeared on The Moth , The Moth, Risk, First Person Arts, an...
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Belt and Mr. LaBove

Well, I got a couple of performers to speak to me at a picnic table. Both were part of the comedy festival Laugh Your Asheville Off. Ms. Belt and Mr. LaBove, Many thanks to them and everyone there for a great freaking time! Yeah, wow!
Hillbilly author

Meet Gypsy Rhythm

Meet the Gypsy trio. Gypsy Rhythm formed in the fall of 2012 as a belly dancing duo, eventually branching out into live music and adding a percussionist to the group. Our members are multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. May I be so bold as to also add,...
Hillbilly author

Meet LaughYourAshevilleOff

Charlie and Ryan (job titles that are impressive to say the least) join me and the hosts of Finding Asheville for an episode. This comedy festival is coming soon and you owe it to yourselves to check out every si...
Hillbilly author

Meet The Pea Pickin' Hearts

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts cast a spell with their quirky Americana mashup of country, rockabilly, folk & hillbilly tunes in a sound that pays homage to 1940s & 50s Appalachia. Gibson & Ives create unique harmonies that only develop after years...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Vance

Sheldon is an accomplished Appalachian artist juggling family, a business, and touring when he can. Check him out and support him, I dare ya!
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Blood

Meet Jack Blood. He's an internet radio pioneer, activist, musician, and family man. Yep, just one of us. Check him out at, listen to his shows, and check out his band fearporn. Be well, y'all.
Hillbilly author

Meet Ms. Lane

Ms. Lane joins us from the tri-cities to discuss HB2, activism, and comedy in Appalachia. Come hear her thoughts and stories. Be well Pi-rates.
Hillbilly author

BWAR / Denise B

BrotherWolfAnimalRescue This is a great organization, and I can only suggest you check them out and support their mission. We love them and hope you will as well.
Hillbilly author

Meet Lightnin' Charlie

Hey Pi-rates, meet Lightnin' Charlie. He's a fixture in the Johnson City scene and an active musician. He has been featured on PBS and you can find his music on siriusxm. Charlie spends a little time with me, well that may be an understatement. Th...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Carico

Q provides us with the liberal rant...with organizer and activist John Michael Carico. We are discussing his latest project, KOOC. And whatever else gets thrown in the hopper.
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr. Berry

I invite you to meet Mr. Berry. I have nothing but respect for this man and his family. He is a native Appalachian who chose to act, honed his skills in Appalachia, and has now struck out on his own in CA. He's garnered some recent acclaim and I enc...
Hillbilly author

Meet Mr Tucciarone

Meet the gentleman responsible for creating Humans of Appalachia (Johnson City version) He's a musician, activist, and overall good guy. I ran into him at a Slayer concert once, too. Check out his page
Hillbilly author

Meet Ledge

Ledge takes a few minutes out of his schedule to babble with me a bit. He hosts a terrestrial show now, but I first learned about him via His terrestrial show can be foun...
Hillbilly author

The Q Review

Join Miss Q in a discussion focusing on Type-1 diabetes and a myriad of related topics. She is joined by an Appalachian mom and caregiver for a child with Type 1. They are joined by a Certified Diabetes Educator who provides knowledge and personal ex...
Hillbilly author