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Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa-based DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-host Mark Brown from Argentfork.com as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.

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Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa-based DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-hosts Mark Brown from Argentfork.com and Julie Watson from TulsaRootsMusic.com as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.
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Episode 106 - Colombia

What happens when you travel? When you step out of your comfort zone, where you have to turn off auto-pilot and figure out how to do everything? Brian talks about his latest trip to Colombia, scrambling to pick up the pieces when things don't go as pla...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 105 - coffee with the North American Wood Ape

We interrupt this regularly scheduled podcast to bring you a conversation with Paul Bowman, vice chairman of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy. Paul tells of his encounters with bigfoot while drinking DoubleShot Coffee. Mark and Brian explore lit...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 104 - Coffee Frauds

Brian and Mark launch into a rambling conversation about things that are not as they seem. These are the questions that plague the honest coffee professional who has to try and debunk what people think they know about certain coffees.For more informati...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 103 - Kyle Bell

This episode is a departure from the usual coffee-centric banter. Brian interviews documentary filmmaker, Kyle Bell, a Creek Indian who grew up drinking coffee on the rez. Mark grew up in Tulsa, but didn't have any Indian friends until adulthood. Now, ...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 102 - pressure

Continuing the path to understand coffee brewing variables, Mark and Brian dig around the issue of pressure. Doctor Michael Royce explains the technical aspects of pressure and describes the importance of pressure in his occupation as an anesthesiologi...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 101 - freshness

Co-hosts Brian Franklin and Mark Brown continue their quest to understand each variable in coffee brewing. In this episode, they delve into the mysterious quality of freshness. Fresh-roasted coffee is what Brian built his business on. Dissecting the va...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 100

It's our special holiday episode.Mark and Brian talk about several new products at the DoubleShot, as well as the three special limited holiday coffees. And then launch into a long list of 10 things that give them contentment. Listen up. And make your ...
Brian Franklin author

Special Edition - Ghosts

This episode of AA Cafe is a departure from our regular episodes. An employee and a customer of the DoubleShot tell stories about encounters with the paranormal. Hope you enjoy this fun little project.Happy Halloween.
Brian Franklin author

Episode 98 - Heat

In our continuing effort to explore each variable in coffee brewing,we delve into the inner-workings of heat. With the addition ofJulie Watson,Mark Brown andBrian Franklin chat about various aspects of heat from body heat to coffee roasting. DoubleShot...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 97 - Time

Professor Jerry McCoy at the University of Tulsa explains time from the physicists point of view. What is time? What is it REALLY?We live our lives by time, measuring our birth, death, seasons, days, weeks... seconds for the bloom of a pourover... stee...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 96 - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. Mark and Brian get together for a quick podcast to talk about happiness. It was supposed to be a holly jolly podcast, but it ended up talking a lot about the idea of happiness. But we did talk about things that make us happy, and a lot ...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 95 - El Erizo

El Erizo is an amazing Costa Rica honey process coffee that we are roasting for the holidays. Hear all about the coffee and some history on the name and the fantastic sequence of events that took place in the mid-1800s, as well as the fantastic sequenc...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 94 - Kyya Chocolate

The newMADURO BAR is now available! I went to Elm Springs Arkansas to visit with the owner ofKyya Chocolate, Rick Boosey. He tells us all about how chocolate is made and how he got into the business. Mark and I ramble about other related issues, includ...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 93 - Nicaragua

Earlier this month,I went to Nicaragua for the first time. It was a journey into the unknown, as I wasn't sure where I would be going or what I would find out when I got there. As it turned out, I learned a lot about the coffee culture there and experi...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 92 - The DoubleShot Holiday Edition

For the first time ever,we recorded a live event that took place at the DoubleShot. During this event, I talked about the background for our big holiday package of this year, Brazil Sitio Serra Natural. The DoubleShot pastry chef, Shelly talked about t...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 91 - Jim McEnaney of La Minita Coffee

Jim McEnaney, who is a coffee quality manager at La Minita Coffee, visited us some time ago and I sat down and listened to him talk about La Minita and some of the other coffees they produce and source.Mark and I talk through the longest preamble ever,...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 90 - Colorado

Mark and Brian both took trips toColorado in August, both took DoubleShot Coffee and the new DoubleShot Coffee Concentrate. It's adventure and awakening and brewing and tasting life in the mountains. In this 90th episode of AA Café, Mark and Brian disc...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 89 - Savoy Restaurant

The Kelamis family has been in the restaurant business for almost 90 years in Tulsa, and operating under the Savoy Restaurant banner for 60 of those years. Evan Kelamis, the fourth generation in the restaurant lineage, sat down to tell us about his fam...
Brian Franklin author

Episode 88 - Ariel Montoya

Ariel Montoya, the owner of Hacienda El Boton, from Bolivar Colombia is the guest on this episode. Ariel talks about the farm, how he processes our coffee, and the importance of the rainforest at El Boton. Join Mark Brown ofArgentfork and Brian Frankli...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #84

The Freshness Test! Brian and Mark discuss coffee freshness with some audio of Michael Sivetz speaking at an SCAA conference, and Miguel Wickert explaining a fool-proof way to test and see if your coffee is fresh. Thanks also to Ann Money from the Okla...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #87

Brian and Mark celebrate the 10th birthday of DoubleShot Coffee Company with a conversation about the history of the DoubleShot; lessons of being 10, 40, and 50; and a new set of coffees available online, called The Decade Collection.Music for this pod...
Brian Franklin author

Coffee Journey: Panama

An audio excerpt from a short story written byBrian Franklin about his trip to Panama, visiting a pair of coffee farms. Learn about the people, plants, animals, the history, and the coffee of this beautiful place. To read the entire story and to taste ...
Brian Franklin author

episode 85 - the future of coffee brewing

This episode of AA Cafe is a little different. My editing went a bit off from normal. Mark and I discussthe future of coffee brewing, along with a little reminisce of our personal coffee histories. DoubleShot baristas chime in with their ideas for the ...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #83

The Perci Red Podcast!  Co-hosts Brian Franklin (DoubleShotCoffee.com) and Mark Brown (Argentfork.com) sing the praises of Perci Red, backed up by music from Brian Haas (jfjo.com).  Don't miss this podcast, and don't miss a chance to taste the Perci Re...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #82

AA Cafe cohosts, Mark Brown (Argentfork.com), and Brian Franklin (DoubleShotCoffee.com) discuss DoubleShot Coffee Company's new2 Barrel Project and the two Gesha coffees that will lead off the project. This episode's guest, Steve Holt from Ninety Plus ...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #81

It's the BIG podcast. The podcast about mystery and cryptids and the hunt for the unknown. Mark Brown of Argentfork and Brian Franklin of DoubleShot Coffee Company explore the depths people will go in order to make a new discovery. Featuring Paul Bowma...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #80

In the Volcan region of Panama, on the "world's largest Gesha estate,"Steve Holt of Ninety Plus takes us on a tour of the farm.  Brian Franklin of DoubleShot Coffee Company and Mark Brown of Argentfork provide commentary in the AA Cafe Fancast studio. ...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #79

Extraction!Chris Girouard of Girouard Vines, which produces Tulsa Deco Wines (www.TulsaWine.com), gave me a tour of his facilities and told me all about his father's 45 years of work producing a new grape variety, and his work in making that grape into...
Brian Franklin author


Mark Brown and I continue to discuss the shape of things. This time I interviewChris Large of Eco Vino Wines, and he tells us about how the shape of wine glasses affect our wine drinking experience and why certain wines are in certain shaped bottles. O...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #77

One of Tulsa's greatest musicians and most interesting persons, Brian Haas fromJacob Fred Jazz Odyssey tells us about the way shape affects sound and taste and how the five senses work together to give us each a unique experience. Mark Brown and I tal...
Brian Franklin author

AA Cafe #76

Jason Perry of JasonPerryPhotography.com tells us about how cameras work and I try to understand them by relating it all back to coffee. Mark Brown, writer and editor and publisher of the Argent Fork quarterly helps us get through it all. And of cour...
Brian Franklin author